Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 8 of April Showers Mug Rug Blog hop with Fabri-Quilt and Ro Gregg Designer as Sponsor !

I still want more MUG RUGS.
Surely this will bring a rainbow of colours to our days...
WE had to add a couple more days in fact
so we will be going through to the 18th....
So are you READY?

I think I am ready...I am trying
to complete Ms Diva, - she has been taking up my 
most precious time...Darn her lol
I have 3 ideas brewing for my mug rug...hint ....
See you on the 18th...Until then....

Erin at Sew at home Mummy will be your cheerleader...
We are shaking our pom poms for her....
She happens to be the very first on the hop....
There is no doubt she will be cheering you all on too! 

RECAP here of expectations 
if you need a reminder!

Here are today's MUG RUG creators...
I am expecting to have a downpour of inspiration.
LET's cheer for our ladies...
They love to see your comments...

( remember ladies please turn off your 
word verification, 
so we can leave you some
 lovely outpouring comments) 


Wednesday, April 17
Jen @ Quilter in the Closet
Marjorie @ Marjorie's Busy Corner
Elita @ A Pieceful Perspective
Green @ So Sew Green
Mara @ Greco Mara
Wendy @ Why Knot Kwilt?
Gmama Jane @ GrandMama's Stories
Debby @ Debby Kratovil Quilts
Britt-Inger @ Hill Valley Quilter
Connie @ Freemotion by the River
Beth @ Words and Stitches
Kathy @ iHeartSquishy

         Our top 2 today are

Ahhhh this reflects spring to a T, and this lady who created it is always
full of life....so it seems this is a perfect reflection of her personality..
soft, full of hope and SPRING in her step...

This lady loves flowers and she is always springing up with new designs, ideas
and colours....so yes well deserving of our top 2....


Goes to this lady....a lovely photograph was her inspiration of galoshes
filled with flowers....
she interpreted it well with her fussy cuts and appliqué
( excuse threads, they just had to be part of the photo shoot)

 These are the collections that can be won at the end of our hop..

1. 1 winner from the top 3 each day

2.  1 winner for all who created a mug rug

3. 1 winner from all those who left comments

Fabri-Quilt has some lovely collections
we chose Ro Gregg ( designer) , because after all the rain..
There will be lot's of colour in our gardens...
a lot to celebrate this coming summer

Now let's CHEER AWAY
any rain that may dampen our days...


  1. Tenho visto alguns tapetes realmente criativos e brilhantes,estou amando tudo isso.Parabéns!

  2. I really like April showers because it's a awesome weather,You can say cool weather not cold..

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  3. Madame Samm said...
    ahhhh soooo lovely...and yes it will be pouring today for you..but only lovely comments

    April 17, 2013 at 4:03 AM

    this is for Green....please turn off your word verification...you will have soooo many more comments

  4. The sun is still shining today and my mood is full of spring. It is a lovely mug rug day today as other days and I am so happy that I am one of the three today. I have enjoyed this blog hop so much. Thank you madame for this adventure.

  5. I loved the daisys and the boots also - good choices:)

  6. So many cute mug rugs today. I hate to see it end after tomorrow! (Can't wait for OUR day!)

  7. Another day of inspiration!! These are so much fun to enjoy with my coffee in the morning. See you tomorrow.

  8. I have to say how amazed I am at how many talented, creative people there are in this world. I've made some real friends by participating in these hops. Thanks to you Madame Samm and to all of your cheerleaders. Wonderful tops today !

  9. Lovely rugs today Ladies! I love the one with the galoshes. I have seen that picture before and want to do it at home, but my husband isn't going for it! ha! may have to do a mug rug instead!

  10. Love those top picks today too. They were all so full of springy colors too!

  11. Good choices with these lovelies.

    I was just scheduling a post to go up tomorrow with the last days participants and wondered how you were coming with your own selections since the Diva has been demanding your attention, LOL. Brewing up must be a clue---I think you are a coffee girl, not a tea person so maybe. Wait and see!

  12. Good Morning! I loved the top picks for today--so bright and cheerful--makes for a great way to start the day! Hope you have a good one!

  13. Hi! I really enjoyed todays showing.I liked them all.

  14. Love the rain boots hanging on the fence! Everyone did a great job again today.

  15. I love all the spring type colors!

  16. All these mug rugs have certainly brightened my days! Thanks for all you do to keep our creative juices flowing by having these great hops.

  17. Love how the boots hanging on the fence use raw edge applique. It's a great effect :)

  18. Georgous assortment. Lots of creativity today. I was thinking those spring rubber boots would also make a great christmas mug rug with snow on the ground done in all christmas colors. Thanks for another fun mug rug day of hopping .

  19. Another fun day of blog hopping and mug rugs! Your blog hops are always sooooo much fun!

  20. so so cute, I'm so impressed by all the rugs today!!!!

  21. So many fabulously creative mug rugs to see again today! This is such a wonderful fun blog hop!

  22. Another great hopping day! Enjoying hopping by and checking out all the creative inspiration out there!

  23. Another great day of hopping to see some marvelous mug rugs. Great job by all and love the inspiration from all the participants. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  24. Thank you for hosting these blog hops. I had so much fun and gained a lot of new followers. This has helped me immensely. I hope to participate in many more of these as I'm trying to get my name out there. Thanks again!!

  25. Thanks for another day of charming mug rugs. You picked my favorites for the day, all of them are so bright and just say spring.


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