Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 5 of April Showers MUG RUGS with Fabri-Quilt ( Ro Gregg) Sponsor!

Ahhh I am READY -for a pouring of MUG RUGS.
Surely this will bring a rainbow of colours to our days...
WE had to add a couple more days in fact
so we will be going through to the 18th....
So are you READY?

I think I am ready...I am trying
to complete Ms Diva, - she has been taking up my 
most precious time...Darn her lol
I have 3 ideas brewing for my mug rug...hint ....
See you on the 18th...Until then....

Erin at Sew at home Mummy  will be your cheerleader...
We are shaking our pom poms for her....
She happens to be the very first on the hop....
There is no doubt she will be cheering you all on too! 

RECAP here of expectations 
if you need a reminder!

Here are today's MUG RUG creators...
I am expecting to have a downpour of inspiration.
LET's cheer for our ladies...
They love to see your comments...

( remember ladies please turn off your 
word verification, 
so we can leave you some
 lovely outpouring comments) 


Bobbie @ From This to That
Leslie @ Les Quilts
Kristen @ Meadowbrook
Lavonna @ ZellerWear
Lynn @ Thimblemouse & Spouse
Amy @ Sew Incredibly Crazy
Martha @ Living Life
Shawn @ Creative Inspiraciones
Rhonda @ Sunrise at Ravelly's!
Toye @ Quilting Adventures of a Ginger

       Top 2 today

Doesn't this look like it is on a Sandy BEACH? This lady did some lovely
pinwheels on her mug rug...all in 3 Dimensional....
Surely if the rain sees this, it would allow the sun to shine in....
( it has been pouring here all week) 

Now this lady had her umbrella doing a detour....perhaps because the rain
has been falling from coast to coast.  Doesn't it just make you smile?

And certainly most CREATIVE

And hands down, or will that be all paws down...?
this lady knows how to bring creativity to the table..
Time and time again, she raises the bar with her endless creative
ideas....this is a winner! 

 These are the collections that can be won at the end of our hop..

1. 1 winner from the top 3 each day

2.  1 winner for all who created a mug rug

3. 1 winner from all those who left comments

Fabri-Quilt ( this is their blog linkhas some lovely collections
we chose Ro Gregg ( designer) , because after all the rain..
There will be lot's of colour in our gardens...
a lot to celebrate this coming summer

Now let's CHEER AWAY
any rain that may dampen our days...

get out of here...it is the weekend already! 

Next week we will be announcing our next blog hop...


  1. I wish I had time to do this, but it's getting closer to winter here and I'm frantically painting the house instead :(

  2. We have April showers today!!
    I'm looking forward to seeing today's mug rugs!

  3. Have fun hopping today! There were some cute ones in there!

  4. Good Morning Madame Samm...great choices once again. I love all of them but you are right these were very creative....have a wonderful day..

    1. Oh by the way how is your Ms Diva coming along?

  5. Lots of giggling this morning with my tea...so fun to see the creative and humorous side of these hoppers.

  6. This day on the hop was probably the most jaw dropping day of mug rugs. Who knew they would end up being so intricate. I've made quite a few and think the next bunch may be a bit more intricate. Thanks for these eye opening tours.

  7. Thank you so much for all your hard work..,,.I commented to Lynn I just want to put my hands on the sides of her head, like Spock, and suck some creativity out of her. - Love the bent umbrella.

  8. I really appreciate being invited to participate in this hop. So far I've seen so many wonderfully creative mug rug makers. My head is filled with new ideas and inspiration. I've tried to jot down some of them just to remember what I want to do next. Mug rugs are so addictive, I could spend a lifetime making and sharing them.

  9. Oh yes that OMG mug rug had me laughing! So creative, funny, and I love those fabric colors too. There were lots of other fun rugs today too.

  10. Isn't that the cutest umbrella with the bent handle? I love the pinwheels. They look like they are actually spinning. And I love Lynn's mug rugs. She is so funny and always brings a smile to my face. Great picks today. Now, I am off to catch up on some housework that I have been neglecting.Ummm-Wonder why? I hope you have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

  11. Thanks for SO MUCH FUN! I am honored to be 'most creative' today...awwww....((blushes))....I am so glad Madam Samm that I'm not you...I would NOT want the job of picking the winners each day...yikes, EVERYONE has been so AWESOME!!!! Dee (above) just cracks me up....I suddenly feel I'm about to be 'beamed up'!

  12. What a pleasant surprise! I needed that! I love to hop around and check out all the great, inspiring ideas! Hope you enjoyed your coffee when you dropped by! I know I did! :)

  13. Thanks for all your work that is involved in these blog hops. I have to say I have learned so much from all the creative people in blog land.
    My right hand is in a cast and blog hopping is great therapy.

  14. All are so cute!!! I loved the umbrella handle and the galoshes were so cute. The pinwheels were such a wonderful idea too. Another great day of mug rugs. Enjoy the weekend.

  15. Another great day. so glad everyone is putting their rugs out to air.

  16. Fun, fun, fun with these fantastic mug rugs! (Toya did show up)

  17. I have enjoyed this day too. And some of them really have put a smile on my face. I love love that mug rug with the four boots. It is an outstanding mug rug, but this lady is also so creative.
    Have a great weekend

  18. That galoshes are sweety! Lovely!!!!

  19. Today's mug rugs got a few chuckles and smiles out of me. So much whimsy and fun. Loving it!

  20. Oh my galoshes, what good choices. Lynn sounds like she is one fun lady.

  21. I am loving this Blog Hop..it's a lot of fun to see all of the great ideas for mug rugs...and they are wonderful..

  22. I had some errands to run this morning - in the rain - so a hot cup of JOE to warm me up, and great time to enjoy today's participants.

  23. Great rugs AGAIN today! This has been so much fun and I look forward to seeing all the new creations. I'm not getting any work done! HA!
    I LOVE the Most Creative today! It's awesome!

  24. This mug rug blog hop is such fun -- so many wonderful creative ideas out there!!

  25. I just found Toye--the link was missing a dot before blogspot or at least the one that proceeded her in hopping was missing one.

    Some cute mug rugs today. I don't know which was more fun---the cat legs in galoshes or the turtle one she also did! And those lovely buttons on Amy's! Fun, Fun, Fun!

  26. I totally agree with today`s picks! They are so much fun! The whole lot of them is wonderful.

  27. Madame Samm: do you have a personal blog that I could follow?

  28. Great creativity today, great WOW factor the ladies showed today, I enjoyed myself enormously. Have a great weekend!

  29. What a great assortment of creativity today. And as allways I am left once again drooling over them all. Love that oh my galoshes one..too cute.

  30. my heads swimming in ideas from all the post.

  31. Wonderful choices ....they are adorable!

  32. Another day of great mug rugs...fun seeing all the different takes on the theme.

  33. Lovely winners today....Lynn's galoshes made me giggle! LOL

  34. Great choices for the winners today!

  35. Oh my galoshes! What great choices for todays picks. I can't even choose a favorite.

  36. I've got some catching up to do, AGAIN! I hate having pneumonia that doesn't want to leave. I love the pinwheels!

  37. Thanks for organizing the mug rug blog. So many ideas and creative people.

  38. I love looking at all this inspiration! Thanks for arranging another great hop!

  39. Another day of cuteness!! Love the pinwheels

  40. Love the pinwheels, so adorable!!! The golashes are pretty darn cute too!

  41. All of these top 3's - they are so amazing - I don't know how you're going to choose!!!

  42. I have really liked this
    Blog Hop and all the clever designs. But today's rug by Lynn hit the spot. It reminds me of days before retirement when I would look out the school windows and see many pairs of boots lined up to enter the school, after the bell rang. Of course the children were lined up as they were instructed, but all in puddles so they could try out their boots.

  43. Just got back and one of the first things I did was crack open my laptop and catch up with the mug rug blog hop. Great choices for the day! Love the dimensional pinwheels especially since that is one of my favorite block to make. Can't wait for the rest of the blog hop.

  44. I so enjoy seeing all the mug rugs and the blog hops! I can't wait to retire so I can join in on some of these. What fun! Keep up the good work, everyone! These 3 mug rugs are amazing but I particularly like the umbrella and galoshes! Reminds me of the rainy days we are going to be having!

  45. Really great pics. Love them all.


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