Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 4 of our Shake your Pom Poms blog hop with Clover, Red Rooster and Aurifil as our sponsors...

Well we have at least 2 more days to cheer for something...

It may seem we don't have a lot to cheer about these days..
I would like to take a stand and even  do a cartwheel...
To shout we have a lot to cheer about...
( and FYI I can still do a cartwheel and splits....I was a cheerleader) 

WE have each other, we have electricity, 
a place to call home, lots of material....
and some , some are getting NEW machines
Thanks to those of you who gave their dollar or two+...

There are 3 ladies who will be receiving new machines
any day now, and a forth is waiting on the sidelines...
YOU can donate and read more here!

They are filled with gratitude let me tell you...
and they cannot wait to join us in our hops..
For now they will tell you ...they have lots to cheer about...

Today and the rest of this week- they are cheering for all of YOU..

So from them to YOU, we are all filled with GRATITUDE
and are ready to SHAKE OUR POM POMS...

is our cheerleader
for this hop...And by golly, she is good. She knows
how to gather us all and teach us to cheer...
So big thanks goes to Thearica for getting us all  up cheering....

And I'm sooooo ready to cheer...
Look who is ready to shake their POM POM's today..
Do I hear a
C H E E R?

Be sure to cheer them on....

Clover was kind enough and most generous to send us many of these
for winners before we even began..
They make terrific very full pom poms...

If you want one of your own, since we already had them to giveaway
before we began....

AND since we could not get through a blog hop without more giveaways 
for all of our winners...

LOOK....I have a few of these Delightful TOKYO 
101  4x4's from Red Rooster 

for our Top 2 of the day
most creative and all those who participated
as well as all those who leave comments...

I have 3 TOKYOs  to giveaway! 
Ohhhh and some threads
from Aurifil too... yep some large spools...

Top 2 today are ...

How can you not love a cheerleader who kicks up her legs..???
watch for it...watch for it..
AHHHH there they go...did you see them? 
This lady is one funny character and certainly has a passion for pom poms
wait till you read her very entertaining post....
Her pillow was a lovely addition to our top 2 for many reasons...
love the photograph too! 

NOW REALLY, how unfair this lady plays...putting a wee tot as cute
as this on her project? Everyone knows you cannot overlook babies or critters..
Especially one as cute and happy as this one....HOWEVER we will move on...
her project complete with non slip bottom really is a great idea for baby
photos...( Duh) and a pillow full of pom poms will make anyone laugh..
She also made a lovely quilt....She is soooo competitive lol
( I do not have any tots around, nor mmmmm well we will see lol)


And this lady outdid herself....absolutely adorable with a capital A...
and the photo and details are perfection..
yes most deserving of most creative ...

 and apologies for not having my post up..
I am away, and although I checked it before I went to bed
I forgot to add the 1200 am ...I put 1200PM

( will leave comments upon my return)
Thearica has her link to the rest of our POM POM creators on the sidebar! 


  1. What a fun hop this has been. Just when you wonder what else can they do with pom poms...they show you what else! Great projects today!

  2. It is raining here so we slept in a little late but I am up now and just went to hopping! Today is like the others... FULL to the brim of creativity!

    I am sad that we only have one more day....

  3. More great projects! I give myself about 30 minutes in the morning to read through the blogs. If needed, I check back again later in the day.

  4. Another great day with pom poms. It is a very nice time of the day reading and cheering through all those posts. I love it.
    And all my favorites took the three chosen for the day

  5. Rosemary B here: the top three, always great to see!
    A-dorabibble, yes, the baby. Look at that cuddly pillow.
    Love the cheerleader pillow
    I love the Postie Chickie too.
    Inventive PomPom creativity
    I am looking forward to seeing all the other great ones too
    Happy Rainy day!

  6. Those are wonderful top picks. I adore that cute duck in his little coat. So darling.

  7. Great top picks today. Love that little pom pom mailman. How adorable. Who could not love it. Very creative ladies .

  8. Fun ideas today! The little mailman is just adorable! In fact,I've seen several really adorable projects today!

  9. another day of wonderful creativity

  10. Good morning Samm, a nice tease, those top 2 and most creative. Looking forward to seeing what everyone made today.

  11. My, my, my, where do they all get their ideas? I think each day tops the day before! Great choices.

  12. A tough choice day!!! They were all so much fun today. There are so many creative minds out there. I hope you are well rested after your busy weekend.

  13. It's been a Hoot! watching the creations made this time around in this hop. Your hops seem to gain momemtum as they proceed and each day it's mind blowing with all the creativity that's shared. I'm giggling just like I did back in Highschool when I made the cheering squad seeing my pillow selected as one of the top ones shown today, the friendly competition out here is fierce, Thank you. Glad to see you made it back after your busy but I hope a well nourished weekend. Jane

  14. Just too cute! And that most creative...now that's a perfect segway to our new hop too! :-)

  15. Just loving all this creativity - and most creative is definitely on point today. Judy C in NC

  16. What a fun morning it was and all great pom pom projects. I cannot believe all the things that people can do with pom poms....i hope you had a great weekend and even a better week.....

  17. Today give us some more wonderful surprises! Who would of thought that pom poms could be used sew many ways!

  18. So much fun creativity! Love the inspiration!

  19. Another great hopping day!! I agree with using babies - how can you resist. Just too sweet! Can't wait to see tomorrow's creativity.

  20. I always read everyone's posts before yours so I can see if my choices are the same as yours each day!!!
    I love the pom pom mailman!

  21. Some more wonderful inspiration. Thanks for putting these on pinterest too so I can refer to them later for some ideas. I also tell my friends about what I have seen and then they can find them too.

  22. Oh those pompoms! Fun creations , all of them!

  23. I had to have something to have an edge over all these creative people and their pom pom creations...Monkey Baby did a good job pushing me over that edge. LOL Great projects today!

  24. Haha! I like Debby's Alien Fireworks from Outer Space. ;)

  25. I liked the little quilt and pom pom pillow by itself but that smiling little baby face really makes it shine. She always does come up with something special. Thanks for another great day to hop!

  26. Oh my, that duck just made my day. What a wonderful, creative group of stitchers and crafters!

  27. What a cute baby quilt & pillow! Great for texture for the baby!

  28. You definitely made my day! Thank you so much for all you do!!!! :) (kkking69@yahoo.com)


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