Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 4 april showers mug rug with Fabri-Quilt and Ro Gregg as sponsors

Ahhh I am READY today -for a pouring of MUG RUGS.
Surely this will bring a rainbow of colours to our days...
WE had to add a couple more days in fact
so we will be going through to the 18th....
So are you READY?

I think I am ready...I am trying
to complete Ms Diva, - she has been taking up my 
most precious time...Darn her lol
I have 3 ideas brewing for my mug rug...hint ....
See you on the 18th...Until then....

Erin at Sew at home Mummy will be your cheerleader...
We are shaking our pom poms for her....
She happens to be the very first on the hop....
There is no doubt she will be cheering you all on too! 

RECAP here of expectations 
if you need a reminder!

Here are today's MUG RUG creators...
I am expecting to have a downpour of inspiration.
LET's cheer for our ladies...
They love to see your comments...

( remember ladies please turn off your 
word verification, 
so we can leave you some
 lovely outpouring comments) 

Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures
Jill @ Apple Avenue Quilts
Cathy @ Cathy's Chatter
Quilter Kathy @ Kathy's Quilts
Marsha @ Quilter in Motion
Pat @ Life in the Scrapatch
Connie @ Shepody Mountain Crafter
Vickey @ Gingersnaps Quilts
Danielle @ A Geeky Crafty Life
Gwen @ Get More Done...Today
Rachel @ Sew Happily Ever After!

   Our top 2....
( we are still pouring with inspiration)

This is outstanding....this lady's raindrop could certainly have taken
most creative today as well. the colours chosen, are perfect.
Just makes me tear lol

This lady who is now retired has a bit more time now to create
and that she did....you will certainly NOT feel blue 
at her lively mug rug showing! 

And most CREATIVE...

April showers brings May Flowers..
this lady chose the perfect theme, cross stitch, fabric and lovely colours
to showcase her brilliant mug rugs...
Yes most deserving of MOST CREATIVE, don't you agree?

a great showing today....really lovely mug rugs..! 

 These are the collections that can be won at the end of our hop..

1. 1 winner from the top 3 each day

2.  1 winner for all who created a mug rug

3. 1 winner from all those who left comments

Fabri-Quilt has some lovely collections
we chose Ro Gregg ( designer) , because after all the rain..
There will be lot's of colour in our gardens...
a lot to celebrate this coming summer

Now let's CHEER AWAY
any rain that may dampen our days...


  1. I enjoyed my coffee with a great show of beautiful mug rugs! What a way to start the day.

  2. You always pick my favourites.

  3. the raindrop was definitely my favourite today!

  4. Yay! I can't believe it.i placed in top two. Retirement suits me just fine! LOL. Thanks for the honor!

  5. I am glad that YOU (and maybe cheerleader Erin?) pick these out as I would still be waffling. I thought the appliqued wee tot stomping in puddles and scaring the frog was really cute too----lots of choices to narrow down but these were quite deserving too.

  6. Lots of beautiful rugs today...I'd have a hard time picking my favorite.

  7. wow, the top ones are great today, I have to say I love the cross stitch ones!!! But really I'm so impressed with what everyone has done. Of course it is making me nervous to show mine...will I have to finish mine (hehehe).

  8. Wow...it was hard today. I had a lot of favorites. Glad that I did not have to pick the top ones as there were too many good ones.

  9. Well, You've done it again ! You picked my favs !!

  10. What beautiful mug rugs! there are some very talented designers on this blog hop!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  11. A lot of great mugs again today, but just love the three top choices - oh the cross-stitch was a delight.

  12. Thanks, Mdm Samm. There are so many gorgeous creations today, it is truly an honor to have a photo of mine featured here. Looking forward to seeing every mug rug in every post on every day ... :) Pat

  13. Another great mug rug day! What difficult decisions you have on choosing the top three!

  14. Enjoying this one too...I wouldn't want your job picking these...lol

  15. Aren't they great today. My favorite today was the raindrop.

  16. Great day today! I really love the cross stitched one.So pretty and so creative.

  17. Wonderful mug rugs today. And I love, love the raindrop. My number one!!!!! And it has rained today here in the south of Sweden plus the wind was so icy. I have to fight with it when I was biking. Looking forward to tomorrow, but will wait until late to hop, as I am going to Stockholm early in the morning. It will be wonderful to relax with the blogs back in the hotel in the Friday evening.

  18. Such fantastic mug rugs again today! The talent out there is phenomenal.

  19. I love the tops very much too and the quilting of the raindrop is great! Lovely showers again on all blogs today. It was really a great idea to arrange this hop, makes me happy every time I hop. Lol!

  20. Still more fun mug rugs. And more inspiration for me. I enjoy reading about who you picked for the top creations and I always read them first and looked forward to seeing them on the posts. This time I decided to read the posts first and then see who I would pick. But I am too tempted to peek ahead of time. Guess I will go back to reading your posts first!

  21. Wow! Thanks for picking my mug rugs as most creative. I didn't expect that. I'm so glad that you and so many others seem to have liked what I love doing. Thanks again for all the hard work that you and Erin do!

  22. April Showers/May Flowers mug rugs are so pretty! Counted cross stitch was my first sewing "love" and I'm still happy to see it incorporated into quilting projects. :)

  23. Love the picks for today, especially the raindrop. I'm thinking that I'm going to have to buy that Hex and More Ruler! Such a clever way to use that ruler.

  24. Another awesome group of mug rugs! and the pics today are outstanding!
    This has been a great Hop so far!

  25. Hello Madame, still being Wonderwoman I see, and still doing a fine job of that! I don't know how you do it all! Amazing my friend. Such beautiful photography too! XOXOX Christel

  26. So many talented quilters and sewists out there! Great projects today!

  27. So many gorgeous mug rugs today. Love them all.. My favorite is the raindrop today. But once again they are all gorgeous and well thoguht out.

  28. Well Shazam! Such a fun day today. So many pretty colors and mug rugs.

  29. What great picks! (I'm coming to the hop late today and tomorrow since I'm participating in a shop hop. The mug rugs from today along with all the things I've been seeing in the shops has my brain about ready to explode!) Its nice to see some new blogs in the mix today!

  30. Loved them all, but Apple Avenue stole my heart with the embroidery and beautiful fabric.

  31. Another cute array of mug rugs! So much inspiration!

  32. So many different art mug rugs...it is very hard to pick a favorite...but your choices are right on...have a great day.

  33. Great to see the mug rugs that combine cross stitch/embroidery with the mug rug. Great inspiration.

  34. I love the pin wheel mug rug from today's winners. I am having so much fun with this hop. Thank you.

  35. This is a diverse group! Love them all. The quilting of the teardrop is mesmerizing! The April Showers/May Flowers seemed to jump out and say, "choose me", so I will! Great job, everyone.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN


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