Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 3 of Shake your Pom Poms, with Clover, Red Rooster and Aurifil as our Sponsors...

It may seem we don't have a lot to cheer about these days..
I would like to take a stand and even  do a cartwheel...
To shout we have a lot to cheer about...
( and FYI I can still do a cartwheel and splits....I was a cheerleader) 

WE have each other, we have electricity, 
a place to call home, lots of material....
and some , some are getting NEW machines
Thanks to those of you who gave their dollar or two+...

There are 2 ladies who will be receiving new machines
any day now, and a third and forth are waiting on the sidelines...
YOU can donate and read more here!

They are filled with gratitude let me tell you...
and they cannot wait to join us in our hops..
For now they will tell you ...they have lots to cheer about...

Today and the rest of this week- they are cheering for all of YOU..

So from them to YOU, we are all filled with GRATITUDE
and are ready to SHAKE OUR POM POMS...

is our cheerleader
for this hop...And by golly, she is good. She knows
how to gather us all and teach us to cheer...
So big thanks goes to Thearica for getting us all  up cheering....

And I'm sooooo ready to cheer...
Look who is ready to shake their POM POM's today..
Do I hear a
C H E E R?

Be sure to cheer them on....

April 26

Clover was kind enough and most generous to send us many of these
for winners before we even began..
They make terrific very full pom poms...

If you want one of your own, since we already had them to giveaway
before we began....

AND since we could not get through a blog hop without more giveaways 
for all of our winners...

LOOK....I have a few of these Delightful TOKYO 
101  4x4's from Red Rooster 

for our Top 2 of the day
most creative and all those who participated
as well as all those who leave comments...

I have 3 TOKYOs  to giveaway! 
Ohhhh and some threads
from Aurifil too... yep some large spools...

Top 2 today...
( what happened to our week?)

What a lovely way to end our week. this lady created a lovely, could be a mug rug too...
display of pompoms and message...
Everything's coming up Daisies...welllll maybe not here on the escarpment in wine
country, the only thing coming up this morning was more frost....

But this just warmed my heart.....

This Lady created a lovely colourful cone pin cushion, and wait till
you see what else she created....hard to choose which one was my favourite
as they both were....She is great with colour....

and most CREATIVE

No doubt about this...this creative lady is anything but a clown, 
she is earthy, committed, colourful....with a delightful sense
of what is needed this week for many...

Don't you just love her letters? 
Wellllll done ladies....all of you put smiles on our faces this week...
Especially one lady wink! 
Thearica has her link to the rest of our POM POM creators on the sidebar! 

ps. regarding The Tammy blog hop...
I will have the list ready by Monday..
apologies...I have some business to look
after, so I am heading out....
The pattern is available here now...
Everyone who is in, have been notified....

Every dollar is going towards SEWING MACHINES
for our ladies.... 


  1. Great additions for day 3...you will love them.

  2. Stayed up late to check out the Pom Pom projects! Another great day, having fun picking three! :)

  3. Another great day.There were so many fun and awesome project. My favorite is the clown. The quilt with the clown has put several smiles on my face.
    Have a great day and an awesome weekend lovely Madame

  4. All the projects were great but I agree with you! Those were my choices too.

  5. Day 3 is no exception that we are having a fantastic blog hop! It has made me smile to see everyone up bright and early for their day of the hop! Great job bloggers!

    Loving all of the clever creativity!!

  6. Wonderful choices today as usual, I have to say I'm lovin the clown and that Daryl made her grandson feel so important. What a good Grandma !

  7. What wonderful additions today! Everyone is a winner.

  8. Great projects today!
    I loved Daryl's clown too!

  9. Great choice today, Madame Samm!!! I love all of them:)

  10. Wonderfully fun choices ... creativity abounds today. Judy C

  11. How fun! Great projects today!

  12. Thanks! I am feeling very chuffed here to be featured in the top three. There were so many very creative, bright and pretty projects today. These blog hops do keep getting better and better. All the creativity and sharing inspires more and more creativity. It is always a joy to visit each and every blog. It is so nice to see new bloggers joining in for the first time, too. Thanks to everyone ... :) Pat

  13. Thanks Madame Samm for choosing my quilt as the most creative for today. I sure had lots of fun creating her. It made my grandson smile and then she wanted to know why the bee was on her nose.

    Thank you all for your sweet comments to me about my quilt too.

  14. Good choices! The one lady's clown quilt is too cute. I don't know what was more fun---that wonderfully wild bright hair or the bee on her nose, LOL.

  15. I think I need to go buy the Clover tool in every size!!! What fun projects. Enjoy your weekend off.

  16. I'd really have a hard time choosing my fav. all week these projects have been awesome. thanks

  17. Thank you!! This is the first time I've participated in one your blog hops, and it was a lot of fun!! It's so nice to "meet" other bloggers :) Thanks for everything you do to put these together, I can't even imagine the work involved!! - Megan

  18. What another day full of great hopping. Everyone has really cute pom pom projects today.

  19. Looks like another day of great projects. You Ladies are sooo creative!

  20. Another fun day of inspiration. I think this would have been a harder hop to be creative for me. I have been enjoying them all.

  21. What cute projects! I'm loving all the inspiration!

  22. Really funny to see all the different pompom projects, very creative!

  23. ^^ Rosemary B here:
    Well, um....

    Moving on, to the subject at hand... Today's top picks were a delight, and everyone really shook those pompoms.
    I enjoyed every project today!

  24. The daisies were really cute, and I love how Life In The Scrapatch's cats are so helpful. Ha.


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