Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DAY 3 of April Showers MUG RUG with Fabri-Quilt and Ro Gregg as our Sponsor

 Ahhh I am READY -for a pouring of MUG RUGS.
Surely this will bring a rainbow of colours to our days...
WE had to add a couple more days in fact
so we will be going through to the 18th....
So are you READY?

I think I am ready...I am trying
to complete Ms Diva, - she has been taking up my 
most precious time...Darn her lol
I have 3 ideas brewing for my mug rug...hint ....
See you on the 18th...Until then....

Erin at Sew at home Mummy  will be your cheerleader...
We are shaking our pom poms for her....
She happens to be the very first on the hop....
There is no doubt she will be cheering you all on too! 

RECAP here of expectations 
if you need a reminder!

Here are today's MUG RUG creators...
I am expecting to have a downpour of inspiration.
LET's cheer for our ladies...
They love to see your comments...

( remember ladies please turn off your 
word verification, 
so we can leave you some
 lovely outpouring comments) 

Hayley @ Mrs. Pickles
Karen @ Sew Much 2 Luv
Mélanie @ Les passions de Cliodana
Cindy @ Quilt Doodle Doodles
Jamie @ Busy Bee Quilts
Regena @ The Distracted Domestic
 ...Amy @ Domesticity and other Ponderous Things
 .....Denise @ My Whittle Adventures
Heather @ a Reformed Heath'n
Marica @ ~Englating~

           Our top 2 today are....

Bright, inviting, and brings along smiles...This lady knows how to do 
this time and time again....love the stitching around her collection of egg cups...
Great shot! 

Pleased we waited to choose, because I just know many of you would
have been wondering why this lady's lovely dresden was not chosen...
Her Binding is perfectly done.... Just what we need on this dark
morning here on the escarpment!


And this lady created a circus....different bindings, different choices of fabric..
and her flip side lovely cherries..be sure to take a peak at this lady's 
fine work....

 These are the collections that can be won at the end of our hop..

1. 1 winner from the top 3 each day

2.  1 winner for all who created a mug rug

3. 1 winner from all those who left comments

Fabri-Quilt has some lovely collections
we chose Ro Gregg ( designer) , because after all the rain..
There will be lot's of colour in our gardens...
a lot to celebrate this coming summer

Now let's CHEER AWAY
any rain that may dampen our days...


  1. Having sooooooo much fun hoppin' about to see everyone's 'rugs'... I'm even staying up past my bedtime so I won't miss a one. Thanks for a great hop!

  2. Thanks Mdm Samm for organising another great blog hop!

  3. Another good morning,but there were 3 I didn't see up...hope I didn't just miss something...lol
    You know me!!!!!

  4. Showers? My week is just full of sunshine! Lovin the hop!

  5. I think everyone is up and running - so love the elephants and oh, the egg cups with chicks and baby lamb. How can one choose - great job.

  6. How exciting to be in the top two! Thank you! It's has been fun and just what I needed to get back in the creative mode!

  7. Such lovely work today! I loved the idea of the four elephant mug rugs with different fabrics.

  8. I never quite got how one uses an egg cup, but after looking at that cute egg cup mug rug, I'm sure I need to learn. Great day of mug rugs!

  9. Thanks Madame Samm! This hop is so much fun:)

  10. I saw some beautiful mug rugs today! Your top picks were all wonderful!

  11. One more day with mug rugs and so many beautiful, cute and lovely. I will need the feeling of spring they have given me after a long tour with my bike down town in the ice cold and windy weather. I had to struggle at lot biking home up the slowly graduating street and the still windy and cold weather.

  12. Great choices for today. I love that Dresden Plate and the egg cup with the chicken is too cute.

  13. Smiling---well worth waiting for that last post to come up! Who know that such fun could be put on an itty bitty quilt-let? I have to do a mini for a guild auction at some point and believe me, I can use the inspiration these are providing!

  14. Lovely day, but the elephants just stole my heart - cute set for a mother/daughter morning start.

  15. I had seen this hop on another blog & thought it had come & gone but see it goes to the 18th is that right? oh happy happy joy joy I 've been wanting to try to make a mug rug forever lol!

  16. I love them all and they inspire to me to make beautiful things!

  17. A great hop Madame Samm with so many fabulous projects!
    Thank you!

  18. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,... and it was worth to wait. Definitely need to try dresdens now.
    I look forward to new lovely showers tomorrow. But I am glad, that today the sun is shining here ( with little wet showers between),lol!

  19. The first two you picked were my two favourites for today as well. Love the egg cups!

  20. Thank you SO much for including me today :) Such a wonderful group of talented entries. Thanks again!

  21. What a shower of creativity again today!

  22. Day 3 brought more exciting mug rugs, I am amazed by all the variations there are!

  23. I love the Dresden, and the egg cups, and the elephants, and the...

  24. Great picks today! I am sew enjoying everyones ideas.

  25. ( posted for Susan)

    I still don't have an account I can leave a comment with, but I will say this--I don't envy you having to pick the top two or three every day. Yes, some stand out more than others, but often for different reasons, but on other days they are all top contenders. You do a good job and I look forward to the rest of the hop.


  26. Great looking mug rugs. Who knew that a simple little mug rug could bring out such wonderful creativity in people! Loved your picks for the day.

  27. Another fabulously creative day of quilty blog hopping goodness. The egg cups are just too cute.

    My day tomorrow!! :) Pat

  28. Another great day full of inspiration. Congratulations to the picks today and thank you to Fabriquilt for some wonderful fabrics.

  29. Rosemary B here:
    super cute top picks!
    perky and filled with April joy!

  30. love your picks, I have a thing for elephants, and just love those today!!!!

  31. wonderful top 3 today, I like all of them ☺

  32. What a great day of hopping. "Sew" many lovely mug rugs to behold. The dresden is my favorite of course. I love bright fabrics. The brighter the better I alwas say....I also love the elephants and all the rest. But The dresden just screams my name. Thanks for all you do for all of us in Blogdom. We would truyely be lost without you. How is your Diva comeing along?

  33. I'm totally loving your pick for today.

  34. Oh I love all the pick for today...very beautiful.

  35. Oh my gosh, that Dresden! I love all the mug rugs you picked today. I'm glad it's you and not me, I'd never be able to decide. :)

  36. Great choices Madame Samm...lovin' the Dresden...


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