Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 2 of Shake your POM POMs ....and we have Clover, Red Rooster and Aurifil as sponsors...

It may seem we don't have a lot to cheer about these days..
I would like to take a stand and even  do a cartwheel...
To shout we have a lot to cheer about...
( and FYI I can still do a cartwheel and splits....I was a cheerleader) 

WE have each other, we have electricity, 
a place to call home, lots of material....
and some , some are getting NEW machines
Thanks to those of you who gave their dollar or two+...

There are 2 ladies who will be receiving new machines
any day now, and a third and forth are waiting on the sidelines...
YOU can donate and read more here!

They are filled with gratitude let me tell you...
and they cannot wait to join us in our hops..
For now they will tell you ...they have lots to cheer about...

Today and the rest of this week- they are cheering for all of YOU..

So from them to YOU, we are all filled with GRATITUDE
and are ready to SHAKE OUR POM POMS...

is our cheerleader
for this hop...And by golly, she is good. She knows
how to gather us all and teach us to cheer...
So big thanks goes to Thearica for getting us all  up cheering....

And I'm sooooo ready to cheer...
Look who is ready to shake their POM POM's today..
Do I hear a
C H E E R?

I cannot promise you we will have any more surprises
like yesterday...I am still smiling about that one...
but I do know these ladies will most certainly be
displaying POM POMs on their blogs...

April 25

Clover was kind enough and most generous to send us many of these
for winners before we even began..
They make terrific very full pom poms...

If you want one of your own, since we already had them to giveaway
before we began....

AND since we could not get through a blog hop without more giveaways 
for all of our winners...

LOOK....I have a few of these Delightful TOKYO 
101  4x4's from Red Rooster 

for our Top 2 of the day
most creative and all those who participated
as well as all those who leave comments...

I have 3 TOKYOs  to giveaway! 
Ohhhh and some threads
from Aurifil too... yep some large spools...

Our top 2 today are 

We have some chicks and bunnies cheering us this morning....I think we should cheer for them
too for coming out and filling our morning with smiles...
This lady created a party of pom poms and I marvel at her creativity...

Now this lady wanted to celebrate a new graduate.
An owl topiary is just full of wisdom and yes for our top 
2 a very wise choice...

and most CREATIVE

Now as soon as I saw this I thought
OMG I have that pitcher lol Well I did think that and then I thought..
did this lady use cotton swabs? lol.
YES she did....900 of them....Did you read that .....?
900 cotton swabs dipped into pink paint...
Now that is what I call a very creative idea....

p.s Do you know why I love this POM POM idea...
it gives us something to celebrate...

Aren't you glad you share this world with them?
I AM !..

Thearica has her link to the rest of our POM POM creators on the sidebar! 

We place all of our photos each day on our PINTEREST board....
LINK is on the top right of blog...


  1. I agree....pom poms are another way of saying "happy".... they just make you smile! Another great pom pom day!

  2. Another fantastic day in the land of pom poms!!! And so much creativity!! I am honored to be a part of this hop with such a delightful cheerleading squad!!!

  3. "Have you ever" - these ladies certainly must not sleep - their creativity is truly inspirational. Wonderful sponsors this hop. Judy C in NC

  4. oh, my the cotton swab flower pompoms that is amazing and the chicks are so adorable too. Thanks for choosing my owl in top 2 this morning also. Happy Day everyone

  5. How awesome are the cotton tip flowers, when I saw them I thought they were brilliant and her fabric scrap flowers are brilliant too! I am definitely making some of them. Oh no I think I may have just added to my pompom obsession. Oh well , there are worse things. Thanks so much for letting me join this hop and to everyone for sharing their amazing creations.

  6. Great picks! Yep, I am also impressed with the Q-Tip flowers. Unique and so pretty! The chicks are very cuddly cutesy too.

  7. Q-tip flowers! How clever!
    Great day!

  8. Another fun ... and very creative day ... of the shaking of the pom-poms! ... :) Pat

  9. Great picks again today. The Q tip flowers are amazing!

  10. Adorei o uso dos cotonetes,quase não acreditei...

  11. The minds of creative people certainly deserve celebration! That is what makes the hop themes so fun---each day you wonder what someone will use or do to carry that out.

    I almost went chasing into the bathroom to see how many q tips there are in a box when I saw her blog picture. I don't know that I would have the patience to do one flower let alone, a bouquet!

  12. Some pretty amazing pom-pom creations today.

  13. Your top picks are the same ones I choose for today. Amazeing creations today. Who would have thought you could ceate all of that with pom poms.

  14. Lovely, the flowers are great and I love the little chicks and the owl!

  15. Another day of great creations. The Q-Tip flowers are so creative and unique. They remind me of fireworks.

  16. So many fine creations.
    So nice to see what we can do with pompoms.

  17. Oh I just love love love the cotton swabs!

  18. Shakin my Pom poms to all the ladies who donated to help bring sewing machine delight to enrich others lives x

  19. Some great Pom Pom projects! Looking forward to seeing some more. :)

  20. oh my goodness - cannot imagine dipping 900 swabs in pink paint! haha.

  21. Great projects by all the ladies. That q-tip bouquet is totally amazing!

  22. Great ideas from everyone today...I also loved the q-tip idea....

  23. Lots of fun, creative Pom poms today! The q-tip one is so fun!

  24. The pink q-tip flowers look like starbursts.

  25. I am rather amazed at all the ideas people are coming up with for pompoms!

  26. LOL! Most creative, now she didn't do that with a Clover pom pom maker. I love it!

  27. Very creative pom-pom flowers! I don't know that I would have the patience to do that with q-tips. :-)


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