Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 2 of April Showers Blog hop with Fabri-Quilt Ro Gregg Collection as our sponsor

Ahhh I am READY -for a pouring of MUG RUGS.
Surely this will bring a rainbow of colours to our days...
WE had to add a couple more days in fact
so we will be going through to the 18th....
So are you READY?

I think I am ready...I am trying
to complete Ms Diva, - she has been taking up my 
most precious time...Darn her lol
I have 3 ideas brewing for my mug rug...hint ....
See you on the 18th...Until then....

Erin at Sew at home Mummy will be your cheerleader...
We are shaking our pom poms for her....
She happens to be the very first on the hop....
There is no doubt she will be cheering you all on too! 

RECAP here of expectations 
if you need a reminder!

Here are today's MUG RUG creators...
I am expecting to have a downpour of inspiration.
LET's cheer for our ladies...
They love to see your comments...

( remember ladies please turn off your 
word verification, 
so we can leave you some
 lovely outpouring comments) 

Gina @ Sew Much and More
Sharon @ Vroomans Quilts
Theresa @ Bumbleberry Stitches
Jennet @ The Feathered Nest Studio
Patti @ A Yankee in Queen Liz's Court
Gene @ Gene Black - Alabama Artist
Susan @ Susan's Scrappy Domain
Bente @ I Like to Quiltblog
Deb @ Quilting & Other Craft Therapy
Megan @ AnnieOak Designs  


Top 2  for today

Ohhhh is this not lovely, very springy...reminds me of the old salt boxes
with the girl on it..but this lady did her even better....tje stitching and colouring is perfect
all it needs is a lovely blue mug...

I'm singing in the rain
Just singing in the rain
What a glorious feelin'
I'm happy again
I'm laughing at clouds
So dark up above
The sun's in my heart
And I'm ready for love

Ohhh sorry got carried away with Gene Kelly this morning...
Isn't this a lovely mug rug...great collection of fabric used...

And for those who want to singalong with me....


 Are you kidding me? Coffee theme,beautiful carry case for your favourite
mug and mug rug combined...LOVE IT ....I want one just like it...
Now really does it not scream MDM SAMM?

 These are the collections that can be won at the end of our hop..

1. 1 winner from the top 3 each day

2.  1 winner for all who created a mug rug

3. 1 winner from all those who left comments

Fabri-Quilt has some lovely collections
we chose Ro Gregg ( designer) , because after all the rain..
There will be lot's of colour in our gardens...
a lot to celebrate this coming summer

Now let's CHEER AWAY
any rain that may dampen our days...


  1. See... there is one other thing that is so great about all of these hops.. Not only do you get to see some awesome ideas... You get to find new fabrics you just gotta have!! Like that "Soaked" fabric on Deb's blog today!

  2. Good morning Samm. I am looking forward to seeing today's creations. You all are doing some fun mug rugs.

  3. My Fons and Porter magazine (May-June)arrived yesterday and inside the front cover was a full page ad for the Calyso Frogs fabric..... love it! There's even a free pattern to download. Thanks for another great blog day!

  4. Well Madame Samm you do have your work cut out for you today again. They are all wonderful and I have chosen to call these creative pieces of art, art rugs because that is what they are. I know they are for mugs and all types of things but pieces of art is what they actually are....have a great day.

  5. I am going to be late leaving for quilt group and I'm the one with the key! I keep thinking, just one more blog stop, and then next thing you know I am almost at the end of the day's featured bloggers. I happen to actually know one of them in person! Gene.

  6. I agree with your 3 choices today. Love the little girls with umbrellas. I made the mug rug cup carrier for my 2 nieces for christmas, but never got a thank you. Guess they were too busy.

  7. Thanks for the bit of Gene...I vote we have a Gene Kelly hop, lol! Great projects again today!

    1. I'm with you on this one....it would be great fun to have a hop dedicated to awesome musicals of the past! :)

  8. Those were my exact choices for the day too! Fun, fun mug rugs.

  9. I'm still swooning over the coffee carrier! What a great idea!
    I found a lot of inspiration this morning!

  10. What a wonderful 2nd day and an honour to be with a great and creative group of people today. Thank you for one of the top spots - my heart is filled and over-flowing, like the salt box.....

  11. Such amazing inspiration! Maybe I say this every hop, but I think this is my favorite one so far?!?! So much inspiration and FUN! Thanks again!

  12. What a fabulous group of mug rugs today! Love the inspiration.

  13. i remember singing this song with my mom while walking on the beach in denmark and after singing : "singing in the rain" we'd say splat splat splat and stump in the water or low tide puddles on the beach.

  14. LOL... I LOVE your sing-a-long! I'll hum it in your honor every time I use my mug rug. I'll even jump in a puddle or two for you once our snow melts! But seriously, thanks for all you do to inspire us. ;-D Mug rugs are just plain fun.

  15. Wow ... such creativity! All the projects are sew wonderful. Does not seem possible but these blog hops just keep getting better and better. Thanks to all! ... :-)Pat

  16. I will be singing that song all day...just singing in the rain...love it! So many great ideas to inspire me to sew, sew, sew. :O)

  17. Another fantastic day! Yes they are little works of art.

  18. omg, you picked my top three - love the Morton salt pictures - love the rain drop fabric, and how smart - mug/rug tote:). Thank you again for hosting.

  19. Another great mug rug day with so much inspiration!

  20. Another fun 'mug rug' day....great picks!!! :)

  21. I'm loving this blog hop! Right now mug rugs are about all I can handle in a sewing project, so seeing all these is really inspiring. :)

  22. OMG I can't say anything else!! Now honestly I'm afraid the May blog hop!
    the bar is high :)

  23. How did I miss this bloghop! I just didn't see it... now I can't participate, but I'm glad that I'm on time to see all those beauties!

  24. Day two: what an inspirational day, I saw so many lovely mug rugs, enjoyed myself so much! Thanks to all bloggers showing and sharing today.

  25. Great day 2. I love love love teh mug rug & cofee mug tote. Absolutely gorgeous and very creative. Lots of talented mug rug makers in blogdom.

  26. So instead of doing some housework (the dust bunnies are growing nicely, thank you very much!) I decided to spend my time more wisely looking at all the delightful projects for day 2. Great picks for today and I just love the coffee mug rug carry!

  27. One more wonderful day with cute and beautiful mug rugs. And I just love the coffee mug rug carry. It is sew wonderful

  28. Great day today. I saw a lot of wonderful mug rugs out there. I really liked the coffee mug rug and carrier. And the fabric that she used-WOW! There were alot of great items to choose from today.

  29. -another day with wonderful mugrugs!
    Gorgeous top 2´s today.
    I´m so glad that you like what I choose to sew.
    Liebe Grüße

  30. You are so right, that mug rug carrying case and all does scream "Madame Samm"....good choice but I don't think it was easy ones...

  31. Love them all, just have to find the time to make them all! lol Thanks for all the inspiration! vickise at gmail dot com

  32. Love all of todays!!!! Great job!!!!

  33. Rosemary B here:
    Oh my goodness. so many nice ones today.
    I would have picked these too. Such perky ones. I love the bag, Bente always makes the most amazing stuff, she is incredible.
    Today I traveled to see my mum. She was seen by a neurologist today. Brain scan done, she is healing. Neuro doc says she could make a full recovery!
    Hubby is ... well, behaving and doing as he has been ordered. Recovering from his eye surgery.
    I have a sinus infection. I am getting better though, it is the pear trees. I think I am allergic to those odious and flowery menaces. ::sniff:: but I always really really love to come and look at the creativity of my lovely sewing friends. Today's shared projects made me smile a lot.
    Thank you dear friend for creating the environment of good times and inspiration!♥♥

  34. Today's mug rugs are so wonderful! Each one a little work of art! This is a fabulously fun blog hop - thank you for making these such great fun!

  35. It's another great day of mug rugs! Sure are a lot of creative folks out there. Love your picks!

  36. What great mug rugs! I especially love the one with the Connecting Threads fabrics...it looks so fabulous! Hope you like mine tomorrow;)

  37. Haven't had a chance to check out today's hop yet as I worked the election today. The top three are beautiful! I'm intrigued by the pick for Most Creative.

  38. Great top picks for today Madame Samm!

  39. I got distracted yesterday and couldn't get back to check out the top picks. Those were some of my favorites that you chose for Tuesday as well.

  40. LOL I knew that you and I would zero in on Bente's lovely mug carrier! Coffee afficianados, unite! LOL

  41. These are so much fun! You always think of the neatest blog hops.


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