Tuesday, April 16, 2013


                  Hi Everyone...some wee birdy...( MARY) from HERE  ( I piece too Mary) 
is having some FLIGHT MISHAPS with AT&T in sending out  reminders for you to check your link
for our It's for the Birds Blog hop in May.....

Would all those who are participating..over 100+ Please check Mary's post and let
her know your links are working...and be sure to add a reminder for yourselves when
your post date is .... AT & T is stopping Mary from sending out group emails...

So sorry for the delay...Mary is trying to ruffle feathers
and doing her very best....
We have a safety net in case she drops off her perch ! 


  1. My link isn't working...just in case mary doesn't get the message....

  2. AT&T is obviously unaware that quilters are binding the world together one stitch at a time.
    And equally unaware of the determination and will-power that together we conquer the mountains before us!
    I hate that Mary is having such issues with AT&T especially now as she is cheering everyone along and feeding the birds seeds of creativity.
    Hope she is able to ruffle up some feathers, if not, we could always release the quilting 'cats' upon the 'mean birds' over at AT&T.

  3. I agree and I have just the quilting cats to lead the mean birds attack upon AT&T.

  4. I checked in with Mary. Thanks ... :) Pat

  5. Posting here too as a just in case
    Mary, sorry that you are having such a hard time with AT& T. Hope you are able to see the comments then since email is not being helpful.

    My link is incorrect--- Tuesday, May 7th

    it is NOT http://catsngits2.blogspot.com

    It should read

    THX! Working on entry today and good thing since I go off first day.

  6. Is there a waiting list for this one? :)

  7. I totally missed this one ..I love this theme! :) I will for sure be hopping

  8. My link works but I could not leave a comment on her blog :(

  9. My link is working fine but I couldn't get her blog to accept the comment.

  10. My link works fine. Sorry it took me a few days to contact you.


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