Friday, March 29, 2013

Welcome to Gingham Lane... of Stitch me up Blog hop -Colonial Needle our generous sponsor !

Welcome to Gingham Lane 
and the last day of our hop..
In fact I should be your last visit too...

Here are the lovely stitchers I shared my day with...
Please be sure to shake your pom-poms for them....

It has been an incredible hop cheered by our beloved Jane from
Janes Fabrics... She did a fabulous job, even with all the hiccups...
So thank you again and again again...


Liberty Threads ( no posting since 2011 must of dropped out)
Ga's House ( no posting since 2009, no show) 
Dachsies with Moxie ( no show) 
2 months notice to prepare for our blog hops
that fill up within hours...
Their NO SHOWS reflect dearly on those who really
want to participate in our hops..

They have taken YOUR SPOT.
Please take this into consideration
when you sign up for future hops....
OUR CHEERLEADERS send out repeated
notes as friendly reminders....

We are very accommodating to those
who give us advance notice and untimely
family emergencies.

NO shows will be put on THE LIST!
( you do not want to be placed on this list)

And now for my embroidery pieces.....I love GINGHAM....in fact
I have always loved gingham. It is so fresh looking
and can make everything look--- well VINTAGE....
not that any of these pieces look old..., I just love that crisp, clean look of 
and here is a fact..
Jane @ Janes Fabrics is where I got all mine from...
These are the Riley Blake Ginghams...LOVE THEM...
RBD and the Ginghams... ok, Jane too .lol

"Je t'aime de tout mon coeur"
translates from French..
"I love you with all my heart"

I figure since my DH loves to help me in the kitchen, this t-towel-
will remind him how much this wee French lady really loves him...lol
Did you see how my cup matched that beautiful medium sized Red Gingham?
I actually have some red gingham cups coming with plates and bowl 
to match my T-towel. I think there is something wrong with me...
I may have  GINGHAMitis....:)

I stitched my lady with stem stitch on a flour sack that I purchased
in stacks of 5...Walmart has them. 
I stitched short and long stitches for her hair and her beret ( not sure how you 
say it in English) and added red beads to the bottom of her top and collar
for her bichon frise. ( yep that is the dog tagging along with her) 

P.s I took all these photos outside in the morning approx 7:30 am
yesterday. I placed them on a barn board door with no photoshop
brightness or contrast adjustments...JUST the natural light of the morning
and if the sun had been up with me,  they would have been a tad better. 
Ohh some fairy was sprinkling dust , she was sooo quick I could not 
get her in the photos...

 NEXT.... In Lilac Gingham,  I stitched my coffee lady, I will be adding 
"For you and me" 
underneath her apron in a fancy font!

I was trying hard to get them all done, but with exams this past month
and lessons to complete and hops...well you know...

But look another cup to match.. Pretty hydrangeas in blues and purples......
I added wee violet ribbon roses to the bottom of her apron and satin stitched
her waist...very tiny waist I would like to add...lol

Ahhh next in Yellow Gingham and Debby's pretty overstuffed chair, I added
"Je reve ici"
"I dream here"
I have a buttercream lounger that I do exactly that...dream of all the
stitching that I want to do from the inspiration of YOU and YOU and YOU....

Yep a yellow china mug, of course lol 
Ohhhh I love Presencia threads that are variegated, I used many of them
in my t-towels....ohhh and yes note the gingham buttons....

Next in Pink Gingham I chose to another Wee Tot I had shared awhile back...
I will be stitching below her. I variegated her bow in her hair with short and long stitches
and stem stitched her outline... Her message below her feet with threads in Presencia PINK!
will be...

"Ma Petite Belle"
"My wee cutie"
sometimes it does not translate as pretty....

ahhh you already saw the PINK china mug too...
I know I have a small   collection of fine china mugs...
No excuse for it...I have always  loved pretty cups...
and now pretty gingham t-towels...go figure ...

             And my last piece is a special piece that I have been working on in Turquoise Gingham. She is not a t-towel, I stitched her on some white kona
and I will be making her into a sleeve for a turquoise pillow...
She is a sketched Dorothy with the message..
"There's no place like home..."
and yes that is a  3D braid and stitched
a pattern on her dress .

I will show her soon when completed...
Now that is all I was able to complete...
sad isn't it? lol
I think Carol beat me this time...

Some interesting finds....

I recently obtained a 17 x 24 lightbox which allowed me 
to trace my images  much easier than in the past..
I don't know how I got along without it....
I was working on this at night...gives you an idea how bright
it is...I could see the image very clearly...I added a piece of two- way
tape to keep the sheet from moving, and then I placed my towel on top
and just traced with a HB pencil  #2

You can see how large the lightbox is - since the page I am using is just a sheet of paper... ( 8 x 11)
This will be perfect for a project I am working on now..
( more on her later) 

Lightbox weighs 17 pounds and is about 1/2 inch thick...
It looks like a giant IPAD! 
I am  waiting for some soft cushions to place under it to angle it a bit...
I am soooo short that I was on a stool working on this Dorothy,  on my island in the kitchen...
Angled would really help me out! 

The super-bright, cool and evenly illuminated surface gives you the perfect platform to get your ideas off the ground. The new LightPad series is built to last a lifetime with LED technology that saves energy and means you'll never have to replace lamps again!
the LED light will last 50,000 hours... Surely I will not wear it out before I expire! 

 I have been on my mac for hours now...I think it is time to wrap it up...( I am sure you
have not been here for that long and if sooooo my apologies lol) 

APPRECIATION goes out to Debby and Cyndi who supplied
us with some wonderful patterns...thank you ladies -you are tops..
There was certainly a nice variety, mix and  talent shared with all of your patterns...
How lucky we are to know you both! 

To Colonial Needle for supplying us with amazing Presencia threads...
YOU are sooooo dear to us....

We will announce a winner for this lovely sewing basket 
with a few surprises inside...AS we all received patterns, threads
and needles...I thought one more giveaway was plenty
for those who were in our top mentionable(s)  each day, for 
all those who participated, we cherish  you, time and time again
and all those who left comments, you lift our hearts...

YOU all will be included to win this basket of goodies...
winner announced on MONDAY! 

Ohhh for JANE  I sketched and painted this 
 special wee tot for her to embroider
a likeness of her.
She loves to hoola hooping, loves yellow and pink..
and when she was young, she tells me she looked just like this...
So this one is called WEE TOT JANE! 
Each of our cheerleaders gets a special pattern made just for them!
a wee thank you to remind them how much fun
it is to be a GIRL ! 

Our top 2 today are...

Isn't this soooo pretty..this lady chose blue work, and a lovely pastel
to hightlight this very ME chair and Mannequin...

and we can always count on this lady to add colour and smiles...
all wrapped up in orange ribbon...almost looks like velvet...
her flowers just popped with SPRING! 


and this lady created a colouring craft bag...
how creative lol no really I want one for me....

Ps. if you are in need of something to keep your material in your hoops..
check this out..( forgot to mention this...)
This is a must have for all of us embroiders


  1. What a wonderful idea the little tea towels are - so very pretty. They would never go "untouched" in my house though. My hubby is a bull in a china shop... Thanks for a fun hop!

  2. Oh, how I love your tea towels. They are all perfect. I would just like to have them around my kitchen to look at all the time. Thanks for another great hop!

  3. In love with your tea towel projects; it is a pleasure to see how you matched design+fabric+thread.
    I would have loved to feast my eyes with more gingham colors! Oh, and more gingham cups!

  4. Really cute te towels... Love the french lady with the dog!

  5. All your projects are so lovely. I love the match with the fabric.

  6. Love your tea towels and the gingham works perfectly with them. Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a lovely way of using these patterns.
    I like all of them.
    Beautiful matching of fabric and pattern.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great day.

  8. The tea towels are great. I would be afraid in this house someone would use them and mess them up! lol Love love love the yellow gingham and chair, yellow being my favorite color and of course, Dorothy really speaks to me. That is a favorite movie from my youth...there is no place like home. My favorite line from that movie is this: "Remember my sentimental friend, that a heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others." Thank you again for a wonderful hop.

  9. Your tea towels are beautiful. I agree with your "to be seen and never ever ever touched"! I could never use them either. I would hate to get stains on them. I'd like to say thank you to you, Madame Samm, and Jane for this fantastic blog hop. My first experience in participating in a hop has been marvelous. I'll definitely join in on more in the future.

  10. The gingham gives your towels such s fresh look. Really pretty. Another wonderful blog. You inspire such creativity and so many are encouraged to try new things. Thank you.

  11. Oh how lovely!!! I can relate to your ginhamitis, lol!
    Your personal additions make your projects so unique like the red hair, the lovely lilac stitches, the hairbow , the long hair and those cute chair buttons....and the words of course ! And I so love the towel for your DH. What a sweet thought! Just amazing!
    Have a wonderful easter weekend!

  12. Your projects are so lovely with the gingham fabric. I love them all. And now this blog hop is finished and as always a very inspiring and fun hop.
    But I must say that I am disappointed over those women who have jumped off and had no show. It is so pity for all of us who love to follow the blog hop and it is pity for them who wanted to participate, but couldn´t as there were no places left.
    Most of all thank you Madame Samm for organizing What will I do now when having my breakfast?? LOL Yes, I have many projects going on
    Have a very great Easter weekend.

  13. Ahhhhh Sweet Gingham! The lovely fabric reflects innocence and childhood memories for so many and is a powerful statement in today's modern hustle for those who 'brave' to embrace her beauty. [Many don't & avoid her 'old fashioned ways'.] Sweet Gingham is a delightful cheerleader for your beautiful stitching! I find myself captivated by your light box...LED lighting what an improvement a giant step...I would even say light years of progress has been made for the traditional lightbox. For years I've used either the window by day or a dinosaur light table the size of a huge drafting table with many 100watt bulbs, we rescued from the art department trash bin, by night. I think it may be time for an upgrade!!! :) Thanks for shining the light on this new product!!! :) :)
    Happy Easter!

  14. Madame Samm I too love gingham, always have and I have my own little collection of it also. Your tea towels are just lovely and so are the patterns...Since my favorite colors keep changing lately I have been on a yellow and pink kick lately with red always in there but I cannot even say they are the prettiest actually they are all lovely in color and stitching. Thank you so much for this wonderful hop and ya' know the ones that couldn't show well we don't even need to mention unless they were sick and for that I hope they feel well soon. Wow what a great lite-box I have a little one but might have to save up my pennies for a bigger one since I do allot of applique it might come in real handy. Thanks for a wonderful blog hop and to all of our sponsors also an extra shout out of gratitude.

  15. Madame Samm, your towels are so much fun! Bright, charming and they warm the heart. Gingham is high on my list of favorite fabrics. Thank you for sharing the light box, and your charming coffee and tea cups!

    I noticed lots of no shows in the last two Hops. It gets to be irritating.Thanks for another great hop. I am looking forward to April Showers. No more pictures under trees!

  16. I love your towels. This was a great hop since my favorite embroidery threads are presencia, I even buy presencia threads to sew with.

  17. Just darling! What do you mean that is all you were able to finish- i think it was plenty! Wonderful idea ;)

  18. Your tea towels are just sweet , I love the addition of the gingham , I have always loved gingham too :-) Thanks for the great hop , it was fun to see so many wonderful versions of these great patterns, I definitely will be stitching more of these pretty patterns, Thanks. Happy Easter !

  19. Somehow I am hopping backwards today...Yes I really really am . I have switching my blog following over to blog lovin. And your blog is first on my list today. So let me say I love love love the "ginghamitis" towels....Beautifully done. Congrats to all the winners. Yes everyone that created for this hop is a winner. Have a happy Easter. Now to hop on and start checking everythng out today.

  20. Your towels are so great! The gingham really adds a lot to the design. It was a fun hop and so many creative bloggers. They used the patterns is such neat projects. I better get busy because I am in the birdy hop.
    Thanks for heading up all these hops. So much fun.

  21. I can't believe it! I just stopped by to see what you made and now I caught your bug...GINGHAMitis! As if your stitching didn't make them cute enough, you went and added gingham. I love them! I'm sure I need to go shopping for gingham today and probably a LightPad, too (very cool.) So many great ideas on this hop--hate to see it end. Thanks for all you do to cheer us on. P.S. That Carol lady could never beat you....never, never, never. LOL

  22. How you managed to get all that stitching done is amazing---I have all day to play, most days and no way does that happen. You are like a small whirlwind! Lovely, lovely towels and stitcheries. I hope you never get over the gingham-itis!

    Congratulations to those recognized today, and every day of the hop. THX again to you and Jane and of course our sponsors. No way would I win that basket but some lucky gal will!

  23. I love the gingham ruffles tea towels, Samm - very thoughtful and really nice projects along with great ideas. I love your stitching. Thanks for your participation, what would we do if you were not behind the scenes with all your creativity and expertise!!! Happy Spring from Judy C

  24. Somehow gingham and embroidery are like peas in a pod. Your stitching is lovely as are the fun projects from today. Thanks for a wonderful and inspiring hop.

  25. I have such appreciation for all the stitchers and their beautiful work! If I only had time! Maybe when I get back north - it sure isn't going to happen in Florida! So much inspiration from these lovely ladies! Thanks, Samm for the never-ending hops - they're wonderful!!

  26. Gingham and embroidery go together like peanut butter and jelly. YUM!!! Your stitcheries are fantastic... just like you!

    Thank you Madame Samm and Jane and to the designers and Colonial Needle! What would we do without all of you!

    I was traveling during sign ups for Spring Showers and didn't get signed up so I get to spend more time on my Pom Poms... but I will be here each morning to see who made what for the hop! :)

  27. A more appropriate translation of Ma Petite Belle might be My Small Lady. Often Petite is used for small clothing sizes and Lady is a little closer to the meaning for Belle.

  28. Your embroideries are all just lovely!!! Ginghamitis - LOL! The pink with the sweet little girl is my favorite! Great job (as always)!

  29. Thanks again to you and your helpers for another successful blog hop. Your embroidered gingham towels are so vintage looking. I was just in a Fabric Outlet store in San Francisco that had a nice assortment of gingham which you seldom see. This store was "heaven" as the selection of different kinds of fabric was amazing. I saw fabric there I hadn't seen in years. The selection of quilt fabric is limited, but what they carry in other fabric and notions makes up for it. One of their biggest group of customers is the Academy of Art students in Fashion, Interior Design. My sister bought two-way stretch fabric to make her grand-daughter a ballet costume. It's always great to have a fabric store like this around for that unusual or special project that you might have and cannot find in your local Joann's or Quilt Shop. We are going on a Shop Hop next month that will take us to the Northern Central Valley in California and visiting my college town will be fun. I am anxiously awaiting the next blog hop as well.
    Rosemary R

  30. Ok now I have the urge to shop at Walmart and Jane's for gingham...but I'd need a lesson on the ruffle...And Dorothy with the braid looks to be a stunner! I love how "there's no place like home with a coffee cup"!!! And my light box wants to be just like yours when it grows up, mine is only 10"x12"!! Thanks to you and Jane and the other designers as well as Colonial for another great hop.

  31. Your towels are wonderful with all the gingham ruffles. So pretty to look at.

    Oh my I was sure surprised by the number of no-shows today. Well you have warned them plenty of times about "The List". It is sad to those who so wanted to join in on the fun blog hops but there was no room for them. Thank you so much Madame Samm for all your hard work for putting these hops together and for letting us see your beautiful creations too!

  32. Beautiful embroidery! They are all so cute :)

  33. Thanks Madame Samm for this fun blog hop. This is the first time I have participated in any thing like this and I really enjoyed it. I have a hard time finding time with two young children at home and a full time job. They will grow and it will get better. I have a question, what do you use to transfer your designs to the fabric? Thanks again to you and Jane and Colonial for a great hop.

  34. Your projects are just grand! Such beautiful stitching and finishing:)
    What fun your hops are! I always find new blogs to follow and learn new things!
    The inspiration is phenomenal!
    Thank you!!!!!

  35. Might I add that along with the Hop grip, the Applique pressing sheet is a MUST HAVE and Bear Threads has all sizes. I've looked and looked for the larger size and I'm so thrilled to have found it!! Have you used one of these??? Oh my, they are Wonderful!! I was lucky to have WON mine at a sewing expo and now it's a Must have in my sewing room. try one!! LOVE your stitching. I'm not quite sure how you do the long and short stitches but I love the effect. I must try it.
    Gmama Jane

  36. Beautiful tea towels, love the ruffles. Your chair is my favorite. I think it's been my favorite throughout the whole blog. Thanks for letting me in. I enjoy seeing everyone's work as usual. Your always do a wonderful job!

  37. What lovelys you have made. I am sorry to see this one go. All of these hops have been so fun. Besides doing housework, don't know what I will do until the next hop. All the ladies have done a great job this hop.

  38. That's it. I just ordered the moving van. I am moving to Gingham Lane! Oh how I love your work. Your stitching is perfection and the gingham, just so fresh and clean and fun.
    Thank you so much for my Hula Hoop girl. She brings back such fond memories. This has been quite a hop, thanks to you, the designers and colonial Needle!

  39. I love all your projects and the variegated thread is always my favorite. What fun to see all those wonderful ideas from you and all the rest in the hop. I have a light box now too and it is so much easier to use than the window when my hand would be falling asleep from holding it up so long! Most of the time I can even see through the darker fabrics.

  40. Oh you have out did yourself again! The tea/coffee towels are wonderful. The gingham additions makes them shine. Your wee tots are just too cute, the lovely ladies and the chair, wow. I also was very disappointed in the no shows. Jane's tot is wonderful. Thank you to all who provided the patterns and to Jane for her cheerleading skills, you for organizing the hop and the wonderful sponsors.

  41. Thank you Samm for a fun Hop I really enjoyed seeing all of the talent Blog land has out there. Every lady did an amazing job and it was so fun to see how the did, your, mine and Cyndi's patterns! And Jane was the best Cheerleader ever! Not to mention an amazing stitcher. I love your dish towels they are so cute! Your little kids are so fun! After seeing everyones done I have an idea to use them for my granddaughter a quilt! Thank you again so much for including me in this Hop!

  42. I love all your tea towels! They are darling! This has been an awesome hop!

  43. Your projects are so pretty with the gingham accents! I like the 3D look of the buttons on the chair and the hair braid. You got a lot of stitching done even if all is not finished. The light box is nice to have. I McGyver one with a work light under a glass table.

  44. I, too, love gingham. Each project is beautiful. But beyond that, you've done it again. You have inspired us to go behind the comfort zone. Thank you.

  45. Thank you for sharing your lovely gingham trimmed projects! I love gingham too!
    Thank you for another wonderful hop!!

  46. Sigh, I'm soo disappointed that this is the last day. But on the up side, today's projects were fantastic. Thanks again for a truly wonderful experience.

  47. Dear Madame Samm and Jane, thanks for organizing this sweet bloghop, thanks to all the generous designers of the patterns used in this bloghop. Thanks to all that took part in this bloghop. It was a ball every day again, a real treat for everybody that hopped along. A big hug from me to you all.

  48. Oh how I adore your gingham tea towels...They are just perfect, and the matching cups...what can I say. Beautiful stitching and a wonderful presentation.

    Great job, my friend!

    Lady Vee

  49. Lovely stitching and wonderful gingham trims! I love how everything matches a cup and think you got more than enough done to share! Thank you for a great job, now it is time to rest and enjoy your Easter weekend!

  50. I love all your stitching and the gingham trim sets them off perfectly. Have a lovely rest over the Easter break.

  51. As always, your blog is the last one that I visit on the hop and it's never a disappointment. Love the projects, especially the lilac lady.... I don't think we saw her done up in such a lovely color. In spite of time restraints, you certainly finished many great projects. Love them all! Thanks for another wonderful hop. I really enjoy seeing all of the creativity that these blogs bring for show and tell. Thanks for the hard work and thanks for the tips that you always pass along.....I really need to be looking for a nice light box. Happy Easter to you and yours, Mdm Samm!

  52. Madam Samm, you are the bomb! I have really enjoyed this blog hop. Your ginghamitis is extremely beautiful. Gingham reminds me of when I was a child. I know you work really hard on these blog hops. It is great you have such awesome cheerleaders. Hopefully, I will get brave enough to take part in one. Great job, Madam Samm!

  53. Your gingham inspired stitchings are beautiful! I really like the details you included to give them added dimensions! Thanks to you and Jane for another fun hop! I have so enjoying the inspiring projects everyone has come up with!! The patterns and threads were such a pleasure to look at and use, and it was grand to try a new challenge!

    I thought the saying was "There is no place like Nome!"....

  54. I love all your stitching -- paired with the gingham, they really are fabulous!
    This hop has been such fun, and has inspired me to do more embroidery! Thank you for a wonderful time!!

  55. As always, beautiful work, and I loved the gingham touch to your projects. The wee tot is my favorite, although they are all fun. I didn't participate in this hop, but I now want to do some more embroidery--if I can just get all of my quilting done first! LOL Thanks for all you do!

  56. Dear Madame Samm,
    your stitcheries are absoutely gorgeous and so beautuful photos,
    always a pleasure to watch.
    I´m a little sad, that I didn´t participate to this bloghop, everyone did a great job.
    Happy easter to you and yours!
    Liebe Grüße

  57. Rosemary B here:
    I am at my mom and dad's house now, relaxing.... full of ice cream my dad said "we have to get rid of"
    I love your creations. I adore these towels oh, er, um I mean J'aime les serviettes. My favorite is the chair. And Dorothy, lol so cute love the hair.
    Absolutely adorrrrable.

    I really liked this hop. Everyone is excellent. love today's top choices. I love that bag. Britt is always amazing indeed.
    this was so inspiring. Last year my mom was picking amongst her small pile of flosses to continue making little cross stitch pieces that she loves. She would not go out and buy new floss, it was hilarious. I had a huge box of floss, so many colors. Yes, I do believe it was early last Summer. I brought that box over to her, just popped it by her chair. Well, that was a great idea. She was so inspired. I am hoping to help her finish up her latest project.

    Okay enough blabbing. Happy Easter!

  58. You never disappoint. Don't know which I would pick if I had to choose just one, maybe Dorothy. Just love her braid. The gingham is so crisp and fresh. Wonderful stuff, just wonderful.

  59. As usual a fun hop and it made me itch to do some embroidery Your tea towels are adorable and your wee tots so sweet I always look forward to see what you have come up with. Thanks to all of the ladies for another fun hop. Blessings Sandra

  60. I love the towels with the gingham on it. Beautiful work (as always) and another fun hop.

  61. Great projects! I love gingham also. It just seems to make everything cheerier for some reason. Thanks for another wonderful hop!!!

  62. A girl can never have too much gingham or polka dots. Great projects, and another great round of bloggers today.

  63. I want to move to Gingham Lane too. I see Jane has ordered her truck already...grass does not grow under that girl's feet. We could be neighbors!! I think we 3 could get in big trouble. Luv your gingham ruffles on your tea towels...gingham is back and I luv it. Lov how you find the perfect coffee mug for each of your projects. Your coffee cup collection is probably like my embroidery pattern collection. I don't admit this to everyone, but I have lots...and they are all moving with me. The new Lightpad looks like a 'must have'...I'll have to put it on my wish list. I love that bigger tracing area. Thanks to you and Jane for another fabulous blog hop. I hate to see this hop come to an end!! Have a wonderful weekend, Happy Easter!! hugs Pauline

  64. I totally love your gingham towels - gingham always makes me happy. Great stitching on each one. Thanks for sharing your towels, your photographing, your mugs, your humor. It's been a marvelous hop...again. Thanks for all you do.

  65. gingham is the perfect addition to your lovely work. This has been so much fun. Thank you!

  66. I love your gingham towels and the little sayings you added to them. The ruffles really add a lot to your designs. Dorothy is adorable with her long braids. Terrific stitching on all of your creations.

    Another fabulous blog hop ... they seem to get better and better! THANK YOU!!!

  67. C'est Magnifique! Love all the gingham trim in matching colors. I also love the way you photographed each piece. That fast little fairy likes your work too. Nice lightbox! My lightbox is a clear glass cutting board my mother had that was terrible to cut on with a flashlight underneath. Primitive but it works. Thank you for another great blog hop!

  68. I need to get some gingham, they add the perfect touch to your wonderful stitcheries. Thanks for the fun bloghop.

  69. Thank you so much for all of the work that went in to this great blog hop. I looked at all of yesterdays participants posts but did not have time to leave comments. I have always been a fan of gingham but have not used it lately, I will have to find some blue and yellow and make some cute towels for my kitchen.

  70. Such beautiful tea towels! All the work in all of the projects on this hop have been so beautiful! great job everyone!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  71. Love your tea towels! Your work is so good all ways... any suggestions on how to learn to do the different stitches? I love the blog hops, Thank You for all your hard work, I really appreciate it. vickise at gmail dot com

  72. I think you really MUST have gingham-itis! I love gingham and I love all your projects! I can't imagine how you can find the time to do them all! Do you have any towels that you actually USE?! What a lovely ending your stitcheries have made to such a fun and enjoyable hop! Thanks for all you do!

  73. Beautiful! I love the pairing of embroidery with ruffles and gingham, Samm. So fresh and pretty!

  74. Your embroidery is so pretty. The stitches lovely. I find words so hard to embroider, but yours are wonderful. Love the gingham, it goes so well with tea towels. How cute these would look hanging on oven handle. (my wall oven has a large handle that I use for decorative towels). I think my next embroidery project just might need to be decorative tea towels!

    Thanks for another inspiring blog hop!

  75. I just love the gingham & ruffles so much. Totally charming and such a great way to show off your pretty stitches!

  76. I love your tea towels! I think I need also some of them:-)) Even I don't have husband to help me in the kitchen:-)

  77. Love all your gingham projects...my favorite is the red one!

  78. Love the gingham! Your lilac gingham is my favorite. Love that you worked with variegated threads. I almost always put variegated threads in my embroidery. They are my favorites. I had never worked with Presencia threads before this hop. I'm definitely will be adding more. It's wonderful thread.

  79. They are all delightful projects.

    Shame on the drop outs, though I have to say I paniced as I've been ill and I didn't get the e-mail with the schedule but I found it on the cheerleader's blog so I just cut and paste. Now I don't have a light box, but would an Ipad work? Hmm. :)

  80. Your ginghamitis has produced some outstanding results. :) I love your coffee towels and the gingham just made them even more perfect! blessings, marlene

  81. Your projects never dissapoints... Very nice and full of life. I love them.
    .. and my friend got one of the 2 chosen places today. :-)
    Best regards

  82. The gingham towels are adorable. Gingham is my favorite fabric but so hard to find in a quilt weight fabric. I often wonder why there is always an area in the fabric stores that say gingham quilt fabric but there isn't a traditional gingham in there. When and why did they come up with that term for other fabrics? HMM may be my question of the day lol.
    I love the little craft bag/folder makes me think about making those real button holes and changeing out the front panel from time to time.


You think they are just words...they are sew much more than that...your wee messages tell me, you are kind, smart and important...