Friday, March 22, 2013

Time to Tune for our TWEET - Its for the BIRDS blog hop

It's supposed to be spring here on the escarpment
however I have not seen 1 robin yet.
But I have seen some cute TWEETY birds.
Ok, maybe not as pretty as these but in my imagination
and my stylus they look just like this..
Work with me lol

Ever since I saw a Quilt that Kris 
( she was in our Wicked hop
take a peak at more of her photos)
 created this for her son
with RAVENS ( they are birds lol) 
on it....I have not been able to get it out of my mind...

Of course I have already begun my project, so by the time
May comes rolling in, it will be completed....
And since I love BIRDS even RAVENS, 
I think it is a perfect time for  
 A BIRD blog hop...

It's for the BIRDS
 yes it is

For months I have been asked 
about doing a BIRD hop...
Well the time has come...

YOU can create anything with BIRDS.

Bird Applique,
Bird Embroidery
Bird Paper Piecing...
Birds in 3 D for those who want to make fabric birds.
A Bird Rug
A bird puppet I think they called him Big Bird (on Sesame street)
I think you get the picture...

An ANYTHING project -as long as BIRDS are in it, on it around it!

Who will be cheering you on ?

is a perfect choice for cheering you on...

Here is why!

1. she is an absolute expert when it comes to colour
2. she is a fabulous, piecer, blocks, traditional and modern, she does applique
like no tomorrow...she does it all
3. she is very organized
4. she has been a fabulous cheerleader from the side lines...
5. she has been working on something and I can guarantee
it will be outstanding!

So Mary is who you will send your note with this subject line..

I will TWEET about BIRDS....

She will need this in your email...

your name
your blog name if you have one
and your link to your blog

She will be thankful for this info! 

Every blog hop as guidelines....so here goes..

( we will also open up 10 spots
for NON bloggers at our OTHER BLOG)

1. if you commit, please commit
failure to do so within reason - wellllll let me say
 you do not want to be on THAT LIST...

2. YOU can make anything BIRDS but BIRDS
has to be somewhere in your projects...

3. Must have your post up by midnight the day before your
scheduled day! ( we will help if you do not know how to do this)

4. Please turn off your word verification ( remove anonymous, you will
not get any spam) we will have you here too!

5. Be a cheerleader for one another,  you have no idea
what it does for someone to see YOUR note
It lifts them well to the next hop....I KNOW
I hear about it all the time....wink...

6. Place button on your blog NOW, today, tomorrow...
not the day of....you will be discreetly eliminated if
buttons are not seen....The whole idea here is your PEEPS
will come and cheer you on during your day and you
will get even more visitors...Sponsors watch you know....
( it is up there on your right)
6b) YOU must add the list of fellow stitcher/quilters on your blog
on your day so everyone can find them as easily as they found you!

7. And please stay on theme of this hop...if you have
other projects going on, have them scheduled the day before
but not on the day of your hop...YOU won't have to try so hard
to get followers...they will follow you if they like what they
see the day you show your project!

OUR cheerleaders will be cheering you on...
that is a GUARANTEE!

OHHHH and we have a delightful SPONSOR
Clothworks...AS soon as their bundles arrive...
I will show you...pssst it has birds on it...well all over it...
You will love it...

to cheering you on...


  1. Hi!!! Wow!!! More fun already!!! Love it!!! I missed out on the Spring Showers hop...due to illness but I will be cheering along!!!! This one will be so much fun!!!!

  2. Its a nice blog hop.
    I will think a little maybe i will join this

  3. This blog hop is sew tweet! ... :-) Pat

  4. Just love birds! This will be cute!

  5. tweet....tweet! This will be fun!

  6. I love birds. The robins are here and the sparrows have already built their nest in our Yucca.

  7. I think I'll jump out of the nest and join my first blog hop!

  8. I tweet'ed that I want to play. So many ideas flying through my bird brain...can't wait for this hop to take off!

  9. I'm in. I know exactly what I'll be doing. Another great idea .

  10. I love birds! I love watching birds out my window. Putting the button on my blog now!

  11. Sounds like fun. I just mentioned to a friend today if she had heard about any new hops coming up. I will be there. I have done alot with birds in cross stitch so it will be fun to do something different.

  12. I am so thrilled! I love birds ! And I already have a bird quilt in mind....well I have the fabric for it...lol....it's meant to be. YaY ! I am going to add the button right now.

  13. My computer is sick so please let Mary know I want to play... Hope to have my pc back tomorrow.... or get an email software for this laptop.

  14. sounds like another fun hop. count me in!

  15. My email has been sent- such a cute idea!

  16. Another super fun idea, off to email Mary!

  17. So excited for this one! I already have a plan in mind :)

  18. Sounds like fun, maybe I will join my first blog hop!

  19. My lovely Madame
    At last BIRDS You know why and of course I will be there I have already something in mind, of course
    But I can rembember that you have given some hints about this before

  20. Oh, what perfect timing Samm!! My Dear Grandma is turning 90 this May, she was born on May 1st, her name is Maybird :) And I will be making her a lovely gift, with birds on it :) So I think I will join in the fun this round.

  21. Just emailed Mary. I have been waiting for this one. I love Birds!!

  22. Rosemary B here:
    This looks like a fun hop, Missie Samm
    Every day I am checking and hopping to the blogs and looking at the lovely creations
    of this past hop, and the last one too.
    All of this makes me happy.
    I am on that "list" now of uncommitters I am feeling the shame.
    I had so many great ideas for the April Hops, but it is too hard to focus now
    Thank you so much for making these hops happen.
    Even nonparticipants thoroughly enjoy it
    This birds hop will be amazing I know it!

  23. Just e-mailed Mary and put the button on my blog. I think it is going to be a great hop and I can't wait. So for now, I must get my graph paper out and think of what I would like to make. I have so many ideas.

  24. I emailed yesterday afternoon shortly after the post when up but haven't heard if I have been accepted yet but I'll grab the button regardless. I already have about 3 decent ideas, LOL so even if I got beat to the draw (hoping not!) I have fun things to make down the line!! Mary is probably quite busy weeding through her pile of emails.

  25. Yes please I would love to join in this blog hop. I haven't sewn for two months (seriously) since joining the gym (what has that to do with sewing you ask - I have been too tired when arriving home to do anything but the necessities) but am two months plus on from joining the gym and ready to get back to the sewing machine. I can even say what bird I will be sewing but I shall let you guess - it has the Latin name/genus of strigidae ... Please please let me join in this blog hop and forget my past discretion ... Blog name is Spoilt Dog Quilts by the way ...

  26. -gorgeous button, I´d just added it to my sidebar, I´m in *smile*
    Wish you a nice sunday ☺
    Liebe Grüße

  27. Can I play too? I just came up with a plan.

  28. I love the button you made for this hop....very sweet.

  29. Hey, Sweetie - this sounds like fun! I've been planning a "sweet tweet" quilt this very week, and this blog hop will be the perfect place to share it! (Plus, it always helps me to have a deadline!) Count me in!

  30. Ewwww, I want to be in on this one!


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