Friday, March 22, 2013

Shake your POM POMS Blog HOP sign up ( winners announced)

We have been CHEERLEADERS  for quite a few months now..
And YOU have done a great job of cheering each other..
Ok, some of you are much better than others...
maybe what some of you are missing are some POM POMS...

So this hop will be just about that ...
What to do with POM POMS...

We are closed! 

I have a few suggestions...are you ready?

How about adding some to your favourite throw?

Imagine this.... 4 charm squares  
....in UK this sells for over $58.00!

For those who love working with wool...you can
make a wreath pillow with small pompoms...

This is what does it for me....it just spellllls LOVE!

or you can make critters....I found quite a few 
they are here on my Pinterest board...

ok, this may be a bit much...and I don't think you will have enough time to do it anyway..
and NO CAROL you cannot use a glue gun - lol

And our  Cheerleader who will be cheering you all on
is no other than Thearica from Pig Tales and Quilts...She really 
does not need any reminders on how to use her POM POMS
cause for nearly 2 years + she has been shaking them for many of you...
She is full of excitement and she will likely be shaking her pompoms
for a couple more months....

when we are full we will do the giveaway
for 3 packages of POM POM Makers...

Yes we will be giving away 
the PRIZES before the HOP even begins...
all you have to do is register and of course
commit..or ahhh let's not go there lol

3 of you will win these packages from CLOVER
who is our sponsor....
Figured you could use them before
we even start...

they were extremely generous....

And if you need any-- for those who do not win..
Thearica brought some into her store....

I chose these pom pom makers as they make very full and dense
pompoms and they are fool proofs, which means I even mastered them..

I have 3 assorted packages of POMPOM makers from CLOVER....

There are hearts ones, ( the red ones)  those require a little more fussing but well worth it...
LOOK at the white one...it is larger than a baseball, bigger than a C cup (wink)
and would look great as a bowl of snowballs for next Christmas...
The other smaller balls well even those are pretty large...made with the
blue pom maker on your right! 

LOOK at a few I created....

The 3 winners of POM POM makers are....
( please connect with me so I can send these to you asap)

Pat from Scrapatches 

Abi  from Scraps of Life
Theresa from Bumbleberry

I thought why not cookie monster and elmo 
pompoms...certainly the grands will love them! 
Oh the lightbulb lamp...
found it in my travels...thought it make
a nice THOUGHT lol

 Thearica will need the following

YOU can email her here

send her the following:
1. YOUR Name
2. YOUR email
3. YOUR LINK and Name of your blog...


This hop is for 5 days only 
so we will only be taking on 50-60 participants....
10 non bloggers only! 

1. if you commit, please commit
failure to do so within reason - wellllll let me say
 you do not want to be on the LIST...

2. YOU can make anything pompom...but you
have to have pom poms in/on your project

3. Must have your post up by midnight the day before your
scheduled day! ( we will help if you do not know how to do this)

4. Please turn off your word verification ( remove anonymous, you will
not get any spam) we will have you here too!

5. Be a cheerleader for one another, surely now that you will have
pompoms to shake this will not be a problem....

6. Place button on your blog NOW, today, tomorrow...
not the day of....you will be discreetly eliminated if
buttons are not seen....The whole idea here is your PEEPS
will come and cheer you on during your day and you
will get even more visitors...Sponsors watch you know....

7. And please stay on theme of this hop...if you have
other projects going on, have them scheduled the day before
but not on the day of your hop...YOU won't have to try so hard
to get followers...they will follow you if they like what they
see the day you show your project!

We will be cheering you on with our POM POMS...


  1. OOOOOO...it sure pays to be camped out here...lol...this is going to be so much fun!

  2. Those Clover pom pom makers are AWESOME! I just pulled out their yo-yo maker the other day and marveled at how clever the Clover designers are. This will be a very fun and creative hop (well, they all are!) and I can't wait to see what everyone will think up! Thanks, Samm, for expanding our horizons and also for the beautiful pics of how pom poms are used. Going to Pinterest right now!

  3. I have wanted to join your hops but I am down to an iPad and can't figure out how to blog on this oh not so wonderful tablet.

  4. Oh, I would love to participate in this one. BUT, I will be travelling with my H in the US in April, so I cannot...
    We are going to Washington DC, and driving to Charleston S.C, and Memphis and Nashville among others..
    So I just need to watch it on the blogs...:-(
    But I think I will find some wonderful quiltshops along the trail....
    Wish you all an awesome hop!!
    regards Ingrid

  5. Sounds like fun. I just emailed Thearica to sign up.

  6. Happy Days! Your little pompom creatures brought back a rush of memories from the '70's. We used to make Warm Fuzzies in those days and gave them out as Love tokens to strangers or those who needed cheering up! I to have already emailed Thearica to sign up...Headed now to my yarn stash to see what I need to get started. What a great way to start the week, plotting and planning for Fuzzy Fun among Friends! :)

  7. Rosemary B here:
    Okay, the chair, that did it for me. going to join.
    I have a few ideas, .... this will be a healthy challenge for me. We have to keep those brain cells
    fresh and frisky.
    Happy Monday every one.
    Have a productive day.

  8. It seems like you have done it again Madame Samm...I will give it a whirl sound like allot of fun.

  9. these bring back memories of where we had pompoms as kids ... scarfs , slippers and touques
    sounds like it should be a lot of fun

  10. Very cool - that chair cracked me up! lol. It's going to be a lot of fun!!

  11. Since I avoid glue guns at all cost, I won't be making that chair. Sounds like fun!

  12. I love making pom poms. Love the pom pom chair it really made me laugh.

  13. I'm just laughing so hard that I had to comment!! That chair and stool!!! OMG!! What do you mean, no glue gun? Ha! That's a perfect place to use that trusty glue gun. Now, I WANT to sit in it. I'll bet it's just down-right cuddley! What a piece of inspiration; you never disappoint, Samm.

  14. How fun! Just emailed Thearica to join!

  15. Sempre e desde que comecei a seguir e comentar com blogueiros digo:Estou na torcida com pom pom e tudo!!!E agora vem você com essa maravilha,só tenho que agradecer,é lindo.E tantas maneiras sofridas de fazer...com estes "APARELHOS" é muito melhor.Desejos sinceros de sucesso a todos os participantes,e a você. Beijos e Bençãos.

  16. This totally brings back memories of making pom poms at Girl Scout meetings back in the 70's. I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with! The heart maker is adorable. For some reason, when I saw the hop announced, I had yo-yo's on my mind.

    The chair is just a bit over the top. Brings to mind a new definition for Dust Collector.

    Cheers, K

  17. Shake it baby, shake it. Cute Hop! That wreath pillow is really pretty, you found some good ones.

  18. Sounds like fun! I think I have a couple of ideas but I hope it is okay to use purchased pom poms too??

  19. This will be really fun, I love pom poms!

  20. I just found you and your wonderful blog hops about a month ago. Ever since I've wanted to join in as well, but I'm not much of a quilter - just patchwork for me as of now. This blog hop is perfect for me though as I have a few ideas already in my mind for it. I've e-mail Thearica already and am eager to join in!!! Thanks so much for the fun blog hop theme!!

  21. Looks like another inspiring and creative blog hop. I shall enjoy cheering from the sidelines on this one. Looking forward to seeing all the fun ... :) Pat

  22. Oh my goodness...
    I can't believe I'm saying this but...

    Can't wait to see everyone's creations!
    natalie jo

  23. I just got back from JoAnn's fabrics here in the states. It coupon commotion week! I had 50% off coupons for the pom pom makers! Count me in! :-)

  24. -and I´m in too *lol*
    Absoutely no idea to what or where I can add pompom´s, but I´m thinking and thinking...
    Did oyu make all the pompom´s in the Glass? It looks great and I think Imust have these pompom makers ☺

  25. Rosemary B here:
    I want my old life back visiting blogs and just having a lot of laughs and of course being inspired and urged to go make it.
    Mom is improving and I have been there almost every day.
    I love these pompom ideas. Mom needs a chair like that now hahahaha we finally got her out of that bed

    I miss my amazing and stunningly creative sewing peeps. I loved looking at the tops pics of the past few days and hopefully I can see all of them on my ipad at the gym while I am on the elliptical.

    I am in the pompom hop.

  26. Ohhh, how I would love to sit on that chair.

  27. I won?! I am sew lucky! Thanks, Mdm Samm !!! I am shaking my pom-poms gleefully! :-) Pat

  28. Congrats to all the winners, hope to see them playing along with the rest of us in the hop!


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