Saturday, November 2, 2013

It is FALLLLLL, we turn back the clocks and so will I with this friendly reminder

"It is reasonable to expect perfection,
although I am well aware it will never be
reached." (but will be content with 
everything running smoother)  
Mdm Samm

May I sweep a few things by you ?

 Sometimes we just need reminders…..
I recently had some inquiries anonymously, about a lot of things..
SEEMS they are concerned that they never win…

But before I shed some light on this…( we turned back our clocks, so it
is still dark here) 

It's time for some FALL cleaning...

a) If you commit to a hop, COMMIT, simple as that! 

b) Cheerleaders will send out the schedule- two weeks prior to hop,
if you cannot commit, DROP OUT right there and then.
And please no pages upon pages of excuses....just drop out AND tell us!
( no penalty)

c) If you drop out or don't show up- once the schedule is up, 
for whatever reason, unless a family emergency. 
( we are accommodating to a point)
YOU will be placed on THE LIST.
( you do not want to be on that list)

YOU have 2 months to get  your project ready! 

d) If drop outs occur again , we will reduce the hops
to only 50 members and we will choose 
those members we can count on...

NO more discussion ! Shake your head please, 
altogether...." I understand Mdm Samm" lol
Humour me ! 

Some facts about me! 

I am in rolling into my 4th year of managing this blog.

I go to school full time,  I am in my 3rd year
of a 4 year program!

I  am the chairman of a board for a 
family business!

I manage delightful cheerleaders,
 and work very closely with all of them...

I seek out every sponsor!
I negotiate giveaways for YOU!
( if I want something I CAN afford to buy it)

I plan 6-9 months ahead for our blog hops.

I am very organized! DUH lol 

I sleep on average 8-9 hours every night! 

I do not get paid one dime from anyone!

I send out every sponsored giveaways to winners
with many extras stuffed into their red packages
 much more  than anyone would ever expect to receive.

I pay for all the packaging out of my own pocket..
and they are costly!

I pay for extra bandwidth, extra storage, extra
software to protect this blog…
thousands of dollars per year to keep this blog going! 

Yes everyone pays for shipping, again
the extras I add are often double what their cost
of shipping is! Sponsors do not pay for shipping!
Although they do send me extra that I share with 
the winners time and time again! 

I do not add the winners blog link, because in the past, 
some actually found they did not win from other blogs
when someone saw they won from us. 

I do not have favourites. Ask around, everyone 
from every country can win from us and do!
I choose by your ISP's this way, if we have duplicates
our software counts  you only once! 

NEVER EVER has anyone NOT received their winnings,
which means we have never ever lost a prize.

My goal is simple... I am thrilled when the 
LIGHT is shining on others!
I have had my fame....IHCP! 
I love that we come together GLOBALLY,
language is not even our barrier.

"I will always be behind you, gently moving you forward…"

We come together to share...
We are women, quilters, sewers, embroiders...
We need each other!
That is why we are ALL HERE!

I work on this blog around the clock!
anywhere from minimum 6 hours to 16 hours every day
7 days a week! 

My family, husband, friends miss me!

I have made a commitment, and I am not known to quit anything!
I am thrilled when things run smoothly.

I adore all those who have been cheering everyone since
I began this journey.

I have an AMAZING, LOVING husband
who knows YOU make me HAPPY!
So he is happy! He is really YOUR cheerleader...
He tells me " I share YOU with THEM"
You have to cheer him for that! 

That is it for my fall cleaning!

YOU are kind, smart and important to me. 

Happy FALL! 


  1. Thank you for all that you do. Your dedication and professionalism in creating such fun and enjoyable blog hops for us all is MUCH appreciated (and I know I am not the only one). Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. It is sad that so many people cannot follow through with their commitments. I just entered my first hop and enjoyed myself immensely. I do not have a blog and will probably not enter into another hop. I will however, continue to follow your hops. Jane was an excellent cheerleader and you were a wonderful host. Again, I am so sorry that some have taken advantage of this opportunity. Keep on doing a wonderful job. You are an inspiration. :) Angela Gibson

  3. Thank you Mdm Samm. I understand! :-D The blog hops are wonderful and I appreciate all your/the cheerleaders work. It is too bad some people have no manners. Looking forward to many more!

  4. You are so very dear and what better time of year to get the dust bunnies out the door! Most excellent post ... but then you know I support all you do for all of us and thank you beyond measure! Thank you!

  5. I agree with you 100%! I do not have a blog, but I so enjoy following all the hops. It really upsets me when people take advantage of you and the cheerleaders. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into these hops. Bye Bye dust bunnies, hello Easter Peeps, lol!

  6. Trimmings, loose ends no more, dust bunnies cleared. You and cheerleaders have been suportive and above. I missed most of the last one with my computer down - and scrambled to get'er fixed so I am ready for my committment with the next one - even got the techie to rescue my photos! I like the idea of shutting down the other blog (blog hops are for bloggers) and I think the size should be trimmed down - it does take a long time to hop them all (and remember to go back and recheck the late and no shows).

  7. You are so eight. It is not nice to visit blogs who show nothing at all. Happy easter.

  8. I do agree with you. I have two I am working on (not with you) and need to get back to working on them. Some BOM I try have items that are difficult for me so now I ask ahead of time exactly what will be required of me. Some skills I do not want to learn right now, like applique, when I need to improve my cutting and sewing skills. It's important and thank you for the reminder.

  9. Dear Madame Samm,

    I think you have to do what you are doing.
    I am a last minute maker, too, but I never would have thought about dropping out last minute. Rather than doing that, my family would have had to survive on pizza out of the box for days :-)'
    And: It really is easy and no problem to have an own blog. Nobody says one has to write every day or every week. One can just use it for bloghops or even only for one bloghop and never again. And they are for free.
    So no problem here. Anybody who is able to send pictures and text via email to somebody else to blog it is sable to blog him- or herself.

    I think you are doing a wonderful job with this blog, and with A LOT of commitment.
    Just for fun, few to none benefits.
    If somebody don't like it the way you do it. she can just stay away. The internet is wide enough to find another place to be.

    Thanks for all this great opportunities to be part of a group of quilters,
    I learned so much!

    PS just started to read all about the dear to Dresden. One of my projects to come. Ha!

  10. Thank you for all you do. I too like it when things are organized. I am very type A I guess, but I need my life to roll that way. I also want to thank you for teaching me how to leave nice, complimentary comments. Even when something isn't my cup of tea, I know how hard we work for these hops and everyone needs to feel appreciated. You have shown me how to do that. Gracious is the word for you. YOU are important to ME.

  11. I agree with.
    It is so much fun to join your Blog hops. Signing in means a commitment.
    I hope all be aware of that.
    I appreciate all the time and effort you put into these hops.
    Thanks for it.
    Have a great Eastern.

  12. Lovely madame
    I have enjoyed the fun blog hops so much and they have made me to stretch my creativity more and more. As much as I have been happy reading all the posts from the participants I have found it very annoying when the postings were much belated and now shows at all.
    I think it is the right decisions to to close the other blog All of us are looking for the fun and inspiring stuff and not being disappointed by people who not fulfill the commitments.
    Thank you for being the creative and inspiring person that you are.
    Have a great Easter Weekend

  13. Thank you for the wonderful job you do and your generosity.

  14. Love all the details. Everything makes sense. I still can't understand how people can get their panties in a wad, writing to you when there's a no-show. YOU can get yours in a wad, but not the hoppers. All of this is free to them. I am thrilled to be part of this larger community. You run things like a CEO of a large, successful corporation (I think it's because that's your skill set, huh?) Having rules makes things run smoother, creates an air of expectation, produces positive results and generally makes everyone who participates happier. Blessings on you for your hard work and dedication! Like I've said before, I am indebted to you for pulling me kicking and screaming into blog-ville.

  15. I can't other than agree with your words, I'm sorry that you have to spell it out. I love bloghopping, and hope you'll find the time to keep this up with the help of your lovely cheerleaders, it takes more of you and your time than I expected. Thanks for being honest about it.
    I wish you, your generous husband and your loved ones a great Easter Weekend.

  16. Madame Samm I just signed up for my first blog hop. I have visited on many occasions and enjoy seeing what is happening. Before I signed up for the blog hop I gave it very careful consideration, because the rules are very clear and I didn't want to disappoint the other lovely and creative people who participate here. I believe you and the cheerleaders put a lot of work and effort into this blog, the other blog and organising all the blog hops and I think it is only fair that those who sign up should commit to getting their projects finished on time. It is sad that you have had to go to this extreme. Just know that you are appreciated for all that you do, and you are supported in your decision. (P.S. Thank your husband for being a cheerleader for us all!)

  17. Thank YOU for all you do, your husband and family for sharing, and all the cheer leaders for making it all happen so seamlessly. Big hugs and Happy Easter to you my dear dear friend xx

  18. Good for you Madame Sam. It is thoughtless of people who want to do the blog and don't show up. I can't imagine. I love this blogging and never even heard of it until last spring but I have had so much fun with it. You wouldn't believe how much I have learned about this computer since I started blogging. My son is impressed. I love these blog hops and it gets me doing things I haven't done before. Keep up the good work and put your foot down. Life is to short to put up with that.

  19. Good morning Madame ....Marla just said it all!! I couldn't agree more with you and her. It makes me made when I work at getting my projects together on time, and someone else doesn't care enough to do the same. I don't do anywhere near the work you do...so I can only imagine your thoughts. I have been here for just over 2 years and thoroughly enjoy all of it....learning, taking part in projects. I wish I could help more. Thank you and all of the hosts that we have had working on our part.

  20. Ahhhhhhh Spring Cleaning! The monumental task of shaking cobwebs,removing clutter, redecorating, moving furniture, deep clean in every corner, dusting, washing windows...Timely, ordered and a much needed task. What I love when Spring Cleaning rolls around...How fresh everything appears as though I've been given new vision, creativity flows, energy is multiplied and I anticipate what is yet before me.

    This moment what I 'see' is a vision of your cute little cheerleader self stepping away from the microphone at the pep rally with your husband & friends in their little cheerleader selves showering you with roses as we your family in blogland are cheering you on in wild giggly shouts of appreciation. [in our little cheerleader icon selves of course :) )

    Thank you for all the behind the scene efforts and expended energy you freely give so that we can be part of the best family of quilters. Thank you! Beulah

  21. Thannk you and please don't give up! Your blogs and blog hops are inspirational and I love learning what is presented! Keep up the good work!

  22. Well said Madame Samm. It is sad that so many have made this post a necessity this morning. People should care more about their word of honor than it appears they do. It is easy to hide behind a computer screen and just not show up on the day you have committed to. And as you said, there have been a small few who it was totally understood why they had to withdraw but those who just get up the morning of their day and decide the hop just wasn't what they thought it would be and decide not to show, well... that is just downright rude and shows blatant disrespect for others. I applaud you for your commitment to continue the hops even with all of the obstacles when you certainly could spend your time with that sweet husband of yours. You are a very dedicated lady and we love you for it.

    Having a blog does not define you as a "blogger". You are certainly as much a blogger as I if you dedicate time each week to browse around blog land reading the blogs that interest you.

    Being a quilter is not defined by how many quilts you actually quilt and put a binding on. A quilter who loves to piece quilt tops and who may have a stack of 100 quilt tops sitting there needing to be finished is just as much a quilter as that quilter who has 100 quilts sitting there all quilted and bound and ready to go on the bed.

    I would like to add my name to the list of those who will share her blog for those who love to hop with us but do not have a blog. The only thing I would ask is that your project's write-up along with photos is sent to me 2 weeks before that particular hop starts.

  23. Well said! I agree with everything you say!
    Rest assured that you are appreciated and that's without knowing a fraction of the work you do behind the scenes!
    Thank you!

  24. I just signed up for my first blog hop, and I am very appreciative of everything that you and the cheerleaders do to make these happen for all of us!

  25. It is too bad that things had to come to this and a sad commentary on the lack of commitment and follow through of some. I can understand the flush of excitement for a quilting project and then the waning of that enthusiasm but NOT sticking to your promise? That stinks and keeps others from joining in that would have followed through. It lets your audience down but most of all, the no show, no follow through lets themselves down too.

    I bless the ones that had the guts to "own" the incomplete item or even threw up their hands and said, this is really not my thing----they tried and didn't run and hide.

    And I bless you Mdm. Samm and your cheerleading squad for all you do behind the scenes to make these happen. Though I am a recent follower and participant to them, it has got to be hard to herd cats so to speak. I for one would love having another stitchery hop but there are tons of other neat things already lined up by the imaginative mind of Mdm. Samm. THX

    1. Agreed Linda, I have seen blog posts, this last hop, where the embroiderer could not finish or had to admit that embroidery was not her thing. At least you posted! You may be a little embarrassed because you could not finish, but the projects are still fun to look at.

  26. Morning Madame Samm it is really sad that you had to start your day off with a post in reference to people not taking responsibility by saying they will do something and for no good reason just decide not to partake. You are so right but you know what they are really not part of this world of quilters/stitchers/artist that you have built, that we all have built, because we would not do that to one another. I agree with you on closing the other blog and for those needing help to open a blog if it is just to partake in your bloghops surely that can be done plus they have help to do it. As far as the cussing in your notes to you goes well I would suggest just a note out there that there are tons of words to use in the dictionary and improper wording should not be submitted to you. Even if people are upset they do not need to send a message with nasty words in it! My message is this:
    I have known you for a long time and you put tons of time and effort into this area of your life because it is a pleasure and you want to see all people that love this community grow in anyway they desire. What you afford them is the opportunity/tools to do that, through these hops you give us the means to grow and stretch our wings and fly and be the better for it. So if you do not want to be a part of a very active community and don't want to grow and see how your fellow bloggers are growing and what they are capable of then do not join in from the beginning, in my mind it is that simple.
    Kudos to you Madame Samm for all you do and if you were no longer here with this blog there would be a very lonely vacant place in our blogging/artist world. You are special, your are important and you are appreciated. Happy Easter to you and your Family and let them know we appreciate them sharing you with us.

  27. And you do a fantastic job too Ms Samm! I'm so sorry that there are those who choose not to follow their commitments. It makes it all the harder for everyone, especially you and the cheerleaders. Thanks for the wonderful blog hops, even though I don't comment often, I'm am always around ;) Happy Easter.

  28. Well said. Such a shame that is had to be. I don't know how you do it, but you do it well. They say, if you want something done, and done well, give it to the busiest person you know! Personally, I think you're a genius.

  29. Thank you Madame Samm for all the hard work you put into this blog. I love your blog hops and have taken part in quite a number of them. As a result of taking part I have made lots of new friends,learnt lots of useful techniques and gained huge amounts of inspiration. I agree with your dealing with no shows (for no reason) as it is disappointing and stops others taking part. I'm looking forward to hopping with you in the future and reaping the benefits of your hard work. I hope you and your family will have a very peaceful and happy Easter.

  30. Good morning Samm - a great post and, unfortunately, a necessary one. Being a cheerleader takes way more time than I dreamed before I did it and much of it is unnecessary because it's spent trying desperately to get all those will I do it-won't I do it folks who signed up actually to the starting gate. I would be happy to host a non-blogger any time so you can add me to that list. I've missed reading the hoppers this week because of work obligations but tomorrow after church I'll be spending the afternoon going back to see them. The first week of this Stitch Me Up hop was fabulous so I'm anxious to see what else hoppers have dreamed up. Happy Easter Samm - He Is Risen! blessings, marlene

  31. I totaly agree with you ! Happy Easter !!

  32. All of us that have been following you for so long totally understand and would do the same if we were in your shoes. You go way above and beyond for this quilting community. I'm just glad that you are working so hard to make this place one that everyone will enjoy and that managing keeps you happiest. Have a very Happy Easter!

  33. You did what needed to be done. I support you and the changes you had to make. Sharon said "we are a community". She`s right. Thank you! Happy Easter!

  34. Well said and very much needed! Thank you so much for all that you do and all that you sacrifice just to help us out and stay connected to each other!

  35. Good Morning. I'm awake now. I hear you loud and clear.
    I need another cup of coffee.

  36. Amen! I don't think some people get it about those who volunteer. I do volunteer with groups I belong to now and have belonged to in the past. I have another blog where I take photos of the show and tell projects from those people who belong to the groups I belong to. I also do the email newsletter, lead the group too. It's work. I have to ask, beg, to get the information from them so that I can pass this info along in the e-newsletter and so the rest of the group knows what going on. It's frustrating. Volunteers don't make any money. Most people don't want to volunteer. It's always the same people who volunteer, even if they change volunteer jobs. Then when you do all this hard work for free, what do some people do? Complain! Yet they won't take over doing the job.

    My husband also does a lot of volunteer work and a compliment is a rare thing. Why is it that people can complain so easily, yet be so stingy with their compliments? I never will understand that. My husband always tells me when something is no longer enjoyable or too stressful then quit doing it.

    I so appreciate all your long/hard work on these blog hops, and your cheerful cheerleading. I know you cannot continue to do this forever, but as long as YOU enjoy it, I too will enjoy taking my small part in these wonderful blog hops. Thank you for all you do.

  37. Rosemary B here:

    I for one appreciate every little teensy thing you do along with your marvelous CheerLeaders as well.
    For all of the work you do, you need to be paid. I certainly hope your sponsors give you boatloads of good deals.
    Happy Easter to you. I hope have a lovely time with family this week-end.
    Love always, Rm♥

  38. AMEN! Well said. I ditto everyone's appreciation and love. This couldn't be done without YOU.
    Hugs, hugs and more hugs, Karen

  39. Love the blog hops. They are very fun to follow. Love that you devote so much of your time to us and the hops.
    You may want to implement some kind of requirements for the blog owners. I hate to suggest this kind of thing but... i noticed that some of the people who ended up not posting for the embroidery hop had not posted anything for a significant amount of time. One lady had posts from 2009 on her front page. I think requiring people to have posted in the last 6 months or something similar might be reasonable. It shows they are staying current blogging and may be less likely to leave at the last minute. That might create more work for you tho =\
    I must say my blog has not been updated in a few months, and I would love to have participated in the embroidery hop. But the reason my blog does not get updated is the very reason I do not currently participate. School. My hat is off to you Mdm. Samm. I am finishing my Junior year for a Bachlor Degree in Business Administration and I seem to never have any free time at all.

  40. Clap, clap, clap (to add to Rosemary B's clapping) Well said! I know the hours you put in are a gazillion more than what I do when I'm in charge of a hop, so you deserve a standing ovation for keeping all of this together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all I've learned from these hops. I will gladly help someone put a simple blog together to showcase their hop projects or I'll show their projects on my blog. There are really reliable and nice people who I don't want to miss their opportunity to play along because of someone else's failure to follow the rules.

  41. There are people everywhere who think the world revolves around them and for them... I believe the word is selfish... They even invade the wonderful & helpful world of blogs. Dealing with them is never easy. Sweet Madamme Samm... hugs to you for having to "deal" with the less than sincere people. I love that you're getting tough!
    May you soon find sunshine and the warmth of spring at your backdoor.
    Hugs from Mary

  42. I agree.Thanks you so much!!

  43. I stumbled upon your blog last year, and signed up for a hop, mostly to learn a new skill (paper-piecing). Then the unexpected happened and I was both pressed for time AND out of state (but fortunately visiting a sewing friend). Somehow I squeezed the bare minimum requirement for the hop in and posted, on time, on my blog with a funny, self-deprecating apology for my minimalist participation. Wow. I got soooo many VERY KIND responses and I was sooo amazed and encouraged by their words! Just think what I would have missed had I blown off the hop! I haven't signed up for another...YET, because I want to make sure I truly have the time (new baby in the house soon!), but you can bet I will, and give it my all :-) Thanks so much for all you do :-)

  44. I really love these blog hops! I find such creative things in them. Thank you so much for the time and effort that you and your helpers put into these. Wonderful job, well done!

  45. Well, that's a bummer about That Other Blog, but I certainly understand.

    I am happy to offer my blog as a temporary home for blogless participants. Just let me know who and when ♥

  46. Good for you! You shouldn't have to spend time on people who do not know how to be responsible and stick to their commitments. Don't you wonder how they act in the "real world"? Are they the same ones who don't show up for doctor appointments without giving notice? Or in my former role as a teacher, are they the parents that sign up for a slot during your conference period and then don't come (and never even tell you why)? These people just don't get it. The world runs a LOT smoother when you realize that the "golden rule" is a pretty nice way to live!
    Happy Easter to you and your sweet husband! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  47. Just seeing this now, sorry, been very sick - but funny you should post this when my remaining 2 non-bloggers have not responded to my email how-to's sent over a week ago; pretty much expecting either
    a) last minute panicked email day of
    b) no-show
    To me your decision makes sense. What is that acronym? K.I.S.S.? Keep it simple [Samm] lol! happy easter, lovely :)

  48. Way to go, Madame Samm. I applaud you!

  49. Nodding my head in agreement as I read this, Samm. Thanks so much for writing this!

  50. Ahhh, I was so sorry to see so many no shows this time around, I know (as I can tell from the responses above) that I, along with many others... so appreciate how you have formed this supportive entertaining community of learning, doing and sharing. Thanks from the heart, you (as well as many others through your efforts) have made my days brighter countless times! If I can help by hosting someone on my blog, I am willing try though I expect it might be a learning experience for us both, lol! ...I love the idea of us helping these non-bloggers to start their own blogs so that they will be able to play with us more often ;) I know that several of your posts and those of others in the blogging community have been very valuable to me in learning to blog...still much for me to learn and but it has been a rewarding journey!

  51. Good for you!! You wrote that perfectly and I couldn't agree with you more. I would love to sign up for every blog hop that comes along. They are so much fun but I know my limitations. Others should also. When I can't join in, I still try to be a cheer leader and go see what others made. I wrote in my last blog how you do not get the recognition and praise you should for all your hard work. And it is sooo true. Believe me, we DO appreciate all you do. Tell your husband we thank him for being patient and sharing you with us.

    Happy Easter to both of you.

  52. Have a great week-end with your family now that this Business is taken care of. Sorry you had to write it but I fully support your actions. Non- Bloggers shouldn't be Hopping IMHO. How do they hear about it then. I love Blog hops and will join one in the future. Thanks for all you do.

  53. Your blog hops are always the most fun, and together with your cheerleaders, you do an amazing job! I consider it good luck when I am accepted into one of your hops, and feel that I am responsible to fulfill my end of the bargain. It's a puzzle when others take it too lightly; maybe they think they are anonymous and therefor can just disappear. Just know that you are appreciated!
    Have a very Happy Easter Madame Samm!

  54. Hope you have a great weekend with your family. I really appreciate all that you and the other bloggers do. I get so much inspiration from all of these hops and smiles and laughs and things to think about. Thank you again and again.

  55. Thank you! You are so important to many of us! I know I would never have learned to quilt or embroider or paper piece or applique without your blog! My dear sister told me about your blog during Wantobe Quilters Campaign and I've been learning ever since. She encouraged my to have a blog so I could participate. And despite being somewhat technology challenged, I was able to set one up. I don't blog much as I primarily use it for your hops, so I encourage people to follow me by email so they don't waste time stopping by just to see if I posted. Those who stop by to visit or comment are important to me and I appreciate the time they take to visit.

    This post was necessary as your time and the cheerleader's time is valuable. Those of us who love these hops and want to learn new things and hop along don't want the no-shows to ruin it all.

    Thank your husband for us, we appreciate that he shares you with us. Not all spouses would be so understanding. Enjoy the rest of the weekend with your family.

    Thanks again for all you do .... You INSPIRE!

  56. Sounds like it has all been said, and I nod in agreement. I am a non-blogger who happened upon your site and have enjoyed it tremendously. I admire the patience you have with the "no-shows". While it is disappointing to click on a link and find the most recent posting is some years ago, I can't imagine complaining to you or generating an email about it. You are a great gal, but you aren't the master of the universe. People need to understand that you don't control the participants; you only guide, instruct and encourage them. Thanks for all your hard work. I so appreciate the investment of your time in all the projects. The creativity of the participants continues to stun me. swalker287 (at) gmail (com)

  57. Thank you for this post. Sad that it had to be said, but I totally agree. Thank you for your dedication which really makes our lifes richer and helps us to get very creative. And yes thank your DH too, that is so great!
    Happy easter

  58. Thanks for all that you do. You and my cheerleader both helped me figure out how to set my post up to post itself, when my FIL had his heart surgery, and I almost had to be a no-show. I really enjoyed the one blog hop I participated in (Wicked), and, when I have time and something else 'grabs' me, I'll sign up again. Thanks again!

  59. Well that pretty much covered it. Sad that it had to be said but it did. I just hope that some of the people it was written for actually bother to read it. You and your team of cheerleaders are sooooooo appreciated by the rest of us. We learn something new every day because of what you are doing. We have made new friends world wide because of what you are doing and we are grate ful for those opporunities. So THANK YOU ! Yes, I did mean to yell that for all to hear.

    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  60. I totally agree, thanks for all you do!!

  61. -well it had to be said, it really is annoying when people don´t folllow the rules.
    I´m so thankful to be part of this international quiltingbee!

  62. It is very disappointing hearing what has been going on. There are always those people who will spoil it for others. I really appreciate all you do. I cannot understand how people commit to things and then don't follow through. If something major has happened, they just need to let you or the cheerleaders know. Having said that, I'd like to wish you a Happy Easter, Madame Samm.

  63. You are Awesome...and so is your Sweetie...for sharing you with all of us!!! Thank You....to you Both!!! Your words are right on the mark too! Amen!!

  64. I really enjoy this blog and I think you are the most awesome person in blogland. Thanks to your husband, family and friends for sharing you with all of us. I can't imagine how much of your own money you spend on shipping. I hope all the winners appreciate this as you would not have to spend your own money all the wonderful giveaways that you have awarded in the past years. Thank you for all you do!!

  65. Madame Samm, I want to thank you so much for all you do! I found this blog about a year ago and loved reading all the posts. It took me a long while to join in one but the hop I did join was so much fun! I can tell you what a disappointment it is to find a no show, knowing that some other talented person could have posted in that place. I like you calling a spade a spade. Keep up the good work and I am so looking forward to the "Birdie Blog Hop"!!! I have already made several things for it!!!!!

  66. A BIG Thank you for all you do, Madame Samm! Even when I've been scarce (crazy personal life), I've managed to check in a cheer on! You are much appreciated!

  67. Good for you Madame Samm, I highly applauded you for the stand that you took and all of your hard work. As you know I am a non blogger so that is one of reasons I don't enter the hop but I do try hard to visit and leave a comment at every hop and
    I have enjoyed and learned so much. I don't understand no shows especially the ones that don't let you know. I experienced something like that once when I joined an online block swap and that was it for me. I truly appreciate all the work you and your teammates do, thanks a hundred times fold. Happy Easter to you and your sweet Hubby Sandra

  68. Sad to hear about the closure of the other blog but understand why you feel it is necessary. I really enjoyed my first blog hop as a participant and may well be back for more once i have a blog sorted out.

    I would like to thank you and the cheerleaders for all you hard work in putting the hops together. They are great fun and inspiring. I look forward to seeing everyone's work.

  69. And a Happy Easter to you with many thanks for all you and the cheerleaders do! I'll be happy to host one of the non-bloggers if needed in the future. I've never had a guest blogger before...what fun! Beth Strand, pbstrand@msn.com

  70. Thank you for all you do! I only discovered blogs and hops about a year ago and during that time I have learned so much from other quilters and crafters. Plus the level of skill and creativity astounds me. Someday when I feel confident enough I might participate in a hop but for now I can't wait to see other's creations and be inspired. I had no idea you put so much of your own time and money into these events. When I do leave a comment or have a question on someone's blog I always get an answer. It takes a huge commitment to participate in a blog and respond to each post so I can understand your disappointment with no-shows. This post is enlightening and posting the "rules" a very good idea.

  71. Thanks, Mdm Samm, for all you do ... and you do so well ... {{{{{hugs}}}}} and cheers!!!!! :-) Pat

  72. I love your blog, I love that you take time for blog hops and I love visiting them. Thank you for all that you do.

  73. Happy Easter!
    I joined your Bowls with Borders blog hop as a non blogger. It was so fun but found myself really scrambling at the last minute. My project wasn't as elaborate as some, but I did have something to show on my assigned day. I would never have even thought to not pull through and plod on to at least have something to show to everyone. Besides that, it was a free pattern available to the hoppers and it just wouldn't have been right to get the pattern for free and then not finish something.
    It was my first hop and I really enjoyed it.
    So sad it had to come to this but I don't blame you in the least. Lots of behind the scene things going on and they don't happen by themselves.
    I hope your next hops go smoothly.

  74. Madame Samm, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the behind-the-scenes work that you do so that all of us can shine. You are such a blessing to so many people. I appreciate everything that you do for us!

    I'll be on the look-out for your next blog hop so that I can join. I enjoy visiting the participants' blogs. It's like having a world full of sisters!

    Blessings, my friend. denise :D

  75. Madame Samm: Wow, Now I really I feel bad for maybe taking you for granted (But since I'm new to your site, I don't think I've done that yet.) Honestly, I had no idea what was involved in this endeavor; you are right on the money establishing groundrules.

    Thank you, Merci, Muchas Gracias, Vielen Dank, and again Thank you from all of us who enjoy your wit, wisdom and wonderful site that allows us all to connect.

  76. Awww- i was all set to stitch a broom & a dust pan- lol
    Happy Easter!!!

  77. Happy Easter!
    Sorry to hear that there was a need for this post! I hope that the good of running this blog far outweighs the bad! Adding my positive energy to the lovely ladies above and sending it your way
    If you ever need any help I am willing to lend a hand :)

  78. I've watched the sidelines many a time because I have been afraid that I wouldn't be able to finish. I am notorious for not finishing on time. I do love seeing everybody else's stuff. The pinterest board is the best. Thank you for all you do!

  79. Spring house cleaning can be good for the soul and what a fresh ,wonderful home we get to live in afterward. ;~} Thank you for all the time, energy and knowledge you give to us. I am always amazed at the different routes our creativity takes us in when presented with the identical pattern or idea. And you facilitate that process and allow us to share and learn.
    It is unfortunate that people take advantage of this opportunity. I am sorry to lose the Other Blog because that is where I started in Bowls With Borders and got enough confidence to move to the next step.

    Wishing you a great spring and I can already hear the birds chirping as they feather their nests for the May hop.
    Thank you again.

  80. Amen! Well said. We are all so fortunate to have this site for inspiration, fun and skill building. Besides that, we are meeting other stitchers from around the world--how neat is that? Most of all we enjoy your wonderful stories and leadership. Thank you from me.

  81. This site inspires me because it is my one stop connection to quilters all over the world.
    HUGS to all who do the work to make it happen! I would love to hop along but just know I can't right now. Hope you are still here when the time is right. For the majority it looks like you are having a whole lot of fun :) Carry on cheerleaders! It is a great day to Stitch and BE HAPPY! Janita

  82. All sounds fair beyond all means to me! Unfortunately we are living in a "gimme" world with obligation and consequences being words no one seems to understand any more. I support you and have to say both you and your hubby are saints to share so much valuable time with us all. If one was to really sit down and think it thru, the entire blogging community is so much richer thru having you---both of you! Thanks... and that seems like "so" not enough to say or do for you!

  83. well, I love what you do! You are wonderful! I love all the blog hops you and the cheerleaders do. I get such fantastic things to look at and great ideas are sparked. Rock on!

  84. I think you rock. Simple as that. Yep. Really. You rock. :)
    Love ya.

  85. I think you are just awesome and I do not know how you do it all..... you are sure organized to get it all done>
    I would like to thank your family for sharing you with us all.
    and Michelle said it right ,when she said YOU ROCK!!!!
    Thanks for the organizing it all from hops to giveaways and all the encouragement you give to each and everyone of us out here
    in stitches

  86. Honestly Madam Samm.. I don`t know how you do it!! I have followed followed followed but never ventured into the waters cause i honestly don`t have the same commitment but it doesn`t mean I don`t enjoy watching what you do for others and the excitement of winners! You are just amazing. I am only posting to applaud what you do and to give thanks to your family. It is wonderful when you get support surrounding you it just makes you stronger good work amazing on your resume when you are done!

  87. I have been a fan for a long time. You are obviously well-organized and are to be congratulated for your efforts to bring the quilting community together. I understand your closing the "Other Blog" when so many participants don't care enough to take advantage of this opportunity. Please know that there continues to be a community that celebrates the opportunity to connect through your blog hops! I would be happy to help mentor bloggers who need help. Thank you, Madame Samm. You are the best.

  88. Thank you for all that you do. I am still kinda new on all this hopping and quilting and stuff. But I love it all. Lots of time constraints here takeing care of a special needs child 24 hours a day. But I cherish evey moment I get to read the blogs and the see all the great projects in the hops.I appreciate allof your hard work and many efforts and all of the time that goes into these endeavors. Thank you for being such a generous and giving soul; so that all of us in blogdom benefits. I only wish I too had the time to sit and quilt and sew & create like most of these other creative talented women in blogdom.

  89. Better late then never!! Thank you so much for all that you do for "us"....it is noticed and much appreciated!! You don't have to reply to me!! I just want to lift you up!! You don't even know how much I needed this connection in my Quilting life at this time! I left my nursing needle and picked up my Quilted one...I think it IS Golden! but please, take breaks....put your painted toe-nailed feet up...swing on your porch!...whatever you do...please smell those roses!! Karen

  90. I just read what have you say and I am on great impression. You are incredible person. Thank you for chance to be here. With all my heart thank you very much.

  91. Thank you for doing these blog hops, I have learned so much from just the last two I've gotten to see. And thank you for your positive attitude, it's so refreshing! I'm one of the two "teared" reactions, lol, but seriously, I love seeing the organization with the upbeat undertone, it's just wonderful. I'm looking forward to following more in the future!

  92. While I am something of a newbie here, I honestly join these hops for the fun of it..not for the prizes, I mean I'm going to make stuff any way....it's just what I do ;)

    But, thank u for the time you give!!! Everything comes at a price. xox

  93. I love the blog hops that you have. I found you two years ago and since then my quilting life has changed a lot, with all the challenges that I have had participated in. The blog hops have given me several quilting friends over there and in Europe, and as an extra my creativity has extended during the hops. I have tried to involve my Swedish quilt friends, but have only had success with one. Maybe because they have not realized the fun with participating.
    Thank you for making these blog hops and I realize how much time it takes for you and I am so grateful that I have found you.
    Have a great weekend and fall greetings from Sweden to you

  94. I understand Mdm Samm!!

    I love you and your blog, I think all you do for us is amazing, thank you!!

  95. It matters not what you do, there will always be some who complain about something. If their only reason for joining is to win some of the prizes, then they missed the boat... sad.

  96. All the wonderful comments, that is the prize. Comments are free and so easily given, but no physical prize gives THAT kind of feeling. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'll take a prize....lol But, that is just a bonus that you work so hard to provide. The sponsors are lucky to have you promoting them.
    You are so smart to clean house. Come on over, I'll put you to work at my house (blog)...

  97. I so enjoy all the hops and love all those dedicated to posting on their day to share their projects. You keep us all moving forward with our creativity...thank you for all the time and effort you put in to your blog. You make my day!

  98. Being part of this community is a prize in itself. Quilters, in general, are quick to praise and uplift each other. I love winning prizes, but that definitely is not the reason for hopping--stretching myself, getting great ideas for projects, making new friends, and cheering others on, trying new things, there are so many rewards from your hard work for all of us. It's kind of like church, or any other organization, no matter how hard you try, someone is always upset--usually the person who puts the least effort into whatever they are complaining about. Unfortunately, those comments are the ones that seem to effect us the most. Please keep in mind how many people appreciate your hard work and your time and how many of us have grown in our skills because of your efforts.

  99. You go girl! Well said. The truly dedicated quilters, stitchers and blog hoppers DO NOT hop for a prize. At least I don't and I am sure that's the same with 99% of the folks. The other 1% are not worth worrying about.

  100. Wow, can't believe people complain because "they never win". Did they even bother to see how many people commented. There were so many people participating that it never entered my head that I was "trying to win something". Cause I wasn't. This was my first hop and I enjoyed it immensely. I hopped to be inspired and I was. So I did win. Everyday I won new ideas and enjoyment. I hope these disappointed people re-evaluate what is really important. Cause it not the prizes. Thank you Mdm Samm and all the cheerleaders. You do a fantastic job, and I for one, truly appreciate it. And thank you Mr. Samm for sharing your wife with us.

  101. I've been with you from the beginning and will stay until you aren't there....which I hope is not for a very long time!! YOU GET ME!!! You are a friend and encourager to me and to everyone here that HOPS! You will never know how much JOY you have brought into my life. I had just retired after a 30+ years in Education. I knew I loved to quilt but once I found YOU, my hobby became my inspiration, my motive to learn new skills, my avenue to meet friends I would have never met, and a deeper understanding of the letters IHCP.
    Gmama Jane

  102. Yep, it is the pits when you have to listen to the moans and groans of those who haven't won. Stuff is just stuff, so if you want some, let me know, I have 4 lifetimes of stuff I would gladly send you, LOL! From what I understand, correct if I am wrong, there is a nifty little machine that picks the winners randomly, so being first or last or in the middle somewhere doesn't matter. To me, just seeing the wonderful creations, from all the talented creators, is a prize. I don't have a Blog but applause all that do. especially since you are sharing your busy life with us. Thank you each and everyone for your inspirations. At my age I need all the help I can get.

  103. Thank you for all you do. I love the blog hops you arrange and winning is simply icing on the cake. Thanks again.

  104. You are amazing and I appreciate everything you do! A heartfelt THANK YOU! I cant wait for the next hop (and hope to participate this time!)

  105. Now that's a Power Woman! Do you ever have time to quilt/sew just because you want to?

    1. sadly NO….I wish I did….I would well I don't know what I would do…..( you are a no reply blogger, so I had to leave you a note here)
      I am always months ahead…working on february projects at the moment….egads…..lol

  106. Gostaria de saber como funciona participar dos projetos?

  107. Dear Madame Samm,

    Newbie here. I like your style, woman. No one can say, "What did she say?" As a soaper who has hosted many a soap swap I get the "If you commit, COMMIT!" Amen, sister.

    Excitedly looking forward to when I'll be able to play with the likes of you gals. This blog is truly delightful.

    Oh, Mdm Samm, regarding the thousands of $$ you spend to run this blog . . . have you ever thought of the Wordpress platform? I am paying approximately $10 a month (and that's only because I do so monthly versus a year at a time). Sounds like it would save you money. Just asking as you have a wonderful blog going here.

    Thanks for being a force on the WWW.




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