Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 6 of Nancy Drew Blog hop and MODA as our sponsor


                 The sleuths are back for another week of NANCY DREW is a CLUE....
       Anyone know where my extra hour went???? 

If I had not taken the path into medical and pharma, perhaps I would have gone
into forensic science or sleuth work. Albeit reading every book that Carolyn Keene
wrote about Nancy Drew was the reason - is anyone's guess?

I still have many copies with the sticker price of 25 cents.! 
Yep, that is all I am going to say! lol

I have always loved mystery, still do! So when I came across
Moda's fabric line of Nancy Drew, I could not reach out to them quick
enough. So here we are, for the next few days, many of us equipped with 
our magnifying glass, began our search "What will I create for this HOP?"

has been ready for months, no more delays...we are ready, 
she is ready, YOU are ready....

So welcome everyone, those who will be hopping, cheering and creating...
"WE" are sooooo excited...

on the side bar.... of this blog...

Here are the sleuths who will be entertaining you all today...
be sure to cheer them on....they do this for YOU! 

First there has been a MYSTERY this week that has
many of us puzzled...I just tried again to be sure
the links HERE are all working....
somehow and for some reason BLOGGER or some 
mysterious forces has us searching for one another...
Is it the GHOST of Nancy DREW? lol

Anyway, we are ready to roll now...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 

Each day we will highlight the top 2 and most creative...
so be sure to check back each morning...

OUR top 2 honourable mentions today are....


LOVE this cup caddy...yes I am almost certain the most popular
print of the MODA Nancy Drew Collection has been the books..
This Lady did it justice...I would love one of these...I love
what looks like a ruffled edge?

And take a peak at this lady's quilt...looks like it set up at a library in fact...what 
a great promotion piece for a library..YES ...I know a few librarians out there who
possibly may be thinking the same...love the stars, use of the panels..yes love this quilt...


 Sometimes a creative project is being bewildered and lost on what to do..
LOOK it here...this is fabulous...I question too what has happened
on this hop.... It is a mystery to me...well done my dear!

For our giveaway MODA was very generous
in offering these 3 bundles of Nancy Drew Fabric...
Take a peak at some of their newest collections coming out! 


#1 all those who are the top 3 of the day will have a chance of winning one
#2 all those who participated can also win a bundle
#3 and to all those who leave comments....YES you too can win a bundle...

To an inspiring adventure, join us will you?
we will be leaving clues.. ok I won't but Carol will ....wink

OHHH Carol has daily clues for a mystery giveaway at the end of our hop...check  
BE s Cheering DETECTIVE! 

All of the creations are on our PINTEREST BOARD...
top right of blog....


  1. There are going to be some jealous librarians out there when they see some of these great tote bags! The quilts and other projects were also a lot of fun!

  2. I agree there will be jealous readers also.....have a great day Madame Samm.

  3. Isn't it amazing all the cute stuff "we the people make" !

  4. Another amazing day with Nancy Drew. I have been enjoying all of them . Lots of creativity here.
    Going out in the snowy weather in the south of Sweden . The Swedish spring has totally disappeared. I hope that it soon will come back

  5. Great projects...again!! I think the library should buy that quilt for advertizing.

  6. Oh my, quite the happy dance going on at my house this morning! Thanks so much for your kind words on my Nancy! We always have such wonderfully talented people on these hops that I can hardly believe I made it to honorable mention!

  7. I couldn't get to 2 of the blogs from the links on several of the blogs as I was hopping. Leslie Tucker Jenisen's blog wouldn't come up when I clicked on the link from a few of these ladies' sites. It just told me I did not have access to that site. Huh? So I came back here and tried it and your link worked. Then That Other Blog link didn't work for me either for 2 days it said the page did not exist. So I tried it here on your blog and it worked. I thought at first that all these ladies might have been no-shows, so I am glad that I put on my Nancy Drew Detective hat and got out my magnifying glass to track down the problem and solve the Mystery of the Bad Links, so I could view their blogs and projects. LOL!

  8. Another great project day! My daughter and I have been looking at the projects together. Only problem with that is her want list is growing ever longer!

  9. The large quilt is my all time fav of this hop so far. Amazing!

  10. Oh ladies, you out did yourselves!! Thank you to Moda for being so generous.

  11. Yeah, the links messing up really has been a mystery. I know I have come back to check yours and Carol's and then updating it on my blog promo once I find the right one! Still we as sleuths don't let is stop US!

  12. More fun today. I'll be sad to see the Nancy Drew hop end.

  13. Although I am late, late, late, I enjoyed every one today.

  14. Another wonderful showing - now that mug organizer fits the bill most favorably ... I am thinking on that one. Judy C in NC

  15. Wonderful. Love the mug organizer, is there a tutorial?

  16. I lived the mug organizer I am going to try and make one!


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