Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 5 of Stitch me up blog hop with Colonial Needles Presencia as our sponsor

Yes we are still stitching and each
day showcases some pretty amazing

Day 5 of 
 Stitches that will leave you  smile, 
stitches that will bring back a memory or two...
and most of all MANY STITCHES that tie us all together...

 We also have something else in  common'
 A love for Embroidery! 

thanks to Debbie and Cyndi for creating some lovely FREE patterns
( for all of those who participated in this hop)
and to our Head Cheerleader in this blog hop....
She loves to embroider as much as she loves to quilt
and she loves to cheer....
( so we let her) lol

Here are our Day 5 Stitchers..
Let's see what fine stitches they have stitched up for our viewing...
Be sure to cheer them on....
it's what keeps them coming back!


Isabel @That Other Blog
Jeanette @That Other Blog ( no show) 
Tomorrow's Treasures Today
2 months notice to prepare for our blog hops
that fill up within hours...
Their NO SHOWS reflect dearly on  those who really
want to participate in our hops..

They  have taken YOUR SPOT.
Please take this into consideration
when you sign up for future hops....
OUR CHEERLEADERS send out repeated
notes as friendly reminders....

We are very accommodating to those
who give us advance notice and untimely
family emergencies.

NO shows will be put on THE LIST!
( you do not want to be placed on this list)

Our fine sponsor Colonial Needle is our big
feature for this event...WE are using PRESENCIA threads
their needles and we have this lovely 
Heart Shaped Basket filled with goodies.
From day one when I met their President
I just knew he would stitch a few stitches
in my heart....He is always there for us...
And that speaks volumes...

Big heartfelt appreciation to a company that has
the best thread and needles for all of our needs..

And now for our top 2 today

This lady did many stitches and chose Cyndi's great stitch patterns 
to highlight this bug...all stitched...and this is some of the wonders she 
created....oh yes top 2 for sure...

 I used to sing this to my kids....I left this with this lady's post...she said she never heard of it...
well that is because I made it up.

bugs bugs bugs
if I had them all in jugs
I would dig dig dig,
till a big hole was dug
and that would be the end
of my bug song.

it's catchy lol

 This lady created a lovely pouch... very vintage looking
like something we would have found in our grandmumm's 
stash...very lovely...

for many reasons...

This lady always brings smiles...and how creative to use her
grand boys wellll to showcase this quilt without letting 
any of their friends see a GIRLY quilt...
Imagine if it was theirs...IT IS NOT, but imagine that ....
A really nice way to highlight a wee tot...
LOVE her fabric choices....
and ps. she is new to embroidery..! 

ps. do not tell her what I am doing lol

 Yep that is snow...we still have snow..wink...

We hope there will be a few stitches here that will tie us together...


  1. Some beautiful stitching going on...nice job I do not envy you at all when it comes to selecting the tops of any of thee projects....have a great day.

  2. One more beautiful day with many lovely projects. There are a lot of creative women over there and I am really enjoying following all the projects.
    There are more snow left here and we have still winter, no sign of Spring. But it is sunny outside and the weather is clear.
    After stitching some hours I am now going out enjoying the sun shine and I must buy some more ribbons for my stitchery project.

  3. Another day of wonderful projects. What creativity. We were fortunate to have some truly talented people sign up to participate.

  4. Wonderful projects today. I love the stumpwork beetle.

  5. You are so nice to add my little quilt (and grandsons) to your page...thank you! I loved those bugs and flowers and...well, everything today! P.S. I'm sure you'll totally surpass anything I've made and your stitching will be perfect. :O)

  6. There were some wonderful projects today. I am feeling very inspired by the bugs and especially the little frog with the red eyes! How fun is that!!!?

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing what others are doing. Thanks for all the work that's put into these blogs and postings.

  8. Grandmom quilts are always fun to see - so creative with the picks. Thanks from Judy C in NC

  9. WOW, some really great stitchery was done today. Makes me want to break out my floss and hoops.Love that stumpwork.

    1. Thank you Patty from Patty- you should be easy to remember ;)

  10. I was hanging on by a thread, when I saw the bugs, what great work on that project, and the apron and quilt from Carol was just fantastic. and the little pouches to hold thread, what can I say, this was a must enjoyable day to hop. Spring will soon be here.

    1. I agree Carol did an awesome job with her projects!

  11. Fantastic picks today! May have to try my hand at stumpwork!

  12. Some great projects created with the embroidery patterns.I loved the bugs and frog that stitcher made.

  13. Loved all the projects--going to have to try most of them, maybe stumpwork on a needle case...humm. Thanks for all the ideas, everyone! vickise at gmail dot com

  14. Great buggy project. That and the rrog was amazeing. She has my vote for the best in show all the way around..But their was so many wonderful projects today. The quilt was adorable with those cute lil boys holding it...Just too cute.

  15. There really have been a lot of no shows. Life happens but some of these bloggers are posting on their blogs with no explanation or apology so it is nice to know you have a list.I seriously considered signing up for this one but have never blogged and by the time I worked up my nerve it was full. I'm so happy to see Carol's quilt (love that picture) get recognition. And that bug is fabulous! Love your bug song. I have a bug poem I used to teach with:
    by Margaret Wise Brown
    I like bugs.
    Black bugs, green bugs, bad bugs, mean bugs,
    Any kind of bug.
    I like bugs.
    A bug in a rug,
    A bug in the grass,
    A bug on the side-walk,
    A bug in a glass—
    I like bugs.
    Round bugs, shiny bugs, fat bugs,
    Buggy bugs, big bugs, lady bugs,
    Any kind of bug
    I like bugs.
    My students used it to write their own poem
    I like tots.
    Wee tots, cute tots
    silly tot, blog tots
    Any kind of tot
    I like tots!
    Yours are sew cute!
    Then my

    1. I'm trying to figure out what a buggy bug is- roflol- too cute!

    2. I think I will have to make you my co writer today lol

  16. Love the bug! Not something I ever thought I would say! ;-)

  17. It has to be disappointing that people DNC/DNS (did not call, did not show in medical office parlance) on any given day or several each hop, it has to be more so for you the organizers and the person who may have been on a waiting list and really wanting to join in. Still, I am happy that the others honored their commitment and are showing and sharing their creative choices.

  18. so fun to see what every one is making. Such talents!

  19. I love those bugs to! Never thought of doing some, but now....lol!


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