Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DAy 5 of Nancy Drew Blog hop with MODA as our sponsors


                         The sleuths are back for another week of NANCY DREW is a CLUE....
                           Anyone know where my extra hour went???? 

If I had not taken the path into medical and pharma, perhaps I would have gone
into forensic science or sleuth work. Albeit reading every book that Carolyn Keene
wrote about Nancy Drew was the reason - is anyone's guess?

I still have many copies with the sticker price of 25 cents.! 
Yep, that is all I am going to say! lol

I have always loved mystery, still do! So when I came across
Moda's fabric line of Nancy Drew, I could not reach out to them quick
enough. So here we are, for the next few days, many of us equipped with 
our magnifying glass, began our search "What will I create for this HOP?"

has been ready for months, no more delays...we are ready, 
she is ready, YOU are ready....

So welcome everyone, those who will be hopping, cheering and creating...
"WE" are sooooo excited...

on the side bar.... of this blog...

Here are the sleuths who will be entertaining you all today...
be sure to cheer them on....they do this for YOU! 

Each day we will highlight the top 2 and most creative...
so be sure to check back each morning...

OUR top 2 honourable mentions today are....

Perhaps the largest hexies I have seen to date....Although an  unusual size
had she not run out of fabric this would make for the most delicious
investigative wrap.... Regardless, the stitching and quilting is superb! 

And this lady stitched up 2 lovely bags - they were on their own wee adventure
in Washington. The size of this bag is of upmost importance...it is huge..
wait till you see the interior....


And can we talk about this cabinet...? lol love the sliding out table...
oh yes and the quilt....mat....love it...truly inspiring, truly a mystery
on how she did that....and can we talk about this cabinet...what 
are in each of these drawers? SECRETS, MYSTERIES, COFFEE! lol

WE have 1 more most CREATIVE TODAY

Wait till you see this collection of Nancy DREW doll and wardrobe...
She is now posted and worth noting for sure...LOVE everything about HER! 

For our giveaway MODA was very generous
in offering these 3 bundles of Nancy Drew Fabric...
Take a peak at some of their newest collections coming out! 


#1 all those who are the top 3 of the day will have a chance of winning one
#2 all those who participated can also win a bundle
#3 and to all those who leave comments....YES you too can win a bundle...

To an inspiring adventure, join us will you?
we will be leaving clues.. ok I won't but Carol will ....wink

OHHH Carol has daily clues for a mystery giveaway at the end of our hop...check  
BE s Cheering DETECTIVE! 

All of the creations are on our PINTEREST BOARD...
top right of blog....


  1. Great choices Madame Samm....and the ones that were on the other blog are posted but with the 11th date on them....great job thanks for all you do.

  2. Thank you for the Honorable Mention. I have really enjoyed this hop and seeing all the different creative ways to use this fabric.

  3. A few bumps with the links, but thankfully you were a great detective to solve the mystery of where they went. That's why you are the queen cheerleader. So many interesting and fun projects this morning...love them all!

  4. I LOVE the little doll but where on earth is she? I checked all of today's blog links and didn't see her. I am getting tired of "That Other Blog" with nothing on it. Day after day. Is the link wrong?

    I'm going back to see about that cute doll.

  5. Me again. OK, the links for That Other Blog" worked this time. I found the doll and she was absolutely delightful - especially all of her outfits.

  6. I also love that doll! So much fun!
    Evin5 at aol dot com

  7. I am so glad you picked 4 today and included the marvelous Nancy Drew doll and all her clothes. That was an unexpected surprise.

  8. 25 cent stickers on the books... now really your not that old!!!!!!

  9. Seriously fun. I've got to get some of this fabric. Moda never fails.

  10. Some real surprises showed up today for Nancy Drew! The Nancy doll is amazing!

  11. Totally in love with the hexagons! All the selections for today are great -- people are too darn creative. :)

  12. Oh just another wonderful day. And I love, love that Nancy doll with all her fancy clothes. And yes people are so creative.

  13. Another day of wonderful ideas and projects. ANd the doll with the clothes. I would not have thought that that fabric would make good doll clothes but they were so cute. Each one better than the last. I so enjoyed seeing everyone's creations today.

  14. I have so much to do today and can't leave the computer until I check out all the day's posts! Love the mat on the library cabinet. The design, technique & execution are so perfect. I hope to arrive to that skill one day.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  15. Oh my! that comment above makes me blush, lol! Thanks again for including me and my cabinet in today's pick...I'm going to see if I can change the links on my post so that that great doll gets seen by my visitors...I love that bikini and no one should go without a glance at it!!

  16. What a fun project. I've loved Nancy Drew since the 4th grade!

  17. Adorable offerings today...I can hardly wait for my day tomorrow! This is so much fun, thank you for all you do! pbstrand@msn.com

  18. What a day in Nancy Drew Land! The most creative projects you chose are amazing...so glad to see them highlighted!

  19. Just when you think it couldn't get any better ... it does. Today's most creative projects are impressive. The card catalog cabinet brings back memories. My first job was working in a library. Those cabinets are now called vintage and ancient. YIKES!!! What does that make me? ; )

  20. I'm a little behind in my hopping this week, but these pictures make me ready to go! What great projects.

  21. this has been such a fun adventure! I love the doll, so amazingly creative. And so have been all the projects!

  22. Love the doll and that cabinet....and all the other great projects as well.


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