Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 4 of Nancy Drew Blog Hop with MODA as sponsors


The sleuths are back for another week of NANCY DREW is a CLUE....
Anyone know where my extra hour went???? 

If I had not taken the path into medical and pharma, perhaps I would have gone
into forensic science or sleuth work. Albeit reading every book that Carolyn Keene
wrote about Nancy Drew was the reason - is anyone's guess?

I still have many copies with the sticker price of 25 cents.! 
Yep, that is all I am going to say! lol

I have always loved mystery, still do! So when I came across
Moda's fabric line of Nancy Drew, I could not reach out to them quick
enough. So here we are, for the next few days, many of us equipped with 
our magnifying glass, began our search "What will I create for this HOP?"

has been ready for months, no more delays...we are ready, 
she is ready, YOU are ready....

So welcome everyone, those who will be hopping, cheering and creating...
"WE" are sooooo excited...

on the side bar.... of this blog...

Here are the sleuths who will be entertaining you all today...
be sure to cheer them on....they do this for YOU! 

Each day we will highlight the top 2 and most creative...
so be sure to check back each morning...

OUR top 2 honourable mentions today are....

This lady used a panel piece for a lovely fabric basket...
well done in the green fabric too...great use of panel blocks...

This lady incorporating some embroidery in her centre block....with the silouhette
and bright choices for borders....this makes for an ideal wall hanging...
Any N.D. lover would like this for a reminder....
keep investigating, there is always something to explore! 


Well I certainly chuckled when I saw this and read this lady's clues on how to make
this quilt not only picture perfect but also very creative... yes the use of magnifying glasses
was an ideal choice...LOVE IT!  It looks quite large...how big is it? the quilt?

For our giveaway MODA was very generous
in offering these 3 bundles of Nancy Drew Fabric...
Take a peak at some of their newest collections coming out! 


#1 all those who are the top 3 of the day will have a chance of winning one
#2 all those who participated can also win a bundle
#3 and to all those who leave comments....YES you too can win a bundle...

To an inspiring adventure, join us will you?
we will be leaving clues.. ok I won't but Carol will ....wink

OHHH Carol has daily clues for a mystery giveaway at the end of our hop...check  
BE s Cheering DETECTIVE! 

All of the creations are on our PINTEREST BOARD...
top right of blog....

hello lovely visitors...I will not have the opportunity today
to get back to all of you...my apologies...
our day began with a bit of detour..
but I am reading and smiling..see you all tomorrow...


  1. Yay - another day of blog hopping!

  2. Hope the two missing show up in the morning! BTW, I am not the Judy at the other Blog!

  3. This fabric is wonderful - it brings back so many sweet childhood memories!!!

  4. I laughed at the most creative too, and her Sunbonnet Sue one too was a hoot.

  5. Does this mean, I am not on your naughty list for using your Nancy Drew????
    :-) BTW More Stars in Commanche has posted!

  6. Forgot to mention, my quilts are twin size. :-)

  7. Wow another great day on Nancy Drew...Thank you so much for having me as an honorable mention I really appreciate it....

  8. Such fun uses of the fabric today...enjoyed them all! :O)

  9. More Stars in Comanche's post has been up since 11:00 last night. My first comment was at 11:33 Please fix that !

  10. Another day with great projects.The chosen today were my favorite too. It is always fun to start the day with blog hopping.
    Greetings from a very cold and windy Malmö.

  11. I couldn't have picked one today, they're all so awesome!

  12. Ohh, thanks! I had a blast creating this one. Now to make a bag, basket, apron, etc.......I think I need more fabric.

  13. Fan hop! Thanks for everyone's hard work!

  14. Cute ideas today! I really love the Eye Spy quilt with the Nancy Drew on it!

  15. Another fun day. Thanks to all the great creative bloggers.

  16. What a great start to a Monday morning at work. Love the eye spy quilt, it was my favorit on todays hope, but I must say they all were very clever and creative.

  17. Another great Nancy Drew day! Lots of great works and your picks are right on!

  18. What a great way to start the week. Love seeing all the different projects, a lot of very cleaver people out there!

  19. More fun hopping again this morning! Looking at all the bright, fun fabric is lifting up my spirits on a rainy, windy March day--for sure!

  20. Lots of fun!! We have so many talented people ...great choices

  21. That last quilt is my fave by far this hop!!

  22. A lot of talent among these picks - just keeps getting better. Judy C in NC

  23. The magnifying glass quilt is amazing. What a clever idea!

  24. Congrats on 5100 GFC members!

    Haven't had a chance to look at today's creations yet, but I have to say the most creative for today is so perfect for this blog hop. Very creative and cute too!

  25. I really liked that basket...Lots of great creations again today.

  26. Those are wonderful. I love that magnifying glass quilt!

  27. I really have to make an I Spy quilt for my grandson with magnifying glasses. I think that's so cool. I may even put the British Sunbonnet Sue with her trenchcoat on it just for his mom - or Nancy Drew since she's read all the books.

  28. so much creativity in this hop!

  29. Wow!! Wow!! These are all fantastic indeed!


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