Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 3 of Stitch me up with Colonial Needle Presencia Finca as sponsor....

Can you believe the weekend is HERE,
we are on  day 3 and you are still wanting more...
me too...

 As you can see, we have been a tad busy ....
Lot's of stitching has been going on over here....

 Stitches that will leave you  smile, 
stitches that will bring back a memory or two...
and most of all MANY STITCHES that tie us all together...

 We also have something else in  common'
 A love for Embroidery! 

thanks to Debbie and Cyndi for creating some lovely FREE patterns
( for all of those who participated in this hop)
and to our Head Cheerleader in this blog hop....
She loves to embroider as much as she loves to quilt
and she loves to cheer....
( so we let her) lol

Here are our 3rd day of STITCHERS 
Let's see what fine stitches they have stitched up for our viewing...
Be sure to cheer them on....
it's what keeps them coming back!

Our fine sponsor Colonial Needle is our big
feature for this event...WE are using PRESENCIA threads
their needles and we have this lovely 
Heart Shaped Basket filled with goodies.
From day one when I met their President
I just knew he would stitch a few stitches
in my heart....He is always there for us...
And that speaks volumes...

Big heartfelt appreciation to a company that has
the best thread and needles for all of our needs..

Top 2 today are these delightful stitchers...

This lady chose some of the stitches and did them brilliantly...what a delightful
source of inspiration. loved the fabrics she chose as well...

This lady did have fun with this wee tot, she even made her into a doll quilt.
lovely colours, very well done...

And most CREATIVE..... x2 
Hands down...this will PIN YOU on the spot lol

And this lady chose to make a pin cushion that is really amazing..wait till you her 
final showing..don't you just love the fabric she chose very M.E. 

How could we possibly overlook this one as well..the details, the different stitches
are really amazing...she did a whole book of stitches as well...this lady
is new to us with no blog...we think she needs a blog lol

 Yep that is snow...we still have snow..wink...

We hope there will be a few stitches here that will tie us together...

OHHHH and if you return this afternoon
a couple BIRDS have shared with me
Check back at 4 pm EST....


  1. Looking forward to the announcement :)

  2. Madame Samm day 3 was just as delightful...so many cute stitching projects out there...I didn't get to see a few but I will check back later today because the birds have peeked my interest...Have a great day.

  3. Great group today to be part of, so much creativity and gorgeous stitching! I'll come back to see what your birds have to say, maybe the others will be posted by then too...

  4. Spring certainly has delivered a wonderful collection of creative works! Looking forward to next weeks creations! My basket is filled with new projects to stitch from this week's inspiration! Thanks!

  5. Some real "cuteness" today!!

  6. What a springy heart full of color. Kinda makes you forget that we had snow yesterday. ;-> Toni Anne Can't wait to see where we're hopping next.

  7. That little flowered armchair looks comfy enough to sit in! How cute!

  8. Goodness! There were certainly some amazing stitchery projects today. That little house has so much detail in it...WOW!

  9. Another fun day of admiring what others have done with the designs---wow!

    I'll be back to see what you are up to with the birds---sounds interesting and I may be re-upping for another hop!

  10. Very delightful and the creativity is certainly evident amongst the picks. Colonial Needle and Precensia are truly dedicated to this quilt nation - and we are so thankful. Judy C in NC

  11. Checked in with everyone, each day brings so much inspiration!

  12. So many nice ones today. Great projects they made too.

  13. A lot of beauties today! Enjoy your snow.

  14. This hop has been incredible. I just love seeing all of the handwork being presented.

  15. This hop has been such fun! I love all the projects I've seen so far. It has spurred my desire for learning to embroider even more! Thanks so much.

  16. Oh my goodness! Thank you for featuring me! :-) I have really been enjoying visiting everyone in this hop. I missed a few, but will check back again. Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. This has been my favorite hop so far! Thanks so much for all you do. All the participants have shared such amazing projects!!!

  18. Awesome picks for today! They all look wonderful!

  19. Another fabulously creative day in this fabulously creative blog hop! Thanks for hosting.

    A little birdie is twittering in my ear ... ;) Pat

  20. Amazing, but these hops never are boring! Love what everyone has made.

  21. ladies, Some seriously awesome works! scary good..scary

  22. Amazing work, I need to try new stitches. Those are so beautiful.

  23. so many fun projects. I love seeing everyones interpretations of the patterns!

  24. Hi!!!! Wonderful creations today!!!! Well every day!!!! Yes!!!!

  25. Pretty hand stichin projects abound today. I love seeing them all.

  26. Absoluately luscious threads. Gorgeous

  27. Each day is such a treat! We are seeing some awesome work!

  28. What a great way to end my day. First, going on a mini shop hop with 3 dear friends and then coming home to see fabulous and gorgeous projects. Can't wait to see Monday's projects! Have a great weekend!!!

  29. I was out in shop hop yesterday in the snow in Denmark and couldn´t look at all the amazing embroideries. But I have now and I must say that I ´s speechless, so many wonderful and creative works.

  30. The projects for day three were gorgeous. So many talented stitchers out there!


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