Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 3 of Nancy Drew is a clue Blog hop with Moda as our Sponsor!


If I had not taken the path into medical and pharma, perhaps I would have gone
into forensic science or sleuth work. Albeit reading every book that Carolyn Keene
wrote about Nancy Drew was the reason - is anyone's guess?

I still have many copies with the sticker price of 25 cents.! 
Yep, that is all I am going to say! lol

I have always loved mystery, still do! So when I came across
Moda's fabric line of Nancy Drew, I could not reach out to them quick
enough. So here we are, for the next few days, many of us equipped with 
our magnifying glass, began our search "What will I create for this HOP?"

has been ready for months, no more delays...we are ready, 
she is ready, YOU are ready....

So welcome everyone, those who will be hopping, cheering and creating...
"WE" are sooooo excited...

on the side bar.... of this blog...

Here are the sleuths who will be entertaining you all today...
be sure to cheer them on....they do this for YOU! 

( not sure what happened there....but we think the links are corrected now..)

Each day we will highlight the top 2 and most creative...
so be sure to check back each morning...

OUR top 2 honourable mentions today are....

Now it was nice that she had all 3 of her projects together
cause we had no CLUE which one we liked best...
Each one unique! 

This lady was looking for a solution to hide  some speakers ...
She did it.No Mystery there....cover with some Nancy Drew book and voila
looks like a mini bookcase...


Don't you just love this ? 
A place to book your book on... with bands to hold the book...
Take a peak at her post on how that happens....
GREAT solution for those of us who still love to read actual BOOKS! 

For our giveaway MODA was very generous
in offering these 3 bundles of Nancy Drew Fabric...
Take a peak at some of their newest collections coming out! 


#1 all those who are the top 3 of the day will have a chance of winning one
#2 all those who participated can also win a bundle
#3 and to all those who leave comments....YES you too can win a bundle...

To an inspiring adventure, join us will you?
we will be leaving clues.. ok I won't but Carol will ....wink

OHHH Carol has daily clues for a mystery giveaway at the end of our hop...check  
BE s Cheering DETECTIVE! 

All of the creations are on our PINTEREST BOARD...
top right of blog....


  1. Oh this is a fun hop too! Can you imagine that I didn't know Nancy Drew till now?? Great way to learn new things: Love it!

  2. only a few were up this morning, but whats up is really cute..

  3. This is such fun - I'm enjoying Carol's daily clues too!

  4. Woo Hoo, thanks to McDonald's wifi, my post is up!!!

  5. I have waited to comments as some bloggers have had issues to post. But now I have left commentsto all, except one which is not up yet. As the days before there were many nice and fun projects that the bloggers have made. But most of all I think the book pillow was sew awesome.
    And the speaker hider what a fun idea. I am looking forward to Monday with more funny and cute projects.
    Have a great week end

  6. How creative today!!!! It's been a fun hop so far.

  7. What a contest. So many original and creative ideas.

  8. Oh.....I need to win that fabric so I can make myself a book pillow! What a great idea!
    There were a lot of great projects to see!

  9. Oh I am just having a ball on this hop, seeing all the creations. But I most say, that book pillow was a hit with me since I love to read in bed and alway proping my book on a pillow to get the right angle. I think it would also work with my Kindle just a bit smaller. I am doing everything I can to win more fabric because I would love to make a quilt out of my next Nancy Drew fabric.

  10. Hopping by to say goodmorning and check out the top pics for today. The book pillow was definitely creative.

  11. More interesting projects today and you picked the ones that I liked the best too because of their uniqueness, usefulness and creativeness.

  12. OH YEA! I liked all 3 winners today. Everyone is doing a great job today.Seems as though the flu is really bad this year. I hope everyone else (including you!) stays flu free. It is no fun.

  13. I`m having so much fun looking at these Nancy Drew creations! It makes me want to dive into an old Nancy Drew mystery!

  14. I think my choices were the same as yours today and in the same categories too, LOL. Still can't find Carol's clue in the days entries after 4 trips through and finally called "uncle"/"aun"t....or better yet, Nancy, LOL Loving this hop.

  15. Fantastic day 3 of Nancy Drew! The book pillow was such a unique idea!

  16. Loved all the projects again today! The book rest was super unique.

  17. Fun projects today for sure!

  18. Wonderful projects today. The book pillow was neat idea!

  19. Madame Samm another great day along this hop. I too thought the book pillow was a very creative idea but then again I really liked all the projects from today...See you Monday.

  20. That book pillow truly deserves to win most creative. Such wonderful projects so far, can't wait to see more as the days go by!

  21. I love the speaker cover! And it looks so much like books on a shelf.

  22. What great ideas! I am enjoying each and every one thoroughly.

  23. I enjoyed your picks today! You picked well. So hard with all the wonderful projects! Thanks again. Lyn

  24. What interesting projects on this blog hop. The neat colors bring out creaativity, I believe!

  25. The book holder is genius! I'd love one for myself.

  26. Oh my goodness! I had no idea there was Nancy Drew fabric! The book pillow is genius!!! Love this! Jamie V in MT

  27. Great projects, especially the book pillow. Yes, thre are people who still read old fashioned books!

  28. Thank you so much for all your hard work! I really liked the book holder. This is the BEST hop EVER!!! <3 <3

  29. Wow, the projects are just great! I read real books too! Thank you!

  30. Such a unique idea - to use fabric as a faux bookcase. I loved the idea of the book pillow too since I often use a pillow for either my book or my hand stitching.


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