Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 1 of Stitch me Up with Colonial Needle as our Sponsor

NICE to see you again...What have you been up to? 
 As you can see, we have been a tad busy ....
Lot's of stitching has been going on over here....

Today we begin another adventure....
 Stitches that will leave you  smile, 
stitches that will bring back a memory or two...
and most of all MANY STITCHES that tie us all together...

 We also have something else in  common'
 A love for Embroidery! 

thanks to Debbie and Cyndi for creating some lovely FREE patterns
( for all of those who participated in this hop)
and to our Head Cheerleader in this blog hop....
She loves to embroider as much as she loves to quilt
and she loves to cheer....
( so we let her) lol

Here are our 1st STITCHERS today...
Let's see what fine stitches they have stitched up for our viewing...
Be sure to cheer them on....
it's what keeps them coming back!

WEDNESDAY March 20th

Susan @That Other Blog (scroll down for both these ladies)
Pig Tales and Quilts ( she will be on 22nd)
Selina Quilts    

Our fine sponsor Colonial Needle is our big
feature for this event...WE are using PRESENCIA threads
their needles and we have this lovely 
Heart Shaped Basket filled with goodies.
From day one when I met their President
I just knew he would stitch a few stitches
in my heart....He is always there for us...
And that speaks volumes...

Big heartfelt appreciation to a company that has
the best thread and needles for all of our needs..

Top 2 today some lovely choices...

Wait till you see the complete project, this is soooo lovely...the fabric
choice all those fine stitches even the doily on the top ...
very nostalgic...

this one was simple...but reminded me of an old fashioned frame..
look at the detail of the fine quilting...isn't she just pretty?
And soooo much heart added to it...

and most creative....

This one has a delightful story behind the coffee....her stitching is perfect
and the fabric layout and look little cups in the corner..
make a most delicious choice for someone who hasn't even poured her second cup yet..

It was a lovely showing today...it was very difficult to choose 
YOU all did wonderful projects....

 Yep that is snow...we still have snow..wink...

We hope there will be a few stitches here that will tie us together...

Apologies here for being a bit tardy...I just got into my MAC,
I got locked out of my own MAC....
had to wait for some support....( from Mac) lol

Off to choose winners be back momentarily...lol


  1. The hop has begun! The projects are sew lovely. Thanks for another inspiring blog hop ... :) Pat

  2. OH MY GOSH - FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!

  3. Saw some very cute things out there!! What fun!! See more in the morning..... Am up too late /..\

  4. Those threads would look wonderful made into Tamari Balls! Thanks for another great hop.

  5. What a great start to the next wonderful blog hop you put together along with your cheerleaders. They all done a great job. Did you see yourself somewhere in there? Have a great day.

  6. It is surely a great start on this blog hop. I have visited all the creators except one that is not up yet. There are sew wonderful projects and it is hard for me to find a favorite. And as I am still stitching on my projects I must say that the thread is sew wonderful.
    I am looking forward to coming days, it will be a wonderful blog hop, as usual.
    It is snowing and snowing here in the south of Sweden. We are used to have Spring in the middle of March, but now way this year. But my stitching project is very much like Spring.

  7. How awesome, another great blog hop to browse...thanks for getting it together.

  8. The long anticipation for the start of this hop is OVER! :) Let the Celebration of Stitchery Begin! So many delightful and inspiring creations today, this hop appears to be a grand showcase of beautiful stitching. Looking forward to the remaining days of this hop! Thanks for yet another great creative Spring! :)

  9. What a great start. I saw already a lot of pretty items.

  10. OMG, OMG, What beautiful workmanship - I can't wait for morning coffee - thank you all for contributing.

  11. Glad I am not having to pick a worthy piece of stitching. Everyone came out for this one. Judy C in NC

  12. Rosemary B here:
    I am going to have a look today while mom is sleeping.
    This is going to be a really wonderful hop.
    I love embroidery but I am too impatient to make it nice.
    I think I will learn a lot -- as usual -- with this hop

  13. Lots of fun pieces today, sorry for your computer troubles...glad you are "back" :)

  14. What a wonderful start and all of the projects are really lovely! Great choices for today!

  15. Such cute projects to start with and the quilting is so perfect as well. I am really looking forward to this hop (as I have all the others too!)

  16. It looks like everyone has really been stitching their fingers off on this first day! How you can narrow it down to a couple choices must be very hard with the work-womanship out there.

  17. I can't believe I didn't get in on this hop!!!! I love embroidery and add it to most of my quilts! Sign-ups must have been during the time I had the flu or something. I really enjoyed seeing all the pretty embroidery this morning, though!

  18. So many lovely projects on this first day. Thanks for choosing my blue chair as one of the top choices for today. I feel so very honored.

  19. I am about 1/2 through todays participants. Had to come over to thank you for yet another wonderful hop to browse through and it is even more special since it will be the first one I have partipated in. And the gift! To die for, since now I have been collecting more of these wonderful threads after using them for the first time.

  20. Lots of wonderful projects today.... so much inspiration that really makes me want to get stitchin'! Thanks for the honor of picking my little hanging today. That embroidery pattern that you made of the coffee lady looked so much like my Mom that I just had to make it! Thanks to you for designing some great embroidery patterns for us to use. Your generosity of time, talent, and energy is amazing! Can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of the hop!

  21. Again wonderful projects are showed !!

  22. Such fun and creative projects for the first day!!

  23. Love all the stitchery today! This is going to be a fantastic hop.

  24. What great start of the bloghop, I did see only wonderful projects, read great stories, first day was a treat and a promiss for the rest of the hop! Congratulations to the two lovely and the one creative choices, can't have been easy to pick them among such great contributions.

  25. These ladies today are good. Lovely projects all around.

  26. I'm glad MAC let you back in..whew! So many fun stitchy things today and great ideas for using them. I love that little heart basket of threads--how cute is that!

  27. Beautiful projects today! Oh, I best get busy and finish mine up for tomorrow!

  28. Day one! Wow! Such wonderful projects! Thank you to our designers and to Colonial. Everyone loves their finca!! So much more to come, how fun is this?

  29. It's only the first day, but I think this is my favorite blog hop so far. I loved everyone's projects.

  30. What fabulous projects to go and see! If this first day is any indication, we are in for some absolutely fabulous treats to see over the duration of this blog hop!

  31. Great start! Love your picks and all the lovely projects. Thank you Colonial Needle for being a Sponsor.

  32. What a wonderful start! Love the little stitcheries that everyone showed us today. Looking forward to lots more!

  33. It's just the first day, but I've seen so many pretty things! I need to work on my pillow, because I want to finish it before it is my turn ;)

  34. I'm just getting back into embroidery so this hop comes at a great time. Thanks to everyone for sharing their lovelies!

  35. Wonderful and fabulous projects! Can't wait to see tomorrow's projects.

  36. This will be a fun hop to visit. I love embroidery and look forward to seeing all the projects. Good picks for today. Off to see them all.

  37. Now I shout it from the highest hill, this is going to be a great stitching blog hop. There were some great looking projects on todays hop and look forward to see the others.

  38. Lovely hand stitchery projects abound...Why am I not surprised. ALl that talente out their in blogdom and lucky us we get to see "sew" much of it by hopping along

  39. Love all of them, can't wait to see more. Thanks for setting these up for us! I really enjoy it. :) vickise at gmail dot com

  40. such fun projects! I love seeing all the creativity!

  41. Hi!!!! These hops are always full of fun!!!!


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