Tuesday, March 5, 2013

56 Winners for the RAFFLE, message from Dennis, and sneak peak TUT!

Remember this....Dennis was thrilled at your suggestions...however it seems
the split is even, so he is still undecided about the cover.... we will just have
to wait and see for the launch this summer... Which one will it be.....?

Be sure to check out the video and the beautiful music that is played...written
by no other than Dennis..told you this man is creative....I wonder if he quilts? mmmm

 Ohhhhhh and take a peak at the video and this link...
Kick start with Dennis...read more here.... I am a backer now too...
I cannot wait to get a copy of his book.... Dennis is clearly doing this right...
You just cannot help but be excited, I know I am for him and all of you....
So if you want to order his book and get other special offers...check out this link!

Isn't it wonderful how serendipity just works it's magic....?

All of you have already been contacted and this is what is on your way...
Congrats to everyone who participated...

YOU truly are an amazing gathering-
who are kind, who are smart and very important to US!

Dream Again Raffle Winners

Congrats to you a llllllllll !

Doug Massey Cards
Sandy Cards
Silvia Haynes Cards
Michele Timms Cards
Margie Crewse Cards
Beth-Ann Wesley Old Quilters
Tish Rodriquez Old Quilters
Brenda Towsley Old Quilters
Nancy Sumner Old Quilters
DeeDee Randal Old Quilters
Sally Bany Cards
Janet Zuelke Cards
Debbie Smelser Cards
Jean Mello Cards
Libby Mardeen Cards
Joan Whitney Old Quilters
Susan Rizzi Old Quilters
Sherry Mullins Old Quilters
Kathy Finan Old Quilters
Alice Ronne Old Quilters
Arden Eaton Mitchell
Jacqueline Mills Mitchell
Sharon Barnes Mitchell
Sandie L Mitchell
Jane Galley Mitchell
Sam Ewens Welcome to Quiltland
Loralynn Maresh Welcome to Quiltland
Chiska Williams Welcome to Quiltland
Carolyn Smith Welcome to Quiltland
Beulah Fleming Welcome to Quiltland
Thearica Burroughs Seasons of the Quilt
Teresa Schoellkopf Seasons of the Quilt
Phyllis Limiero Seasons of the Quilt
Pam Smith Seasons of the Quilt
Joan Kawano Seasons of the Quilt
Vivian Fox Seasons of the Quilt
Laura Flaim Welcome to Quiltland
Mary Gentry Welcome to Quiltland
Sherry Kehler Welcome to Quiltland
Lori Morton Welcome to Quiltland
Charlotte Welcome to Quiltland
Karene Sheppard Human Quilt
Mike Freundlich Human Quilt
Christina Hitchcock Human Quilt
Nancy Blankenship Human Quilt
Deonn Stott Human Quilt
Barbara Winkler Women on Board
Mary Beth Reynolds Nine Patch Horse
Cheri Moseley Log Cabin Quilts
Karen Klamczynski Patriot’s Needle
Kim Sparks Oregon Trail
Kristine Dale Cards
Jane Remus Cards
Dee Lowe Cards
Patricia McLaughlin Cards
Jenelle Boxberger Cards

And before I completely forget....  we begin our Nancy Drew hop tomorrow, I thought I would show you my new project for Riley Blake Designs that will be featured here on Wednesday of this week...that is tomorrow lol

  Every few months, I am to do a project for Riley Blake Designs
as part of my commitment to their Design Team...

I wanted to step up my creativity.....

Hello RBD gatherers and project makers....
I am pleased to be here today to show you where my mind sometimes wander...
Today or rather weeks ago it wandered into gingham and flannel land! 

I have had a love affair with gingham for as long as I can remember, mix that
with Riley Blake's Flannel and you have yourself a winning project. 

I chose to make blank________________!

This is what you will need!

Let's SHAGG IT! 

Take a peak here for the tutorial! 

This link will be live on Wednesday the 6th....


See you tomorrow ....
Carol will be cheering us all on....
it a llllllll begins tomorrow...


  1. Congratulations to all the winners!

  2. Congratulations to all the winners. Hmm ragging - love flannel ginghams, but would use them other than ragging.

  3. OH WOW!!!! I have my mouth hanging open down to the floor!! Thank you Dennis! and thank you Madame Samm for introducing us to him!

    I also see a Debbie Smelser on the list... My best friend is Debbie Smelser in OK... I have to call her this morning to see if this is her!!

  4. Congrats to all the winners! Wow that is quite a long list :)

  5. Congratulations to all of the winners!

  6. I am so excited. Congrats to all the winners... but really now, the entire world is a winner with his beautiful artwork! Can't wait for the book to be released!

  7. Congratulations to all of the winners!!!

  8. I am so excited! congratulations to all the winners. I cannot wait for the book!

  9. This is just downright awesome! Thank you so very much!

  10. Ooohh.. Shagg It sounds interesting, I bet it is something my husband would want me to make ;)

  11. Congratulations! Love Gingham!!

  12. Madame Samm well done on the Shag IT you did a great job. I think I will have to get my crochet hook out now after all who does not like something nice, soft and creative under their toes....thanks for a great tutorial on it.


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