Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last day of It's all about me with Giveaways!

I am likely your last visit on this most delightful hop 
that was well managed by Marlene ( smack)   and along with all my fellow
creators, one we will not soon forget.
A really big smack to Amy Bradley for always putting forward her best.
She always leaves us with plenty to smile about- a true gift she is to us all at sew we quilt. ! 

 I share my day with these lovely creators...

Thursday, February 28
( our last day of this hop)

Madame Samm ( yep me) 

Ok, I am ready, are you ? 

Some people have dish towels in their kitchens, others have
t-towels. I have COFFEE TOWELS! 
And these are only to be admired...wink! 

If you have been following me for any time now, 
you will know I love my coffee possibly more than 
any other beverage known to this Madame lol

I thought what better interpretation of my ladies than
to have them on their own coffee-towels to remind me
each day of the JOY you all brought me these past few days..
EACH time I reach for my Coffee-Towel I will be reminded
of Amy and YOU, YOU and YOU ...

Ahhh don't be afraid of them...their BARK is just that lol
Here they are together, don't they look FIERCE?
Well you don't know what could happen if you actually tried
to use them....mmmm...

Ahhhh yes to you Batik lovers, I finally have some Batiks...some yardage was sent to  me
by a lovely lady who happens to know me better than I thought ...Will you look
at those coffee cups and beans on her garment...And look her glasses and head band...
and of course she would have a cup nearby....Sooooo JUST LOOK.....forewarning
anyone who would even think of using her in my kitchen to dry or wipe down
anything....She is just to be admired! 
ps. I love Batiks now...yes I do..! 

This one reminded me of a chintz cup...I have a few of them at my coffee
station in my kitchen...Remember years ago when we would go to wedding showers..?
We would always give a chintz cup and tea pot with matching t-towels?
Ok, maybe that was just me lol
Ohhh and satin ribbons, I always put them on anything and everything back then....
no really I did! 
Well I still do, ask around? 

And YES a JAVA lady, would love to have a t-shirt like this
but it would have to be much smaller...I am no where near
this ahhhhh round? lol 'Ohh she is blushing....forgot to add some
colour to my other ladies....oh well! 
I am sure none of you even noticed! 

So that is all I got done for this hop! 
I have been a tad busy lately...wink! 

Embroidery Pattern for MARLENE! 

And this is for Marlene....she was a school teacher 
and I bet she was studious as a child and she loved apples even then...
This is for own embroidery piece created by me to thank her 
for being a great cheerleader! 

And Timeless Treasures and Amy Bradley have come together

for this lovely package...3 of you will win..
#1 top 3 of the day ( 1 out of all the 3's will win)
#2 all those who contributed ( 1 will win)
#3 those who leave comments... ( 1 will win)

Congrats Winners..

Addy won for comments left

Zellerwear won for top 3 of the day

Selina won for participating.

 and cross stitch patterns went out  to

and Janet...

 Top 2 today...
We could have filled this page today..
so many were that deserving.

All that bias....well this lady took it seriously..
didn't she just get it spot on..
and that wee quilt and camera....oh my ....
and yes we could be BIAS, but we loved this one lol

and this Lady did 3 ME's or HERs lol
and all of them unique. fabric choices amazing..see those scissors on your
left, and the sewing machine on your right....great addition of wall quilts too ...


OK, this one was easy.....LOVED the pouch for the cord....genius really...
what a great idea to make into a sewing machine cover but it is that pouch
that had me thinking..."why did I not think of that" 
GREAT bias choice too! 

EACH day you can view all the creations on our PINTEREST board..
that is on the top right! 

Winners of all these bundles announced MONDAY! 
we will also be announcing our next blog hop
Shake your POM POMS!

New cross stitch pattern
 is my giveaway...

A counted cross stitch pattern 
of this CHIC lady done
with only 20 Threads....
and both coloured and black and white
charts. YOU will be the first to stitch it up
next to me...
She is only 6 x 8  

I will gift 3 PDF files of this pattern..
Anyone want her! 
I haven't even stitched her yet! 


  1. Coffee towels . How neat, but too pretty to use. Thank you. Really enjoyed all the creations on this "About Me" blog.

  2. Love your coffee towels! I 2 love Batiks. Thank you for making this hop happen and a big hug to Marlene for being the cheerleader! Ahhh, she is sew cute as a tot.

  3. COFFEE is my thing too! Look at those gorgeous towels, and I dare go near them. LOL Very pretty.

    It was a fun hop even for me as a spectator. I just love to take a peek at the different "it's all about me" creations. Many are really hilarious and awesome. Eye candy for me mostly.

  4. What a great idea! I love your me's. So cute with all those different touches! The hairbow is my favourite of all your sweet accessoires (although I would never wear one, lol!)! It will be great to have them around and showcased whenever you want to! I will certainly miss the giggles in the next few days. Glad that there are other hops coming! Thank you and enjoy YOUR day!

  5. Oh wow, just hopped to everyone! What an amazing last day! Like a great finale!

  6. I love it. I couldn't even tell you how many times I've had to soak hand decorated towels from peoples dirty mits. Maybe I need to make some of those.

  7. Madame Samm, your coffee towels are adorable! And I know they will not be used...who would dare! Each one is so awesome...especially the first with that great batik fabric. I adore your little stitchery for Marlene...so sweet! Thanks to you and Marlene for a great hop!

  8. Love your coffee ladies. I noticed that each one has a different hair do. How cute.

  9. Love the towels. Very well done. There is a lot of very nice pieces during this hop. Boys it really helps us to do many interesting things. I do love blogging. I have learned so much and I haven't been even been doing this for a year.

  10. So creative! I love batiks. I haven't seen the coffee cup one though.

  11. What lovely ladies, and I LOVE coffee! :) (sorry there was a delay getting my post up today, I guess I do not know how to use the auto scheduler!)

  12. Your Madame's are gorgeous as ever! and I love the way you will display them and how they will have a play on their words..And yes, I would definitely love to stitch up your Chic lady! I can't cross stitch large pieces but the smaller ones don't bother me so much. My eyes ain't what they used to be. :)

  13. I think I got a caffeine buzz just looking at your lovely ladies. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Fantastic little ladies!!!! Love the coffee or tea towels.

  15. I don't drink coffe (BLASPHEMY!) but I love these towels!

  16. Lovely ladies - and the idea to put them on towels is a fantastic one. thanks for another great hop!

  17. Not one but three? Wow and so cute too! I think if anyone dares to use these in any other way than coffee towels, they have been given fair warning....and probably should have their eyes checked. Thank you for all the smiles!

  18. Darling tea towels! I hope no one dares to disobey and get a grubby fingerprint on one of them! Thanks again for a wonderful hop, full of wonderful ladies, all as unique as their makers!

  19. Rosemary B here:
    Ohhhhh Samm, your towels are beautimous. I love the special stitching on the seams, soooo sweet.
    Well, I could not imagine using these to mop up a spill or even dry a cup, so it could just be used as a coffee snuggly. I love the hairdos and captions. Well done Missie Samm

    Thank you so much for your topmost efforts in this vry successful hop!

  20. Coffee towels...really, now that is just too darn cute. Who'd a thunk!! Oh my bad, you of course. And you have to know, I just LOVE them! :-) From one coffee head to another!! LOL!

  21. Well Madame Samm you may be the last one but by far not the least...Your Coffee towels are adorable and I was trying to see which one I liked the best but honestly I could not tell you they are all so cute in their own way. I like how you posted your notes of love, shall we say, on them. They are lovely and I think just perfect for towels.
    Now I would like to thank you for being a wonderful leader of the pack for this wonderful hop and all of them. I do not think I ever laughed so much in one day. You certainly are a special lady.

  22. Love your coffee towels, I'm sure noe one would DARE to use them!
    Thank you for this hop, it has been fun!

  23. This is definitely Samm creativity at it's finest - all so whimiscal and wonderful. I can no longer cross stitch so please leave me out of the draw - wonderful give away though. I love your designs. Judy C in NC

  24. Of course you would create fabulous coffee towels. I should have known. How you come up with your awesome ideas just baffles me at times but at other times, it so reminds me of myself, when I have time to let my mind wander of course. I love all of them.

    Thank you for such a fun hop. And I'm so happy that I actually got to each stop this time around. Hurray for a less crazy life lately.

  25. from one coffee lover to another ...way to go! I also do not do cross stitch but wanted to say great work on your ladies.

  26. Coffee Chicks are full of beans! Love them, love coffee, love u. : )

  27. Whoda ever thought yours would have anything at all to do with coffee ! I love that the sparkly coffee fairy must have left dust on your towels !

  28. I used to think it was weird that people had towels hanging in their bathroom or kitchen that weren't allowed to be touched. Then I had children and just wished for ONE towel not to be smudged from dirty hands. I love the words on your towels and your java YOU is so cool! It's been a great hop and full of laughs--thanks!

  29. Maybe it's the coffee that keeps your talents flowing ;D
    Thank you for the good times!

  30. You knocked it out of the part with your Java Cup - thinking T-shirts would be amazing out of this. I do need to say that Marlene is the cutest thing ever!

  31. Morning Samm. I love your tea towels!

  32. U forgot to add your 3 to teh top 3...they are fabulous. Love em...Great job...And I love love love that sewing machine cover

  33. yippee! I became a follower of your blog and my pal, Linda made your top three~ (as did I) both of us new to your blog hops..both of us had sew much fun "doing this together"...again, many thanks for a splendid blog hop!

  34. Loved the towels!!!!
    The range of talent is amazing!!!!
    No 2 are the same:)
    Great job to all "Me's"

  35. love the tea towels all the bloggers have been sew creative with this hop enjoyed it very much

  36. The towels are perfect--well for me, an avid coffee drinker for sure!

  37. How perfect! Coffee towels! You did a wonderful job on them. They're adorable!!!

  38. Love, love those towels....so cute!!! This hop has been an absolute blast!!! Thanks for orchestrating. Keep up the good work....peace.

  39. Wonderful job on your creations and that coffee cup batik? perfect!!

  40. Great tea towels and I really like that batik fabric it's perfect for you. Oh I knew you would have to love batiks sooner or later,lol. I wonder if anyone uses embroidered or appliqued tea towels? They are always too pretty to use, especially after all the work that goes into them.
    I enjoyed those top picks of the day too.

  41. Love your towels. I wouldn't dare to use them.

  42. Your towels are so charming and adorable. I has been a wonderful day today and I am so sorry that this awesome blog hop is over now.
    But I am looking forward to the next and I am working on my embroidery stitches, which is so fun.

  43. Lovely towels...
    Who would have tought of that....
    Many lovely ladies have been seen in this hop, and I enjoyded all of it.
    Thanks for all the inspiration.

  44. those ladies are so amazing!Samm you did it very great! beautiful work

  45. I love your coffee towels, even though, honestly, coffee makes me feel urpy.

  46. Rosemary B here: just returned from the dentist... I have not finished hopping but I love the top three.
    Okay, I need coffee STAT.

  47. Very cute. I love the "don't touch" as I can imagine those at my house.

    Great choices for today too.

  48. Can it get even better with the coffey lady towels too cute.

  49. Oh my goodness! Those towels are too. cute! I've loved this hop! And the top 2 and most creative today were fabulous. Loved that machine cover!

    So.... Do you ever mourn a hop when it comes to an end? ;)

  50. I love those towels and I have never seen a coffee cup batik. How perfect is that. I will have to look for that myself. I have had the best time looking at all of these quilty ladies. I will miss seeing them everyday. As usual, this hop has been super fun.

  51. Samm, I loved all three of your towels! I think you should also be included in being one of the top creative/producers for your project(s), great idea! My fav is that dare you one, it's too cute! but I also have to mention that batik one stirs my heart as well.
    Thanks for organizing another terrific hop. It's been fun and a priviledge to be able to play along, thank you. Sincerely, Jane

  52. Hi Madame Samm I love the towels what a great idea! Definitely not to be used!!!! The fabrics are great. Thanks for coming up with the idea, the mini mes have all been different. A really great Hop. Susie x

  53. Love your towels. Especially the "Just Look" Gal. The group today did good. Can't wait for the next hop.

  54. Your tea towels are great! I love the batik fabric with coffee cups, just perfect for this! Now I have some catch up to do in this fun blog hop.

  55. Coffee is not my cup of tea...GASP! I know... :)
    But you and your gals sure know how to make it look tasty! Thanks again for such a fun creative Blog Hop! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  56. You never disappoint and that's true again. Your coffee towels are just too pretty to use. They are outstanding. Thanks for a chance to win the cross stitch pattern. I've been away from cross stitch too long. I remember when I bought my new sewing machine, my friend who sold it to me told me that we would never have to cross stitch again because we could get our machine to do it for us. I said to myself, "I enjoy cross stitching." I find it very relaxing - as long as I don't get off the pattern. Thanks for another great blog hop. I told the editor of our quilt guild about this wonderful group. She had already selected a website for the next newsletter and was appreciative of the information.

  57. I love the tea towels - so fun! And Amy Bradley has great designs. Thanks for the hop!

  58. Commenting again---
    At the risk of sounding a bit like Sally Field and her infamous Oscar speech, I am thrilled that my sewing machine cover incorporating Amy's applique design was chosen as today's "most creative". I didn't even know about it till my friend who was honored with top 2 yesterday shot me an email congratulating me. Here I was worried that I didn't play with the design or change things up "enough" ...and to my great surprise, I was picked! Thank you! I was in good company and the workmanship in the hop is outstanding.

  59. Love your Coffee towels and your fantastic adaptation of the AB pattern. Thanks to you, AB, Marlene and Timeless Treasures for a truly memorable Blog Hop. I must confess my strange adoration for TT fabrics and given a table of bolts, I instinctively go for them without knowing who the manufacturer is beforehand-it even surprised me! I love the little pattern you designed for Marlene-I'm jealous, I am also a retired (Home Economics) teacher. I also have to admit to a twinge of sadness at the end of each Blog Hop. While I am addicted to "hopping" I simply don't want it to end because of all the generous and talented quilters in Internet-land that inspire me daily. I am always looking forward to the next BH. Thank you

  60. Sammy your "coffee towels" are wonderful of course...love the bow. :) And I love my wee tot. I actually think she looks like me. :) I can't wait to stitch her up! blessings, marlene

  61. The Tea Towels are PERFECT! Awesome work! Just thought of an idea to embelish....I have a folding out ironing "bag" that opens up flat...with pockets on the front and then straps to carry...you can put your little irons in the pocket and your rulers....anyways, to embellish that would be sweet....there is no end to the art of quilting.....quilting includes my life!!.....Thanks for the HOP till you Drop!!

  62. Love your cross stitch, love your towels. You are SO talented and what a fun and silly blog hop this was..I had such a good time seeing everyone's creations!

  63. Love your coffee towels!!! I wouldn't dare use one for anything but eye candy!!! Thanks for another great blog hop!! All the participants did an awesome job of creating their own Biased Babe!!!

  64. Tea Towels, no Coffee Towels, Just darling! Love all the special touches you put on each one! And Wee Tot Marlene, she is sooooo very cute! Thank you for yet another super fun hop!

  65. Oh Em Gee, your coffee towels are hilarious! LMAO, I don't know you personally, but from the things YOU wrote about yourself these towels are really YOU. Thanks for my chuckle du jour.

    Yet another precious Wee Tot. So darn cute.

  66. You always do such beautiful work. I love the coffee towels! Thanks for all of your work on these fun hops! This one has been great! I can't wait to see what everyone does with Nancy Drew and with the birds hop.

  67. Love your Coffee Towels!!! lol Thanks for this Awesome Hop!!! Have had such fun seein' all the creativity!! Got a few way cooooool ideas for projects too!! (Loooove the sewing machine cover...and am addicted to tote bags!! lol)

  68. Coffee towels! Who else would have thought of such an invention but you, dear Madame Samm. These are so cute! Thank you for a fabulous, funny and funky blog hop. I've loved this one and every day it's brought new smiles! I can't believe the creativeness out there (and the way some quilters' minds work LOL).

  69. Love those towels , what a neat idea and loved those fabric choices too ! This was a real fun blog hop so many creative people with so many ideas ,thanks for everything!

  70. Love the coffee towels.
    Perfect in Chintz and java ( batik and 't-shirt'). Thanks for another wonderful hop.

  71. Love the Java towels! My daughter woul love if I stitched her up your Chic Lady. She love anything fashion!

  72. I have so enjoyed this blog hop! Your coffee towels are wonderful, each one has such splendid fabrics chosen! Thank you for sharing and inspiring. I would love to have a chance to stitch up this fabulous cross stitch pattern. Have a great day!

  73. The coffee towels are fab-U-lous! I think they would make a great hostess gift for a coffee-loving friend.

  74. What a wonderful blog hop...it has been so much fun seeing all the creativity! Love your 'daring' towels...the Java was my favorite.

  75. Great Towels!!! You're so clever. Thanks again so much for this amazing hop...really sad to see it end...but all good things.....GREAT JOB!!!!

  76. I am new to cross stitching the lady looks like a fun challange Thanks for the give away chance Becky

  77. Your coffee towels are so fun! Marlene's drawing is so cute! Love those ringlets, hehe. How great are today's picks. The machine cover with the pocket, you're right, how clever! Yes please, I'd love to be in the running for your chic lady pattern.

    Thank you for a neat giveaway and a chance to win.


  78. In order not to be sad that this ever-so-fun hop is ending I can only look forward to your next venture. You never disappoint Madame Samm and I am grateful for you and your efforts. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  79. Your towels turned out beautifully! Love them! Thank you again for another fantastic blog hop! It's been fun meeting everyone's ladies each day, sad to see this one end. It was so much fun!

  80. I love your coffee towels. They are very creative and awesome to look at.

  81. I laughed when I saw your coffee towels. I get a bit of flack for the towels I have that are 'just for show'!! I need to try a bit of straight talk..."don't touch!!"
    Another marvelous and fun blog, Madame. Can you believe all the different takes on the same pattern. Love it!! Thanks for all the fun.

  82. What a fabulous trio! Love all the details and variation between them. It's been an awesome hop and I'm so grateful for being involved. I'll miss seeing all these great mini-ME's, so may just have to go back and visit a few. Thanks again!

  83. Hi!!! Love your coffee towel ladies!!! That coffee batik is scrumptious!!! Love them all!!! The little Marlene is adorable!!! I love your chic lady too!!! Your talent is amazing!!! Thanks for the fun!!!!

  84. Coffee is my drink of choice as well and I luv luv luv your towels! Great HOP BTW! B-)

  85. Those towels are too, too cute! You just think of everything!

  86. Your coffee towels are fabulous. But what the java took you so long to fall in love with batiks? Thank you for another fun hop. I'd like to be a little biased too!

  87. Towels are great all you ladies have just cracked me hop this hop has been loads of fun Thanks for all you do. Becky

  88. Oh Samm, our little Marlene is so sweet just like grown up Marlene! Thanks for another great blog hop idea and YES, to your question...I DO want the cross stitch pattern. I spent many an hour cross-stitching back in the 80's and I still love it only now I know how to incorporate it into my quilting for more useful items.
    Gmama Jane

  89. your towels are darling. they would be fun to have in the kitchen. Thanks for all you do.

  90. -your coffe-towel ladies are so cute, I´m sure that they looks beautiful in your kitchen. It was a wonderful bloghop, round about 150 fantastic and unique biased ladies, thank you for this great idea!
    Liebe Grüße
    -so glad to see my ME here ☺

  91. Thank you so much for this hop! I didn't sew (sewing deadlines scare me :) )but think I managed to visit most of the artists and it was just a bright spot in my day every day. It's good to laugh!


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