Saturday, February 16, 2013

It's all about ME blog hop..begins on TUESDAY

WE added 2 more days...so it begins on Tuesday ..
here is a recap....

Yes! It's all about ME, but really it is about YOU!

I adore Amy Bradley. ( you can see her latest greatest best here)
I believe she was the very first designer
I came across when I first started quilting.  Upon seeing
her BRAND images....she is all about FUNNY....
I thought "I have got to connect with her..."

She gets me, I get her, we work well together
and wellllll, this is what we came up with....
She did all the work of course, ( I just created the button up there)
 I wanted something we could 
all manipulate into a likeness of us in the future, 
( if you think you don't look anything like HER now....)

Welll just wait...Think of this as a FUTURE YOU....

YOU will get this ladies likeness, with different hairstyles
and pin cushion can be placed, well in a variety of ways...
YOU will see this in AMY's pattern that she designed
with you all in mind for FREE, if you are in our hop...

It is an applique pattern and her instructions are the very best in the industry.
She includes everything, she leaves nothing out....
If ever you wanted to finesse APPLIQUE, this is the hop for you...

You can make her YOU!  floral, stripes, fur, dark glasses, bling on the 
glasses, 3D....wellll I can go and on...but I think you get HER!

 Blog hop will begin on FEBRUARY 19th-28th

And the cheerleader in residence 
who will be leading you in cheer
is also a fine lady with a great sense of humour
who is PERFECT for this...

about the same time as Amy. From the moment I read
her funny come back notes and her blessings salutations...
I just knew we would share many laughs....
And we do. When I told her about this HOP she was quick
to say " I'm IN" 

Our guidelines are always pretty straight forward..

1. Be a cheerleader for all those who participate! 

2. Make your project

3. Take great Photos ( outside when possible are the BEST)

4. Turn off your word verification( if possible just for your day)

5. Be on time, set post for  midnight EST. ( we can help if needed)

6. if you drop out for any reason, YOU will 
be sent a request for payment to Amy for the Pattern... 

7. Be sure the button is on your blog...
If not- you will be discreetly eliminated  from this blog hop 
and all  future blog hops...

 8. Please keep to the theme of our blog hop...
many will cheer for you, for you not trying so hard! 

Big thanks goes out to Amy Bradley for always being
open to anything I seem to come up with....
She is soooooo COOL!  
( we can still say that can't we?)

and to Marlene, for shaking those POM POMs and 
leading us into cheer! 


  1. Grabbin' the button...this will be soooo much fun!!!!

  2. I couldn´t resist this one too. It should be sew fun and I will be sew busy. It is sew fun to play with all the blog hoppers
    Have a nice weekend

  3. You make us really sew! Actually I wanted to take a break but I have to jump in too. This looks like it will be a real funny one!
    Have a great weekend

  4. I'm not going to join in on this one but I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

  5. I have been wanting to do something similar to this and now is my chance!! woo-hoo!!!

  6. Sounds like fun ... can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  7. Sounds like WE are gonna have some fun when the US get the AMY on as MEs.

  8. I wasn't going to join any more hops....no....not for awhile.....but then it's Amy Bradley and I had to. You twisted my arm in the best way!

  9. cool! so we're appliqueing her? neat. count me in

  10. Yes- can hardly wait to start! Can we do Amy's pattern as is and one of our own likeness? AM so excited that I cannot see straight!

  11. You keep us in stitches ;D that's for sure!!!
    I love it! Thank you Amy, Samm and Marlene!
    Girls who know how to have a great time hands down!

  12. me too me too ....looks like sew much fun
    I'll pop over to sign up
    in stitches

  13. Wow, another fun hop! Count me in, I'd love to play along.

  14. Sounds good, look forward to playing along :)

  15. Sounds good, look forward to playing along :)

  16. I sent a message last night just waiting to hear if I made it in. This sounds like lots of fun! I've never done applique before.

    Robin in Washington
    assweetaspeaches hotmail

  17. There you go again, just about the time I catch up on my hop projects, you throw in another one, that I just can't pass up!! LOL!! What are we to do with you! This one looks like tons of fun!

  18. Is this a one time hop or does it go on for months?

  19. Oh what fun!! I've stopped by Marlene's and yay!!!

  20. heehee..such a fun design!! Love it!!

  21. I'm loosing my blog hop lurker status on this one I'm in I've visited Marlene

  22. I just sent Marlene an email. I'm in. I love Amy's designs.

  23. I'M IN!!!Yipee...Squeal!!!!
    Amy is one of my top 3 favorite designers because I love FUNNY and she really gets FUNNY!! And MARLENE is TOP DRAWER if you get my drift!!!
    This may be my favorite Blog Hop yet!!! I can SEW Bling out a Quilting Gmama Diva!!
    Gmama Jane

  24. This should be interesting. I will give it a try. Sign me up.

  25. You know I just came off from a office retreat and I toll them it was "All About Me" so this must be a sign. So sign me up looking forward to seeing me in fabric.

  26. oh yes, please let me join too.
    I love Amy Bradley´s design.
    Liebe Grüße

  27. Ohhhhh I hope you will take the other blogg ladies....
    :::sigh:::: I need my own blog.... I need a secretary too.
    I will email Marlene and ask, beg, plead
    I wanna do this, because I am getting there... and I need to do some applique -- never done it.
    Happy Saturday dear Missie.
    I just sent my current creation abomination to Linda the Sweet.
    Time for more coffee, right?

  28. Just sent Marlene a email, I love Amy Bradley and this will be a lot of fun!

  29. this sounds like so much fun. My email to Marlene is on it's way!

  30. Count me in! This will be soooo much fun!

  31. I'm looking forward to doing an Amy Bradley pattern! Can't wait to get the pattern to get started. I also need to get started on my Nancy Drew project--sew much to quilt, sew little time!

  32. This looks like it will be a hoot. So looking forward to being part of this party.

  33. Please, count me in. Oh, this one is going to be fun...I have so many ideas already. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

  34. How Fun! I just sent Marlene my email...I know she'll send me my PDF first, because, after all "It's all about ME!!!" LOL.

  35. i'm a new blogger (not sewist) and sent Marlene an email and she accepted me! Even commented on my brand new blog (one week old)! Now that's a cheerleader! I am really excited as this is my first blog hop and am so excited to get my creativity brewing. I know I am up against some seasoned (and well marinated) bloggers, quilters, sewists, crafters, etc. This will be a lot of fun for me. I have grabbed the button and am ready to go (just waiting for the pattern)! HI EVERYONE!!!! (Can you tell I'm excited?!?!)

  36. Sew excited! Love Amy Bradley's designs. Can hardly wait for a response back from Marlene.

  37. Sew excited! Love Amy Bradley's designs. Can hardly wait for a response back from Marlene.

  38. Sew excited! Love Amy Bradley's designs. Can hardly wait for a response back from Marlene.

  39. I look forward to watching this one - we are doing something very similar to this in our quilt guild - that's why I am sitting out - booked full for the short month of Feb.


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