Saturday, February 23, 2013

HE needs our HELP! and there are RAFFLE PRIZES to win!

 Meet Dennis McGregor, author, illustrator, songwriter, singer, graphic designer, artist and GRANDPA!

                       This wee tot, looks like he is saying... "is he going to eat me?"
photo of Dennis and his grandson Will! 

Dennis came across my path figuratively speaking during our Wantobe Quilters Campaign in 2011 ( 13 weeks of daily giveaways, remember....LOL)  He submitted quilting cards, mugs, posters and some limited edition art. LUCKY ladies who won! They are all indeed treasures. 

Dennis is well known for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in Oregon. He designs the posters for them...YOU may be familiar with some of these...

Don't you just love this! I love the hands, the stars, 
the quilt of course...well everything.
  Value at $ 500.00 IT COULD BE YOURS! 

And this one too, don't you wish at times you could
travel in a wagon to sell some quilts....?
Ok maybe that is just me...of course I would sell them for COFFEE! 

...Valued at over $1,000.00 it could be yours too! 


Dennis and I have kept our lines open through the many months
and I was thrilled when he reached out to ask ME for assistance...
WELLLLL as I believe NOBODY does anything alone...
I thought why not include YOU too...
I am all about shining the light on others....

Isn't that the roll of a cheerleader...?
WELLLLLL you all are cheerleaders too...

So here is how you can help....

Dennis has created a beautifully written and illustrated 
children's book that will be published in June of this year..
I have read it and I am telling you it is beautiful. 
A great story for the kid in all of us...and being quilters
it is sooooo well illustrated with Dennis' art. ! 

Here is his quote from Dennis about why he wrote this book! 

"The story, set in 1845,  was driven by the notion that every antique quilt in every home today would have some kind of story to tell. I looked at my old quilt and wondered, "What did this quilt go through over the last century and a half before it ended up in my home?"

Dream Again is the story of a family quilt, lost on the Oregon Trail, and a young woman's dedication to getting it back. 

The only thing Annie has to remember her family by is a patchwork quilt made from their worn-out clothes. When the quilt gets lost on the Oregon Trail, an epic story begins.Follow Annie's wild-west adventure from the summer of 1845.

He needs  OUR help for the  COVER DESIGN....

                                        click HERE to cast your vote for favourite book cover. CHECK! 

That will help....then if you want to win a whole lot of RAFFLE prizes go
...HERE you can also win a copy of his book and the above posters as well as many other quilting treasures!  CHECK!

It will take you say- 2.3 minutes .....I think well worth adding your opinion and entering his raffle... Of course in June we will have some books for giveaways too...Right Dennis?  lol

I am so thrilled to share this amazing artist with you all, I am pleased to call Dennis a dear
friend...anyone who wants to eat their grandchildren is a friend of mine lol.

Ohhh let me know which prize RAFFLE you would like to win...

On behalf of Dennis and all our cheerleaders in this lovely quilting world...


ps. this is Hank, he is in the book 
and is just waiting for an audience to read it too!
and here is Oscar  waiting for Hank to begin the story....

                 Oscar the cat is wrapped in the same quilt that is the quilt in the story line.

p.s now really anybody who loves their grandchildren
and dresses up their dog and snuggles their cat in quilts
and writes childrens books
has got to be a friend of yours too! 

My best

Ohhhh and yes I even created a button 
for all of you to put on your blog too!
Let's show him about a community
that really reflects warmth! 

Button is on your top right! 

                                          Winners announced on March 2nd HERE!

             p.s we are away till tuesday, apologies for not replying, we have very intermittent connection 


  1. I voted and looked at his web page and the book looks gorgeous. I know my children would love to read and admire the beautiful pictures. I am now a fan, thanks for introducing me to a great artist.

  2. I voted- lovely illustrations!i especially like the wagon full of quilts-

  3. I voted, beautiful illustrations.

  4. Done and done! This looks like it will be a truly lovely book! I especially like the flag quilt poster. The character he put in her hands is wonderful!

  5. Fantastic opportunity...love having some impact on his cover decision. His work is amazing...thanks for the introduction and the chance to win such gorgeous art...my choice would be the covered wagons...how cool!

  6. I voted too! Thanks for sharing. I love all those illustrations but my favourite are the Seasons of the Quilter's Garden Set, and especially spring. So beautiful.


  7. Good morning! Dennis certainly does interpret the area around Sisters well! I'd love the Seasons of the Quilter's Garden Set - the winter scene makes me smile!

  8. Can't wait for the book to hit the stores, it is on my purchase list and I have voted for my favorite cover!

  9. I have voted and although the choice was very difficult, I would love the "Log Cabin Quilts". Thank you so much!

  10. I voted, thank you for sharing! This book is on my list to purchase for my school library. Looking forward to seeing the book.

  11. Vote is on...book illustrations...awesome. I like the garden lithographs. Quilting and gardening...my favorite hobbies! Thnx.

  12. Fantastic!! The voting was simple....pictures are all wonderful! Can he let us know when and where we can buy them?

  13. WOW! Something so fabulous to wake up to! I have put the button on my blog and voted for my favorite book cover. I also signed up for his newsletter.

    The 2002 poster is so "real" it's as if those hands could reach out and draw you in to that quilt.

    If I were to be so very lucky to win any of the prizes, I would love to own the "2001 Legend of the Nine Patch Horse" poster! I would have it framed and display it in our home so others could enjoy it as well.

    Any of the prizes would put us all over the moon and back!

    Thank you Madame Samm, for bringing Dennis McGregor to us this beautiful snowy morning!

    1. I googled more about him and found his music CD's! Love his blues music!

  14. His artwork is beautiful--it was a tough choice, but I love the floating quilt. This is such a treat to be able to vote for a cover. Love it!

  15. Wow! He is one talented man. His artwork is so beautiful - and I feel really honored to be able to help him & the publishing company choose a book cover (when my husband was choosing the cover for his book I remember how difficult a process it was - the perfect image, right resolution, fonts, etc.)
    I don't think I could choose any one piece from the collection that I would love more than another - they are all spectacular! Thank you for the opportunity to win to the both of you!

  16. I voted - I love the Oregon Trail poster and the Log Cabin QUilts poster, but they are all gorgeous!! Thanks for the intro!!

  17. Voted. I like the flag poster the best....but both are beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to help.

  18. I've always loved his yearly posters for the Sisters Quilt Show, and I think the covered wagons poster you've shown above is my very favorite. Of course I've voted! And am about to add the button to my little blog too. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  19. This is all so cool and to think I don't live but a few hours from Sister OR and I have never been to the quilt show.

    Robin in Washington State
    assweetaspeaches hotmail

  20. Oh yes I know about Dennis. I have been to the Sister's Quilt show several times. My friend lives near there. I have heard Dennis sing with his band in the park in Sisters and love his posters for the quilt show. He was the only poster designer of the Sisters quilt show for several years. Now they have other local artists designing the posters, (on postcards, tee shirts and mugs too). So I am pleased that Dennis has written a book about a quilt and the Oregon Trail too. My grandson will love the book.

  21. Oh my! I'm so glad Dennis needs our help for something good! When I first read that he needed help, I was afraid something might be wrong (illness, accident, etc.)--what a relief that it's not! I was more than happy to do my part and help him in his choice. The book sounds like something I would love to read myself! And his Seasons of the Quilter's Garden set just takes my breath away! What incredibly beautiful work he does!

  22. Love the Covered Wagon poster. Also like the poster with the hand and flag. I went and voted for my favorite cover, I think my grand daughters are going to love this book!

  23. Love, love the Seasons of the Quilters Garden. Dennis does extraordinary work. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait for the book to be released.

  24. I did it all. I love the covered wagons poster. And I hope to be able to buy this book for my grandchildren. Have to awaken a love of quilting in that generation!

  25. Loved both covers but voted for the child and horse, I mean who wouldn't vote for a child and a horse? :) I love the posters too but the covered wagons make me think of my own grandparents who, in the 1930s when covered wagons were mostly gone, made one themselves and traveled across Texas in it. They drew lots of newspaper coverage while traveling but in all honesty they simply couldn't afford another way! blessings, marlene

  26. As a retired Teacher and the last 9 yrs of my 30 yr. career spent as a Reading Specialist/Literary Coach/Curriculum Coach, (I wore many hats), being in on the release of a New Children's Book gives me Goosies!! The fact that the storyline includes quilts is the cream on top and a dog named Hank(my 19 yr. old Border Collie Hank died last October)is the cherry on top!! I'll "Sho' 'nuff" shake my Pom Poms!!! I ADORE good Children's Literature and can't wait to read this book. I hope I can get a signed copy.
    Gmama Jane

  27. I voted and signed up. I love the wagon train poster! Looks like a great book to share!

  28. Both posters are wonderful but I would pick the hands and flag, I believe. I voted and signed up chosing Annie and Grace. Should be an amazing book---that it has quilts in it is good but the story to relate to the Oregon Trail sounds wonderful! What a talented man!

  29. Love the posters! I voted :0)

  30. His artwork is gorgeous! I am anxious to see the book!

  31. I fell in love with that sinking quilt the first time I saw it at the Sisters Quilt Show -- how neat that there's a story behind it!

  32. Have always loved his work and his music! My favorite is the Human Quilt, but must add I would be happy with anything he has done. I told him You sent me!

  33. I love the covered wagon poster. Just moved into a new home and have many empty walls. It would look fabulous on an empty wall.
    Thanks for the great blog and the fabulous giveaway.

  34. You do realize that being a former teacher and a quilter and a grandmother to two darling grand-daughters, I will have to buy this book if I don't win it. My favorite cover is the quilt with the wagon wheels.

  35. I love the Season's of the Quilters Garden set. They are so detailed and very beautiful.

  36. I'm excited about the book since I'm a teacher who occasionally has to teach about the Oregon Trail. I'd love an autographed copy of the book!


  37. Added the button to my blog and voted. What an exciting way to launch a book!! Have to pick the 2002 Poster for two reasons. One, I'm a Veteran (US Army)and two, I enjoy crazy quilting. Thanks to both of you for the opportunity to participate in picking out the cover!

  38. I voted and love the covered wagon poster.

  39. His work is so beautiful! I love the covered wagon poster the best and voted and voted!

  40. I voted. The covered wagon poster is my favorite. All of his artwork is beautiful. How adorable is Dennis' grandson? Look at those chubby cheeks. Have to also mention the pictures of Hank and Oscar. So very cute.

  41. Wow. I had no idea. I'm so glad you posted about him and his gorgeous work. I really love it. Even if I'm not lucky enough to win, I want to get at least one of his prints for my home. I know just the place I would put it.

  42. Done and Done! :) His work is gorgeous, look forward to seeing the book.

  43. Voted! His work is terrific. Hard to choose a favorite. I'd be happy with any of his works. Looking forward to reading his book.

  44. I like the 2nd poster the best. I voted, but, I'm not sure it worked, since I still haven't received the email to confirm that was supposed to be sent. Oh well.

  45. I love the Seasons of the Garden prints, but really everything is lovely.

  46. Rosemary B here today:
    I voted.
    I love the second poster with the wagons covered in quilts.
    Reminds me of when I used to make a covered wagon in our back yard with my little girls and we would pretend we were pioneers. lots of blankies and pillows and snacks.
    This looks like a superb book!! I love that dawg with the glasses and the kitty of course. Nothing like a kitty on a quilt.
    Happy Day Missie Samm

  47. This is very good quilting and i love the fabric you have used in making quilt, very nice post. keep it up.
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  48. -this book sounds really nice, I can´t wait to read it, even if I don´t have grandchildren yet...
    I made my vote and I´ll take the html-code to my sidebar.
    I just love the 2. poster with the quiltwagons, so romantic!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Liebe Grüße

  49. This book will be a wonderful read to share with my grandchildren...thanks for the heads up Madame Samm

  50. I voted! I would love to read this book. The posters and illustrations are beautiful!

  51. I lived in Portland Oregon for a while and I regret that I never made it to the Sisters quilt show. Love the idea of the book. But I would also love to win one of the posters. LOL

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. Had to re-enter my comment to add....I voted and posted the button!
    Patriot's Needle is so beautiful....sigh. The Seasons set is too. You are so right, Madame, anyone who has that much fun with his pets and his grands is alright by me! LOL He is indeed such a wonderful part of our community. Thank you, for the heads up, and thanks to Dennis for letting us participate! :)

  54. His work is stunning! I cannot wait to read his book!

  55. How wonderful that Dennis has written a book - his work is so amazing!

  56. Love his artwork and the book sounds like a keeper.

  57. Love the artwork and the fact that there is another book out there about the Oregon Trail for kids. I had a hard time finding them when my kids were small. As a collector of children's books, I am looking forward to adding this one to my collection and getting a few more to give as gifts. The illustrations are outstanding.

  58. I love books and will look forward to purchasing Dennis's book. I really love the poster from the Sisters Quilts Show 2002.

  59. Beautiful art. I voted & the 1994 poster is my favorite.

  60. I voted. I have seen some of illustrations before and I love them.

  61. I love his style of art! I especially love the Oregon Trail and Log Cabin works. Takes me back to my pioneer ancestors.


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