Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 7 It's all about me with Amy Bradley and Timeless Treasures as our Sponsors

I love DESIGNERS who love HUMOUR...
Amy Bradley  is one of those designers who is filled with humour
and it spills out in all of her creations.
For the next few days, we all will be peeking
at   APPLIQUÉS using Amy's Pattern created for just this hop
about ME, no about  YOU !

These "ladies" will reflect their humour, their imagination,
and their  funny side....

JOIN us will you, be cheerleaders, there is nothing
like raising your poms poms for others...
There is nothing like bringing a smile or two to 
those who go into their sewing spaces day after day 
and create for OUR entertainment.

And Marlene from Stitchin by the Lake is still leading
us into our second week...
 She is also filled with humour, laughter, smiles
and most of all heart...

Today she has gathered these amazing sweet creators...
Get your poms poms and let's here it for them...

And Timeless Treasures and Amy Bradley have come together
for this lovely package...3 of you will win..

#1 top 3 of the day ( 1 out of all the 3's will win)
#2 all those who contributed ( 1 will win)
#3 those who leave comments... ( 1 will win)
( winners announced at the end of the hop)

 Top 2 today...

This lady took us to the beach...Just filled with a sense of wit and creativity..
Love her floral print and her wee towel and sandals...there is a lot of
detail and she certainly made it HER! 

and this Lady brought along a lot of lilac and red...great combo
and for her first blog hop and new to appliqué, she did a fine job in capturing our


And this lady never disappoints us...look at the details, florals, tape,
mini quilt, even a name tag....Yes her sky blue and border print
makes this one just a delightful pic for our most creative! 

EACH day you can view all the creations on our PINTEREST board..
that is on the top right! 

If you are enjoying this pattern that was made especially for this blog hop..
Amy has this Quilters Yearbook for us all in an electronic version...
I just purchased it ...I am thinking  this would be great for a future hop..
What do you think ladies ? Should we do this in the FALL?

Our Best


  1. Great idea Mdm Samm! Reminds me of the child's books split in 3 sections, and as you turn the bottom part the legs of a figure change, turn the top part and their head changes. It would be fun to see all the different creations :*)

  2. Oh some good laughters today too. I have enjoyed the women today and waiting for some more who haven´t published yet.
    See you tomorrow !!!

  3. Great choices Madame Samm but I would not like to have your job on who to pick...lol

  4. Super choices, but don't know how you narrowed it down!! What a fun blog hop!

  5. Once again your top picks are mine. But they are all terrific projects. Eveyone has been so creative. Nice to see so many versions of the same pattern. Another great way to start my daywith this blog hoppin.

  6. So wonderfully creative and sure glad I wasn't on the "picking committee." Thanks, Samm, for all you do for all of us. Judy C in NC

  7. Love the top picks, especially all the detail that went into the "most creative". Wonderful bunch of creative ladies.

  8. Rosemary b here:
    Good morning every one.
    Goodness, the top picks are marvelous. I better get hopping
    have a great day ladies!

  9. wow..I picked the same two as you..but..would never have dreamed of being included..you certainly made my day! thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this hop. wow. I will be smiling all day long now.LOL

  10. After this morning, I'm ready for a cruise to tropical places! How fun!

  11. There were some pretty funny posts this morning and great creations...a wonderful way to start my morning.

  12. Today's hoppers shined like new money!!! Loved them all!!

  13. Great jobs by all. I liked the bags and the book cover.

  14. I am thrilled for my friend (in real life) as well as a fellow blogger pal--being picked in the top two today. She may be smiling all day but I am smiling FOR her. I know how much of a stretch this was for her since she is a liberated quilter and thought she had to stick to the existing pattern more. We both did. Fun, fun projects---all.

  15. I loved those 2 beach ladies, especially the beach scene photographed in the snow, lol!

  16. Thank you, thank you. You have made my day. I had so much fun working on my "me". I have had a ball checking them out each day. What an awesome group of quilters. Yes, I think we could do the yearbook from Amy too.

  17. great designs! I can't decide if I like the bag with marishio cherries (my spoolish art) or the team spirit at Sewn Seabees

  18. This hop has been sew much fun! Everyone has had such great ideas.

  19. For anyone that was on this morning when I was here both SewnSeabees and Nini's has their post up...just thought you might want to know...

  20. I love seeing everyone's funny side. It's great to see so many different takes on the subject.

  21. Some very colorful and cute projects today.

  22. Another fabulous day of hopping and being inspired by uber creative versions of Ms. Biased. Thank you very much for your efforts Madame Samm. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  23. Great picks today! All of the little extras on the Most Creative one are so fun. Looking good ladies!

  24. Fabulous top 2 and Most Creative. I want to go on a Quilting Cruise now!!!!

  25. These have been so cute and humorous today! I really got caught up in reading about the quilting cruise as I've been on a couple of cruises, and would love to do a quilting cruise some day.
    Thanks for a fun time seeing all of these creations!

  26. These are great, (all of them have been great) I love the lady with the Hawaiian shirt on, years ago my hubby had some of these shirts for when we went on holiday, every time he wore them it rained so he threw them away!

  27. I have participated and enjoyed so many of your hops but this one was awesome I have not smiled and laughed out loud like this in such a long time it seems the poor ladies must think I'm crazy in my comments Thank-you so much for all the fun you provide and all the hard work you and the others put into it.Really thanks again Becky


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