Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 6 of Its all about Me blog hop with Amy Bradley and Timeless Treasures as our sponsors

I love DESIGNERS who love HUMOUR...
Amy Bradley  is one of those designers who is filled with humour
and it spills out in all of her creations.
For the next few days, we all will be peeking
at   APPLIQUÉS using Amy's Pattern created for just this hop
about ME, no about  YOU !

These "ladies" will reflect their humour, their imagination,
and their  funny side....

JOIN us will you, be cheerleaders, there is nothing
like raising your poms poms for others...
There is nothing like bringing a smile or two to 
those who go into their sewing spaces day after day 
and create for OUR entertainment.

And Marlene from Stitchin by the Lake is still leading
us into our second week...
 She is also filled with humour, laughter, smiles
and most of all heart...

Today she has gathered these amazing sweet creators...
Get your poms poms and let's here it for them...

And Timeless Treasures and Amy Bradley have come together
for this lovely package...3 of you will win..

#1 top 3 of the day ( 1 out of all the 3's will win)
#2 all those who contributed ( 1 will win)
#3 those who leave comments... ( 1 will win)
( winners announced at the end of the hop)

 Top 2 today...

( my apologies for just getting this up,
I just got in after being away on a business trip)

SISTERS sisters, truly a cute pillow....the sizing of them was done very well....
or the wee one was some distance from her sister..giving her space...lol

OHHH this is very abstract....very deep in colours, designs and ATTITUDE....lol

and most CREATIVE

And I presume this is MAMA Z a very cool liking to the creators character for 
her summer camp I believe. Her dress seemed to match her too...
An absolute delight for most creative today...

"This is Mama Z "

EACH day you can view all the creations on our PINTEREST board..
that is on the top right! 

If you are enjoying this pattern that was made especially for this blog hop..
Amy has this Quilters Yearbook for us all in an electronic version...
I just purchased it ...I am thinking  this would be great for a future hop..
What do you think ladies ? Should we do this in the FALL?

Our Best


  1. each day has brought such a variety of this "pattern"...it has been such fun

  2. The hoppers kept a smile on my face this morning!

  3. Rosemary B here: I am almost half way through and loving what I see so far!
    Happy Snappy Tuesday

  4. Having way too much fun - thank you for the humor of your contributors:)

  5. I couldn't find the first one on the list. Also one of them had you make comments on their FB page. I hope this also counts for the comments on each blog. This is great fun.

  6. Oh, this has been such a fun hop!! I love the personalities of each design. I'd love to see a quilter's yearbook hop - I'm chuckling to myself thinking of all my quilty friends stylized in this manner into one quilt... Yeah. Off to see about purchasing that Epattern! Thanks honey!

  7. Almost everyone showed up today. The gals are doing a good job today.

  8. I am right there with you Deonn I have already purchased it and I am already thinking of who would look good with this or that.....

    Madame Samm this blog hop has made me smile almost every early morning...thanks for bringing it into our world and Marlene thank you for cheering it on..

  9. Love what is shown today. Stitches of love will only let you comment via FB, which I don't do.

  10. Just another FYI: Pat Sloan has her projected posted today, but I didn't see her in your list. She asked me to let you know.

  11. The personalities of the quilters really come out with Amy's pattern. So much fun.

  12. Looking at these projects has been the highlight of my day these last few days. Since I didn't participate, I think I'm going to have to make a "me" of my own! So much fun!

  13. This day has also been a day with several big smiles on my face.

  14. Hope you had time to catch your breath, Madam Samm! I just got back from an eye doc appt and HAD to finish up my hopping in spite of dilation! (I started early this morning before I had to leave for quilt group followed by the appt---hooked I tell you, hooked!)

  15. Congrats! Great choices! Its been a great Blog Hop Day!

  16. Great projects...mamma z is stunning.

  17. Oh yes I'm ready for the yearbook bloghop and my blogpost i ready too.
    Great choises today, mama z is so cool :-)

  18. Ohhhhhhhh I laughed so much this morning looking at these....great choices! love how you posted the bag and picture to match....lol. She is wonderful!!!!

  19. I have followed every single participant and have yet to see any two Ms. Biased that are alike. I adore how everyone has personalized theirs. This is truly a blast of a hop. Thank You!!! Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  20. Todays top picks were definitely fun and creative. Great job to all the participants so far.I look farward every day to going to everyones blog to see their project. It is a great way to start the day.conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  21. It's been another incredible day of talented ladies! I loved them all, but the pillow is really special.

  22. Another inspiring day of blog hopping ... and ready for more... :-) Pat

  23. All so beautiful today! Hope your quick trip allowed you some time to relax. :)

  24. These were my favourites too! I could see a whole family pillow. Would just be a bit hard, as I would need to make 5 men! LOL!

  25. Great projects today! Not to be nit picky but wasn't Pat Sloan on the list today? :-)


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