Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 5 of Its all about ME with Amy Bradley and Timeless Treasures as sponsors

I love DESIGNERS who love HUMOUR...
Amy Bradley  is one of those designers who is filled with humour
and it spills out in all of her creations.
For the next few days, we all will be peeking
at   APPLIQUÉS using Amy's Pattern created for just this hop
about ME, no about  YOU !

These "ladies" will reflect their humour, their imagination,
and their  funny side....

JOIN us will you, be cheerleaders, there is nothing
like raising your poms poms for others...
There is nothing like bringing a smile or two to 
those who go into their sewing spaces day after day 
and create for OUR entertainment.

And Marlene from Stitchin by the Lake is still leading
us into our second week...
 She is also filled with humour, laughter, smiles
and most of all heart...

Today she has gathered these amazing sweet creators...
Get your poms poms and let's here it for them...

Monday, February 25

And Timeless Treasures and Amy Bradley have come together
for this lovely package...3 of you will win..

#1 top 3 of the day ( 1 out of all the 3's will win)
#2 all those who contributed ( 1 will win)
#3 those who leave comments... ( 1 will win)
( winners announced at the end of the hop)

 Top 2 today...

This made us chuckle...."well , ain't you something" seemed like the perfect
logo for her T and those pants...wellll yes you can't help but feel blessed
we had this lady on today lol 

This lady is known for her dog Wilson, and what a great addition to her lovely piece...
this was a popular hairstyle it must be the year of the dog...I meant bob lol


And this lady made a Warhol piece and she captured the message perfectly
"DIFFERENT" can win....This Lady across our ocean always brings
creative and whimsical tones to her work! 

EACH day you can view all the creations on our PINTEREST board..
that is on the top right! 

If you are enjoying this pattern that was made especially for this blog hop..
Amy has this Quilters Yearbook for us all in an electronic version...
I just purchased it ...I am thinking  this would be great for a future hop..
What do you think ladies ? Should we do this in the FALL?

Our Best

p.s. I am away till late tomorrow....
if you don't hear from me, it is because I could not get connected in my travels...


  1. Quilters yearbook looks like it would be so fun!

  2. Another great day of "ME's" - thank goodness it's Monday...I've been having withdrawals...really gonna hate seeing this 'sew much fun blog hop' end!

  3. Hi The link to Quilt Doodles seems to be wrong.... http://quiltdoodledesigns.blogspot.com

    Happy quilting!

  4. Well.. I stalked Cindy all over the hop this morning so I might as well stalk her here too... lol

    I think I commented under her on every blog. :)

    Fabulous lots of little ladies up this morning! This hop has been super fun!

  5. I just bought my pdf of the Quilter's Yearbook. So I would love to do it as a fall blog hop. I'll be back later to see what your top picks of the day are. I get up early on Monday and Tuesday to babysit my grandson.

  6. Rosemary B here:
    Happy Monday! and More All About Me jollification!


    1. WOW when i hit publish the top 2 and most creative popped up
      Oh how lovely! I love all 3

  7. After my comment, the page updated and I see the top picks now. Yes those were all fun ones.

  8. Lurkers would think us quilters are a funny looking bunch of ladies! How fun!!!

  9. Great way to start each morning!! Fun choices!

  10. Just another day of fun and creative pictures. I had so fun as usually.

  11. Another fun filled morning Madame Samm.....we are such a creative group.

  12. Thanks for another fun day seeing everyone's work!

  13. Ohhhh Quilters Yearbook looks like fun!

    This hop has been fun, creative, whimsical.
    Quilters Yearbook would be wonderful as well.

  14. I always miss the fun over the weekends. It's such a fun way to start the morning with a few chuckles.

  15. Lots more laughs today. Great way to start the day. Thanks

  16. I like the idea of using the "Yearbook" for another hop! Actually, when I saw the pattern, thought about you.

  17. I could barely wait for the weekend to be over just so I could see what today's group was up to! More smiles for what looks like a gloomy day in my neck of the woods. What could be better?

  18. Great projects today. This has been such a fun filled hop.

  19. Lots more smiles today, I knew that dog was Wilson, I recognized him right away and I love the blue jeans on the one lady too. I think the yearbook would be a fun hop, especially for those in quilt groups. They could make all their friends.

  20. Another great day. Thanks to all the gals for the smiles today.

  21. Oh my goodness, Thank you so much for featuring my blue jean lady, I'm so excited.
    Ronda from Mountaindelights.

  22. I really enjoyed all of the ladies today. That Andy Warhol one was fun!

  23. Great picks and wonderfully creative offerings. Judy C in NC

  24. I missed this hop, unfortunately. But I did purchase the pattern and hope you have a hop in the future with it. I am now trying to check every ones out in this hop. They all look GREAT!

  25. Wow! Thank you so much for featuring my rendition on Wilson and I. What a lovely surprise! I've enjoyed seeing all of the 'ladies'. It's been sooooo much fun so far.

    Happy quilting!

  26. Hi!!! Wow!! Another fun and wonderful day at the hop!!! Then is start to hear the them song for American Bandstand!!! At the hop!!! Thanks for all the laughter!!!!

  27. I exhausted, it took me about 4 houer to cach up an visit all the participants in the bloghop, it was a great fun!

  28. Another great display of talent on the hop today! I love them all!

  29. Great pieces also today! It is such a fun time to hop!


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