Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 4 of It's All about Me, with Amy Bradley and Timeless Treasures as Sponsors!

I love DESIGNERS who love HUMOUR...
Amy Bradley  is one of those designers who is filled with humour
and it spills out in all of her creations.
For the next few days, we all will be peeking
at   APPLIQUÉS using Amy's Pattern created for just this hop
about ME, no about  YOU !

These "ladies" will reflect their humour, their imagination,
and their  funny side....

JOIN us will you, be cheerleaders, there is nothing
like raising your poms poms for others...
There is nothing like bringing a smile or two to 
those who go into their sewing spaces day after day 
and create for OUR entertainment.

And Marlene from Stitchin by the Lake will be leading us all 
into cheer. She is also filled with humour, laughter, smiles
and most of all heart...

Today she has gathered these amazing sweet creators...
Get your poms poms and let's here it for them...

Friday, February 22

A Little Bit of Lorene

And Timeless Treasures and Amy Bradley have come together
for this lovely package...3 of you will win..

#1 top 3 of the day ( 1 out of all the 3's will win)
#2 all those who contributed ( 1 will win)
#3 those who leave comments... ( 1 will win)
( winners announced at the end of the hop)

 Top 2 today...

Don't you just love that border and her DRESS and that smile...Ohhh I see the earrings
too....Yes even quilted...yes a delight she is....

 Take a closer look at this ladies....her button in her hair, the buttons on her dress,
the two tone dress, and RED, BLACK AND RED, you can never go wrong..
And yes I did note that barn wood...Amazing how it POPS out your WORK...

( this is a first, where 1 creator won both top 2 and most creative...
you JUDGE) 

And yes today is a first of any of our blog hop creations...
Where the same creator being YOU, my dear,  won both top 2 and most creative..
ALL you were missing were  some POM POMS ---WAIT----...we provide those..
shaking them for you for most CREATIVE...
Yes the extra details rim around her glasses her Marshall sign...
all noted! 

( To all of YOU who created this week...BRAVO,
you encouraged us, you made us smile 
and the YOU you brought forward
brought out many shaking pompoms! 
We are filled with GRATITUDE) 

EACH day you can view all the creations on our PINTEREST board..
that is on the top right! 

If you are enjoying this pattern that was made especially for this blog hop..
Amy has this Quilters Yearbook for us all in an electronic version...
I just purchased it ...I am thinking  this would be great for a future hop..
What do you think ladies ? Should we do this in the FALL?

See you all on Monday...we still have a few days more! 

Our Best


  1. Another great blog hopping day of fabulous quilty inspiration! I was just looking at that sampler pattern on Lorene's site and thinking ... "Hmmm ... that's a cute one!" ... Sew I would be in ... :-) Pat

  2. After walking my brother´s dog and feeding the parrots I have had an hour surfing and enjoying all the interpretations of all the creative women.
    It has also been a great blog hopping day today and now I am going to amuse me with my quilt. The portrait of me is nearly done, but I must be back in my sewing room to make the last finishing of me, so this will wait until Monday morning. Three more days with the dog and the big parrots to go.

  3. YAY!!! I am here before you post top 3... I must cheer for the ROLL TIDE lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!! :) (hope I didn't holler too loud) hehe

    I am loving this blog hop! Everyone has really stepped up to the plate and created fantastic little ladies!!!

  4. Ohhh I love both of your self portraits and I am sure you are as cute as your first one....which I adore....but YOUR NEW ME or YOU is a hoot...love that border too. ( this is for Lorene our first blogger, I could not see her word verification to leave her a comment on her blog)

    Please ladies if you desire comments, many of us can not see word verification and you will miss on even more comments... TURN OFF for the day!

  5. What a wonderful assortment of talent and creativity - love them all. Judy C in NC

  6. I'm honored !! I had a BLAST making my Collegiate Babes!!
    Gmama Jane

    1. Hooray for you----top 2 and most creative!

    2. Well, you had me at ROLLLLLL TIDE!!!!!!!!

      From one southern belle to another! Sweet Home Alabama!

  7. I am so glad Jane won. I think she was the first blogger I followed when I learned you COULD follow. Y'all have a great weekend, I'll be back on Monday to see more of y'all.

  8. Rosemary B here:
    Oh I love the top three today.
    Superb creativity!

    Yes, the yearbook idea is hilarious.
    Happy Friday Sweet Quilting friends!

  9. Great choices! I can see why two picks came from the same blog....they're wonderful!

  10. I'm still chuckling over the Roll Tide lady! I have some friends on the east coast who would LOVE to have that bag, I'm sure!!!
    Lots of cute ideas today!

  11. Loving this Hop -- but every time I read your blog (ahem, every day, that is) you have me adding MORE THINGS to my wanna do list!

  12. This is so fun. I'm going to be in big trouble if I keep coming back and looking at these hops! I don't have enough in my fabric fund jar!

  13. I have purchased my e pattern and am on board for fall, spring, summer, all seasons. This hop is just a scream! I think a big showing of all our crazy quilt friends is in order!

  14. What a hilarious, great idea! We all need a great laugh and more inspiration to sew! Thanks!

  15. Another fun day!! I always love to see the talent out there.

  16. Thanks Madame Samm for leading us off with a fun filled week of getting a chance to know a little bit about our blogging friends it has been loads of fun. And yes I think a fallish yearbook is a great idea! Have a great weekend...

  17. what a fun hop! I have visited every one of them so far!
    great job ladies, really great job!

  18. Been "sew" busy hopping around today. What wonderful and creative people in blogdom...Such a great variety of interpeting this project. conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  19. Great fun projects. Thanks Samm and Marlene for all the inspiration...my to do list is getting longer and longer. lol

  20. Woowser, just when you think you have seen the best, it keeps getting better! Off to get the e pattern!

  21. This week has been fun! So many personalities come out with the work....mine is next week....:)

  22. Hi!!! These have been four wonderful days of fun!!! So much artistic creativeness!!! Thanks for the laughter!!!

  23. My friend would have a fit over the Roll Tide lady! Too cute! I hope I can participate in one of these some day.

  24. Great choices. This grandma rocks! Love her ME's too! Amazing how special and different everyones is! Just cute and so much to laugh and smile!! Can't wait for the second part of the hop!

  25. I just got Amy's Quilter's Yearbook! Told her that you sent me, of course.

  26. Another day of fun and giggles. Everyone is knocking it out of the park.

  27. Another dya day with gorgeous and fun projects.Thanks for the fun!

  28. This hop is the highlight of my days and nights and I am blown away with all the creative versions of Ms. Biased. Thank you sew very much for your hard work. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  29. Sew fun! Yes, the Yearbook in the fall would be great!

  30. What a kick these pieces have been. How fun!

  31. Another great line up of creations. I'm having a fun time hopping around to see all the fun ladies.

  32. -lovely ladies, each and every one!
    I just brought the yearbook-pattern *smile*


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