Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DAY 2 OF IT'S ALL ABOUT ME BLOG HOP with Amy Bradley and Timeless Treasures as Sponsors!

I love DESIGNERS who love HUMOUR...
Amy Bradley  is one of those designers who is filled with humour
and it spills out in all of her creations.
For the next few days, we all will be peeking
at   APPLIQUÉS using Amy's Pattern created for just this hop
about ME, no about  YOU !

These "ladies" will reflect their humour, their imagination,
and their  funny side....

JOIN us will you, be cheerleaders, there is nothing
like raising your poms poms for others...
There is nothing like bringing a smile or two to 
those who go into their sewing spaces day after day 
and create for OUR entertainment.

And Marlene from Stitchin by the Lake will be leading us all 
into cheer. She is also filled with humour, laughter, smiles
and most of all heart...

Today she has gathered these amazing sweet creators...
Get your poms poms and let's here it for them...

Wednesday, February 20

And Timeless Treasures and Amy Bradley have come together
for this lovely package...3 of you will win..

#1 top 3 of the day ( 1 out of all the 3's will win)
#2 all those who contributed ( 1 will win)
#3 those who leave comments... ( 1 will win)
( winners announced at the end of the hop)

Our top 2 today 

How possible is it to overlook this one... " I LOVE BLOG HOPS" a personalized button and the details that she added from other blog hops in her designs was worth noting...

We can always count on something that will MOOSE you over with this lady...
" I MOOSED BE BIASED" is filled with humour...and even if you are
not crazy about anything "MOOSE". This lady will MOOSE into your heart. lol 

and our most CREATIVE....

 wait till you see the detail in all of her 
BE-MUSED reflections of herself. 
She is everything CREATIVE time and time again..

EACH day you can view all the creations on our PINTEREST board..
that is on the top right! 

Our Best


  1. This blog hop really makes me smile :) Looking forward to the next days to get more smiles.
    Perhaps I should join a blog hop soon :)

    1. Ohhh I get it ..this was for May..when the just do it came in my inbox...I thought what .....lol

  2. The entries today have made me laugh and smile several times. A good thing in this cold and snowy Sweden. The creativity is overwhelming and I have enjoyed this blog hop very much and am looking forward to every day.

  3. They all brought a smile to my face. I can just imagine each lady giggling while she was designing herself with fabric. :)

  4. SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! (Imagine hands flapping to complete that picture....) These were all so great, I just love them all!

  5. Another whimsical and creative and wonderful day of blog hopping and learning all about my creative quilty friends ... thanks! :) pat

  6. Madame Samm I could not agree with you more...they are wonderful....

  7. I loved the Bee Dazzeled, Bee Hind and Bee Wildered - I think she knocked it out of the park. And it is so me:)

  8. It's always fun to see what people come up with using one pattern. There's so many creative people out there! I'm off to a board meeting, but I'd rather be sewing away in my quilt room. :O)

  9. Good morning Samm. This projects are sure a lot of fun to go and view!! Have a great day.

  10. Rosemary B here: Happy Wednesday! This hop has provided a lot of laughs and smiles. What fun.

  11. The creativity is outstanding and broadens all our horizons with so much inspiration. So many were very worthy this day. Thanks from Judy C in NC.

  12. Wow so many things that I saw and never even thought to do. I love getting ideas from others.

  13. LOL I don't know how you got my picture in the Be-Wildered block

  14. Another wonderful day of blog hopping! Great, deserving picks for today!

  15. Great choices for today. There are so many great "me's"!!!

  16. So much fun. I am getting a real kick out of this hop.

  17. I think this is a hoot! I am sending this blog link to a friend who loves to do small projects with embellishments...maybe she will be inspired to make a "mini me"....

  18. I love them all. The gals are doing a good job.

  19. What a wonderful variety of ideas today!

  20. Great projects. I love the most creative. I really think her bewildered is actually me though...Anotehr great day of hops.conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  21. I haven't even looked at any of the creations today, but you're picks today are wonderful. I love with the one you picked for most creative. This blog hop is so much fun. I'm off to visit today's bloggers.

  22. Hihihi ... they are WONDERFUL !!!

  23. Thank you sew very much Madame Samm. I am totally enjoying this uber fun hop. The various versions of Miss Biased are amazing. No two are close. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

  24. Love quilt blogs and fabric giveaways.

  25. I just love seeing all of these creative minds. If people think quilters are boring, they are nuts! LOL

  26. I'm back online! Thank you so much for picking me today! There were so many really cute ones today!

  27. Hi!! This hop is amazing!!! Sew much fun and creativity!!! Thanks for the laughter!!!

  28. What a fun evening to visit all the great blogs and wonderful picks today!

  29. Great choices! I am glad I don't have to choose! This is hard work! And so much fun!

  30. Loving All The Winners, but we all are really!!! Go Girls!

  31. Well it is Sunday and I finally am caught up on Day 2. Now I'm off to see what the Wednesday ladies created. This hope is full of chuckles. Thanks for brightening my day.

  32. I love your hops so many new blogs to discover and an extra giveaway from the creators for leaving deserved comments is extra genorous Thank you so much for all the fun Becky


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