Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DAy 2 of Hugs and Kisses with Clothworks as our Sponsor!

It does not matter if you celebrate VALENTINES  day or not...
I think you would most certainly agree, our world could 
use more hugs and kisses..

So join us for DAY 2 of embracing
our creators of HUGS AND KISSES anything and everything...

is our cheerleader in residence..
Go to the Hugs and Kisses button, you will see the whole schedule there...
She has so much heart, and besides she insisted on doing this hop...lol
So without further ado....

This HOP filled up in less than 2 hours and we 
accepted only these 50 CREATORS...

They will certainly fill your souls this week with HEART...

Here are todays ladies with plenty of HUGS AND KISSES to share. 

                                      Tuesday February 12th

Our top 2 today are ....

Welllllll how could we possibly overlook this creative piece....
YEP everything is RIGHT ON about this one...! 

And this one....welllllll what can you say, this lady never disappoints us, look at all those colourful
pieces...love the fabric choices...

                                 And most CREATIVE Project....

and this one...wellllll we are such RUFFLE lovers it was hard
not to go all mushy over this one..and her stitching is perfect..
now is that a heart in the corner there...? I think it is...

At the end of the week, all those who were in our top 3 will
be eligible for our top 3 bundles from 

and this is what we will be giving away..

Sue Zipkin is the designer * here is her blog
with her new
HUG ME collection...

I  hugged this collection after I took the photo!
I may have kissed it too...it is just lovely! 


  1. Someone really needs to come up with a method to stop time so that we will all have enough time to create these wonderful inspiring projects! Thanks for encouraging our creative drive!

  2. Just finished hopping today and I have to say... everyone set the bar high... So high, I couldn't get my leg up high enough to get over it. lol

    Great inspiring projects ladies!

  3. Aww, you're so sweet to put my little ruffles on here...thanks! The little girl was such a treat to sew. Everyone has certainly stepped up and created some amazing projects.

  4. I have just finished hopping around for day 2 of this. Love all the projects. Once again it is just amazeing how many talented folks their are out their. I loved all of them . The flower hearts in the jar was also amazeing even though it wasn't chosen for todays top picks. conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  5. Love the Top three today! Those are all my favorites too! All the projects have been super wonderful!!!! Hugs and Kisses!

  6. Oh these our wonderful picks. Congratulation ladies! I am off to hop!

  7. Rosemary B here: perfect choices for the top 3. This is a very fun hop.
    I am going to finish my visits after I get back from running around town this morning.
    Happy Tuesday everyone

  8. I love the all projects! Congratulation ladies! I love the twister! Have a nice day!

  9. Awwwwwwwwe thanks girls!!! This has been such a wonderfully fun hop. I love being here with all of you. Thank you so very much!!!!

  10. Hard to pick a favorite. Have to agree with an earlier comment as to there there isn't enough time to do all these wonderful projects!

  11. I really love all the projects! I don't think I could choose just one. Today was wonderful! I got to visit all the sites very fast. They were all wonderful. Thanks for all your hard work as always.

  12. Another fun day hopping and so many wonderful projects! Thanks so much for showing my Twisting Heart here!

  13. So many gorgeous projects....don't know how you pick three!
    So much creativity in these bloggers, eh!?!

  14. Such fun projects! I love them all. And red is my favorite color :) Thanks so much for all you do to make this possible :)

  15. Great projects again today, and your picks were my favorites!

  16. Great projects and these picks are right on with the creativity shinning through. What about those ruffles, Samm - should have made you smile real big. Thanks for all you do and to our wonderful Clothwork's sponsor for providing the candy. Judy C in NC

  17. Your picks were spot on.....congrats ladies!

  18. I loved Carol's ruffles too. All such creative ideas to keep us trying new things.


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