Sunday, February 24, 2013

BLOG HOPs..... Why-Who-What-When-Where-Want


This was a gift from Dawn, ( I adore it)  I think she thinks I love coffee...
ALBEIT I DO....so first some coffee....or your favourite beverage..
This is a wall hanging...not a mug rug....it is fairly large...
it could be a table topper, but I don't think I would want anyone to spill
on me lol

I get a lot of mail, many of you would be surprised to hear it is in the thousands per day, some weeks, my inbox has seen over 100,000 emails... ( we have a lot of subscribers on top of our followers)  I SEE them, I don't always get to everyone. Sadly it is true. But I do have a great system to answer many newbies and important messages.... I do speed read, so I can get  through hundreds per minute. I open multiple windows on 3 screens and I work my fingers like chicken pecking at their feed. lol

I am going to try to answer some of the questions I get about blog hops...are you ready? 

As you well know we are primarily a blog hop blog, which means twice a month we have themed blog hops. We take on 100 participants for each hop. 40% on average are newbies to our hops. We love the variety. We love the inspiration. We love your creations. Each blog has a list of participants that link to the next blog. Hence the name- blog hop. WE try to keep it to 10-13 participants a day and usually our blog hops are about 8-10  days in length. WE also try to have at least a few days break in between each hop. ( so I can get caught up in homework wink)  I am studying, digital, vector and textile design! I am in my 2nd year of 4!

WHY blog hops? 

As my husband put in one day, it is like a  global quilting bee from the comfort of your home. I think he explained it better than I could, so I am going to stick with that...WE are a global quilting BEE. It works for me, I get more done without leaving the comfort of my home.

What I love about blog hops, is we get to shine the light on others. WE get to cheer -all those who create. We have an opportunity to highlight a newcomer who may very well be our next new designer out there....SEE everyone really wins! By the way that is YOU, I am referring to!

WHO comes up with the themes?

I do, Mdm Samm, albeit I am inspired by all of you, but really they just pop in my head, I usually come up with a tag line or an image in my mind of a button and then I think if I thought it, others might like it too? Then I design a button, find a cheerleader and move forward ...

May I add, this blog would have been closed by now if not for all these cheerleaders who make it possible for me to get some personal stuff done when needed....I am filled with gratitude!

Our cheerleaders to date, Carol from just let me quilt,  Leslie from the Cuddle Quilter =retired lol,  Pauline from Quilt n Queen, Wendy from Why knot kwilt,  Cherry from Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio, Corrie at Quilt Taffy = retired lol, Katherine from Sew me something good = lots of work keeping her busy, Marlene from Stitchin by the lake, Linda from Buzzing and Bumbling, Christine from Monsters in my Quilt Closet, and Erin from Sew at home Mumm, Mary from Ipiece 2 Mary, Theresa at Pig Tales and Quilts  ...others will be surfacing too...

PERKS " cheerleaders can get in all hops guaranteed, I create something special for them....lately wee tots in embroidery and likeness for their own personal stitching OOAK, let me say there are a lot of perks and leave it at that wink....

WHAT blog hop themes are coming up?

I am pleased you asked... Besides the Nancy Drew  that Carol is cheering you on with....that will follow It's all about ME that Marlene is presently looking after, We have Stitch me up that Jane with be cheering and April showers that Erin is looking after  ( all full) here are some future themes..

Shake your Pom Poms  - pompoms projects-
It's for the birds  -small quilts - anything birds
Say it with flowers  - wall hangings- florals of course
Put your stamp on it- creating your own personal stamp blocks
WHERE's MY SCISSORS? - a surprise creation we all need! 
I don't get Ruffled - you guessed right if you thought ________ lol
Pecking order - no clues at the moment lol
Quilters Yearbook - yes we will be doing Amy Bradley's blocks and or quilts! 

I am already 9  months ahead of all of you, which means matching sponsors with the themes, choosing cheerleaders, making buttons, tag lines and creating projects to show you .... And I do all of this with juggling my studies and home life. Once a cheerleader is selected, I work closely with them, and we make an announcement! 

WHEN will we hear about the next blog hop?

If everything goes well, I try to announce future blog hops at least 2 months ahead of time. Giving you all a chance to get your project ( s) completed! I will be announcing Shake your Poms Poms next week and It's for the birds a couple days later...

When participants sign up, we expect them to follow through unless there is some family emergency or loss. As we fill up within hours, dropping out means someone who really wanted to be in our hop, does not get that spot.
Future drop outs ( without a very good reason) will be discreetly eliminated from future hops.
No exception!  I know it  sounds harsh, but I get many many disappointed emails from those who tell me they wanted to be in and noted a couple were no shows.... Failure to commit means you are added to a list that goes to all future cheerleaders - YOU don't want to be added to that LIST! 

WHERE do you see Sew We Quilt going? 

This is a question that pops up frequently. We began as a blog showing photos of Quilters-sewing rooms and how they stored their fabric,  we then moved to Tutorials, hundreds and hundreds of tutorials.... and now blog hops. Well I can tell you I have over 30 New blog hops in mind. Enough for at least 2 more years.  So I can say I will be around for at least 2 more years. That is my commitment.
After that, well I have always said, " I will be here, till I am not" !

WANT to know more?

Ask me now, and I will add it to this post and answer them asap!
Hope this helps...

ps. see you tomorrow for more


  1. Samm. You said it clear, well and just enough. Sew We Quilt has been one of the highlights of the past year for me. You brought me into blogville kicking and screaming which quickly changed to dancing and laughing. My quilts have never been so happy. Blessings on you for ALL you do!

  2. Holy Cow...your amazing !!
    Just reading how you do it all blew me away !!
    You get 5 stars from me ( out of 5 )
    Thank you for allll your work & inspiration !

  3. I just found you through Erin via the April Showers hop. Love your mission entirely. I'd love to be your cheerleader, whatever that entails. I've got quilting, organization, and leadership skills. Wish I found you earlier!

  4. Wow;Dawn did a fantastic job on that piece!! Nice to hear about the hops coming up.

  5. What a great post to explain it all! Love the little quilt made by Dawn and I know you love it too! I think your hubby had it right with the idea of a global quilting bee. I hop along and I get inspired all the time. I may not always participate as a quilter due to an ever-growing to-do list, but I sure hop from blog too blog to see the creations. I am always in awe of what I see in the hops and so thankful for your coordinating cheerleaders! Thanks for bringing quilting to the forefront and for creating a venue for new and aspiring quilters, and some of us old folks too...gioggle. Have a wonderful day!

  6. What a beautiful gift, thanks for all you do. I know it is lots of work but you are so good at it.

  7. I love your hubby's explanation! And I am always in for any quilting bee, be it in someone's house or virtual.. they both are a win/win ideal place to be!! I have so thoroughly enjoyed the hops and the tutorials before... I found you during the tutorials but wish I had found you earlier.

    I was traveling during sign ups for April Showers with very little internet access so I missed out on that one but I will still be cheering from the sidelines. :)

    I am thoroughly looking forward to the months that are coming up... These hops are a lot of fun and I have a few new pen pals because of them! :)

  8. Thank you for the explanation of how you came to blog hops and the creativity you show which allows us all to shine. It is so much fun seeing what everyone has stitched from the same pattern. Our minds travel in so many directions and our journey is sew unique. Looking forward to future hops. ;~}

  9. You always make everything so clear and understandable so even the newbies can enjoy your hops. Thank you for that. I'm not surprised that you have so many ideas already in the works. I'll be looking forward to them. Hopefully my schedule will free up enough so that I can participate in a few. Enjoy your day!

  10. :)
    It's a small world after all...LOVE our global quilting bees!
    Looks like this year is going to be filled with endless hours of delightful creative adventures!
    Thank you so very much for providing the space for our quilting bees!

  11. Madame Samm I love the quilt that was made for you and sew perfect....coffee first....Lady I have followed you for a long time and I am still in awe of you and all that you do for us quilters.....will be watching to join in on the fun...Now to get back to my "Nancy Drew" it has been a do as I can ( as in; in between the long hours of hospital stays) but gives me time for myself...take care of yourself....hugs to you my friend.

  12. I see that you have all of the themes figured out..My mind just doesn't seem to be as creative as what I see these ladies come up with. They are just amazing. Perhaps it would be easier to participate if I had more time. I'm SLOW like snail slow. Is there a way to put the hint list (requirements) on the blog way ahead of time and give people who might want to participate time to work on ideas and maybe even stitch on their own ahead of entry date..and then when entries open they can feel more secure about saying yes to entering?

  13. Whew-ie, in all that, do you really get time to eat sleep or catch your breath? I love the hops and yes, a global show and tell it is! This place gives me more inspiration than anything else I can ever remember. Thank you thank you, is all we can say. You know WE ALL LOVE YOU! (and wish we had half your energy!!!) LOL!!

  14. Your blog hops have opened a whole new world for me...literally. I love visiting blogs in Germany, France, Norway, Australia, Canada, etc. and having those bloggers visit me. I've stepped out of my comfort zone to share my creations (the good AND the bad) and enjoy getting fresh ideas from all the hoppers. Your blog hop idea has been a blessing to so many of us who otherwise would never venture out to share our projects. I so appreciate you for keeping me motivated, too.

  15. Wow! I think I barely have time to get one project done and here you are coordinating hundreds of projects all at the same time. I've missed out on creating in the last few hops, but I always follow along. Looking forward to jumping back in this spring! I'd love to see a hop that features an Around the Farm theme or an It's Zoo-ey Out There theme (zoo themed blocks or crazy quilts). I haven't known about this blog too long though, so maybe you've already done those themes before. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the future!

  16. Love the future themes for the bloghops. I think I'll be joinign the bird-themed one :) You should make some fox-themed one too :D Who doesn't love foxes... haha.

  17. You are amazing. I am looking forward to several more years (at least) of all the fun and creativity.

  18. These blog hops have been a huge blessing to me. They take me out of my comfort zone and stretch my creative side. I am ever so grateful for all the hard work you and the cheerleaders do. The icing on be cake are the new friends in have made. =)

    The bird one has me intrigued. Hmmmmmm

  19. Thanks for all the effort you've put into these blog hops. So many people get to benefit from your creativity and talents, including me! (it is all about me). Anyway, I was wondering WHAT it is you are studying? I've never found that anywhere. (Oooo, hope that isn't too invasive???)

  20. Madame Samm, YOU and your Cheerleaders are a true blessing...I'm still pretty much in the 'newbie blogger' category and I never in a million years imagined I would be part of this wonderful blogging scene. Your hard work, the hours, the brain cells, all of that is SO much appreciated...you've opened a magical world for me where anything, everything is possible. Hugs and Much Love!

  21. Thank you for all that you do and it's a lot! The blog hops are so fun and make us think and create things we might not have. The deadline makes us get it done. But I don't ever want to end up on *that list* lol. I sometimes wonder if I should contribute to your over flowing inbox. I am always pleasantly surprised to find a reply from you to me knowing that you are so inundated with email.

    Looking forward to the next 2 years of wonderful blog hops. That was so sweet of Dawn to make you a mug rug. It's a fabulous one too.

  22. I'm spechless, how do you get any time for your self?? :-)
    Thank you so very much for creating so much fun for us. I'm way out of my comfort sone in a lot of blog-hops. Try new things I'd never would think off....
    Hugs and regards from

  23. Wowza, Dawn did an awesome job on the quilt of YOU. She really nailed it. It's perfect.

    Madame Samm, I knew YOU were a busy woman, but holy cow. I only wish I had 10% of your energy and creativity.

    Thank YOU doesn't seem enough for all of the inspiration YOU give to all of us out in blogland, for everything YOU do for us behind the scenes to get ready for the hops and for just being YOU ... a sweet, kind, caring, humorous, generous, loving, sincere (I could go on an on) woman.

    Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart!

  24. Dear madame Samm,
    I´m so grateful to be part of this great great global quilting bee!
    The new bloghops sounds so exiting....
    Wonderful gift to you from Dawn.
    Liebe Grüße

  25. It answered all of my questions, lol! I'm loving your new wall hanging.

  26. Thanks, Madaame Samm!

    Thanks to all the Cheerleaders!

    Thanks to all my Global Quilting Bee Friends for opening your doors for a glimpse of life in your quilty corners and for the amazing ongoing online quilt show around the world!

    I have long felt that if the world were covered in beautiful handmade quilts it would be a much warmer, friendlier, happier place ... and here at Sew We Quilt is that happy place. :-) Pat

  27. I am so happy that I have found this blog and you Madame Samm Since automn last year I have participated in several blog hops stretching my creativity even more being a part in this quilting bee on internet.
    I has surely been sew fun and I am looking forward to the coming blog hops, specially the one with birds. I love birds and have two pet birds.
    And it sew inspiring to meet all creative ladies from all over the world and look to all the fantastic projects they have done.
    But I am sorry to say there are not many quilters from Sweden that have participated so far, even if I have told them I know how fun this is.
    Thursday is my day and there will of course be birds on me. LOL
    Thanks again Madame Samm and all lovely cheer leaders
    Britt-Inger in Sweden

  28. what a great little quilt Dawn made for you.

  29. Hi Madame Samm. I am a newcomer around here so I don't know if you have done this or not. I LOVE star quilts so how about doing a Blog Hop featuring stars You could call it OH MY STARS. Just saying. Thanks for all you do.

  30. Hi Madame samm just wanted you to know that if you need a stand in for the mug rug....I don't know how to reach Erin but I can step in....some of these sound really interesting can't wait.

  31. Rosemary B here: Just found this post

    LOVE that mugrug, holy moly does Erin have you spot on
    It is very good that you wrote this all up....
    Joyce Carter has a great idea :-)

    I will try to do some of these hops. My favorite part of these hops is looking, meeting, and being inspired

  32. This post is awesome - awesome! I know how busy you are and to take the time to answer all of these questions is soooo helpful for everyone! love it!!

    You rock.

    That is all. :)

    (p.s. - does the Barbie have a spot yet in the house, or, are you still busy with her hair/hat? ;) )

  33. When are you thinking of doing the Quilters Yearbook Hop - I would love to get in on this!

  34. I just found you. I'm stilled confused & OH SO tired just READING what you do! I'm going to be keeping an eye out to get a better idea of what the heck goes on here. :-)

    The "where are my scissors" hop…participants get the pattern free so that they can make their own version & share????

  35. How do you sign up for the pin cushion and Ho Ho HO blog hops. I have a blog and an online quilt shop. Thanks Sandy I might be interested in being a cheerleader but need more information.

  36. I am wondering what the next few up coming blog hops may be - I have been out of the loop for a couple of months, but would LOVE to join another.


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