Friday, February 8, 2013


                                  This hop is closed...we ARE FULL! 

It's that time....the time
when we begin thinking

our newest Cheerleader
in residence who will be managing this blog hop! 

Erin brings a modern approach to her designs, she loves organization,
she has been involved in our hops and is eager to grab some poms poms
along with some fabric and threads and guide us all into April Showers! 

She will need the following from you:

copy and paste this to her!

1. Your name
2. Your email
3. Your link and blog name
 ( if you do not have one, we have one for you, a blog that is)
15 non bloggers will be accepted

Please send this with the subject line.
YES - April Showers

Erin's email

Now what is a MUG RUG?

It's a rug for your mug or tea cup. ( and maybe a few cookies or biscuits)
Size is anywhere from 4 x 7 to 12 x8 ( Ok- I call that a runner ) 
But depending on  how many coffee or teas you have per day,
you could set up all of your mugs on the rug with a sign : NEXT.

Seriously, it really is a large coaster for your daily snack...
Something that shows your creativity, your passion, your word for the year...

YOU can stitch it, appliqué it, add a name, MINE, YOURS,
MUMM's, You can add a coffee cup or a duck...
April Showers, whatever showers you with inspiration...
Make it 3 D, had sequins, fur....
You can stitch flowers, or rubber boots, an umbrella
or just a block...

Now for the guidelines....

1. Must make a NEW mug rug...something CURRENT!

2. Please no illustrations or drawings or sketches of what you plan on making
for future quilt-a-longs or other future hops. We want to see
something you created in FABRIC and THREAD!

3. Be sure to have your post scheduled for your MIDNIGHT
of the night before your post...Eastern Standard Time...
check google lol

4. Take great photos...outside photos early morning or before
sunset make the best shots.

5. Be a cheerleader for all those who are in the hop...
They love the comments as much as you do.

6. And please add the BUTTONS TO YOUR BLOG
failure to do so, well let's just say we will discreetly eliminate
you from the current blog hop.   If you do not know how to
 add the button we will assist you.

7. Oh and please turn off your Word Verification for the day...
we want to shower you with comments.
 ( followers will be chosen first)

 Did I forget anything?

Ohhh YES we have Fabri-Quilt
is sponsor

Here are a few I made but these are not CURRENT ! lol
imagine the possibilities...
2 of them below are dresses and legs with slippers...


  1. oOOOO I would sew LOVE to see (maybe win ;0 ) some of Thomas Knauer's new Fabric lines from Andover.......LOVE LOVE his colorful fabrics and no one carries andover in our area!!! PS I already sent me email to Erin!

  2. neat! gosh I've made several of these, working on one now, so SIGN me up----

  3. I've never made one, so of course I'm in. Love that fur on your mug rug...too cute!

  4. I sent my email....now to add the button

  5. I think you made the cutest little mug rugs! Will look forward to being showered with wonderful creations!

  6. Can't wait to play along with this hop!!! :) What a great idea and thanks for all the great ideas!!

  7. Oh I want to play, you know I love, love mug rugs!! This will really be fun!

  8. I will be there cheering everyone on! Looking forward to lots of insporation!


  9. Oh, how can I resist a new challenge. I have yet to try a mug rug. :).

  10. I'm in...love mug rugs...can't wait to make more.

  11. This will be fun...always love to create small projects!

  12. Sounds like fun! Count me in. :-)

  13. I love mug rugs! Email is sent off to Erin already! This sounds like fun.

  14. E-mail sent, button on my blog and I've already got some ideas for a mug rug for April! Count me in!

  15. I have long been admiring the creations that you make on the blog hop, this time I decided to join the fun, I never made mug rugs, this is an opportunity to create something different. I just send the email to Erin to participate, and added the button on my blog. Right now I have a lot of ideas of what I would like to create, and as is in the month of April, I have time to do it. Im really excited just with the idea of participating! Thanks for hosting this blog hop!
    Marisa from

  16. This looks like fun and so easy!! (I'm finally online again! I certainly don't want to miss out on the fun!)

  17. I love to take part in another bloghop and I love mug rugs, I hope there is a place for me left to hop along.

  18. Your mug rugs are sew inspiring. Another great idea for a hop. I joined in again. Mug rugs are sew fun and easy to make, how could I resist joining in the fun ... :) Pat


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