Thursday, January 3, 2013

We wanted it all too...So we went back to school and became....

WE now have our book available in PDF file...everything you want to know about coffee benefits, what the crazy makers ( these are the companies that think they are making you FOOD) what they are doing to you. How to lose weight without ever mentioning calories and how thousands have succeeded in staying healthier...

No shipping charges, just
PAY PAL payment of $10.00 for the next 30 days...

If you are interested write me at madamesamm@me.com and I will send you the file. 

 Do you want a successful food plan with real substance,
 not slick marketing?

Do you want to lose weight and gain health naturally?

Do you want a nutritional plan for LIFE?

What you will find in this book.

Simple but effective nutrition strategies
The PLAN is not a diet, but a healthy approach to eating that pays off in weight loss and increased energy. Particularly for people with diabetes, arthritis and heart disease.

Week by Week Plans
Four simple Food Plans that lay out all the food choices and recipes for you to stay on PLAN.

Tasty, simple, nutritious recipes.
How often have you purchased a cookbook to find one, maybe two recipes that you actually liked?
I Want it ALL is filled with great tasting, budget conscious, healthy recipes that are easy to prepare.

I Want it ALL is easy to digest information by two 
Registered Nutritionists who live what they teach and write about what they know!

When you know better YOU WILL DO BETTER
and you WILL HAVE IT ALL...

And yes if you want to know how I stay organized,
and full of energy...YOU will now know my secret....

and yes my DH and I are the Authors...

Ask around, many quilters have purchased this book!

ps. can be read on your IPAD for those who have one..
reads like a book with 2 sides....


  1. Madame Samm, count me in. I am so overweight, drained and no energy. This year I have committed to eating healthier and being healthier, but have come to realize, I am an overeater!!

  2. Sounds great ...now to go and reactivate our pay pal account......

  3. I can give a testimonial - I love this book! blessings, marlene

  4. This seems to be a good book and universal too. Tell me how to order it!!!
    Have a nice day, I will be busy sewing.

  5. Count me in too...now where is that paypal password...
    I will find it today!
    Can I say how excited I am? 40 lbs last year when I stopped taking horomones.
    WHAT???? yes. True.

  6. It's a great book and worth reading. :O)

  7. I am getting an Ipad for Christmas but because everyone was sick over Christmas it hasn't been delivered to me yet but once I get it (hopefully next couple of weeks) I would love to have your book. Murray and I need to get healthier and loose some weight so I will let you know when I get it.
    Blessings for the New Year. Sasndra

  8. Still loving the book after 4 years. And the cereal recipes are my favorite breakfast.

  9. Maybe some day we will have debit cards that work out in the big wide world.
    Is that book in real book stores? Like where my kids might pick one up if I sent them a check?

  10. I have vowed to read my hardback/paper this new year now my xmas stuff is over... I have used it a bit. I really thought it was one of her sillies when she said they wrote a book still didnt believe it but sent her $40.00, I am in the US, showed up and Guess what, it was the lady with the mug, and balloons.. Happy New Year chickee

  11. I love this book. A great read as well as awesome recipes! I highly recommend this.


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