Thursday, January 17, 2013

News Update...upcoming BLOG HOPS....

Hi,  do you like my News Update Reporter...she is me in cartoon?
I have been sketching some Ladies and painting them or colouring
them in Photoshop...
I had a session at school that had me sketching 25 of these
so I feel quite comfortable now....What use to take me hours
to produce now takes me welllll a whole lot less ...lol

Ok, now for the News Update..

Dare to Dresden begins next Thursday
Jan 24-31st..
is pretty excited...She has the schedule ready..

They have a new designer so we will be getting her new collection..
her name is Amy Sedaris and her line is I LIKE YOU!
You will like her too..

fabric just arrived...this is for our giveaway!

As soon as their fabric bundles arrive I will 
send photo to Christine for her to place on her blog too !


Now It's all About me with Amy Bradley
was completely full in 2 days...
WE have added 2 more days
now for those who just have to play with us.....

if you were sitting on the fence...

Leave her a note on her blog with
name, email and blog if you have one...

Here is a sneak peak  of one of the ladies I 
have been playing with....

No surprise that at least one of my ladies will be into COFFEE! 

They are soooo simple to make...Amy is the very BEST 
with her instructions...and if you can trace her pattern
and you can iron and you can stitch ...
WELLLLLLL you can do this...


How on earth could I have forgotten this one?
Nancy DREW which we have to move forward..
The fabrics are out there now....
CAROL from Just let me Quilt still has some spots available..
YOU can make anything you like as long as YOU Have some
Nancy DREW fabric in your project...

MODA is our sponsor..we have 3 lovely fat quarter bundles of 
NANCY DREW to giveaway


Ohhhh and tomorrow....we will be announcing
another Blog hop for FEBRUARY, it will be for 5 days
Mon-Fri and Jane from Jane's Fabrics will be cheering you all on...

It will take place before It's all about Me...
And a theme that I am sure you will be able to create
at least one HEARTfelt project....

Ok, that wraps up this news bulletin..
RESUME your stitching and whatever else you may be doing..
SEE you tomorrow..


  1. lovely drawings and some pretty awesome hops to looks forward to

  2. Dang! can you draw me like that? That is really awesome!

  3. Your hops are always wonderful and exciting and today your graphics just blew me away! Your reporter is so classy and your little tot is adorable! Love to see your creativity!

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am loving this!!!!! I agree with thearica....I want to look like that too!!!!!

  5. Very lovely lady there Mdm Samm! Your talent shines through! And I just absolutely ADORE your little girl in your signature :*D As always, I am looking forward to the hops - so much fun!!!

  6. Can't wait to see all the marvelous creations!

  7. Reading your blog is always such a joy! There is so much to look forward to and your graphics, well, the great thing is you really do look like that! And your little girl, how she makes me smile!

  8. Hi Madm Samm:

    I came back of my vacations, so I try to be calm and enjoy all the beautiful blogs like yours.

    So I´m here!!!!


    Costa Rica

  9. I love Your hops!!! They are so exciting:) I can't wait ...

  10. I'm thinking we could be twins...if you were taller and fatter, and wore jeans and a t-shirt and not that fancy suit, that is! LOL Always a pleasure visiting and seeing what you've created (which is always amazing.) Each hop just gets better and better.

  11. I think that is the perfect image of you Samm! How fun!
    I'm looking forward to all the hopping that will be going on this year. It's always delightful to meet new friends and be inspired by the tremendous talent in our quilting community. Thank you for all you do to make it happen.
    Love ya to bits!

  12. Love your drawings! *happy dance* can't wait for the next hop!!!

  13. I love the news reporter look ... very classic, classy ... but behind those blue eyes and pearl necklace, maybe a little crazy? (I mean that in a good way.) ; )

    Your sneak peak ... maybe your look first thing in the morning?

    Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve (in your cup?) for the next blog hop.

  14. yippee, yay, and yaaahoooeee! Can't wait :) these hops look so fun and I think I'm finally getting to where I might be able to join back in on some of these extraordinary hops. Your drawings are amazing, but then ... you always are! I'm off to look at the rest of your designs and thank you and the rest of the cheerleaders for all of the dedication and shear creativity in pulling these together ... Yay Team "WE"!!

  15. The sketches are classic. amazing. Amazing hops too! They sound great. Looking forward to seeing Nancy & the rest!

  16. I'm updating my calender so I don't miss any of the fun. Love your drawings! Keep them coming!


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