Monday, January 7, 2013

IN your words begins today! Blop Hop Timeless Treasures Sponsor!

I love WORDS, and it looks like
a few other quilters do to.
OUR very first Blog hop of the year!

is our cheerleader in residence 
and she has done a wonderful job
at keeping us all together...
Check the link on the sidebar for her whole schedule! 
She knows how to CHEER! 

A very warm WELCOME to YOU 
for dropping in  to:
where for the next few days
we have a collection of quilters
who will be sharing THEIRS with you..

Here are todays lovely ladies...

Monday, January 7

Kwilty Pleasures  (Kathy G.)
Debby Kratovil Quilts (Debby K.))
Sew Darn Quilt  (Carolyn R.)
Traveling Quilter  (Debbie A.)
Just Let Me Quilt (Carol S.)
Vroomans Quilts (Sharon V.)
Cate's Linens (Catherine R.)
Nini and the Sa  (Denise)
Sew Much 2 Luv (Karen)

 Huge January appreciation goes out to 


They selected a variety of treasures
in these bundles...
There is a lot of coziness here! 

YOU can win!
( all winners selected at the end of hop)

Leave comments with our blop participants
GET involved in future blog hops, those who do  will win a chance for a bundle
and the top 3  each day will win a chance at a bundle too...

2 for best in choice
and 1 for overall CREATIVITY! 

It is morning...and here are our top choices on our first day...

Congrats to our top 2 

There is no doubt about it HOPE is what we all should have on our list
 for 2013, HOPE for more love, more creativity..
and for this LADY I bet she HOPEd she would win....lol
Lovely stitching btw!

 It is hard not to fall for this one if you were a product of the 60's, it is a COOL PEACE (piece)
created by a HIPPIE kind of girl who is GROOVY and knows all about LOVE....
Yes no doubt about it, she is a great choice for our top 2. Check to see what else
she  created...she does create ....RIGHT ON Girl ! 

 Congrats to this lady for OVERALL CREATIVITY!

 Don't you just love this knitting bag?
I too love  her New Year's Creativity...

ohhh I think she meant New York City...lol
either way, great use of her words...
Be sure to check her bag inside too...very creative...

Will it be your FAVOURITE....In your words
let us know lol

Forgot to mention...each day all photos
are placed HERE on a pinterest board  !


  1. What a beautiful bundle of fabric - I am off to finish up on hopping - just loving what I see.

  2. Looking forward to the hop and seeing all the creative goodness that I know is coming! Yeah for the 1st hop of 2013!

  3. Great fabric, for a raining day work, good week.


  4. What a delightful start to the 'word hop' many great creative ideas are going to be added to my 'to do' list!!! Looking forward to the remaining days of "In Your Own Words"...and hopping for snow[so I can be snowbound with endless hours of quilting fun] :)

  5. What beautiful fabrics! I'm off to do some hopping :)

  6. What a fun idea!!! It is so good to get back to this world and seee so many pretty things!!Thanks Samm for that email!!!
    Hugs from Brasil!!!

  7. Fabulous first day!! Just finished visiting everyone and the projects are too sweet! I will be excited to come see everything each morning! :)

  8. This is so much fun! Thanks Sam and Linda! Great Hop!

  9. Congratulations to todays winner! I saw alle the words today, wonderful wor(d)ks everywhere!
    Liebe Grüße

  10. I enjoyed seeing all the creations today at the various blogs and looking forward to seeing more in the next several days.

  11. Thank you Madame Samm! I am awed at being a Top Choice.

  12. I am up early, couldnt sleep thinking about the party !

  13. I'm so excited to see what everyone does!

  14. This is a great start to 2013...so many fun projects! You are so far-out to add my little quilt to the top choices--thanks! As for the giveaway, that fabric is beautiful. :O)

  15. What a first day. Sew fun with sew many fantastic ladies contributing. A very good start, I have certainly enjoyed my self.

  16. Sew much fun! The first day participants have set the bar very high with their talent and creativity. Thanks to all and to Madame Samm and Linda for this wonderful blog hop. Well, I am off to read all about it. Later, I have to fine tune my own words in my blog post for Thursday. Have a happy quilty wordy day ... :) Pat

  17. Congratulations to today's top picks and thanks to our sponsor!

  18. Well, I have visited all of today's posts and the creativity bar has been set very high. Thanks to all for starting this blog hop off on the right words. It is really hard to pick a favorite of the day, but I have to go with Debby's "Cast Your Bread" quilt project as I found it personally very thought inspiring. This is closely followed by Carol's "retro" quilt ... gave me "deja vu" ;)

  19. Wonderful choices for todays winners! Everyone did a great job. jbechosend at sbcglobal dot net

  20. There are some great ideas in there today!

  21. The first day has been great fun!

  22. "Hope" was one of my favorites too. Such wonderful jobs by each participate. I can't wait for tomorrow and the rest of the days! I can't wait to share my project! SO excited to be a part of this!

  23. Congratulations to all today's tops!!! Great job ladies :)

  24. Rosemary B here:
    Yay today is the day!
    I love the three top choices today. Embroidery is always so lovely.
    Going visiting all of today's projects right now!!
    Happy Monday

  25. Rosemary B here: AGAIN. I just finished visiting all of the blogggs for today and everything I have seen today is just absolutely adorable. I LOVE THIS!!!

    Okay, I just noticed the fabric :::::drooling::::
    You know, I am moving my sewing office into the sun room (my oldest daughter said "finally") and okay, every thing is a mess over here, but haha isn't it funny how you can never have enough fabric even though you have a mountain of it already???
    As always your creative graphics are wonderful, Missie Samm.

  26. What a great Hop -- as usual, lots of great ideas and inspiration!

  27. Fabulous first day, with so many creative texty treasures! Great pics today with a wonderful variety! Love the little hippie quilt...too cute, and I do remember all those sayings! Thanks to you, Linda, sponsors, and all these creative quilters!

  28. Wow what a great group of bloggers! The creativity is so wonderful. Thanks for all of this.

  29. thanks for the first day hop. it was fun and i am looking forward to tomorrow.

  30. By the looks of all these great "Words"...looks like we are in for a great hop! Everyone sure did a great job. Can't wait to see more tomorrow.

  31. Lots of creative uses for words! Great hop!

  32. Thanks for another interesting blog hop and recognition of all the work these quilters have done on their projects. From those above, my favorite project is Hope. Sharon's heirloom quilt, and story behind it, was fantastic.

  33. This should be fun! Love the concept.

  34. Yeah for a fab first day! Everyone made such wonderful wordy projects,can't wait for tomorrow :)

  35. Awesome first day for the hop! Everyone did such a fantastic job, they were all beautiful!

  36. Love this idea of using words.

  37. Today was an awesome day, being mentioned on your page puts it over the top! Thank you so much for the recognition. I am honored to be included in such a talented and supportive environment. Thank you for the opportunity to play!


  38. Today was a great day for a new blog hop. I enjoyed the Hope one.

  39. Today was a great day for a new blog hop. I enjoyed the Hope one.

  40. Today was awesome! Ready for Day 2 !!

  41. Great picks for top projects! What a gat day!

  42. good choices....having fun with ya again...lol

  43. Lovely fabric...and great picks!

  44. :) Looks like a great hop. I will be along for the ride. And in my words - I love fabric with words!

  45. I love the knitting bag with words - the pocket material inside was really adorable, too!


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