Friday, January 4, 2013

IN your WORDS begins on MONDAY! ( sneak peak of a new project)

Over the holidays, I did some sketching, actually a lot of sketching...
I have drawn about 3 dozen of these ladies so far, 
I am calling them the Pink Lip Ladies...
( all to be done in embroidery as well as some appliqués)

I have stitched a few already  with Black Presencia Perle Cotton #12
and did their lips in a Variegated PINK also from Presencia...
( all from Colonial Needle) 

They really do look stunning...I am making a whole quilt on this theme.

Before I got into quilting, just 3 years ago...seems funny to say that..
since I have learned sooooo much in such a short time...
I designed my whole wardrobe.  I can't remember ever purchasing clothes,
I used to make everything....welll until I began quilting....lol

My Nanny was an excellent seamstress,
I came across some very old patterns that she had worked on 
for many of her friends and family. Thousands of patterns
that I am sure have never been seen in circulation.
She travelled a lot abroad, and knew many fashion designers...
Pattern names and designers - I was not even familiar with...

I was soooo darn inspired, that I started sketching them.
YOU can copy this for any size...all of them I did 
on 12 x 13 inch blocks...so I had a nice border around each one...

I like to add a piece of flannel underneath each piece as I am 
doing these up on white KONA, it hides all the threads...

I have a couple other projects that are under wraps for now...
With full time studies, I work on my 23 minute rule
and trying to squeeze everything in...

My New Year Resolution is to be MORE CREATIVE!
Can you handle that? Lol

I think I am up for the challenge...

Wait till you see what I am doing for 

Which Begins Monday...
one dandy job in keeping us all on our toes...


Still has openings... Christine has 80 scheduled
and has a bit more room for a few more....

Let her know ASAP


or you can find her here 

Ohhh and I am on this too...meaning 
trying to be creative lol


  1. Gorgeous. I can't wait to see your other Pink Lip Ladies. I'm sure it will be stunning.

  2. I can't wait to see them all! Embroidering by hand isn't my thing, but you've inspired me before to try new things so you know I'll be all in on this, too. :O)

  3. oh she's lovely! Saving her to stitch later on.

  4. Oh for the good old days when curves were permitted and fashion was in! Love it.

  5. How wonderful! I can't wait to see what you've been up to! Oh, what a treasure to have the patterns from your Nanny!

  6. Oh she is stunning! She reminds me of my old Barbie doll. Love(ed) her.

  7. Beautiful sketch...such a beautiful time in fashion. I'm up first in IN YOUR WORDS so just need to write the post and hit the publish button like you taught me!

  8. Beautiful vintage feel sketches. I'm sure they are stunning all finished.

  9. She is an elegant lady! Can't wait to see the rest of her friends put together into a quilt...how exciting!

  10. Such wonderful lady you have sketched. I´m looking forward to see her friends. I am busy, busy sewing Words, but I have a lot of many things in my head to make. You make me sew creative, you lovely madame Samm

  11. You know....that would sure make a good fabric line...

  12. Rosemary B here (again)
    Well, this is adorrrable. My mom used to sew all of these snazz dresses and outfits.
    Most of them from Vogue and Burda.
    I love this idea. I love dresses and girly stuff. I never wear dresses anymore, always pants and cute blouses and sweaters. I love making blouses!!!!!
    You drawing is wonderful!

    I have a paper piecing project that I will add words to.
    Boy, I'll tell you what... I hope this project doesn't kill me. I always come up with super complicated ideas. This one is epic.

    Happy New Year Missie Samm.
    My girls are coming over for lunch and coffee and pie and chatting. We have another wedding, yes, little Lizzie is engaged to a very nice boy. wheeeeeee

  13. Samm she's just gorgeous - very classy lady! I'm looking forward to seeing you more creative since I can't imagine such a thing! blessings, marlene

  14. so you put the flannel on the back and then start stitching away I take it..not afterward right? Love this lady drawing;)

  15. Love this Lady, so very ladylike. I wish women still dressed in that fashion. I have no idea how you could possibly be more creative but I cannot wait to see what you have cooking in that head of yours!

  16. Hi!!! Love her!!! I also love the idea of mostly black with the lipstick in colors!!! More creative than you have been?!!! I know you will be!!! More creative!!! hugs

  17. I am gob-smacked at your design, how brilliant - love it so much - may I stitch this up for myself? I think the black with pink lipstick is awesome!!!!!

  18. WoW! What a lovely lady! Bet she looks awesome done in embroidery! Can't wait for next week! Have a super weekend!

  19. I love them, I didnt read all the words up there, I am on my first sip of coffee, not vodka, but she's nice, did you trace her out of a magazine?? vogue?? because I am doing lady GaGa...have a good weekend and Call me if you still have my number, I need to talk to ya.. You know, this crazy from Texas, thats in the US..

  20. You drew that beautifully! You are so talented in so many different ways. I just e-mailed Christine to see if she still has a spot open in her "Dare to Dresden". We have all been sick at our house and I seem to have missed it. Thanks for posting again.

  21. Samm, your artistry is beautiful and I can't wait to see your quilt done with these stylish ladies!! yes, I can imagine you doing all of your own clothes ... thankfully you found quilting so we could find you :) Hugs to you!

  22. You are a true artist and I can not imagine you attempting anything and not mastering it to a 'T'.... While I do not have a creative embroidering type personality, I have a lovely daughter who excells in it. As always I enjoy watching all you do and like Wendy above me mentions, I am pleased you began quilting and pleased to have found you.

  23. Dear Madaam Samm
    I love the vintage feel of your sketch. It certainly is reminiscent of my "era" of fashion. lol You are a very talented lady.
    And another wonderful blog hop to have fun with. Thanks and Happy New year my friend.

    1. HI sweet maggie..I hope you return here to see your note....I don't have your email my dear...I have a few maggies, but not sure which email is yours...please send that to me will you? ....and yes I have done many many more...and now I am doing up some wee tots from the 1930's that I found from my nanny's calendars...some even early teens...1912....they are just adorable...happy new year my dear lady...

  24. Hello Madame Samm! You mentioned that you put some flannel behind these before you embroider them, but I was wondering: if I were doing something similar for a quilt (which I am) should I have my cotton layered on top of a piece of flannel, then embroider, then sandwiched and backed? Am I understanding correctly? Thank you.


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