Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 7 of in your Words -Timeless Treasures is our Sponsor

I love WORDS, and it looks like
a few other quilters do to.
OUR very first Blog hop of the year!

is our cheerleader in residence 
and she has done a wonderful job
at keeping us all together...
Check the link on the sidebar for her whole schedule! 
She knows how to CHEER! 

A very warm WELCOME to YOU 
for dropping in  to:
where for the next few days
we have a collection of quilters
who will be sharing THEIRS with you..

Here are todays lovely ladies...

Tuesday, January 15
BQuiltin Studio  (Beverly K.)
Hill Valley Quilter (Britt-Inger)
Bumbleberry Stitches  (Theresa K.)
Buzzing and Bumbling  (Linda W.)
In Stitches and Seams  (Annette S.)
Englating  (Marica from Sweden)
Stitchin by the Lake  (Marlene B.)
Selina Quilts  (Selina)
Sheila's Quilt World (Sheila M.)
Words & Stitches (Beth S.)

 Huge January appreciation goes out to 


They selected a variety of treasures
in these bundles...
There is a lot of coziness here! 

YOU can win!
( all winners selected at the end of hop)

Leave comments with our blop participants
GET involved in future blog hops, those who do  will win a chance for a bundle
and the top 3  each day will win a chance at a bundle too...

2 for best in choice
and 1 for overall CREATIVITY! 

Congrats to our top 2 today 

This vivacious lady  took close up shots of her project, her fabric choices
and layout design are quite striking....and it is filled with words
and cats lol..

and this lady chose some red work, the stitching is perfect and all about Children...
I was born on a Monday...What day were you born..?
Lovely PILLOW! 

And most CREATIVE piece goes to....

Coffee time at 4 pm plays a very important part of this lady's life. HER wallhanging is stunning, inviting and warm. And being COFFEE theme...we were all over this piece...Beautiful !

Will it be your FAVOURITE....In your words
let us know lol

Forgot to mention...each day all photos
are placed HERE on a pinterest board  !


  1. I knew you would love that Coffee Time wallhanging! :)

    Everyone has some wonderful projects today! I loved that Laura Burch purse!

  2. Linda's coffee quilt was my favorite of the day too.

  3. Linda's piece is stunning!! Everyone did fantastic work on their pieces. I am learning so much since doing these hops...never mind since I started blogging..lol

  4. It was another delightful and inspiring day on your Blog Hop!

  5. I am glad that I have a cuppa coffee for this post. Linda's quilt almost sends me to the kitchen to make another and this one is almost full. Mmmmmmm ... brewed from a fragrant baggie that our son brought home for us from his travels to warm and tropical places ... coffee and quilts ... it is a good day... :) Pat

  6. It's always coffee time in my little world. The redwork is amazing too. The table runner is just Happy.

  7. Oh ladies,what a great day. Congratulations! Thanks to Timeless Treasures.

  8. Thank you for the sweet compliment of choosing my little wall hanging as a pick of the day! How exciting! (No matter how long I quilt, I still enjoy the validation I feel when someone likes what I do!) I DO enjoy my coffee time with family! What a blessing!
    There were some beautiful projects in this hop. Tomorrow should be the crowning day of the entire hop!

  9. Not to step on toes, heels or feet.. but most creative to me goes to Selina Quilts. I love Linda piece too. I love read stitching, wish mine was better, Disappointed in a few that didnt join us party people, their loss.. I cant believe I am sitting here, in Arlington, TX, sipping coffee, looking at the stupid snow.. this is the 2nd time this yr.. thats totally wrong.. Now I cant get out of my Pj's all day.. Guess I will have to sew with messy hair.. Have a good one Gals

  10. I have had so fun playing with the new Laurel Burch fabric. I think that I have to order some more on internet. And thank you very much to pick out my table runner as one of the three. And soon it is time for next blog hop. You really have made me busy sewing, but it is sew fun to stretch the creativity.

  11. I can't start the day without at least 5 cups of coffee, so have to say Linda's quilt is near and dear to my heart!

  12. Great words and projects again today! Thanks to Madame Samm, I am now a Keurig owner! Can't believe tomorrow is the last day of this hop, but others are right on its heels. jbechosend at sbcglobal dot net

  13. I am sad the hop is ending tomorrow, it has been such a fun time. I'm a sunday girl myself-----my mom had to leave church to go have me!

  14. I was born on a Thursday (you made me go look) on a warm day (it was always warm in the place I was born.) Anyway, lots of wordy fun today. Linda totally shined with her project...loved it!

  15. Just love all the projects today - the red-work is just so special and the coffee wallhanging is spectacular!

  16. So glad these showed up on your picks - I was so inspired by these and the work is outstanding. Finally got some pictures, I think, uploaded. We will see at 12:00 am on the 16th. Judy C

  17. Beautiful words and projects again today. Love the top picks! It's been fun hopping along and seeing all the creative things these ladies have made. Only one more day? Oh, I will be there, hehe.


  18. This was a great hop! Thanks so much for everyone's willingness to share their project. Personally, I am partial to the coffee wall hanging! But all the projects were great.

  19. The coffee time quilt is amazeing...I love it and think it would look perfect in my kitchen....lol....but I would have to change the time on the clock...All the lrojects are wonderful. But the coffee one sings to my soul...


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