Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 5 of Dare to Dresden blog hop with Windham Fabrics as sponsor

Yes today, DAY 5 of  our Dare to Dresden
is our cheerleader in residence. All the way over the pond! 
She will lead us all into cheer. I think she has a megaphone...
you will hear her lol She must be tired of holding it lol
And she still is excited, well we both
are considering we never had done a dresden before this hop...

Here are our colourful list of Dare To Dresden creators! 

And Windham Fabrics is our sponsor 
with their I LIKE YOU collection by Amy Sedaris..
They have put up a rather funny post about Amy Sedaris collection..

#3 winners will win these brand new bundles
for top 3 of the day
for overall participation
and for leaving comments.

( and we could have added many more..
downright inspiring ladies) 

WElllll hard not to notice this one....and she said she struggled and I believe her first attempt
at something like this....HURRY buy a ticket of some kind..you are on a winning streak..
This is lovely...it just moves us...lol

This was pretty ingenious....airy, bright, and a great idea for a dresden , what do you call these
string like displays...name escapes me...But we liked it a LOT! 
It is a Bunting Banner...Thanks Linda and others who shared that wee tidbit..
very appreciated

MOST Creative goes to this ....

Bunny making lady...now you have to admit...darn creative...
I just could not wait to hop on over here and show you all too...
Brilliant, creative PIECE...I know someone else who will just love this..
right shell?

Cheering you all on...


  1. ove the purple one..is that the one you made for this hop> it looks perfect
    ( this is for our last blogger who posted unfortunately I cannot see word verification on a mac)

  2. Love the Bunny - It is just darling :)

  3. Beautiful Dresdens today! The Bunny is so lovely:)

  4. Ohh, I LOVE that first one! Love the pop of orange. Good morning Samm, I'm off to look at all the yummy dresdens...

  5. Rosemary B here:
    WOW. Since this hop, I think my brains doubled in size and I have a list of things I want to make :-)
    The top choices are super adorable today. I am so honored to be among such talented ladies.
    Happy Wednesday

  6. The banner thing is called a bunting. It's beautiful! I love that!
    The black/white/orange project was also beautiful! And I can't forget Lana's bunny! How adorable!!!

  7. I loved that bunny!! That would make an awesome baby quilt!

    Everyone has really given me some inspiring ideas!

  8. That banner is beautiful and was so cute (I don't get why they call it a bunting--banner works for me.) LOL So many great Dresden creations today, including that bunny with a POM POM tail--love it! Barbie is quite stylish in that fabric, too.

  9. This has been such a FUN FUN Hop!!! I had never made a dresden before either! I learned a lot and I loved the Orange Splash dresden and the banner too! I had never thought of doing either of those! Thank you Madame Sam and Christine for coming up with and cheering on this Hop...I LOVED IT! Awwwh, and thank you for the feature! So Exciting!

  10. Oh my...yep, TOTALLY LOVE THE BUNNY! How darn adorable is that! :) Gonna go hop over and visit.

  11. I am in total agreement with todays top pick plus the big round dreseden table cloth. I think That was one very creative project as well....These ladys are all so talented. Really lookinbg forward to see what each day brings. conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  12. So unique!!! Just when you think they can't get any better..... Love the bunting idea.

  13. More ladies thinking outside of the box. It's great.

  14. More and more creative Dresden popping up!

  15. This has really been a lot of fun - thank you so much having this challenge. I can't believe my caterpillars would be here among all this talent. It's been wonderful to see so many different ideas, really inspiring! Thank you again!

  16. WOW 240 so far! I think this has been the most popular hop! I have been enjoying all the pictures and getting all KINDS of ideas. Thanks y'all.

  17. That banner is the best, I am going to make one like that when I get a dresden template!

  18. I love love that bunny Dresden. It is a very good choice and the black and white quilt top is stunning and the banner is super cute.
    It has indeed been a very good Dresden day, as all the other ones. And tomorrow the final., can´t wait to see. But I must wait until the evening as I won´t be home until then, I think. Maybe I have to stay at home as they have warned for storm tomorrow and I will not be blown away by the winds.
    Thanks for this charming and creative blog hop.

  19. Lovely Dresden! I haven't found my block on the pinterest board though? Thanks for organising the blog hop!

  20. This bloghop is so-o-o inspiring, wunderbar!
    Liebe Grüße

  21. Eu não sei o que vou fazer com tantas placas que achei hoje na minha arrumação de estante de caixas,mas que vou copiar bastante...Tenho um monte de grávidas na família para este 2013 FÉRTIL,todos os bebes(que são três meninos e cinco meninas)(e que venham as mulheres!!)terão suas colchas de placa.Mais tarde vou contar que a culpa é sua,kkk Beijos e Bençãos.

  22. The Dresden turned out to be very versatile. So many different ways this design can be used. The ladies who participated in this blog hop are very talented and creative.

    LOVE the top picks today.

  23. Ola querida, vim te fazer uma visitinha...adorei seu Blog.
    Estou com muitas novidades no meu blog.
    Aguardarei sua visitinha.
    bjs Leila .•*♥*•.¸¸.•*♥*•.¸¸.•.¸¸.•*♥*•.

  24. Love the Bunny quilt is there a pattern for it somewhere?


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