Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 4 of Dare to Dresden blog hop with Windham Fabrics as Sponsor

Yes today, DAY 4 of  our Dare to Dresden
is our cheerleader in residence. All the way over the pond! 
She will lead us all into cheer. I think she has a megaphone...
you will hear her lol She must be tired of holding it lol
And she still is excited, well we both
are considering we never had done a dresden before this hop...

Here are our colourful list of Dare To Dresden creators! 

And Windham Fabrics is our sponsor 
with their I LIKE YOU collection by Amy Sedaris..
They have put up a rather funny post about Amy Sedaris collection..

#3 winners will win these brand new bundles
for top 3 of the day
for overall participation
and for leaving comments.

( I had 2 cups of coffee this morning while I toured this mornings hoppers ...WOW) 

LOOK at that stitching! lol and those points, and the colours..yep that is 
why this lady's dresden quilt is being featured! 

And hard to pass by this one and not feeling SUMMER! She poured her heart into
this piece you can tell...bright and full of warmth! 


Wait till you see what this project turned out to be....
It reminded me so of the 60's where yellows and reds were found in many kitchens..
So for most creative dare to dresden project...she PRESSED on with flying colours!

Cheering you all on...


  1. ohhh Madame Samm....I found my plate today! :)

  2. Oh my word, I don't know which one I love most... they're all beautiful!

  3. Another day of wonderful Dresden plates and lots of inspiration!

  4. Ohh, LOVE those flowers!! that is sooo cute. And that ironing board cover, just perfect! Good morning Samm!

  5. Oh my gosh! I'm so excited to see my ironing board cover here! Thanks so much! Wow.....and what amazing company to keep! Those other 2 are AH-mazing!!!

  6. Today was a great day for Dresden viewing!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing the beautiful work!!! ♥

  8. Hi!!! Another over the top hop!!!! Love it all!! These are always so cheerful and uplifting as well inspirational!!!! I love the download for the stitchery hop!!! Especially the little tots!!! I just adore them!!! They have a special sweetness to them!!! Hope you have a great week!!! Thank You

  9. I have picked up so many wonderful tips and possibilities for future Dresdens - everyone has been so creative with their projects. Another difficult day of choices for me - these are certainly very worthy. Judy C says Happy Everything.

  10. My want to list is getting to long! So many great ideas from theses talented ladies.

  11. Those Dresden Flowers are so sunny and beautiful! Everyone is doing such a great job, I like this blog hop a lot.

  12. Love the top 3 today they are my top 3 also but I had a 4th one it is the mixed media project from Sandra Kaye. conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  13. Rosemary B here: Love the top choices, I am still at the top of the list.
    This is such a fun and inspiring hop!!

  14. Another wonderful day with beautiful Dresden. I am so inspired to make some more Dresden projects. And the choices today are great.

  15. Empatamos hoje,até que enfim...Estes também foram os meus preferidos.Essas placas...Beijo.

  16. Oh my. It has taken me all day to get through the Dresdens today. I do like the top 3 today.

  17. I really enjoyed today. Thanks so much

  18. This is such a great blog hop! For someone who has yet to make a Dresden I am feeling very inspired. Thanks!

  19. It's impossible to choose a favorite !!!

  20. I simply cannot get over how much creativity has been seen with this hop. Incredible! What a fun time.

  21. These are amazing dresdens!! I love putting a modern twist on them like the top quilt.

  22. your choises for today are perfect, I love these dresdens ☺

  23. This is a great blog hop! I've never seen so many neat ideas for one pattern.


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