Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 4- IN your Words blog hop- Timeless Treasures Sponsor

I love WORDS, and it looks like
a few other quilters do to.
OUR very first Blog hop of the year!

is our cheerleader in residence 
and she has done a wonderful job
at keeping us all together...
Check the link on the sidebar for her whole schedule! 
She knows how to CHEER! 

A very warm WELCOME to YOU 
for dropping in  to:
where for the next few days
we have a collection of quilters
who will be sharing THEIRS with you..

Here are todays lovely ladies...

Thursday, January 10
Just Sew Sue (Sue B.)
Scrappy 'n Happy (Jess R.)
Little Mushroom Cap (Amira A.) 
Sowing Stitches (Beulah aka. Carol) 
Just Quilt It  (Kathy G.)

 Huge January appreciation goes out to 


They selected a variety of treasures
in these bundles...
There is a lot of coziness here! 

YOU can win!
( all winners selected at the end of hop)

Leave comments with our blop participants
GET involved in future blog hops, those who do  will win a chance for a bundle
and the top 3  each day will win a chance at a bundle too...

2 for best in choice
and 1 for overall CREATIVITY! 

Oh my goodness, I was lingering about this morning at the AWEspiring
creations,  the gentleness , the sure FUN of their creations...

Take a peak....

Congrats to all these ladies...
We have 4 Winners today.....
Here are our top 3 

If last year awed you at all the Paper piecing you saw.
this year I am sure it will be the Stitches you will note
in many creations...Take this one...SEW pretty, Love the Laugh
and all the details...AWE, say it with me....AWE...

And these 2 tied for second place....how could you not include them...
Their words were passionately THEM. beautiful crafted and speaks
volumes of these ladies...WELL done!
Love how this lady used a whimsical font and placed her words
strategically on her quilt....

And this lady chose 4 words that spelled volumes...clearly what
our world needs more of, sew pay ATTENTION, this one is AFFECTIONATEly
LOVEly and needs are full PRAISE. 

And for overall CREATIVITY...

LOVE THIS ONE, made me smile ear to ear... 
( I think there may just be a bit of this in me too wink....Joan)

Ok, this lady, OUR resident SENIOR DELINQUENT just brought
sooooo many smiles this morning....HOW could you not love
the creativity and those cans of fabric paint lol.
Absolutely adorable....! 

Will it be your FAVOURITE....In your words
let us know lol

Forgot to mention...each day all photos
are placed HERE on a pinterest board  !


  1. aha... I am the pumpkin! It is past midnight.. 7 minutes after! I have just visited everyone except the last 3... they must be in bed getting their beauty sleep.. :)

    I will be back in the morning after I get 40 winks... Then I will be Cinderella once again. :)

    Now where did I put that slipper???

    1. It is exciting to see the quilt in one of the top 2 spots... and kudos to the quilt that tied with me!

      The letters are cut from fabric out of the Font-Tastic Collection from Michael Miller. I cut a 2 1/2 inch square around each letter, laid my words down on the blocks and fused them down. I started to have them straight but a whimsy thought crossed my brain so I chose to lay them down in this fun way. Made all the difference in the quilt, I think. I used the blanket stitch on my machine to applique the letters to the background square. :)

      Thanks for choosing my quilt Madame Samm! :)

  2. What a great day, so honoured to be sharing the hop with all these amazing crafters and artists. Look forward to the top picks today!

  3. Rosemary B here:
    I never had a chance to visit around yesterday (mom's birthday) so today will be double time for me after quilt club across town, and a visit to the gym haha
    Today's, and yesterday's top choices are marvelous!
    I am very eager to have a look around at all of the blogs this afternoon.
    What would we do without you, Missie Samm, ?? and all of your partners in quiltiness :-D
    Yesterday I showed my almost finished project to my mom, and also showed her a few of the blogs on the hop. She was amazed -- yay.

  4. Sew chuffed, thank you Madame Samm.

  5. Another great day visiting all the creative ladies. It has been sew awesome and fun and it is hard waiting for the next to come.
    And it is also sew fun to be one of the participants, but I am still sewing.
    Thank you Madame Samm and Linda for all the fun.

  6. The days just keep getting better and better. All I can say is, WOW!

  7. The 3rd on will be my favorite and I havent seen all of them yet, But my son is a painter and he uses spray paint, its a special paint, thats how my logo was done. its to cute and he is gonna get a kick out of this...

  8. I've just finished all my blog hop visits while sipping tea from a little purple polka dot cup--it's a lovely start to the day. So many ideas today that make me want to be a little delinquent from work just to sew. :O)

  9. So much inspiration and motivation - wasn't lost on me. Great sponsors. Judy C

  10. So glad I could let my delinquency show today and make you all smile! It's kind of like Christmas in January for me! LOL!! But really now, the top three, are really tops!

  11. Every day I'm in awe of the amazingly creative bloggers out there!

  12. I love embroidery, so the sampler is obviously my favorite pick of the day...though the senior delinquent is pretty awesome!!!

  13. Everyday has brought new and exciting ideas! Thank you and Linda for this wordy blog hop. Jbechosend at sbcglobal dot net

  14. Another fun day with so many creative women. (Have any men ever joined in on a hop?) We could have a year long hop on the same topic like this with all the great ideas we see.

  15. great day. A day for smiles and even a giggle. thanks

  16. I love them all. (Senior Delinquent is my favorite)

  17. Senior delinquent is my favorite too. I am having a lot of fun with the hop and finding new blogs.

  18. I love Scrappy n'Happy's reflective notebook.

  19. Oh ladies you did not disappoint. Congratulations!

  20. I love them all!!! What great and creative ladies:)

  21. The delinquent senior quilter definitely is the winner in my book. I love it... Their were lots fo great projects again today...My 2nd favorite one was the love laugh sew with lots of embroidery details.

  22. You are a great artist, is very beautiful, congratulations. Kisses from Spain.


  23. Another great day! I am still laughing over the Delinquent Senior!!!! Thanks so much

  24. This hop has truly been so much fun. It is such a personal and intimate look at each person.

  25. SENIOR DELINQUENT!!!! I haven't laughed this much in a long time. LOVE IT!!!!

  26. The Senior Delinquent is my kind of Gal! This is my favorite.

  27. Great blog hop - thanks for coming up with the idea of words!!! Your blog hops are always fabulous!

  28. Really enjoying this blog hop !

  29. I am (almost) speechless! These creations are just stunning and I am so in awe of the quilters with their amazing skills, talents, and creativity. Wow...

  30. This was my favorite day so far. I added several more blogs to my list that I want to follow. You chose 4 great projects, Madame Samm. Of course, so far, Senior Delinquent was my favorite so far. Loved her post - a hoot - and loved the project and put me in touch with JukeboxQuilts and new pattern company for me.

  31. Just stopping by before dropping into bed...what a fun post -- love the delinquent! LOL Wonderful hop, and wonderful bloggers!

  32. Senior delinquent is hilarious! So very creative. Superb choices once again Madam Samm.

  33. Another great day on the hop!! Thanks Madame Samm - so happy to be part of the Top 4 on Day 4!!

  34. Love the Sew Sampler! I'm doing two of Leanne Beasley's embroidery patterns this year already, can I do one more, hehe. Have to get the pattern! The Senior Delinquent made me smile, Love it!! Gosh, everyday I'm so impressed with all the wonderful talent! I sound like a broken record but can't wait for tomorrow!

  35. The "Senior Delinquent" stole the show today!!!


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