Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 3 of Dare to Dresden blog hop with Windham Fabrics as our Sponsor

Yes today, DAY 3 of  our Dare to Dresden
is our cheerleader in residence. All the way over the pond! 
She will lead us all into cheer. I think she has a megaphone...
you will hear her lol
And she has been pretty excited, well we both
are considering we never had done a dresden before this hop...

Here are our colourful list of Dare To Dresden creators! 

And Windham Fabrics is our sponsor 
with their I LIKE YOU collection by Amy Sedaris..
They have put up a rather funny post about Amy Sedaris collection..

#3 winners will win these brand new bundles
for top 3 of the day
for overall participation
and for leaving comments.

( heavens to betsy, it took us forever to get through everyone 
because of the ohhhhhs and ahhhhhs_ 

Ok, this will just cut you up ....look at how perfectly those scissors are 
fussy cutted ( I am finally sounding like a quilter) lol
Love the uniqueness of this piece...BRAVO. 

and this lady made a tut on how to make a square Dresden..truly unique
in it's colour choices and design...
I am SQUARE to many and I love this...


And this one just put me over the edge..besides this great stool..
( in French we call it un Petit Pot)  this lady hodge podged ( ok so I am French...the term is MOD Podge...) I am so embarrassed...

Ok, MOD Podged her colourful dresden
 onto the stool..
is that not just not the most creative idea ever lol.?

Well most deserving of this award! 
There were many outstanding ones today..go take a peak...

Cheering you all on...

p.s if you want to see all 158 pics as of today


  1. ohhh Madame Samm.. you have your work cut out for you today!! I have made my choices... Now to see if ours match... Except I had 4... lol

    This is an awesome dresden kind of day!!

  2. Guess I'd better pour another cup of coffee and make myself comfortable!

  3. I was not sure where to comment...lol but I love this.. ( this is for the stool maker...I could not get my comment to post on your word verification)

    1. Thank you so much! I am so honored to be picked!

  4. Rosemary b here:
    Good morning hoppers
    The top choices are fantastic! I adore all of them. Wow this hop has been so inspiring
    I love dresden plate now!!
    I have my coffee and I am ready to hop
    Thank you again for such a creative project idea!!

  5. Here I am, on the West Coast, checking out your picks at 5:45 am, LOL! Well I also looked and commented on the two I missed last night! Great picks BTW.

  6. Great picks today, although I'm sure it was difficult for you! I saw about 19 or 20 I would have chosen!!!

  7. Nice picks. But FYI Madame Samm the stool was made with "Mod Podge" which is a glue/sealer product in one that you usually use with paper when making collages, etc. but can also be used with fabric. Not "hodge podge", lol. Mod Podge is a brand name.

  8. Good morning Samm,

    I'm looking forward to browsing all these dresdens. That first one you have up is just adorable!

  9. Fab top choices - its a very inspiring hop isnt it!

  10. Thank you so much for loving my Dresden as much as I loved making it! I am so honored because there are some amazing projects out there :)

  11. Divinos!!!!Este tampo de banquinho é o máximo. E as tesouras???O que falar delas??? tiacarminhapezzuto@gmail.com

  12. It was a very good choices and a hard one to do, I believe. It was a fantastic day with Dresdens

  13. Who knew the Dresden coulb be so versatile? Love the creativity.

  14. I am amazed every time we have a new Blog Hop at the creative artists out there with needle & thread or perhaps a little Mod Podge!?? Very Very cute
    Gmama Jane

  15. Love the ones you highlighted for today! They deserve the recognition!

  16. Thanks, Mdm Samm! I am feeling chuffed. Sew many beautiful dresden creations today ... and every day of this big beautiful hop ... thanks for hosting ... :) Pat

  17. Sure glad I was not part of the DSB (design selection board) this date as I would have more than three listed. Every blog I got to had another unique and inspirational offering - loved them all and love this sponsor. Judy C

  18. I really liked to scissors dresden. I'm such a fool for vintage sewing notions. I thought the Mod Podge dresden stool was such a cute idea!

  19. Yea...we again match on our choices but I had 2 more I also loved very very much...Every day this hop keeps geeting better and better. Wow what talented and creative souls participagteing..

  20. I totally agree with your favorites for today, they were mine too! But I've got to say there has been SO MUCH GREAT STUFF every day on this hop! My head is swimming with "I wanna" Dresden ideas (and can my brain hold three more days of ideas????). Thanks to you and Christine for hosting, this one is a goodie!

  21. Oh my goodness... my head is spinning from ideas from everyone's dresdens from today and last week. I think I will be on a dresden kick for a while...lol.

  22. Such cute entries again today. I love the scissors dresden.

  23. Holy Moly! Talk about creative quilters! Another wonderful day of hopping and great choices!

  24. I just want to thank you for coming up with Dare to Dresden. As a longarm quilter, I have quilted Dresdens for some of my customers, and I really hated them. The Dresdens the ladies have come up with have really opened my eyes to the possibilities a quilter has with this block and now I'm thinking I'll have to try this block out...but not in the traditional way!!!

  25. Oh those are amazing! The scissors quilt reminds me of the armories in ancient castles -- all the weapons displayed on the walls, very decoratively done.

    The footstool is very inspiring. I'm going to start looking around the thrift shops to see if I can find an old unloved footstool that needs a bit of help.

    I am really loving Dare to Dresden!!

  26. Yet another fun day of hopping through all this creativity! I'm loving that stool!

  27. You are truly an asset to the quilting community and beyond. So many (myself included) looked at the Dresden as a boring, old block...this hop has really proven that you just need to think outside the box. LOVE the square one from the Scrapatch today!

  28. I'm late to the party and haven't had a chance to check any of the dresden's today, but that stool is just beautiful and so very creative!

    Time for me to play catch up and go look at all today's dresdens.

  29. How did I miss the stool!??! That is so cool. And I love the other 2.My choice,too. LOL Glad I don't have to choose. I think EVERYONE loves Dresdens.

  30. Wow, oh my goodness! I am so honored you picked my stool as one of the top three choices. My jaw dropped when I scrolled down to see my picture. This is so exciting, I just woke up my husband to tell him because I had to tell someone. I almost didn't post the stool picture to be honest because I thought it was too simple and didn't really involve much sewing. Thank you so much for the challenge, it really pushed me to try dresdens! ~~Martha in McKinney, Texas

  31. What a great stool! I need to order one of those. I can use a bit more pink in my house! The dresden with the scissors is just perfect.

  32. To fussy cut those scissors--just an amazing dresden, mind blowing!


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