Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 3- IN your Words blog hop -Timeless Treasures Sponsor

I love WORDS, and it looks like
a few other quilters do to.
OUR very first Blog hop of the year!

is our cheerleader in residence 
and she has done a wonderful job
at keeping us all together...
Check the link on the sidebar for her whole schedule! 
She knows how to CHEER! 

A very warm WELCOME to YOU 
for dropping in  to:
where for the next few days
we have a collection of quilters
who will be sharing THEIRS with you..

Here are todays lovely ladies...

Wednesday, January 9
Kathy's Quilts (Kathy W.)
Sunshine Quilting (Martina S.)
Doodling in My Mind (Darla R.)
Grammie Q's (Charlotte M.)
Dancing Moon (Carla B.) 
(Betty V.)  at “that other blog” ( no show) 
The Fuzzy Hat Quilter (Laura Ann)

 Huge January appreciation goes out to 


They selected a variety of treasures
in these bundles...
There is a lot of coziness here! 

YOU can win!
( all winners selected at the end of hop)

Leave comments with our blop participants
GET involved in future blog hops, those who do  will win a chance for a bundle
and the top 3  each day will win a chance at a bundle too...

2 for best in choice
and 1 for overall CREATIVITY! 

OUR top 2 this day....and what a day it is ...WOW 
( some very delightful Wordy projects) 

This just struck us as UpLifting lol...."BLOOM where you are planted.."
This lady planted her in top 2 today....lovely, colourful and full of spring ...

This lady made twin pillows, provided a tut too
of words that are important to her. Soft and billowy wordy project indeed!

And for our Wordy Creative Choice
A lovely idea from over the OCEAN...

This Lady made a QUOTE board to pin her favourite quotes, her stitching and wonderful idea
downright inspiring... Take a peak of her translation on her blog...

Will it be your FAVOURITE....In your words
let us know lol

Forgot to mention...each day all photos
are placed HERE on a pinterest board  !


  1. I love the pillows from "Quilt Doodle Doodles" and a quilt from "Sew Incredibly Crazy". I hope that you will choose them:)
    Have a nice day, my Dear!!!

    1. Ok, that is serendipity....after choosing, saw your note...You were bang on lol

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. We could be blog partners. If you were tired, I could replace you at work:):)

  2. Just wanted to say that everyone is coming up with such great words. Fun, fun!

  3. Another great day - just adore the pillows!!

  4. Samm - wonderful picks!!! The creativity is really coming through and I love this blog hop so much because of the many varied interpretations of the theme. It seems everyone is truly blooming and becoming with this one. Judy C is really enjoying this inspiration.

  5. you have some difficult choices to make each day...love these! The pillows are to die for!

  6. Madame Samm - I am so loving this hop. I've enjoyed previous ones too but this one is a winner and so many inspirations are being shown. Thanks for hosting it and giving a shout out about it too. Jane

  7. Today was full of inspiration!

  8. Really enjoying this hop...I'm off to browse. It's fun seeing what they come up and what fabrics they used.

  9. I dont agree with all the picks, but there is alot of inspirational projects today and were all thinking about applique too.. have a good one !

  10. More great quilts, pillows, bags and a Kindle cover too on today's hop.

  11. the pillows have totally inspired me with how to finish my project! such great projects today!

  12. Excellent choices. Love the stories behind the items made.

  13. It must be one of your hardest jobs each day to pick the top 3. I like your choices for today, and would not like to be in your shoes. Too many choices.

  14. Another fabulous day on this blog hop!!!!!

  15. Ditto as the other comments. A great day of talented ladies and their inspiring words. Looking forward to tomorrow! Great picks for today's top three!

  16. I just finished with the hop for today. Another great day and wonderful words. Thanks for all your work.

  17. What beautiful works of art today ... by everyone! Your choices here are superb and very inspiring :) May just have to sew my own from which to bloom... Excellent job everyone!! Thank you for sharing and thank you Linda for your wonderful cheering and thank you Madame Samm for your tireless leadership.

  18. Another great day! Congratulations Ladies!

  19. It's almost my bedtime and I'm finally able to sit down and check out the wordy projects. I feel like I came late to the party, but thankfully the fun stuff is still here for me to see. Lots of creative ideas today!

  20. Your top picks made me smile... I love them too

  21. My favorite project are those pillows. The font and satin stitching for Family is beautiful (I like that word), and perfect use of the text fabric.

  22. The machine-embroidered bed pillow twins stole my heart and I adored our German friend's pillow she made for ihre Tochter (her daughter). How thoughtful!

  23. The pillows are my favorite! The tutorial on Quilt Doodle Doodles is excellent.


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