Friday, January 25, 2013

Dare to Dresden day 2 of our blog hop with Windham Fabrics as our sponsor

Yes today, DAY 2 of  our Dare to Dresden
is our cheerleader in residence. All the way over the pond! 
She will lead us all into cheer. I think she has a megaphone...
you will hear her lol
And she has been pretty excited, well we both
are considering we never had done a dresden before this hop...

Here are our colourful list of Dare To Dresden creators! 
 Good thing it is Friday..
it may take you the weekend
to get through these lovely creations

And Windham Fabrics is our sponsor 
with their I LIKE YOU collection by Amy Sedaris..
They have put up a rather funny post about Amy Sedaris collection..

#3 winners will win these brand new bundles
for top 3 of the day
for overall participation
and for leaving comments.

Ok, I had to pour 2 cups of coffee this morning to get
through all of your lovely creations..
And another day , that welllll, just blew my mind...

( again no easy decision) 

Well if you know me, you know coffee is never far from my thoughts..
this lady just perked my interest...I know she called it a tea pot...I am going to call
it a coffee pot...and she can pour more dresdens if they look anything like this..
Great reds! 

And this lady....welllll, I almost spit out my coffee, heavens, it is coffee
colors for goodness sake....VERY WESTERN theme...I loved it..
and she was worried she was not rise to the top..
but really look at her centers....? get out of here....
The colour choices are wellll perky! ...

( although there were at least 2 others that were close to pushing her aside) 

YEP, "WE" love her. modern, bright, delightful.
and not even a hint of any coffee near this one...lol
Ok, it was a long night, what can I say...GREAT dresdens today ladies...

Cheering you all on...

Oh did I mention, stopping in tomorrow..SATURDAY
for something that will no doubt bowl you over? 


  1. Another fun hop, wish I had signed up !! Some really cute/ pretty things have shown up these last two days!

  2. Thanks for hosting this... it has been great fun - even though we are only on day two, I have had lots of inspiration!

  3. I was up late hopping around to see what the ladies who shared this day with me had made! After a day of running errands, I was still in overdrive and could not sleep so I got back out of bed and went to blogging! lol

    A few had not posted yet so I am about to go take another peek and see if they are up yet...There are some clever dresdens being shown today!

  4. I LIKE Amy Sedaris! And I sure like seeing all these beautiful Dresdens!

  5. I never expected so many variations of the Dresden! It's been another delightful day of blog hopping.

  6. Thanks for doing this hop. Now I want to try out that Dresden ruler that I "just needed" a long time ago. Now I want to go back and look at all the blocks again!!!!

  7. YAY! Thank you so much! I had soooo much fun with this one!

  8. Good morning Samm..all is well in my world...I agree, these Ladies did a lovely job, even though the first two didn't think they could compare. There is a lot of gorgeous dresdens popping up everywhere!

  9. Está sem dúvidas valendo a pena,obrigada e Deus te Abençoe.

  10. Great stuff out there, this group has touched their artistic ,,,,hmmmm,, whats the word.. Greatness?

  11. Oh I don't know how you can choose 3 with all that talent out there. Choosing must be the hardest part of all, huh?

  12. I imagine you had a tough time choosing today. There were so many great ideas!

  13. Beautiful!! And how cute to set one of the Dresden pieces to the outside like that - Very clever!

    Good luck ladies


  14. Another wonderful day in Dresden! Thanks, Madame Samm, for another big beautiful blog hop! ... :) Pat

  15. Trabalhos maravilhosos. Adoro dresden, ainda vou aprender a faze-los. Um abraço.

  16. Once again you picked a good top 3. The only difference I would have done?? I would have picked the little bitty dresden. So cute.

  17. I'm over the moon with being chosen in the Top 3. It has to be my daughter's camera! I really liked making dresdens. I think I'll be making more.
    Gmama jane

  18. One more great Dresden day. So many creative ladies out there. My favorite was Erin´s Yes he loves me. It is so bright and happy and fun.
    Thanks for one more inspiring day.
    Have a great weekend

  19. What another great day in Dresden land! Luckily I live on the West Coast and can sneak in a few before bedtime!

  20. Rosemary B here:
    Another impressive day of creativity -- massive amounts of brilliance!
    These were great top picks, there were so many today I am sure it was tough.
    I loved all of them.

  21. I can't find the link to the pinterest pics
    fun hop, lots of great eye candy. cw

  22. The red with the teapot is my top faveorite for today. Really oved her projects. They were very nice. But my goodness everybodys things are just phenomanal

  23. Tough Choices today, I love the three you picked! Great job ladies and I am awestruck by how wonderful the projects are so far... and to think...There are Four more days next week to enjoy!
    Hugs to you!!

  24. Great hop! Love the "plucked" dresden, very clever!

  25. Awww, you are so sweet to include me in the top...such a nice thing to do! Today and yesterday had so many gorgeous Dresden's to look at.

  26. I cannot believe the gorgeous projects we are being treated to... pure quilty delighfulness!

  27. This is a great hop. I don't know how you come up with the top 3. I surely would have problems deciding. Everyone is doing such a great job. Thank you for all your help with the hop. It is greatly appreciated by us all!

  28. Such a great start! Loving all the creative ideas just like in all the hops. Another great hop idea. Can't wait for what's next! Have a super weekend!


  29. Great hop..loving the dresdens

  30. Wow, how many versions of the Dresdan are there? So far, everyone that I've seen is gorgeous...

  31. Oh I agree - great Dresdens today! What I am really loving about this hop is seeing how many of us have never done a Dresden block before. Way to get us motivated to try something new Mdm Samm!

  32. Am so loving this hop - the top threes have been fabulous and I love all of the other I have seen so far too!

  33. Everyone is doing such a great job! So much variety and fun. :)
    Hopping off to visit.

  34. These dresdens have been stunning since day one! Really enjoying the creativity and uniqueness by these wonderful quilters!

  35. I continue to be amazed at the interpretations being presented - so much creativity and inspiration. Carol, who did not think her Dresdens were up to everyone elses, what can I say - she was so right on with her Dresdens and her story was so funny. What joy to see that confidence building -it happens when you play outside your comfort zone. Judy C

  36. Replies
    1. Such nice pictures and now going to visit the other blogs!

  37. Very fun day. I didn't get to hop until today. Thanks again and loved the ones you picked!

  38. I agree, He Loves Me is so very creative!!


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