Monday, January 21, 2013

WE will keep you in Stitches ...our next hop... sneak peak...

I know can you believe it?
Another Blog hop...
However this time, you will have at least 2 months notice.

STITCH ME UP, embroidery hop 
Sign ups will begin tomorrow.

Our next cheerleader will be announced then too..
You know her well, she is a grand cheerleader! 

I am still waiting for some patterns. 
All the files will be sent to all those who sign up in PDF. 
I have asked 2 ladies who are very well known for their
outstanding embroidery to join us. I also will include some extra
patterns too! You will have at least 8  designs to choose from. 

I have also asked the Stitching Guru, Mary Corbet to provide us all with her wonderful videos
on all of her excellent stitches..
 ( these are just some of them) Be sure to keep this on file....You will be sooooo thankful for her expertise.  Thanks Mary, we continue to be inspired by YOU!

If ever you wanted to know more about embroidery and wanted to add "WORDS and images"  to your quilts...Well this will be one hop, that may interest you...

p.s Everything will be ready for Tomorrow...I have some homework to complete for testing
today, sorry for the delay. FYI you have 8 patterns to choose from.  In the meantime, DARE to DRESDEN begins this Thursday....
3 of 8 patterns..!

How To Videos

Line Stitches & Bands  ( there are more than this) 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Blog HOP announcement ---if you have HEART....we will hug and kiss you

If you have any HEART this is one mini hop you will want to be part of ....
We needed a wee hop for February and what better theme

Sorry to say
full to capacity...

there will be another blog hop
announced early next week
for March!

has a lot of heart so she is really the 
perfect cheerleader to lead us into this one..

Send her a note with the subject line
"Hugs and Kisses PLEASE" 

The above link will take you to her blog..
leave your message there...

her email

 Clothworks is our sponsor
and this is what we will be giving away..

Sue Zipkin is the designer * here is her blog
with her new
HUG ME collection...

I just hugged this collection after I took the photo!

It is only for 5 days as we have to prepare for 
It's all about ME with Amy Bradley! 

What is expected from you for this hop..

1. Create anything that has hearts, hugs, kisses, 
anything in REDS and PINKS.
If you have recently created something Valentine, this is where you can show it.
But you have to have at least 1 project you made for this hop..

2.  Our buttons must be on your blogs ( code on top right) .
This applies to everyone. Your chances of participating 
in future hops will be discreetly rejected. 

3. We would appreciate if you just highlight your PROJECT,
a sewn project, not a diagram please.
Keep your future blog hops and quilt alongs posted for another day.

4. Take great photos, be cheerleaders for everyone.

This hop will be limited to only 50 participants..!

Congrats to the following
( they all have been contacted and all are pretty excited) 

Each won a fat quarter bundle from Timeless Treasures...
Thank you with all of our heart! ( for all those who participated
and our generous sponsors)

Joan from Moose Stash Quilting won a bundle...
( Joan won for best in show, most creative! remember senior delinquent)
Judy B ( no blog) won a bundle 
( won for overall comments)
Sheila  Munroe from East Coast also won a bundle..
( won for participating in hop)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

News Update...upcoming BLOG HOPS....

Hi,  do you like my News Update Reporter...she is me in cartoon?
I have been sketching some Ladies and painting them or colouring
them in Photoshop...
I had a session at school that had me sketching 25 of these
so I feel quite comfortable now....What use to take me hours
to produce now takes me welllll a whole lot less ...lol

Ok, now for the News Update..

Dare to Dresden begins next Thursday
Jan 24-31st..
is pretty excited...She has the schedule ready..

They have a new designer so we will be getting her new collection..
her name is Amy Sedaris and her line is I LIKE YOU!
You will like her too..

fabric just arrived...this is for our giveaway!

As soon as their fabric bundles arrive I will 
send photo to Christine for her to place on her blog too !


Now It's all About me with Amy Bradley
was completely full in 2 days...
WE have added 2 more days
now for those who just have to play with us.....

if you were sitting on the fence...

Leave her a note on her blog with
name, email and blog if you have one...

Here is a sneak peak  of one of the ladies I 
have been playing with....

No surprise that at least one of my ladies will be into COFFEE! 

They are soooo simple to make...Amy is the very BEST 
with her instructions...and if you can trace her pattern
and you can iron and you can stitch ...
WELLLLLLL you can do this...


How on earth could I have forgotten this one?
Nancy DREW which we have to move forward..
The fabrics are out there now....
CAROL from Just let me Quilt still has some spots available..
YOU can make anything you like as long as YOU Have some
Nancy DREW fabric in your project...

MODA is our sponsor..we have 3 lovely fat quarter bundles of 
NANCY DREW to giveaway


Ohhhh and tomorrow....we will be announcing
another Blog hop for FEBRUARY, it will be for 5 days
Mon-Fri and Jane from Jane's Fabrics will be cheering you all on...

It will take place before It's all about Me...
And a theme that I am sure you will be able to create
at least one HEARTfelt project....

Ok, that wraps up this news bulletin..
RESUME your stitching and whatever else you may be doing..
SEE you tomorrow..

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My very favourite WORDS - a serving or two...

I imagine this is your last stop today .
Welcome... Before you begin your viewing
I would like to convey my appreciation 
and thanks to  Linda for cheering and organizing us with 
"one more reminder" ...She did a brilliant job!

To all of you who participated wow! I mirror your sentiments 
throughout this hop....it was one of my fav's too. 
Thank you for participating, cheering and sharing your WORDS.

I share my day with these amazing women....
Be sure to cheer them on! 

Wednesday, January 16

Quiltin' Jenny  (Jenny)
Dachsies With Moxie  (Agnes B.)
Sew Many Yarns (Lyndsey M.)
Sew We Quilt  (Mdm. Samm) yep that is me! 

Ok, in my words....here goes...

My love of WORDS, began quite early in infancy. I was an avid reader
in a couple of languages, and if you ever wanted to find me, I would be
 found in the library with my nose in books.... way before technology was available.

Today, my nose is in lessons, videos, exercises, tablets and vector graphics...

 My desire to find true meaning in almost everything was because of WORDS...
the lack of, the search of, the understanding of....

Words were and still are one of my keys to success...
Evident to many of you who find I am wordy..lol
I don't apologize for that, my husband tells me I have
more words than anyone,  he says it is because of my marketing background...
If I don't use them - I lose them...( he is so smart) ...lol

In my presentation of words today..
I used less... I think you will understand....

These are my all time favourite....


My Mantra for this year is LOVE. I am sure you will agree with me 
that LOVE is needed to heal our world. LOVE brings us together..
Take the love of Quilting, Threads, Patterns,  Fabrics...
 it's all about LOVE 
we stay together because we LOVE....


This one started it all, a project for Riley Blake Designs, after witnessing a temper
tantrum of a spirited young tot and bellowing out "I M Happy" ( when clearly she was not)
 I could not sketch her quick enough when I returned from Christmas shopping.
I embroidered her in just a black Presencia Finca Perle #12
and placed her on a lovely pink gingham from RBD. 

Don't we  all have the desire to be HAPPY! I do ...
and I am !  ( sew that word has special meaning to me) 


Of course there was "NO stoppin me now" as I had sketched about 
12 of these tots...This one reminded me so much of me when I was young...
Before speaking to the hand was a gesture we are familiar with today..
mine when young -was my way of stopping the Nuns from scolding me
from speaking my mind....With WORDS of course lol

I just had to do one with the theme of  COFFEE one of my truly madly deeply - favourite WORDS.
It just perks me up daily, gives me comfort and even though I never did
drink the brew till I was in my 30's I thought this wee tot with her coffee cup
in hand, would surely be questioning....
"dis not my sippy cup"...
By the way, there was no such thing when I was young..
sippy cup that is lol
And the Nuns only served us the occasional tea and wine...lol

and next....

Another favourite word of mine...."SORRY" we just don't hear this enough 
these days. We seem to have lost something in all this technology. 
I like the word SORRY...I believe it could heal the world....

Sew this wee tot, with her card in hand with SORRY written in her hand
writing...."here keep this" just makes me smile...
I should have had one made up for the Nuns when I was young...
it would saved me on all the words I used under my breath lol

All of these embroidery pieces were sketched by me and all stitched in Presencia Finca Perle #12

I love to stitch with Presencia, there is no unravelling, no knotting,
no little thread hairs to be picked...just perfect thread. 
I can do one of these up in less than an hour...they are  8 x 11 inches..

Had I more time I would have embroidered more...but I wanted to make
something really special for Linda.... our resident cheerleader. 

As "One more reminder" was her key to success in managing us all
and her hair is brown, and her eyes green and her fav colour
is an orange red...I sketched this up for her and then coloured her...
It is framed and on her way as a reminder
of a fine job in our WORDY HOP! 

Ohhh and some special pom poms will be included too!

( more on that later this week) 

That is all I have today...no more words...except for below...thanks for popping in ...
YOUR words mean a lot to ME! 

To[ 3 of the day on our last day of in your words blog hop

It is our last day...
it has been evident we had
many words to share...
Thanks for being part of it all...

is our cheerleader in residence 
and she has done a wonderful job
at keeping us all together...
Check the link on the sidebar for her whole schedule! 
She knows how to CHEER! 

A very warm WELCOME to YOU 
for dropping in  to:

Here are  our last lovely ladies 
who have shared their words..

Wednesday, January 16
Quiltin' Jenny  (Jenny)
(Rosemary B.) at “that other blog”
Dachsies With Moxie  (Agnes B.)
Sew Many Yarns (Lyndsey M.)
The German Mom  (Tina S.)
Christa Quilts (Christa W.)
Sew We Quilt  (Mdm. Samm)

 Huge January appreciation goes out to 


They selected a variety of treasures
in these bundles...
There is a lot of coziness here! 

YOU can win!
( all winners selected at the end of hop)

Leave comments with our blop participants
GET involved in future blog hops, those who do  will win a chance for a bundle
and the top 3  each day will win a chance at a bundle too...

2 for best in choice
and 1 for overall CREATIVITY! 

Our top 2 of the day for BEST in SHOW

This lady made a set of pillows as a gift for someone dear to her. They both were beautiful. 
HOME is another favourite word of ours...So this one is very befitting..
Lovely fabrics and photo. 

This lady just learned how to do paper piecing a couple months ago....and now 
she is a designer....WOW, can you believe the detail of this piece..?
She plays the piano, and she is music to our ears each time we see her in our inbox.....

And for the Most CREATIVE piece that made us ....

This lady has been away for almost a year..
She is on the mend and we SMILE at the thought
that she is feeling better and back to her stitching.
we have certainly missed her..
And today is her Birthday! 
What a giggle it will be for her to hear from YOU!
Wait till you see her other lovely pieces..

Will it be your FAVOURITE....In your words
let us know lol

Forgot to mention...each day all photos
are placed HERE on a pinterest board  !

Winners will all be announced on FRIDAY! 
FAT quarter bundles will go out to 3 winners..