Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sign up today for Nancy Drew Blog HOP for January 2013 with you guessed right if you thought CAROL.

There is still room for YOU
 sign up today....

Today registration begins for our NEW YEARS BLOG HOP 2013


The first one of the year and CAROL from justletmequilt
will be hosting and cheering you on...
YOU may remember her from hosting our Bowls on Borders.
She was absolutely awesome in organizing women from
all over the world, she had to face language barriers, our largest
gathering ever and she did it with composure and finesse.

And she threatened me....NO MORE GODIVA
cookies if I did not choose her...
What could I say, I love Godiva cookies...
( 1 a day with my coffee, a box last -well until
the next one arrives) lol 

ANYWAY as I was saying....There will
be many CLUES during the lead up to this
blog hop...Pay attention, it could mean
lovely surprises for YOU and YOU and YOU.

What is expected for this blog hop...

#1 YOU can make anything you like, no limits, no sizes,  no unlimited creativity..
as long as you use NANCY DREW FABRIC from MODA,
YOU are in. You can add other fabrics, but NANCY DREW MODA
must be in your project. 

( I am told the collection will be in your local quilt shops
by the end of NOVEMBER) 

 #2  Order some material soon. Or get out to your local quilt shops
and let them know you will need some Nancy DREW! 

I have a couple online shops who will be getting some very soon! 

#2 All those who will be participating  must
 A) add button to their blog from acceptance to completion of hop. 

( code is on the side bar at the top)

B) Must have their post up my midnight EST
C) Must turn off their Word Verification, just for the day if they can
D) Must add lists of fellow sleuths to their blogs
so everyone can find them as easily as they found YOU.

#3 Connect with Carol here if interested by NOVEMBER 25th DEADLINE
( although I think we will fill up very quickly, according to emails already) 

#4 For those who have NO blogs, we have one 
for YOU. So we will accept 15 ONLY for this blog hop!

THAT IS ALL of our mystery there..
YOU will be eligible for GREAT PRIZES! 

Here is my #1 Clue of what I am making.
YES it is paper pieced...( surprised? ) that is not the clue. lol

" If you read Nancy Drew as a
 child there is no doubt you would be doing this"

Some of you may have seen this already from our last blog hop..
but you can make some coin purses.

  These are from MODA, ( link here to see their whole collection) 
 3 lovely fat Quarter Bundles 
to be given away at the end of our hop....
( that is if I don't use them up before then lol) 

HOW YOU CAN WIN? ( the above bundles) 

#1 Participate in our blog hop...all those who enter are eligible to win
#2 Be amongst our top 3 of the day. ( project and photos taken into consideration.
#3 be a Cheerleader...cheer everyone on with comments...

WE will all be CHEERING FOR YOU! 
Drop us a note here too, so we will be comparing our lists
and be sure YOU will be in our Nancy DREW Blog HOP! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Here is a clue...Nancy DREW and YOU....

Yes tomorrow....I will introduce the cheerleader who
will be looking after this blog hop...
Sign up begins tomorrow....( Thursday) 

Ohhh and  you will love her, she is quite competitive I hear...
she wants to beat the 444 photos that Katherine had in her blog 
hop of UR Priceless....... We will see....! lol
Katherine did an awesome job! 

Anyway more details tomorrow....
OHHH and
is sponsoring this hop...

How lovely, look at the winnings....
I will have a CLUE to share with you all tomorrow too....
on my very special project....

and FYI our next blog hop will be managed
by our cheerleader in residence who knows how to make us all smile....

it is our HOLIDAY LANE blog hop
and sponsored by the designer herself Jill Findley from Jillily studios....
It begins on NOV 21st.....

Ohhh and tune in on Friday...I will be sharing 
what behind the SEAMS stuff 
---WE---( all the cheerleaders and I)
 have been planning
for the month of DECEMBER....shhhhh it's a secret till then...

Ohhh and Friday we will announce winners of
Andover Fabric Bundles, the RED THREAD and some coin purses..

I don't know about any of you...but I am wiped...
I keep thinking  about coin purses for some strange reason..
I keep thinking numbers instead of the Alphabet lol

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ABC's of UR Priceless....and giveaway!

Since I was the last on this blog hop, I am hoping you went to visit all my dear quilting friends
that I shared by day with .... Here they are!  Welcome if this is your first time here!

This post should come with a warning...lots of

                                                       Janice M ( she is there now) 

Last day, day 7  - Nov. 13

I know, I know....ABC's who would even think
of doing such a thing...? 

I am blaming it on CAROL, she began spreading a rumour
I had made hundreds of coin purses.... such silly Rubbish... lol

The truth of the matter  is I ONLY made about 26...maybe a couple
more- that I did not include here, because they were my samples
and our button for this blog hop....

If I wasn't sew busy planning our very SPECIAL DECEMBER
surprise ( the whole month in fact) and working on assignments
and papers for school, I probably would have gotten hundreds done...

Sew I will squash that rumour right now....
Sorry to disappoint you

Ok, let's get to the first one here went
to a young lady is Costa Rica, A for of my fav's for sure.
She made me a delightful sewing kit for my needles. 
A miniature "apple" paper piecing just for her! 

B for Beonce...and not Beyonce...Beonce...
I received this fabric from Kiki, and I was tickled pink
to finally find something that would suit a coin purse
perfectly...very 50's don't you think? 

C for Charlie....Jane  sent me some Charlie Brown
Fabric....I love this one...I love fall! Always a sweet treat
to share one's stash... ( with me lol) 

D for Danielle... How I love this one...I have 
quite a bit of this fabric, always thought it sew dainty,
feminine, complete with ruffles and bows! 

 ( handles from Quilt Taffy) 

E for Emily, ohhh she is such the Matriarch
of "the fam", hard not to be drawn into this fabric line,
just priceless! 

F for Felicity, surely you don't need to be concerned with her,
even though she is holding a hammer...possibly letting
everyone  know, please don't touch this coin purse lol...

G for Gabby, my best friend at boarding school was named Gabriella,
she is from Switzerland, she loves sour apples, the greener
the better. We are still friends after all these years, I sent
her this a couple weeks ago, she wrote back
" I almost bit into it" ....Yes that is Gabby, always a lover
of sweet things lol.... I just pucker at the thought!
( and I love sour, but green apples....I will leave
those to her) 

 H for Hailey, made this with linen gussets , back
and lining. She just cannot understand why her man
thinks she needs a coin purse?
MEN! lol

 I for ISHA,  love the name and the image...
Sometimes I wish ladies dressed like this more...

J for Jane, she loves seeing her name out there I am told ( wink)
I wonder how she will feel to have this lovely in the pink
coin purse named after her ...
( oh and she loves PINK) 

K for Katie, Katie always brings sunshine in my life, the funniest
thing is I have 8 GF whose name is Katie. 4 of them 
want this one. lol 

( andover fabrics the red thread, our giveaways) 

L for Loretta, one of the NUNS at school was named Sister
Loretta Laplante, she wore a frown much like this lady...
I don't think she would be terrible amused! 
Although I love "the fam"and I did fear Sister Loretta! lol

M for Melanie Daniels, you know THE BIRDS star, Tippi Hedren.
Her character's name was Melanie Daniels. 
This fabric and stitched crow was from Kris, even though
it was to be made into a pillow, I thought this one would
certainly be mine, and I would proudly keep this one
as a reminder of a shared passion for crows!
( not really but I just love The Birds, and I just ordered
the fabric to make a similar quilt like Kris made for her son)

N for Nancy Drew, I love Nancy Drew almost as much as The Birds,
sew when I heard MODA was coming out with Nancy Drew
fabric, I just knew we had to have a blog hop...
we will be registering interested Nancy Drew fans 
this week...for January Blog hop... The fabric is divine!

O for Octavia...when I think of Octavia Spencer she played Minny
in the movie blockbuster
 THE HELP, my movie of choice these past couple years.
 I have the movie and ohhhh 
may have watched it a few times....I think Octavia would
love this coin purse almost as much as she loved
 baking chocolate pie! 

( andover fabrics the red thread, our giveaways) 

P for Penelope, I never get tired of orange or dots
or outlines of lovely fabric pieces, combined we have
Penelope. Isn't she a darling ? 

Q for Quinn, I always love names that suits
both sexes. I have gf named Quinn, and we go out
and make reservations for high tea, Quinn and Samm, I think
they are surprised to see 2 ladies walk in! lol 
This one is certainly for HER! 

R for RaeAnn, we all know a lady  by this name and she
is an avid quilter, she no doubt measures up to this one to a T. 
This fabric came by a lady whose name is a fruit. ( wink) 

S for Sabrina, I was going to call her Samantha, but realllllly
I don't think she resembles me at all. And I really don't know
any Sabrina's either. This one was won by Soma...
I could have called it Soma...I just did not want
her to think I thought she was this scary
Although she did just organize a paper piecing Halloween theme!

T for Timothy, another member of "the fam" he is rather fond of pink,
ohhh he told this one is heading off to HIM...wink..

U for Ulric, I loved this name! Sounds as strong as this
image..."the fam's" home. Love the orange in this fabric...
kinda like pumpkin...and I LOVE PUMPKIN! 

V for Victoria. I had a nursing teacher named Victoria, we all 
called her Vickie, I always liked Victoria better. We still are in 
contact after ahhhh *# years lol  I sent this to her last week!
She loved it ! 

W for Wicked Wendy, our dear friend who hosted and cheered
for the Wicked Blog hop. I made this especially for her...
Thought it would be a reminder of a fine job she did
and I drew the wicked house....the other side
has her name with crows in the air....

X for Xandra.....Ok, I know of no one with this name...
but I also don't know any babies who look like this either...
( another member of "the fam" )

Y for Yvette, being french I had many classmates who had
french names. Yvette, was my study friend. We both spent
more time in the library then we did in the pews....
I had embroidered this with variegated Presencia threads....
and the gussets are blue roses... She would just love this..
She always had blue ribbons on her ponytail! 

Z for Zoe, now I do have a friend name Zoe, and she and I have
taken many baking classes together with a famous
baker in Toronto. Dufflet, before she opened a few bakeshops,
she used to teach classes in a small store.... We certainly
learned from a pro, I made 2 of for Zoe
and another wellllll, can't say at the moment..
But she loves to bake and cook and ......too! 

I thought you would like to the linings...
I took as much care in selecting these as I did the fabrics
for the coin purses... All of these were made
from Andover Fabrics, the RED Thread, giveaway BUNDLES. 

I called these the GIRLS! 
( made from dots and linens) 

This collection "the fam" 

This collection I called 

 More FAM relatives! 

I called these EARTH collection! 

I called these OOAK! 

 I called these PRICELESS!

I have a few more I have already cut out and 
are ready to be sewed...Many of my "FAM" and "Friends will
be getting these for Christmas...
I think they make a perfect OOAK gift...the possibilities
are endless....

ohhhh this is just an extra I made for a special cheerleader....! 

 YOU can purchase Coin purse
pattern here! 40 PHOTOS, worth a 1,000 languages :)

 Corrie AT Quilt Taffy Handles and Fusible Fleece 

And of course we have to have a giveaway
besides the Andover Fabrics, which will be announced 
on Friday....

What are your top 3 favourites 
 ( by names) ?

and 2 people will win their top choices that I designed
and created with you in mind!

Big thanks goes out to Katherine
for being such a great cheerleader and to 
Andover Fabrics for being a wonderful sponsor
and YOU, because you all are kind, smart
and important to me...

Btw, it took me 2 months to get these done.
I got it down to 17 minutes flat to make 1.
I tried to make 1 every other day and somehow
they just kept adding up...

Being a good time manager has many bonuses!

What a delightful job Katherine did in this blog hop..
And Andover Fabrics...we will see you again in the NEW YEAR!
Thank you on behalf of all the winners...

WINNERS- yes- that is why you are tuning in...


#1 Winner for top 3 went out to Ceylyn
#2 Winner for participating, newcomer Julia at that other blog
#3 Winner for comments left - congrats Maria...

( all have been contacted, with absolute resonating excitement lol) 

And Jacque won Penelope....
she loves dots....

Bente Octavia was your 2nd choice
Penelope was won above....
( hope you like her) the coin purse
not Jacque...but yes like Jacque too lol

Congrats Ladies.....

 YOU can purchase Coin purse
pattern here! 40 PHOTOS, worth a 1,000 languages :)

 Corrie AT Quilt Taffy Handles and Fusible Fleece 

                         Next announcement is what we will be doing for the month of DECEMBER...

UR Priceless coin purse last day and sponsored by Andover Fabrics

 Andover Fabrics is our sponsor for this hop
and they are providing 3 RED Thread Bundles..

Here they are on FACEBOOK too...
join us will you?

MANY GIVEAWAYS announced...


Nov 5-13th
( weekend exempted)

Something we don't hear enough but should....
For the next few days, U R PRICELESS will be MY key word !
Will it be YOURS too...?

I remember doing a POLL to anyone who had a pattern
for a coin purse.....Never found one....then I purchased
a few, but did not feel any were what I was looking for...

Sew like anyone in need, I reached out to a few Europeans
friends, looked at my  leather bag from Big Pharma and out came this...
For those who have joined us in our blog hop
the Pattern was FREE for YOU...
40 photos sew you too could make your very own coin purse!

I have seen some previews and MY OH MY 
did you make it your own....

I cannot wait to see what you all have created....
and why?
Because I think U R PRICELESS to me
and Katherine...

Katherine from Sew Me Something Good 
will be cheering you on and keeping you organized...
She is a great bag maker, sew I can just imagine what she will
be showing us all...
You can reach her here if you need anything...

The schedule is on our side will take
you to the list of PRICELESS creators....
 Look who is up today?

Sew We Quilt

Each day we will select the top 3 greatest, latest, best
coin purses will be posted here...
We really won't have any honourable mentions
as they are all completed projects...

First this lady thought outside of the box, clearly stuck with only one handle
many coin purses. Sew she took each one apart and sewed it on...
NOW that my dear friends is a trouble shooter in the most amazing way...
I also love her Batman and striped lining....MY grandsons would love this!
POW  BAMMM Whammmm lol

I loved the close up of this one and the buttons lady bugs a perfect addition...
LOVELY coin purse too...but the close up was excellent...

I am sew excited at all the great shots
this lady took, her coin purse soft and delicate
against stones and rocks that have been worn
by splashes over  centuries no doubt...
and I love the delicate daisy! 

 Andover Fabrics is our sponsor for this hop
and they are providing 3 RED Thread Bundles..

Here they are on FACEBOOK too...
join us will you?

MANY GIVEAWAYS announced...


#1 all those who participated will have a chance to win

#2 All those who are in our top 3

#3 All those who leave comments ( each comment leaves
you another chance to win) 

It pays to participate in our blog hops
YOUR chances are a possible 3 in 100 chances..( more on the comment left)
I think that is amazing...
Where else can you get that kind of opportunity? 

YEP! I was thinking the same! 
HERE at SEW We QUILT where everyone is a winner..


                                  This one was made from Andover Fabrics The RED Thread collection!

Here is where you can find pattern and materials to make your very own !

 YOU can purchase Coin purse
pattern here! 40 PHOTOS, worth a 1,000 languages :)

 Corrie AT Quilt Taffy Handles and Fusible Fleece 

                                    You can see all the coin purses HERE!
                   well over 300+ this hop may be the largest one for photos yet...
                                         we still have   tomorrow....

P.s Please check right side of blog..NEW POLL> future blog hops..
Working on August- December 2013