Monday, December 3, 2012

It begins today our 1st author.....Books for Women by Women, today with Ingrid Steffensen

Grab your beverage of choice and join us every morning for 
the month of December.... ( no sewing, quilting topics...just books) 
to highlight...
 books for women by women. 

Each day we will have a book giveaway. 
The book that is featured by our guest authors...

 Also every week we will  be gifting....
it will be a different day every week....
All of them are highlighted below! 

So let us begin with our 1st distinguished guest...

Today I would like to introduce you to this lady and author

Author of FAST GIRL, what an interesting lady she is...

by the way just checked this book can be downloaded to e-readers on amazon! 

Q and A--- with Fast Girl Author Ingrid Steffensen

1.    What prompted you to start high-performance driving?

I’m no Danica Patrick: I’ve always been a nester.  I’m totally a homebody who loves to cook, and read, and do projects around the house.  I had absolutely no interest in cars and would never have dreamed of trying out high-performance driving if it hadn’t been for my gearhead husband who did this loony thing for years before he finally convinced me—very reluctantly—to give it a try.  When I finally did, I was terrified!  Here’s a gal whose biggest thrill is finding a kickass pair of boots on sale, and suddenly I was being asked to drive my car in ways I had no idea it could even go.  But I’m pretty stubborn, too, and once I’d decided to do it, I went through with it.  And it was still terrifying, but once I got to the end of that first weekend, I found I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  Curiously, it’s a challenge and a skill that I simply felt compelled to try to master—read the book and find out why!  And I promise you’ll be laughing yourself silly from page one.

2. What kind of experiences did you have being a woman in such a male-dominated sport?

You know, I thought it was going to be all hairy-chested, ball-busting masculine aggression, with pole dancers in the garage, but it isn’t really like that at all.  Because I drive with owner’s clubs (like the BMW or Audi Club), these are all amateurs in the original sense of the term: they just love the sport.  When I realized that high-performance driving is a skill like any other that takes practice and patience to master, I also discovered that the guys (and it is almost all guys) respect the skill, not the gender.  In fact, most of them are pretty psyched to have more women involved, and on the whole they’ve been really supportive and nice to me.  Still, it is a very masculine environment, and part of what I’ve come away with is a broadened sense of myself: I can compete with these men on an equal platform, and, yes, definitely, that makes me feel at least seven different kinds of awesome when I can equal or better them in a contest of high-speed skill!  It’s also really fun to see them in their natural habitat: sometimes I feel like Jane Goodall on an expedition, getting a glimpse at how this other species operates.

3. What message do you want women to take away from this book?

My story really isn’t so much about cars and driving—it’s about the journey.  Even though I’m finding a lot of guys are loving the book, the audience I had in mind when I wrote it was the smart, funny, engaged women who are my friends.  It’s a story about what happens when you push yourself way beyond your comfort zone, and all the things you discover about yourself when you’re in that scary place.  I found out that I’m way stronger, braver, and more adventurous than I’d ever given myself credit for.  It’s not an exaggeration to say that learning this outrageous skill completely changed my life.  And yet, there’s truly nothing that special about me—if I can do this, so can you!

Thanks Ingrid, very insightful!
Tomorrow we will have one of our cheerleaders 
reviewing one of the books they chose from  
the following:

Members of the Perseus Books Group | Distributed by Publishers Group West

 to the following over the top generous GIFTERS 

A huge thanks to the following sponsors for offering up some very heartfelt presents for the month of December... Besides the featured Authors book each day, we will have weekly PRESENTS of the following..

From top to bottom..... Pellon is gifting 2 pillows, 1 batting for a throw, some  pillow stuffing, and some wonder under  to  2 winners who stick with Pellon!

Aurifil is gifting 4 boxes of large threads in a variety of colours to 4  lovers of threads....

Bag Lady is gifting 5 assorted frames for coin purses to 1 coin purse lover!

Reliable Corporation ( you can see close up here) is gifting 2 Sensor Irons to 2 quilters who love to iron.

Purdy's Chocolate is gifting 4 large boxes of chocolates...( I did not even peak under the wrapper, so I am not sure what is there )  to 4 lucky chocolate lovers.

Andover Fabrics is gifting 4 beautiful assorted fat quarter bundles to 4 fabric lovers...

And Seal Press will be gifting the book that is featured each day!

 Our whole month of December we cheerleaders will be celebrating all of YOU, who have been
with us for years. To our  new followers,  we will welcome you with all the warmth we can muster....

WE hope you will be visiting us and leaving lovely comments for all of our guests who have
made this month possible.... Take this time to thank those around you for all of our blessings...
It will be a very special month....

All those who follow will be eligible for all of our gifts.....and if we hit 5,000 followers, I have a very special gift for YOU....oh yes...wink...( and a gift for all those up to 5000...they are included too)

                      Whatever your wishes are this season, these are our wishes for you...!

With warmest blessings from our cheerleading TEAM...

Jane, Carol, Katherine, Marlene,  Wendy, Corrie, Linda, Cherry, 
Pauline, Christine....These are our cheerleaders...
and a new one who will be joining the team in 2013 Mary!

ps. each day winners will be announced the next morning! 

It begins in the morning..a month of books for women by women....

WELCOME to our intro for DECEMBER 2012

The entire month of DECEMBER, I want you to take a seat,
 share my quilt, snuggle in, grab your cup.... and here is why....

We ( cheerleaders) Jane, Carol, Corrie, Linda, Pauline, Marlene,
Cherry, Wendy and Katherine, Christine and Mary who will be joining in 
in the New Year...have been busy behind the seams....

I contacted Seal Press, a publishing company of books for women by women.
I shared with them this idea of slowing down the pace a bit, introducing the written
word to all of us! I know before we all got immersed in quilting, we possibly
read a lot....WELLLLLL I miss my books and December is always a busy
month for all of us. I thought this would be a nice break...

For an entire month, 5 days a week, weekends off, 
we will introduce to you 20 Ladies who happen to be Authors,
wives, mothers, aunts, friends....

SEAL PRESS,  provided us all with books to review. WE will have a variety
of topics and formats...wait and see...
YOU may find some quiet time to read one or two...

What to expect....

Each day you will be introduced to another author!

Each day we will have a book giveaway.

Each week we will give away a box of PURDY's Chocolates.

Each week we will be giving away a box of Aurifil Threads.

Each Week we will be giving away a Fat Quarter Bundle

Ohhhh and I managed to get 2 BRAND NEW DESIGNS of Reliable IRONS
( for when we return to our sewing rooms) 

Ohhhh the Bag Lady has offered 5 assorted coin purse handles
to 1 lucky winner...

( photos of winnings will be filling up here very soon) 

 ( all those who follow this blog will be eligible for all the prizes) 

We have saved you a seat, let us know
what you are hoping for  in DECEMBER?
( I think I know some of your answers wink) 

BY THE WAY, this is not a HOP, all activity daily for DECEMBER will occur right here! 


Inspired by the simple yet radical notion that a book can change a woman’s life, Seal Press is devoted to publishing titles that inform, reveal, engage, delight, and support women of all ages and backgrounds.
From cultural revelation to pop culture, our books are smart and fun, insightful and hilarious. Take a glance at just some of our titles and you’ll see why readers love our edgy, über-honest take on all sorts of topics: There’sOffbeat Bride, for example, which shows the newly engaged how to avoid the claws of the multimillion-dollar wedding industrial complex and create a celebration that’s personal and authentic. The Anti 9-to-5 Guide lays out a master plan for how to ditch the cubicle maze for a more satisfying career, and The Risks of Sunbathing Toplessreveals laugh-out-loud confessions of adventures gone embarrassingly awry.
These books and many, many more have been adored by readers for over thirty years. Seal Press was founded in 1976 as a small DIY publisher to provide a forum for women writers and feminist issues, and since then, Seal has published groundbreaking books that represent the diverse voices and interests of women. Seal’s continually growing list includes books about women’s health, parenting, outdoor adventure and travel literature, popular culture, sexuality, gender and transgender life, sports, relationships, memoir, careers, finance, current affairs, and much more.
We’ve scored some firsts and broken a few barriers, publishing the first book on African American women’s health, critical guidebooks on lesbian relationships and parenting, key writings of the third wave feminist movement, and essential, deeply personal stories by transgender men and women. Our readers tell us our books continually engender thought, rage, laughter, tears, and deep connections with other women, often in ways they never expected.
With each book, we strive to make a difference in women’s everyday lives, and to tell the truth—the real truth—about the issues that matter to women the most.
Seal Press is a proud member of The Perseus Books Group.

Our first entry will follow this post...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

SEW me TAGS and the winners are.....

 this is just 20 of the 90 name tags you can get from 1 fat quarter....

I don't think there is anything sew lovely as seeing ones name on fabric...
I can imagine many of you someday would love that title of designer..
ME not sew.....however I do love seeing my name on a personal name tag.
Something I can iron on and stitch on for minimal cost..

I came up with a solution and I am sharing this with YOU.

this is the actual size.... and yes it is meant to be smudged...I did a type font...

I designed my own signature font years ago, and I thought, as my mind
really runs 7 days a week, this circle of the days of the week and a heart
was "SEW ME"....

I will design 2  personal name tags for 2 winners and the winners will
be announced in 24 hours... 

Once you have this information, any of you can design
an image tag in a tiff format and head to  CREATE Page at Spoonflower
and request 1 fat quarter of fabric with approx 90 name tags
that should do you for awhile...

What You will need...
1 fat quarter of wonder under from PELLON. #805 
1 fat quarter of your choice of fabric, ( Spoonflower has many to choose from)
I chose linen! 

Ohhhh yes the IRON, this is the actual iron 2 winners will be winning
in the month of DECEMBER, the new SENSOR by Reliable...
OMG I loved my orange Velocity, and it still works fabulously
but this one...welllllll it is simple, light steam, heavy steam, constant steam,
vertical steam, alllll by holding the handle....

Back to the tut....once you receive your fat quarter with your name tags all over it...
you will cut 1 piece of #805 Pellon wonder under
and you will iron it on the back of your fabric....

I cut 2 strips the length of the fat quarter and iron the wonder under to be sure it will be very secure..
I used a light steam to adhere the glue to the back...

I then drew some lines in the centre of my strips ( this will be your cutting lines)

And draw lines across now....and then cut .....

Sew there you have it....now I have personal tags to add to all of
coin purses that I made for family and friends...I am going to sew them
into the seams...with stitching all around them...

BTW, my coin purse pattern for the month of DEC
is on sale from $7.50 to $5.50


The winners will take their designs and order their own tags....

I will give you the camera ready art work, all you will have to do
is add to Spoonflower... I will design you anything you like...
but it has to be the size of the name tag above....

YOU can make your own tags for less than 15.00 and that is the cost
of shipping to you as well...
I have purchased similar tags in the past and they cost me $60.00 for 50...
This way you can make yours for a lot less.....
Under $15.00 for 90 name tags...that is a DEAL!

what a terrific Christmas gift for anyone who is a quilter...

OHHHH and beginning Monday for the whole month,
we will be introducing Authors to you...
Each day a giveaway.... every week a giveaway..
GREAT PRIZES and they are all for YOU, YOU and YOU...

To a very happy DECEMBER!
p.s all followers are eligible for all the giveaways...
today as well!

seeing all your notes..you make me smile..
won't be answering unless it is a question ok....
Good luck - until tomorrow !

Ahhhhh and the WINNERS..
are Amy and Truffle Queen who happens to be Elaine..

They both have been notified...

With Amy, I just made this....thinking she
may want something different...
this is what I felt for her...

She loved it just like this...I saw her blog and noted a heart..
sew I thought making it look like a stamp would be ideal!

And Elaine, I connected with her and 
she wanted a fox as she lives on fox run..
Sew I came up with this.

I do believe they liked their new personal tags...

To all those who entered....I am sure we will have similar
giveaways in the next few weeks...

Friday, November 30, 2012

Last day of Holiday Lane...and mine is more of a "BLOCK" vs a lane lol

 ( look real snow )

Good Morning, as you will note Mr Iced ( oh the Mrs is below)  is  is as pleased to see you as I am ....
( I am working on the pattern for a Mrs too) 
and my first salute goes out to....
To our dear Jill ( from Jillily studio)  for supplying with this great pattern.... WE all made it our OWN! 
And to  Pauline for organizing this event with such class- even with a very bad flu and pc problems
-she kept moving forward. A cheerleader with Class...yes...!

By now you have seen all the beautiful pillows of our 9 days
of Holiday Lane creators.....
I am honoured to share this last day with these delightful ladies...

Friday November 30
Dora Quilts ( not up yet) 
Quilting, Sewing Granny ( not up yet) 
Madame Samm @ Sew We Quilt ( yes this is me) 

and yes big disappointment here ...I MADE BUT 1 PILLOW..
only 1...that is a first lol

My Plan for HOLIDAY LANE was to make it large enough to have it 
snuggled under our window seat in our kitchen... it is exactly 7 feet 5 inches long...
I drew some people and then made them into silhouettes to mirror
the neighbours on my holiday lane...

( this photo was taken on our steps off the deck to the garden, you will note how
large it is, it is laid on 6 steps...) 

I added buttons and of course some fluffy white fur to accent it as my snow...
I stitched all that fur on ...the ones on the roofs is a thinner version and the sidewalk
snow much thicker....

I also added  a border with dots, and when I saw a few of our creators pillows  with
piping like finishings.. .I took my pillow out of the window and turned
 it under to mirror the same look...
The weight and stuffing of this pillow just had my border lying down flat..
so big thanks to Bente and Marlene for their lovely suggestion! 

When I was trying to take photos of my pillow, it was hard to capture it inside
as we face south east exposure, so the photo always came out dark as I was shooting
into the sun, unless
I did it in the evening, which was what I captured below......

So with assistance of my DH, the pillow weighs approx 10 pounds...
 he carried  it outside and placed it on our outside window bench...
"Sparky, I think you could have made it longer" lol
( what he calls me, " yes but it fits the window bench perfectly'
He then says,  " Then you will have to make one for our here"
We both laugh!
I had every plan too for next summer...this one will be 8.5 feet long!

I purchased 3 king sized pillows, it was less expensive then trying to stuff it
with stuffing... I went to Sears and got the pillows for $5.oo each...Canadian! 

I left an opening in the back so after the season, this pillow will be folded
up and tucked away with all the rest of our Christmas decorations...
I may keep this up till March though...as it will suit our home and surroundings
till then... I want to replace it with a cafe one for the summer...
 or a black and white and red one like Janes....
( did you just not love that one) 

I am sew pleased with the result....I am not sure which photo I liked best
so I included them all....( well- not really I took over 40 pics) ...lol

NOTE here...I did NO piecing...but I did cut every house, door
and window using only wonder under by PELLON.
#805, I have found it the best to trace, trim, iron and stitch with...
I have always used it, always will. 

Now this one was taken at dusk on the window bench...it was hard to get the whole
thing visually...as it is sooooo large...but by golly...I just adore it..
YOU can see it from the front door of our home..
it's height is 22 inches high... 7 feet 5 inches long...

                                                       and this is what I created it from....

Here are the fabrics that I used... from Connecting Threads...I was soooo excited when I found the background fabric to mirror a stormy sky.... I included all the fabrics and numbers of them...

Blustery black 5272   background...looks like snow swirls..
Pin Dot Peridot 5034 that is the green one ( sides of pillow and backing) and some for the houses.
Twirl Cherry 5367       trees and houses
Crimson Berries Honeysuckle 5102 ( the top one)     houses,  trees  and window shutters
Chantilly buds 4313  for a variety of trees..
Little Stars 3980 for trees and shutters

                   Will you be making another HOLIDAY LANE?

                            What will yours look like?                                            

He was lonesome sew I made him a MRS...if only it were that easy! lol

Return later to see who made our top 3 and the winners of all the giveaways
will be announced in the MORNING! 
all the prizes are from JILL...we  all sew grateful for her generosity! 
 3 lucky winners will win this...

OUR TOP 3 for our last day....

Ohhh Look at this one....Pauline and I live on the same street....I love that it really looks
like a holiday lane....I want to live there for real...

This lady chose such a perfect fabric....I had to show both front and back...
I can see why she had to make this pillow...I love the hues of blues....

and this lady turned hers into a runner and still has effective..
we will call it a flat pillow lol. LOVED the lights on the tree...and the dotted
fabric looking like falling snow....pretty cool! 

Congrats to the following ladies who won this delicious bundle...
they all have been contacted with much excitement.

To Tracy for participating she is from farmroadquilts
To Lyn who just had a birthday, she was most certainly hopping lol for leaving comments..( no blog) yet lol
and to Sue for being in the top 3 and this was her
 first blog hop and win..
( chickadeescountrycottagecrafts) 

p.s and return SATURDAY for an announcement of our Blog HOP 
for January, PLANs have changed! 
I think this may interest many of you...
hint...it's wordy!

 Yes this will be our button....
more tomorrow! 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 8 of our Holiday Lane blog hop with 1 more day to go for giveaways...

EVER since I saw this pillow last fall from 
our  sweet JiLL from  Jillily Studio, I fell in love with it...
Clearly a year later it still is one of my most favourite
designs from a very sweet lady  whom I admire...
She is witty, bright, inspiring and downright creative! 

SEW I called her and convinced her in my very firm way lol
that I WANTED this pillow pattern for our blog hop.
She finally accepted my reasoning...
"If I love it, everyone will love it too" lol

 Jill has a new book out,  new fabric line and this Holiday Lane pillow
pattern to share...This is "simple piecing and a little applique."..
( once the book and fabric comes in, I will be taking photos
to show you too)

I am excited to say the least to see what your HOLIDAY LANE
will look like..

Would you believe JILL and I have already discussed
next years HOLIDAY LANE PILLOW series...Yep...lol

SEW there you have it my dear blog hoppers, creators
and designers...This will be our very last blog hop for 2012...

I am feeling the HOLIDAY spirit already, ARE YOU?

 HERE are those on the hop today...

Thursday November 29

           Here are our top 3.

We wanted to lick this pillow, it looked sew delicious ...look at all those candy canes..
what a lovely tribute to the love of a Christmas confectionary. 
This lady always brings such variety in her creations...

And how could we overlook this whimsical stitchery pillow...WOW,there are a lot of delicate stitches here...and the designs of each house to make it sew unique...priceless it is...we loved the snowman trim ...and look another candy cane wreath....delightful! 

and we could not help but be drawn into this ladies pillow...look at her rooftops, 
the fabric brick choices...truly inspiring with the addition of the lamp post...a lot of thought
went into this one...

YOU are going to love this 
lady as much as we all do ....She is a perfect cheerleader
for this event...She loves HOLIDAYS, she loves cheering everyone on, 
and  she loves this pillow
almost as much as I do lol..
I met Pauline almost 2 years ago. She was so quiet
and reserved, she had a voice but she did not use it very often..
I saw something in her..in fact I saw a lot....She is the QUEEN
of binding, she is a terrific embroideries', her quilts are divine...
She is passionate, funny, someone you are glad to know...

When I asked her about this hop...she embraced
is as much as the pillow blog hop idea...
I am sew glad she did....
She has found her voice! 

hate rules sew we call them guidelines...

#1 Everyone must turn off their word verification the day 
they are showing their Holiday Lane Project- PERIOD.

#2 Only 15 ladies with no blogs will be accepted,
it will be a first come, first serve basis.

#3 You must have your post ready at 
midnight E.S.T. If you are not
sure how to do that, we will guide you. 
( will do a tut for you if necessary)

#4 And most important, YOU
must add the names and links from
those who are on the hop the same
day as you. We want everyone
to find your Holiday spirited friends
as easily as they found you- PERIOD.

#5 All  Subscribed HOLIDAY LANE hoppers must

put button on their blog. ( please comply) 
( on the top right) 
copy code in gadgets
 html copy- that is it
( those who have no blogs, of course
you are omitted lol)

Winners of these bundles...
how you can win..

#1 if you participated in this hop, you can win...
#2 the top 3 who are highlighted here will also have an opportunity to win
#3 and all those who leave comments, ( each comment) gives you another chance...

Winners will be announced at the end of the hop....

Oh forgot to add...

P for Pinterest
YOU can see all the photos of this hop