Monday, October 15, 2012

Blook Tour....not Book or Block....BLOOK....yes come and see...

OH LOOK IT's .....

JILL FINLEY the lady who made this HAPPEN...
You know the HOLIDAY LANE pillow blog hop
that is coming in November...

What do you know? The same JILL 
who just created this E-BOOK with That Patchwork Place
( they have many ebooks now) 

 Yes the same JILL who made this most amazing quilt...
OK, I am not known to be too excited about quilts....
FEW really catch my heart and soul...

It reminds me of GERBERAS, my favourite flower
next to daisies...And yes by golly it also reminds
me of daisies too...

Jill calls this one Petal Pushers...
a perfect name actually..
ahhhh Petal Pushers...

It reminds me too of how much I love being a lady, a MADAME....
  And how this MADAME would love to crawl
under this one -on my very own window bench ( I have one in my kitchen) and think
about "What other emotions will JILL be stirring in me, in you, in us?"

I don't think there is one project in her new book, I would not want
to call my very own... She has a red, black and white I ADORE too! 

But I come back again to this one...the way she shares
on how to make those stems...
you know those green swirly
things on this quilt...

SEW EASY...why did I not think of that...?
I will tell you WHY? 
BECAUSE I am no designer....I just like to think I am at times... .....
I want to be this good...I want to make this QUILT
....I will need these fabrics...or at least the same colours..

AGAIN, Jill has done it again, has me excited
about a simple design, made by a special lady
with a special book,  her very own
Aurifil threads ( take a peak on her blog)
and a brand new collection!

OHHH-- did I mention her newest collection
it is called  BEYOND THE GATE...
link here to see it all...

Would you like a copy sent directly to you ?
this HOME SWEET QUILT ebook?

WELL let me know....
WE will choose all the  winners at the end of
JILL's BLOOK Tour....

The Home Sweet Quilt Blook Tour  

            WHEN ?                               WHO ?                                  WHERE ?
·      Sat, Oct 13:                 Aurifil Threads                  http://auribuzz.wordpress.com/
·      Sun, Oct. 14:               Linda Lum DeBono           lindalumdebono.blogspot.com/
·      Mon, Oct 15:              Madame Samm                   www.sewwequilt.com
·      Tues, Oct 16:              PamKittyMorning               pamkittymorning.blogspot.com
·      Wed, Oct 17:              Amy Ellis                            amyscreativeside.com/blog/

       Thur, Oct 18:              Stitch This (Martingale)     http://blog.shopmartingale.com/
·      Fri, Oct 19:               Chitter Chatter Designs      creativityamongstchaos.blogspot.com
                                 Gigi's Thimble                     alittlebitbiased.blogspot.com
·       Sat Oct 20:              Jacquelynne Steves              thenoblewife.blogspot.com 

      Sun Oct 21:             Henry Glass Fabrics   henryglassfabrics.blogspot.com

  APPRECIATE all your comments to win..
all the best...I won't be here to answer them all...
We will choose a winner at the end of Jill's blook tour..
Good LUCK everyone! 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Winners Announced..and future blog hop recap

Here are the winners of 
3 fat Quarter bundles..one each for top 2 
and Honourable Mention will receive a bundle and silicone sheet ( bonus)
compliments of Connecting Threads...

Big thanks goes out to Connecting Threads

#1 Winner for overall participant...
( means you made something)

Helen @
Till we quilt again..

#2 winner for being in our top 2 or Honourable Mention category

Patty @ 
                 A stitch in Time...


#3 for a comment left on someone's blog...

Sandra who always leaves
such great notes...

and winner of my wee coin purse kit..

I believe her name is Roxanne? 
YOU won my wee kit.....
it is orange...lol

congrats to you all.....( all have been contacted) 
all will be mailed as soon as you send me your details..


                RECAP of  our next blog hops...

And our sponsor will be Riley Blake Design..
Take a peak at their new collections that just came in...
LINK their name to see....

Some Halloween bundles and a festive bundle for well you know...
our next big festive holiday....

Wendy is our cheerleader and she is Wicked..
just warning you....
she is from Why KNOT KWILT

Begins oct 22 to oct 31st

And our sponsor will be Andover Fabrics
and check out what are some of their newest collections..

Katherine from Sew Me Something Good 
will be our resident cheerleader for this event..
and my goodness me is she thrilled to be part of this one....

It begins on Nov 5th-13th....

This is The RED THREAD collection 
from Andover Fabrics....( it arrived late yesterday..rather timely) 
You can see one of the coin purses
I made from this collection... 

OHHH ladies you are gonna love these bundles...

( I will have something extra special to share on Tuesday next week 
about an Andover  contest they are running) 

And our sponsor will be Jill Finley from
it is her design, her new fabric and new book...
She is OUR EVERYTHING ... sponsor

Pauline from Quilt n Queen will be our resident
cheerleader....And she has a VOICE
a lovely caring and dear voice...wink..

it begins on Nov 21st -30th....


For the month of DECEMBER I have a very special PLAN.
Our cheerleaders are very involved in this one....

The New YEAR will bring.....
Signs up will begin in NOVEMBER....

Jan 2013 
Nancy Drew is a Clue (  MODA)

Feb 2013
It's all about ME ( AMY BRADLEY)
Hugs and Kisses ( ClothWorks) 

March 2013
YOU stitch me up! ( Colonial Needle) 
Dare to DRESDEN ( not sure yet...I have 3 choices)

April 2013
Do the BAG!
Say it with Flowers

May 2013

There is more...but I will stop here...
Mark your calendars...

We always give you 2 months notice
before blog hop begins..
and  I usually leave hints on when
I announce that hop....
We fill up very quickly these days...

So November we will be announcing 
3 hops because DEC there will be none...
( you will soon know why) 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quilters Breakfast....or should I say Nutritionist Quilters breakfast..that is me...

I did not have my customary breakfast this morning...
Steel cut oats was replaced with Crumpets..

I suppose only Britain and Canadians know of 
Crumpets as I did get quite a few emails with..
"what are crumpets?"

I was sending off a STAPLE list of FALL AND WINTER staples
one should have in their home.... ( to make meals in less than 15 minutes_
to those who have been keen on eating more nutritiously ,,,
 Those who have a copy of our book
"I Want it ALL"...

( before I quilted my DH and I were authors and both Registered Nutrionists,
besides both being in medical and pharma) He still is.....and well you 
know what fills my days wink...

If there is one question I get asked more often then none it is these 2..

( yes on average 8-9 hours every night)

#2 What do you EAT?
( welllllll that is a long one, as I love FOOD, cooking, baking
eating it....) 

I thought I would give you a wee insight into my morning habits....
Besides my coffee, limit of 2 cups...

I eat steel cut oats 6 out of 7 mornings....just plain with maybe a teaspoon
of maple syrup or brown sugar...

Formula for perfect steel cut oats..

If you have been avoiding steel cut oats because it takes too much time..
 try this....
Put 1 cup of water on to boil, once boiled add 1/4 cup of oats...
cover pot with lid, shut off your stove....and in the morning, add 1/4 cup 
more water, heat and serve....

This is how I make it ...sew forget about waiting 20 minutes
before it is cooked....try doing this before you go to bed...

( see saved myself almost 23 minutes lol)

BACK to todays breakfast...I LOVE CRUMPETS..
they have the texture of a yeast pancake, or like a biscuit.
but doughy....THEY HAVE 0 fats....very low in calories...
although I am never about calories.....

"Our body requires so many nutrients, if it does
not get it, it will have you overeating till you DIE! 
Yep....every disease is caused by the foods you eat
and the foods you do not?

If you love to have a great boost to your day, toast
2 crumpets, add 1/2 butter to each and serve
it up with ST Dalfours preserves....I have been buying
this since I lived in FRANCE. Up until a few years ago,
I would order a couple cases per year...now we can 
get in Canada and United States has it specialty shops..

WHYYYYYY it is so good, it is only sweetened with grape juice..
no sugar in any of their preserves...very nutritious and just 
the right amount a sweetness one would like to begin their day...

For the next 48 hours only.....if you would like a copy of our book
and you order 1 copy at $20.00 Canadian, and cost to ship..
YOU can have a second copy for 10.00....

If you wonder what gives me sewwww much energy
and keeps me organized...YOU can read it all here..

We have food plans, lot's of interest files
in behind secrets of what the  "crazy makers" do to your foods
and how they keep you eating more and more..

We even have a warning about this book..
"if ever you lend it out, you will never get it back"

What did your breakfast look like?

Don't you WANT IT ALL TOO?

now I am off to get dressed and get some much
needed assignments handed in...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

looking for some heat??

Another quick project for RBD..
Have you seen what their design team has been creating?

I love heating pads... I suppose it brings back memories 
when my wee cuddle bugs would come by the bed with 
"it hurts" and my response would always be..
"let's make it all better".

I would dress them warm, dish up their favourite chicken noodle
soup and tuck a heating pad under their covers...

I used to tell them we will just sweat out those viruses...
And it worked, usually within 24 hours...they would
be jumping out of their bed with "all better" in their voices...

Ok, so they are all grown up now.. 
( I don't think we ever grow out of the cold and flu season)
and I needed a new project to share....


Fall leafs me happy for many reasons...305 PINS ( PHOToS)

Greetings all you AUTUMN LOVERS...

SEW we meet again...and I am your last stop...
I am aren't I?
I am sharing my day with all of these amazing quilters...
EACH one sew darn inspiring... 
LOOK who I get to share my day with ...

Wednesday 10
Sew We Quilt ( yep that is me, Mdm Samm) 

Fall is my season, I think because it always meant back to school and new
dresses ( ok uniforms) but I did have some pretty blouses underneath.
Today, well except for new dresses, I get new material..take
this lovely Charlie Brown fabric, gifted from a dear friend who knew
I just loved this fabric...
Sew I made this lovely dress as a reminder that it is the little
things that still make me happy....
( Imagine that 1/2 yard of fabric could bring such a smile)
I have lot's left over for another hop...wink...

I love fall because I get to wear wraps...just cool enough that a wrap
over the shoulders is just the comfort I need...

NOW my DH thought this was a bell..IMAGINE that...?
( ok I can see it now lol) 
I could have smacked him....YOU do see a dress don't YOU?
( Made from some HELLO Sunshine, that we are giving away today) 

Speaking of SMACKING, I made this 1/2 lip..he did not get it either..
He only recognizes the real thing lol....
My shade of lipstick in the winter btw!
What is yours? Do you still wear some?

( oh this is one of my new paper piecing designs...I made another...ok it is quite simple
but I designed it... lol) 
ok, maybe it looked better as my drawing lol

Kinda of loses something if I have to explain it.lol
I think I will do a full lip next time 

And when I think of Fall, I also think of pumpkins, and I always purchase at least
3 sizes for our front step..sew I thought I best do the same here...it will
look like nice in my PAPER PIECING quilt, when I am done...

And this one made with Riley Blakes Ombre Dots...well I just love it..this is a fairly
large pumpkin block...sew we called her Dotty! 

And this one...I just love, made from Michael Miller's Cotton Couture..don't you just love
the shades of orange...kind of like stained glass! 

And with all those pumpkins, I thought why not "CAN" some...using Joanne's tut ( on our side bar with VIP tuts truck)  for this paper piecing jar and finding some RBD fabric with RECIPE on it...I pieced it all together and look, pumpkin sauce...work with me peeps? lol

Ohhh look, I had enough pumpkin puree to make us a pumpkin pie with WHIP cream on top..
Does this not look appetizing... I do believe there was this other lady who also
made a pie PP...I think it was apple... I like PUMPKIN lol

This was my inspiration...Made from scratch with wee sugar pumpkins..
there is just nothing like it...I had a piece for breakfast...

Ohhh and speaking of Fall Harvesting...we got lots of corn to freeze as well...
Took all the corn off the ears..DID YOU HEAR THAT? and then
par boiled and froze them on sheets and then bagged them....

Sew if you need further explanation on anything...you can always call me...
if you hear a busy signal, I likely have it off the hook again....

 ( another of my new designs of a phone...needs some work...but you do sew a phone
dangling don't you ? LOL)

I get asked a lot about my photos...these were taking against my barn wood wall, I hung a
bacopa plant in front....I took the pics at sunset, around 5:30 pm..
I did not photoshop anything....the sun was on my back...

Or you can write me...I love mail...don't you just love this pattern...?
This was from Paper Panache, Linda had it in -one of her newsletters ( the mailed kind)
before she did them all online...

Sew these are all the reasons I love Fall...
ohhh and paper piecing ...I do love paper piecing...
Bet you all figured that one out? 

Remember this...? These are some of the blocks I did
since June of this year to make a quilt at the end of the year..
I am calling it My YEAR in PP 2012!

 OHHHH and this is for Cherry, when I found out she loved ORANGE too...I made her -her very own cuppa cozie...this was made especially for her, stuffed with bleached and processed goose down and she can cover her cold or hot tea and it will keep cool or hot for hours....
Found her an orange china cup too and a wee candle that is in shape of a cup....
A perfect thank you for hosting and cheering this event....Thanks Cherry..and thank you Friends
who hopped with us and sewed and quilted with us and our Sponsors, Connecting Threads....

 ( my watermark)
always nice to have them co -ordinating with our hops! 

Ohhh and I thought...why not a
 COIN PURSE KIT to giveaway...
( this blog hop is coming up after Wicked with Wendy,
UR Priceless is next...times on side bar) 
I have it all cut and ready to sew....
in FALL colours of course...

Everything you need to make your own UR priceless coin purse..


 Just leave a comment letting me know what future blog hops
would you like to see?

January, Nancy Drew is a clue
Bonjour Paris,
February, Hugs and Kisses Paper Piecing
It's all about me, appliqué with Amy Bradley
March, Stitch with me, ( embroidery)
Dare to Dresden....

   The top 2 and honourable mention will follow this email....
will follow this email....

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Leafs me Happy last day of our blog hop

Leafs me Happy with 
is our cheerleader in residence..
This blog hop begins on Monday!
OCT 1st... That is today..

The Schedule is here...

And LOOK who is up for today...

Wednesday 10

A big thanks goes out to 

they are our sponsor  for this hop and will be giving away
3 fat quarter bundles of their newest line

( a lovely fall collection)

And one lucky winner will also be getting a silicone sheet too
with their bundle....this is for the category of top 2 and honourable
mentions...Sew BE CREATIVE, you could win BIG...
( and I always add a few extra things too from some
very generous sponsors) 

YOU can view all participants lovely entries here daily..

Our top 2 today are ......
( see you in the morning)
 ( guest judge) Charlotte helped me out today...
we seem to agree almost all the time on our top 3....
Thanks Charlotte

I am a very proud Canadian, I love my country, and I love the symbolism
of our Canadian LEAF. This lady captured the colours, hues and perfect blocks
welllll perfectly....lovely ..

and you have to check this lady's completed block...the design, richness
in fabric collection is a must for our last day...

And our Honourable Mention for completed project 
goes to this lady! 

It is easy to see why we chose this one too...
this lady over there...wayyyyy over there
knows how to bring along the sunshine along 
with her smiles to have us taking notice...

A GREAT END to our HOP...
Thanks to everyone who participated....

Hello Sunshine bundles can be won this way! 

#1 all those who participated will have a chance to win

#2 All those who are in our top 2 and Honourable mention

#3 All those who leave comments

It pays to participate in our blog hops
YOUR chances are a possible 3 in 100 chances..
I think that is amazing...
Where else can you get that kind of opportunity? 

YEP! I was thinking the same! 
HERE at SEW We QUILT where everyone is a winner..

for Fall and our pretty outstanding participants
and our cheerleader too CHERRY! 


ALLLLLL winners will be announced on FRIDAY of this week! 
good luck...