Monday, October 1, 2012

Leafs me HAPPY blog hop begins today....Oct 1st

is our cheerleader in residence..
This blog hop begins on Monday!
OCT 1st... That is today..

The Schedule is here...

And LOOK who is up for today...

Monday 1

A big thanks goes out to 

they are our sponsor  for this hop and will be giving away
3 fat quarter bundles of their newest line
( a lovely fall collection)

And one lucky winner will also be getting a silicone sheet too
with their bundle....this is for the category of top 2 and honourable
mentions...Sew BE CREATIVE, you could win BIG...
( and I always add a few extra things too from some
very generous sponsors) 

YOU can view all participants lovely entries here daily..

 Top 2 and Honourable Mention..
( our power just came back on) 

Our top 2 today are ......

You have to stop and take notice...yes you do...look at the lovely oranges
this lady chose...Immediately I thought of orange sherbet...
I wanted to lick my screen, but I didn't....I wanted too....lol

And wait till you see this lady's completed project, it is just lovely...I am took hours to complete
nothing screams falls like the change of colour in our lovely trees...
And our Honourable Mention for completed project 
goes to this lady! 

What a perfect mat for a pumpkin...if you look closely her fabric choices certainly reflect
fall and match her prop SERIOUSLY....lol

Hello Sunshine bundles can be won this way! 

#1 all those who participated will have a chance to win

#2 All those who are in our top 2 and Honourable mention

#3 All those who leave comments

It pays to participate in our blog hops
YOUR chances are a possible 3 in 100 chances..
I think that is amazing...
Where else can you get that kind of opportunity? 

YEP! I was thinking the same! 
HERE at SEW We QUILT where everyone is a winner..

for Fall and our pretty outstanding participants
and our cheerleader too CHERRY! 

PS....Congrats goes out to Mary who won Jill's New book....

and Mary ( needled mom)  who won a calendar from Debby Kratovil

and Ariane) YES all you ladies won...

Please send me your post mail addresses...

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Leafs me Happy and sponsor Connecting Threads and Bundles to Giveaway!

is our cheerleader in residence..
This blog hop begins on Monday!
OCT 1st...

The Schedule is here...

A big thanks goes out to 

they are our sponsor  for this hop and will be giving away
3 fat quarter bundles of their newest line
( a lovely fall collection)

And one lucky winner will also be getting a silicone sheet too
with their bundle....this is for the category of top 2 and honourable
mentions...Sew BE CREATIVE, you could win BIG...

Sew Cherry and I will see you on Monday...
We both have been busy making Fall blocks...
I think I am feeling it now...FALL Lol

Psst look here- more bundles arrived today! ( I know a very full day of posts) lol

MODA (united notions) 
just delivered this 
for YOU, well 3 of you anyway...
( check link to see all the Nancy Drew collection)

IN NOVEMBER of this year, the fabric
will be in your local quilt shops...
ORDER SOME, if you want to blog hop with us
in January.
This blog hop will be 

You can make any project you like with this collection..

WE will be providing all the details in November for January.
This blog hop will be our first for 2013.

I think this one may fill up very quickly!

just saying..
Thanks MODA! 

p.s CAROL will be our cheerleader for this one! 
Imagine that? lol

old design!

and if Paris is a future destination..
Welllll then you will love this one too...
And being PARIS fabric is sew Timeless..
it makes sense that Timeless Treasures
would be our sponsor..
LOOK at the fat quarter bundles that 
we will be sending off to 3 winners in the New Year....
They just arrived....
( they put together special bundles just for YOU)
30 fat quarters each..yep....

I just spoke with the artist/designer for this theme....
OHHHHH my will you just love what you see in the mirror...

( OHHH this is not about ME, Mdm Samm
it will be about YOU...."blank name" lol)

and to show a little love...
can I say you will be SMACKED by this one....

Just a few BLOG HOPS that will be scheduled
for the NEW YEAR...All the sponsors
are already on board...

These will not be the buttons...
I will make much nicer ones..
I just wanted to give you all something to think about...

WE have all of 2013 already planned..
that is me and our lovely talented, organized 
Some of them may recognize themselves in
this description too lol

And you think I have nothing to do
in our down times between hops...

 ps the month of DECEMBER is stilllll
hush hush...but YOU will be crying over this one..

Friday, September 28, 2012

Ohhh Please STOP.....look another giveaway!

Will you look here...it just arrived.. a COPY Of Jill's new book
  HOME SWEET QUILT by Jill Finley 
Jill Finley...Just for signing up for Holiday Lane...( we are at 87, we will close at 100.)
 YOU will get 2 votes...( comment twice) all NEW participants will get 3 votes... 
( just to encourage you a bit more) ....

I just love this quilt...isn't it just gorgeous with Jill's signature colors...
it is filled with beautiful quilts...

recap here have 2 chances to win this copy.
( those who have signed up leave 2 messages) 
for new participants you will get 3 chances to win...
Leave 3...

UP. ONLY those who are in the hop
or who are signing up can win! 

( draw will take place on Monday) 

pillow blog hop

EVER since I saw this pillow last fall from 
our  sweet JiLL from  Jillily StudioI fell in love with it...
Clearly a year later it still is one of my most favourite
designs from a very sweet lady  whom I admire...
She is witty, bright, inspiring and downright creative! 

SEW I called her and convinced her in my very firm way lol
that I WANTED this pillow pattern for our blog hop.
She finally accepted my reasoning...
"If I love it, everyone will love it too" lol

 Jill has a new book out,  new fabric line and this Holiday Lane pillow
pattern to share...This is "simple piecing and a little applique."..
( once the book and fabric comes in, I will be taking photos
to show you too)

YOU all will get the Pattern FREE from her...Here is the link
for the PDF file...

And you will be creating your own HOLIDAY LANE pillow,
using your stash or newly purchased fabrics...

I am excited to say the least to see what your HOLIDAY LANE
will look like..

Would you believe JILL and I have already discussed
next years HOLIDAY LANE PILLOW series...Yep...lol

SEW there you have it my dear blog hoppers, creators
and designers...This will be our very last blog hop for 2012...

I am feeling the HOLIDAY spirit already, ARE YOU?

YOUR CHEERLEADER for this event will be .......

NO MORE SPOTS-blog hop is now closed

100 participants

( we are full)

YOU are going to love this 
lady as much as we all do ....She is a perfect cheerleader
for this event...She loves HOLIDAYS, she loves cheering everyone on, 
and  she loves this pillow
almost as much as I do lol..

I met Pauline almost 2 years ago. She was so quiet
and reserved, she had a voice but she did not use it very often..
I saw something in her..in fact I saw a lot....She is the QUEEN
of binding, she is a terrific embroideries', her quilts are divine...
She is passionate, funny, someone you are glad to know...

When I asked her about this hop...she embraced
is as much as the pillow blog hop idea...
I am sew glad she did....
She has found her voice! 

SEW sign up with Pauline here...

subject line...

  ( by the way, you could always make this into a wall hanging too_

( be sure to leave a note here sew Pauline and I can
match our lists)

YOU will have until Sept 30th to register)
( although we usually fill up
within hours not days)
 We are limiting this hop
 to the first 100 Holiday Lane spirited  participants..

hate rules sew we call them guidelines...

#1 Everyone must turn off their word verification the day 
they are showing their Holiday Lane Project- PERIOD.

#2 Only 15 ladies with no blogs will be accepted,
it will be a first come, first serve basis.

#3 You must have your post ready at 
midnight E.S.T. If you are not
sure how to do that, we will guide you. 
( will do a tut for you if necessary)

#4 And most important, YOU
must add the names and links from
those who are on the hop the same
day as you. We want everyone
to find your Holiday spirited friends
as easily as they found you- PERIOD.

#5 All  Subscribed HOLIDAY LANE hoppers must
put button on their blog. ( please comply) 
( on the top right) 
copy code in gadgets
 html copy- that is it
( those who have no blogs, of course
you are omitted lol)

Now all together:

"I swear- to swear
by all these Holiday Lane Guidelines.."
SWEAR! ok! 

Big thanks goes out to JILL...your new book is fabulous..!
I think it is most certainly my favourite to date..

Wake up to a giveaway, Leafs me Happy begins MONDAY!

What a lovely way to celebrate FALL...
Leafs me Happy Blog hop..
Many are busy stitching up FALL blocks
is ready for us all on Monday Oct 1st..

As expected I too have been busy behind
the scenes, rounding up our sponsors, 
creating blocks, new graphics, new buttons..
OHHHH and I have had some company....

This Morning I noted Sumantra sitting outside on the patio, just staring at this weed...
She has loved the freedom of being in and  out all summer and I know
she is thinking  "its FALL" what now? 

And I am thinking A GIVEAWAY would be nice...
that's what FALL is dishing up today..

Debby Kratovil and her partner Jean Ann Wright
have put together another calendar of blocks and a cd companion
too...SEW today, we will have 2 to giveaway! 

Debby will be playing along in our Fall blog hop too, sew what
a nice way to to start our new season. 
Drop her a line let her know why you would like to win this! 

Thanks Debby, this is a lovely calendar....

Winners will be announced on Monday!

I have some Paper Piecing to tackle, all my window
treatments are in the wash, I have a bit of ironing to do...
some baking of squares and cookies for Thanksgiving...

I just hung them out to dry, by the time I finish my coffee,
it will be time to bring them in and hang them back in my sewing studio...
Time 23 minutes...from loading them into the wash on delicate cycle
to hanging them out on the line...
and it is only 8:11 am...
Check out how I do it all...on my TIMER button on the side...

Sew I have to run and cheer....I love FALL!

What do you do to get ready for FALL?

Cherry and I will see you all on OCTOBER 1st! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

A theme is evolving over here! New Sponsor announced for UR Priceless!

Many of you have already started your coin purses for
our Blog HOP in November for UR PRICELESS,
hosted by our cheerleader in residence Katherine from Sew me something good
She is sew excited btw....

WE are full- to capacity over 105+ WOW!

When I first announced this blog hop I showed you this
coin purse with Kelly's frames....( IHAN) ( below)

(she has many in stock) .
A great one to start with
and when YOU want a diff't fancier purse handle
Corrie will be carrying the Heart handle above. 

( these will be arriving in October) 
Corrie also has the fusible fleece you will be needing for these...
SEW I thought I would make you one up this weekend to show
you that one... ( this frame btw fits perfectly for the same pattern
that you all were sent -those in the blog hop) 

OHHH I have heard from many of you, that YOU found
the pattern easy to follow..that is good news...

SEW....this new one above with the heart handles...

This was made from Andover Fabrics
who happens to be our sponsor for this event...
This is from this new collection..
We just love Andover Fabrics, wait till you see some
of their newest collections.

( take a peak at the whole collection) 
it will have you hopping! 

I wanted to show you what you could do with
different prints...
through the next couple of weeks...
I will show you a few more sneak peaks...
( I plan on making a few...did you hear
that Carol ? lol) 

I seem to be leaning towards a theme
in my home surroundings too...
This is what I did this weekend....

( I washed the door before painting
that is why you see streaks..this paint
was flat finish..a special paint 
that some local Amish made for us) 

Our home on the outside is all taupe , in a variety of hues...
Sew a black door really popped from our curb....
But then I was thinking why not RED for the Winter MONTHS...
This is the same RED that I used for our outdoor benches
in our backyard...FIRE ENGINE RED....

I think I like the RED, yuuuuup a theme is evolving over here...
Lot of love in our home...I think this suits us both to a T. 

And speaking of RED..apples are red....especially PAULA REDS
and this is what I made with 1/2 bushel of apples..

Made 12 Saturday, now our freezer is filled with 24 apple pies
and 18 apple Brown Bettys..
Such a treat for my DH when he comes home on those cold winter 
nights and opens the door to PIE PIE PIE...

This recipe is very easy...fill up a pie tin plate..( only because they are less
expensive than glass) slice about 8 medium sized sliced apples..leave
peelings on..that is where the fibre is...
Fill the plate , don't add anything else...except the following..

IN a separate large bowl add 4 cups of quick oats,
1 1/2 cup of dark brown sugar
1 pound of unsalted butter...
Mix in a blender or by hand...
Cover over each pie dish...Wrap with plastic
put in freezer till ready to use..
Preheat over 375 for 20 min, 350 for 30...
That is it! 

TOTAL cost of 1/2 bushel apples, oats, butter and brown sugar.
$25.00 ( canadian)  for 12 pies...average cost. $2.08 per apple brown betty...

( by the way from start to finish cut apples, make crumb, cover and freeze)
1 hour and 2.3 minutes..
( and you wonder why I love to bake and cook and can sew much) 

My Shadow Sumantra, was not too eager when I asked her if she wanted something red 
to match our theme....LOOK at those eyes!

Today, I have some homework to do for school
and during my 23 minute breaks. ( how do I get everything done...take a peak
at that timer on the side bar)

..I just may get
some blocks done for our blog hop that begins 
next week..
LEAFS ME HAPPY with Cherry...( that is RED) lol
Her name and button ...yes....