Thursday, September 6, 2012

and speaking of wholesome goodness....

OUR Winner of the PELLON Giveaway
Diane, she is elated, she said 
there are pillows in  her house everywhere,
she loves pillows, collecting and making..
SEW congrats to her and thanks for all of you
Who played along...
SEE YOU at our next giveaway! 

ps. forgot to say how much I enjoyed what you are all 
sleeping in lol

Sheets on my line...and Yes Peonie sheets,
 my darling does not have
any say of the colour and style of sheets that go on our bed...
( if he wants to sleep with me that is...) lol

Mmmm would they not make a scrumptious backing for a quilt?

Do you know I sat there on the deck stairs for 16.2 minutes
to capture this shot where the wind would just lift up the corners
of my sheets to the sky...Even had my timer on...yes I did!

And I thought, why can't PELLON make me some sheets,
they are doing everything else these days...
I want crisp white sheets... I want to cuddle with PELLON! :)

And then I thought...why not a PELLON Giveaway
today... Yes....
SEE this lovely comfort pillow?...great for the middle 
of your back...I MADE IT 
I have enough in one bag for 2 of these beauties..
Measurement...12 x 24 inches...

This new PERFECT LOFT, is a perfect name for it
too, it has lot's of memory, it is a squishy,  you want to put
your face into it...PILLOW stuffing...
YEP I love it...

I have a wee project I am doing for our Cheerleaders
something very special, be showing that realllll soon! 

Ohh yes back to our giveaway!
Interested ? 

         This chair is in my is where I sit and stitch a lot! Sometimes I even have company!

SEW today and tomorrow, we will dedicate this day

1 lucky winner will get 1 bag of this wonderful PERFECT LOFT,
2 count them 2---16 x16 pillow forms and a few extras 
that will be added--- some fabric magic that will allow you to
do a texture on a piece of fabric, some cheesecloth, and 1 yard
of 300 thread count fabric, sew you can make a pillow or two too! 

YES that is a whole lot of wholesome goodness,
from the makers of PELLON.

Let's continue to STICK with PELLON..
Maybe someday they will make me some sheets...

                                                        LINK here PELLON

Tell me quick, what colour and style of sheets are on 
your BED?

Draw will take place at 4 PM EST

are you seeing DOTS YET!
Schedule is on your to Corrie
OUR CHEERLEADER of this Blog hop

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Every MAN needs one of these!

About a year ago a dear lady who was a frequent guest here, brought along her Erma
Bombeck humor, you may remember her Nan from Pots and Pins...
She loves to cook almost
as much as she loves to quilt. She tells me
she will be begging soon to hop with us...
Well begging is not necessary, just bring your wit with you
is what I told her...

In the meantime....I give her credit for coming up with the idea...

 I updated the list and the look, and made it into 5 x 7 card that is 
found on my DH's side table.
He really does have a great sense of humour and really
appreciated the new lines lol


But it makes for a lovely post this morning...
and gives us an opportunity to scream
for Nan. COME BACK NAN, we miss you!

Sew here you go, save it in jpeg or png and copy
and print, and I laminated mine locally for a whopping
.50 cents...

And thanks to Nan, she loves FANS ....
I think she calls us

What other lines could be added...???
Maybe we can come up with a library of cards
in honor of our Nan lol

 I Had some time to take a stroll with my camera this morning
thought you would enjoy the view too..

Note here, I did not do anything but focus and shoot..

The view from our deck...see the corners of the garden, those are
2 barn doors that a dear Evelyn, found me this past summer...

and yes we are Pepper farmers...we have a total of 8 peppers...
yep from only 2 plants. lol

I started these phlox from seed, they were supposed to be ground cover,
now they hover over 5 feet tall and are an amazing backdrop to our 
all white garden... They just started blooming a week ago..

Is that not amazing..look at those dew drops just holding on... many dozens
of buds still coming..

Ohhhh what is fall without MUMMS...this arrangement is about 3 feet in diameter...
Yes love white flowers...we have an arrangement with the bees, to 
not pollinate any colour...they have been heeding our requests...

 Ohhh this one is a perfect symmetrical 1 foot baby Mumm's...

Remember the metal dress I made last fall, well we needed to find
it a home...we placed it by our deck and planted some vines...
they are very happy..already climbing our barn wall...

Ok, that is it for me today...I have a few meetings
to get to...
Thanks for joining me in the garden this morning...x

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Missed you Tons...brought you some sneak peaks

It is still Tuesday, and I just made it ...whewwww...
Trust you all made something in your down time..?

Have you been getting ready for our DOTS ON DOTS
blog hop..

that Carrie from Quilt Taffy will be managing
and Cheering along...
( updated scheduled is on side bar (right)

I have a couple things I have been working on 
but of course can only show you some sneak peaks....

Mmmmmm what have we here?

Anyone find out how many Carol is making? lol
I have quite a few more planned in case
someone gets back to me with a number..

I know for some, September means end of summer..
for me it has ALWAYS meant NEW BEGINNINGS!....
( I was that kid who went to summer school, 
 not to get better grades or to repeat a class, I went
because I loved School). Still do! 


I am, I am , I am ...
ahhh glad that September is here!