Saturday, August 4, 2012

Think Christmas Giveaway(S)

Your comments are still here and will be accounted for..
but please leave your comments on my day of my blog...
it will make it easier for us to use random generator 
to pick winners next wed...

thank you

Day 6 of Think Christmas..and there are more Quilt Blocks to see..

I love our line up today...and will you look 
I see your very own cheerleader..Santa Lesley..

This is her day along with some pretty impressive ladies..
WE only have 1 more day left.....
after today...and then we will be announcing
our next blog hop..
YES, we have more coming...
but today let's hop on over to visit all of our ladies..
READY? I am !

August 4

Creations On The Island

Scher at That Other Blog 

Sunshine Girl

Hallbrook Designs

The Recipe Bunny

Sisca at That Other Blog 

Polkadot Classic

Ariane's Crafts

The Cuddle Quilter 

Who will be our top 2 today? Who will be recognized for honourable mention...?
Will it be YOU? 
Come back and see...

OUR TOP 2 Today are.....

A stunning Christmas block caught our attention
it was precise and unforgettable...for those of us who do remember
polaroid cameras, this is just delightful for fussing cutting..

This one reminded us that getting up at 5 am before our parents did
would not guarantee presents would be opened sew
great applique work, delightful photo..


I don't think anyone would disagree, that this from our very own Santa Lesley, was done to perfection.
Seriously, her stitching around Santa and her name..why it was perfect....

Now don't forget to come back is sadly our last day...
OHH we are at 191 Blocks...surely we will top 200+ tomorrow.
.I know I have at least that amount lol

Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 5 and we continue to Think Christmas... 155 + blocks today...

Each day, I am thinking you must be running out of ideas..
and then I see what you have created and I am
thinking Christmas all over again and I am sew inspired...

What a delightful way to start a day
by cheering for you all ...

August 3

Ruthanne at That Other Blog 

Return later to see who made our top 2 
and who made our honourable mention
for unique project...

Who will it be today...
will it be YOU?

Congrats to these ladies..
here are our top 2 choices today..

some lovely needlework here with
 coloured balls on her tree lol
* we want to know where she found such little ones"

And this perfectly made block, in all the colours
a certain cheerleader just loves...

and our Honourable mention today.
a lady who took  6.5 inch block
and turned it into a completed project..
 psst. I still BELIEVE!

We still have 2 more days...I believe
we are at

  155 blocks..

that is a lot of Christmas inspiration

Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's day 4 and we have some more of Think Christmas quilters...

It has been such a great hop, bit thanks to all who are part of it..
...we are up to 102 blocks.. and that is only our 
first 3 days...we still have 4 more days to go...

Lesley is doing a fine job leading you on
and beside her--- together we will 
 cheer on our ladies today...

August 2

Grandmama's Stories

Sandra Kaye Designs

North Hills Quilter


Quilty Doodads

Quilting in South Carolina

The Raspberry Rabbits

Charise Creates

Traveling Quilter

Nancy B at That Other Blog

Selina Quilts

Come on back later to see who was picked as our top 2 choices as fav blocks and our honourable mention for great project. We usually do this first thing in the morning...

OUR top 2 winners today and noted exceptional participants, will be in our draw next week for a fat quarter bundle from Free Spirit, all Christmas fabrics from one collection.

This was an easy choice- it just shouts Christmas
doesn't it? She is such a DEAR to participate 
in our Think Christmas!

And this one, another terrific addition to our mix
of beautifully who are these ladies
who created these blocks..?

And our HONOURABLE mention is this lady for 
a beautiful topper that again shouts Christmas.

WEll done! Who made this...
go on, hop along and let us know we got it right today!

PS. todays totals for blocks are 139 and all were posted early and seen..! Thanks for all of your shares...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's day 3 of Think Christmas and we are already at 73 blocks, not counting today ..I KNOW

I post this before I go to sleep- albeit some of you don't think I ever sleep, but I do ...9-10 hours every by the time I get up in the morning I expect my snowman to be warm water for my coffee....yep, you can

Did you see the line up for today, we will be like the snowman...
melting from the choices we will be making...?


                                      August 1

                                          Sheila's Quilt World

A Passion for Applique

                      Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio

Jane's Quilting

 Sew Me Something Good

                           A Stitch in Time

Aurea at That Other Blog

                            Quilt Times

Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting

                                    Patchouli Moon Studio

Quilting by the River

yep! this going to be a great day..... or a wet, perspiring one, you tell me? 

We will be choosing the top 2 and honourable mention as early as we can get up and make our brews....

OHHHHH and we are to 73 many do you think we will be up to today on day 3...any guesses.???...I bet we will be over 84 if anyone cares lol..

ok, you can go to our buttons for Think Christmas , 1st one will take you to PINTEREST, 2nd one to Lesley's schedule of all of our blog hoppers. quilters.....

Is she not doing an amazing job...our

See you in the morn.....toodles..

Top 2 winners today...both will be entered into a draw at the end of the week for a fat quarter bundle from Free Spirit, and yes it will be  a beautiful bundle of Christmas fabric.

The detail in this block in fact everything this quilter
creates is hard to overlook... LOVE the Christmas
bulbs and look close at who is joining in the fun!

Another quilter who never disappoints ...Even though
the temps for her  were well over 100 * she was still able to create
this lovely block and put us in the Christmas mood!

And HONOURABLE mention for a completed project....
Now how could we not have something Snowmen today..
you have to check her snowmen...I do believe
hers were in a colder climate...they seemed
to multiply !

Whew glad that is over....there were sew many lovely blocks it was almost impossible to agree to any top 2 and honourable mention...Lovely day!

p.s. total  99 BLOCKS today...yes 99! 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's day 2 of Think Christmas........will they....???

Will our quilting ladies today come close to the blocks of yesterday.....will they top our 43...
I am there cheering them on...will you????

 Look who is showing their blocks today...

I see Jane, and Deborah and  Judith, and Mrs Pickles..
oh and yes I see Susie too...
and only because their names were..

WE are up to 73 blocks on day 2

July 31 

 Jane's Fabrics and Quilts

Quilting Fiesta

Scrapbox Quilts

From This to That 

Buzzing and Bumbling

No Loose Threads

Deborah B 

Judith Handmade Treasures

Gran-Knot-Y Embroidery Lady

Mrs. Pickles

Susie's World

Come back later to see who are our top 2 today....They will be entered into a draw at the end of next week for a fat quarter bundle from Free Spirit... We also have an honourable mention for best well photo, block or project...YOU know the one that has you saying..

                                 " I WANT THAT NOW"

but you know you can't have it..but you would like to have it even if you have to make it yourself..That kind of honourable mention........Yep, you get it... lol

Mdm samm 
is saving the big cheese for 
someone special today!

 go see Leslie second button on your right for the whole schedule...
go see the PINTEREST BOARD, 1st button :Think Christmas....updated every day!
( usually first thing in the morning)

Top 2 Christmas blocks/projects for today on our second day.

WE had a hard time deciding today....
there were sew many wonderful blocks
and projects.  These certainly wrapped us all in warmth
hope they will for you too! 

Who's lovely wrapped block is this? What a great idea
for a block.... 3D 

NOTE : her stocking is paper pieced..look closely
at the detail on her blog...wherever she is lol

Who's blocks turned into this lovely wall hanging..?
EACH block had such lovely detail...

These 2 winners will be in the running for 
our fat quarter bundles from Esprit at the end of our hop..
Congrats Ladies..

And our  HONOURABLE MENTION for today is .....

This lady presented this block and how these lovely bowed blocks can be made
in this over the top lovely quilt... 
What a wonderful day it was...Now we need to return
to each of our blog hop quilters and leave some over the top


If you want to catch up on yesterday's and the rest of the 
schedule for our blog hop...
link the second button on your right...
That is Lesley's schedule page!

Monday, July 30, 2012

It's our first day and we are at 43 blocks THINK CHRISTMAS

Ok, I have my coffee in hand, ok, not while I am hitting my keyboard...I am not that
and I am thinking it is our very first day to THINK CHRISTMAS hosted by Santa Lesley, and we are at 43 blocks for the very first day....43 Christmas blocks...OMG....and each day, we choose the top 2 winners who will be in a pool of other daily winners on the last day to win a fat quarter bundle fabric of christmas fabric. We also will have an honourable mention for a project that just blew us away....NOW who is that today... is anyone's guess...!!!

SEE the THINK CHRISTMAS button on the sidebar...if you click on it, it will link you to our PINTEREST board...all the blocks each day will be added there...

OUR hearts are full and it is day 1, I am thinking is it to early to put up our Christmas tree..... ahhhh yep it is .... or is it?

OK, here are our  top 2 winners today...and out of 43 blocks it was very difficult for us to choose.......

 TOP 2 WINNERS for today, July 30th are.....

YOU gotta to love this SANTA. where is it in our 
hop today? Clue she added it as a tut....

And this tree is from a collection of feathered trees. 
this one just blew us away for the finesse of the stitching.
Who made this one?

And our Honourable mention made this....

 She could not stop at one tree, she made 30....
Who made this amazing completed quilt???

I have already done the hop...
but if you have are  the quilters 
from today...
YOU will be just sew amazed
at the level of their creativity
and dedication to stitching and thinking

July 30

For a list of all those who participated..
Go here....

Santa LESLEY is responsible for gathering
these amazing quilters, sending many reminders
to keep them on track and believe it or not...
43 blocks for our very first day....
6 more days to go...
let's hear it for ...

P.s... Did I forget to note????

Some of our quilters are giving away some
pretty nice giveaways...
although optional...
I am saying...WOW! lol