Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tune in to our Dots on Dots Blog Hop....Sept 10-21st

I know you haven't even had some shut
eye and we are sharing with you our
next blog hop...


Corrie from Quilt Taffy
will be managing this one and 
she will be YOUR cheerleader. 
If you don't know Corrie for her
quick wit, funny taffy stories,
great weekly giveaways.
Then check her out...you will
love her almost as much as we do..

I give Corrie all the credit  for edging me into
Quilting, I may have looked back
a couple of times...but not anymore...
She has been my cheerleader
from day 1. 

NOW who is PLAYING? 

I believe we have 90+ participants
who will be sharing their love of 
DOTS, yes, if you love DOTS
then you may want to check 
us out here on Sept 10- 21st.
We added 1 extra day to accommodate
more DOT lovers...

I placed the schedule top
button on your right...
It will link to her scheduled page..
If you need her, this is how you can connect..


I have a couple sneak peaks
for you...

See you soon! 

We will  have you ALL seeing DOTS! 

 p.s. Why you should consider Blog Hops?

1. YOU are on a theme!
2. Keeps you focused.
3. YOU have tons of fun.

ohhh there are more, maybe
those who have participated
can add to this list...
go on...who's next? 

Final Day (16th) @ Bowls with Borders with Mdm Samm

Yes 16 days, ladies from all around the world, copied, traced, cut, sewed,
made a few choice explicative (s) thrown in and came together for this..
To create their own interpretation of bowls....

I stitched each one of your countries, I even added CAROL's name
in there, and bowls with borders all to remind me of you all
for a very long time...

Ohhh you want to see my interpretation...grab a coffee
or tea, you may be here awhile..

I chose this fabric, it was a very special gift from a very dear
lady. ( another dear cheerleader
you will all come to love in the very near future...)
 We have shared many words, and numbers and I thought
this was a perfect reminder of how I felt about this
 Bowls with Borders Event....
I have sew many mixed emotions, that they are countless..

 This is my photo for Pinterest!

I loved every part of it..

And remember this....

Imagine that...it all started with this one..

Ohhhh who is it for?

 the Jane from Jane's Fabrics and Quilts...

Yes I had it all packed and ready to ship  to her, sew she
would have it before our hop ended...
When I noted she said something on her blog
that she LOVED to see her "name  everywhere".

SEW what is one to do, I opened up the package
and stitched her name not on the back...
but the front!

I laughed as I stitched it because now she could
really tell everyone she made it...her name is on 

...ohhh that little pink thing..
that is a double stitched bowl, where I put
all the info about MY QUILT PRESENT 
to her...lol

I know, now you all do too...And Elaine
a dear friend of hers...if she tells you 
she made it ...YOU will know
I stitched it  and not Jane..lol

( Jane, I am just covering my bases here lol) 

Sew that is the story....a birthday gift that became
a present that was shared around the world..
NOW how special is that? 

Pretty special if you know Jane! 
( she owes me for this one) lol

Next one...

Oh and of course I wanted to make 
a special one for Carol, our hostess
with the mostest...

Now this another funny story.
 At the beginning of the hop, I asked her about
 her favourite fabric collections...
She shares "Christmas". Great I have this
bundle of Blitzen by Basic Grey...
It is a beautiful collection...

I make her this... remember me telling
you she loves Christmas right........

( first bowl is actually a pocket to put all the info, date, story in)

which she turned into....

This....extra pockets for Christmas cards
Absolutely brilliant!

Wow, I thought sew too... very clever idea...
and I would have made her that...( however...read below) lol

But wait there is more...We are conversing one day
and she tells me she LOVES purple and black
sew what is one to do -you ask?

Why= make her another....
Yep, after all she took on this double duty of a Bowl -A- Thon,
the least I could do was make bowls IN  her NOW- FAVOURITE COLORS..

And FYI ---BE THE CHANGE Carol, does not mean
change your mind after I have already made your 
special gift...lol ( laughing out loud) 

I am not even sure she has this yet, and I have not asked
in case she tells me she has new favourite colors lol

NOTE her name is on the cup...yep! 

And here is the thing- Carol made 5 sets of bowls...
Sew I had it in my mind to make 6...
But there was not enough time....
WHY? because I was too busy searching out for 
some purple and blacks...not my favourite colors
in my stash btw,...or I would have had 6 sets completed.. lol

But I did have time to make this....which I think means we are tied...
Dang it...explicative words...lol

I don't know anything that is more comforting than a pillow
that you can tuck behind your back, when you have been sewing for hours..
Sew this very special pillow is already mailed to a very special lady...

And by now I am sew done.....
It has been a great showing of bowls, thanks to all of you 
who participated...And to Carol and Regina, and OUR SPONSORS
thank you from the bottom of my heart....

Loved every moment...
Next year we will have another
project that I am pretty sure you 
will want to participate in...

For now...

I have 10 days off till our next blog hop..
Dots for Dots...
I wonder how many blocks Corrie has done? LOL

And I shared my day with all these lovely people..
( just in case you started at the bottom)

Now Carol you did start at the top of the list didn't you?

August 28th
Pam R.
Madame Samm ( yep this is me) 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Did you think I FORGOT? Bowls with Borders Blog hop Giveaway

I won, I won, I won! 

and our last day winners top 2 and
honourable mention..
Day 16....

Not surprising this lady would produce such a lovely set of bowls
the added flowers, gerberas of course. I am thinking this is
what they are, always have been a special flower for me..
This is striking in its completed setting..!

And this lady also brings along her striking chosen colours
her perfectly stacked bowls...her great quilting,
again a piece that I am sure is perfect for perhaps
her young quilter to be ..wink..

Honourable Mention..

And this lady there is no doubt, spent a great deal thinking about
her very artistic piece. It is wonderfully crafted! 
Certainly a OOAK modern piece...well done my dear!
oh and congrats on the new job!

I absolutely love this part of any of ou  blog hops...An opportunity to thank our sponsors...We can still have a blog hop without them..but it is far more fun with them...

 Pellon and Shannon Fabrics, they both are amazing companies..I first came to know Pellon in Canada for their wonder under, the best tracing, appliqué foundation paper on this planet...I have tried others, but hands down , 
I STICK with PELLON, you will too. They also make this amazing batting...AND 3 of you will have the opportunity to know what I am talking about... LOOK, you will each get (1) 60 x60 size batting, great for any throw quilt...
Their Legacy 100% Natural Cotton...it does not get any finer than this...
 Did I say 3 of you will have the opportunity to win....


Each winner will also receive this collection of DR Seuss, 1/4 inch cuts WOF of all these fabrics to create a wonderful quilt for a son, nephew, daughter, niece, grandchild...OR if you are like me a DR SEUSS, lover...I think I would make it for me....lol Shannon FABRICS is a manufacturer of all the minky, cuddly, soft fabric...OHHHH my and it is wonderful to work with...if you take your time...lol Shannon Fabrics is giving us 3 of these for 3 lucky winners... When I think of making the world a softer place, for me it begins HERE, with Shannon Fabrics...Now tell me what's not to like...?

How can you win? 

1 winner, who left comments on all the blogs who participated, taking into account there were a few you could not...using the HONOUR SYSTEM, let us know here, you hopped with us these past couple of weeks..

1 winner, all those who participated will be chosen by Random Generator, all those who posted their lovely bowls, and all those who are on our Pinterest Board.

1 winner, all those who were in our top 2 each day and honourable mention, you all have a chance to win as well. 

Good Luck everyone... I am posting this today as I well aware we reached around the world in this blog hop and want you to be in our draws.... ( taking our world clocks into account)

Winners will be announced on FRIDAY of this week...August 31st...

3 winners will get a 60 x 60 batting in pure white called legacy by pellon
3 winners will also win 1/4 yd cuts of the whole dr seusss cuddle fabric.. ( shannon fabrics)

And if you too want to be part of future
blog hops we announce another every couple
of weeks. We are always at least 2 months ahead.

Presently, Wicked is still accepting YOU...
 please contact
subject line.... I want to be Wicked! 

Our next blog hop is Dots on Dots...
and will be starting on September 10th. 
Corrie from Quilt Taffy will be managing
this hop...And my oh my is she witty~

Leave messages here for Carol
without her, well it would have been 
pretty tough going....
She sew matters to me, and I know
she matters to you~
She was gracious, organized, crafty,
did you see her last bowls?
Having Carol in all of our lives
well just makes it SWEETER!

THANK YOU to all who participated...
It was a worldly event...

winners will be announced 
late Friday! 

Day 15 , today and tomorrow.. our Bowls with Borders...

And the  bowl hop continues...
Today and Tomorrow...
JOIN me will you..hop with me to see
these ladies...and oh yes..YOU have to peak
in on CAROL, yes your CAROL....

August 27th

YOU have got to see 

Good Morning to you !

( Ladies in the hop...please add all of
the list of ladies who are on the the hop
on your blog, so we can find them
as easily as we found YOU)

lt will be a Good Day, I can just feel it...
we are at 239 pins on pinterest
LINK to the second button on your right
of this blog.

Sew far it has been a wonderful
blog hop thanks to all of you
who participate..
WE all hope to see you again
soon...Next week we will be
announcing our next blog hop..
psssst it is FRIGHTENING! lol

OHHHH look who we have today..
I know  some of these people..
I can fill their bowls with stories..
but I will let them fill you
with inspiration today..

HOW this blog hop BEGAN...

IN case you are here for the first time today..
WELCOME , the story behind these bowls..
but not before we add our HOPS TODAY...

The story behind the bowls..
( you will probably know this by heart by the end of 28 days_

It all started with making a gift for a sweet friend
and sharing that gift on my other blog ( with my final posting)
and many asking me where it came from.

Each time I shared another stack, another flood of
emails came in..."where did you get that?"

Flash to today...a blog hop came about..

165 ladies who made these bowls...
will be sharing what their bowls look like..

That I am pretty excited about..
Their BOWLS according to
their selections of fabrics, their appliques
each one will
be totally different...
I have not seen but one completed creation.
I will be as surprised as you...

See what one share of links from an inquiry about paper piecing
 from  Sharon at Vroomans quilts did?
See what one person who knows how 
to make time did ? ( hey, that is me lol)

And here we are....
CAROL from just quilt
is our  fabulous bring in the LIGHT cheerleader for this event..
 She deserves many cheers pulling
off the LARGEST  blog hop...
I think I can say that !!!
in all of our QUILT WORLD
This is the BIGGEST blog hop
Yep I said it...

Top 2 choices today are....

These bowls were set upon each other perfectly.
This ladies choices of fabrics, her background, her borders,
well everything said stop and look at me..
NOTE her first bowl... lovely piece! 

And this lady went over the top with dots...how 
can you not love this one...dots and more dots..
we should have her submit this with our 
next hop DOTS ON DOTS..
Hands down. LOVE IT! 

 and our  HONOURABLE mention 

How can you not love this piece...if you love 
noodles, then you will have to look at this 
and say..clever idea...we sure did...

 And such a big thanks to our Sponsors...

Be sure to link their buttons  and see what is new...
They keep us all in some really amazing things..

I am waiting for some things to come
sew I get some pics for you..
We have 3 combined prizes from both companies!

hint on prizes it will bring out the kid in you...

I know without a doubt 
YOU will want these packages..yes you will !

Carol and  I will see you in The HOP...

REMINDER...all those who are participating
be sure to cheer on all of your fellow creators
and be sure to add the list for today on your blog...
sew we can find them as easily as we found you!
Sew appreciated

Those who are a NO Show after
numerous attempts, jeopardize
their attempt to join in any future blog hops!

1 winner for comments that were left on everyone's blog, ( big prize)
1 winner out of the 164 ladies participants..( 1 man) ( 165)  ( big prize)
1 winner who is in our top 2, honourable mention each day ( big prize)

2 sponsors...( big prizes) announced at end of hop..
their links below graphics


Let's Stick with Pellon

P.s Do me a favour please
if you are from any other country
but these..please let me know..

I am pleased to let you all know
we have women from all of these
countries here, today, tomorrow..
watching you all..
Fills my heart with kindness
yes my goodness it does..
Thank you from all of us 
here at sewwequilt  x

Czech Republic
 leave a message here..
I am working on a little something...
and this would ahhhh help me lol

REMINDER next blog hop
WICKED was just announced.
look below for the WICKED  post...
WE may have to add a few more 
send email to 
Wendy at gracerose172@gmail.com
if you want to play in October...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tick- Tock- What's- UP? We are having a WICKED BLOG HOP-there is still room!

YOU have just got to get WICKED with WENDY.
Take a peak HERE...
This is her first block..
Go see the details...

It is not too late to JOIN in our WICKED HOP! 

 Here is another block I just completed...
my black cat has something wrong with her..lol

We are adding more room for you on this BLOG HOP...

just a block 10.5 or 12.5 inches...

NO- BODY is as excited as our 
Wendy for this WICKED blog hop..!

Wendy from Why Knot Kwilt?
will be our "wicked" cheerleader
for this hop..

There is no doubt you will adore Wendy
as much as Carol, Leslie, Jane...
( all previous cheerleaders, who already
have signed up for next year) 

Wendy is very organized, helpful 
as can be, joyous like you would want
a cheerleader to be and wicked enough
to keep you laughing..YES that is our 
dear Wendy....

YOU will have 1 week from today 
Aug 30th to register
( although we usually fill up
within hours not days)
 We are limiting this hop
 to the first 100 wicked participants..

I hate rules sew we call them guidelines...

#1 Everyone must turn off their word verification the day 
they are showing their Wicked Project- PERIOD.

#2 Only 15 ladies with no blogs will be accepted,
it will be a first come, first serve basis.

#3 You must have your post ready at 
midnight E.S.T. If you are not
sure how to do that, we will guide you. 
( will do a tut for you if necessary)

#4 And most important, YOU
must add the names and links from
those who are on the hop the same
day as you. We want everyone
to find your wicked friends
as easily as they found you- PERIOD.

#5 All  Subscribed Wicked hoppers must
put button on their blog.
( on the top right) 
copy code in gadgets
 html copy- that is it
( those who have no blogs, of course
you are omitted lol)

Now all together:

"I swear- to swear
by all these Wicked Guidelines.."
SWEAR! ok! 
( I said Witches poo)

Send your name to Wendy

What you will be making for this hop!

#1- any block, 10.5 or 12.5 unfinished..
( why? because someday you may
want to add them all to a quilt of 
all the blog hops you were in)

#2- You can have a tutorial or giveaway
both optional

#3- SWEAR to have a Wicked Time..~
That is it~ 

This blog hop begins on Oct 22nd -31st
No weekends...

Here is a sample of what I did..
 me -Mdm Samm.

I do wicked as well as wonky...lol
but I try...this is as wicked as I think
I am going to get....

Anyway, think Halloween: 
This is what I came up with...

bogeymen, broomstick, bats, black cats, capes, cauldrons,
cobwebs, fangs, fog, ghost, ghouls, goblins, graves,
goodies, gravestones, grim reaper, haunted house
hocus pocus, hayride, jack o lantern,  mask, midnight,
masquerade, monster, moon moonlight, mummies,
owl, potions, pumpkins, rest in peace,  scarecrow, shadows,
skeleton, spider, spiders web, tombstones, trick or treat, vampires,
warlocks, werewolf, witches, wizards, zombies,

Wendy will not be available to answer any emails 
till tomorrow- being Saturday / Sunday..
She  will have plenty to do..
Sew be patient, she will let you know 
who got in quick enough: wink....
Put your brooms by your doors..
YOU know sew you can fly them 
as soon as she let's you know you are IN.! 

                                   There is plenty of time to get in...send Wendy your email