Saturday, July 28, 2012

Who is thinking Christmas on MONDAY...???

I can hardly wait, I am sew excited, my machine and cutting tools, I got them back, for those who 
have been following that  have been working over time and you know what that means..
I have a few blocks to show too...but not till the last day...

BUT look who we have for MONDAY. AGAIN each day we will choose the top 2 and feature them here. Those top 2 will be gathered for the end for a lovely bundle of fabric from Free Spirit. !

These ladies I know possibly have butterflies...I do too. See you  on MONDAY girls...

July 30

Friday, July 27, 2012


( what was I thinking...apparently not too much.....but there are 2 days added to Lesley's blog hop
hosting days..or Mrs Santas show and tell... or whatever she wants to call it....we are all getting
pretty excited....2 more days ...yes!.)

I am sew excited that Lesley at the Cuddle Quilter  here is the schedule for the hop.. It all begins on Monday...

 I thought why not have a christmas dinner, complete with turkey breasts stuffing,cranberries and coleslaw salad.. For dessert I will be serving pumpkin pie..Yep we are Celebrating Christmas in July....this weekend... just drop in anytime. there is surely to be some fixings for you too!

And Think Christmas, we will see you Monday....

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dots on Dots Blog hop one more day to sign up

dots on dots will be hosted by 
this cheerleader

and Corrie has her dots on sale in her store..
if you need any dots fabric check here

Get all of your polka dot fabrics out of your stash..
and start creating...
YOU can stitch, appliqué, paper piece,
block anything as long as you have polka dots
in your blocks...
Make anything you like 
BUT DOTS have to be used in your block...!

Oh I can see it now........lot's of dots..

This blog hop will begin on Sept 10-20th...
( no weekends)
9 days of dots....

Sign up today

its easy.

choose some of your DOT fabric in your stash, make 1 or
 1,000 (* this is for Mdm S.)
10.5 or 12.5 blocks. unfinished
You can add a a lot of dots or just a smidge
Take photos of your blocks
Showcase on your day, schedule will be posted next week
Share a tut or not...optional
Have a giveaway or not, optional 

Please sign up with Corrie 
 Friday, July 27th.  

Sign up closes this Friday! 

Please place this button on your blogs
the code link is on the side bar...

If you plan on playing in our blog hop,
CHEERLEADER for all those participating too.!
It is something to cheer about..

Now let's hear it......
Let's Cheer for DOTS!

We will always have 2 months 
lead time to the next blog hop..
Next weeks announcement is for 
2 months and 1/2
Downtime will always be 10 days 
between blog hop...
For those who work well under stress...wink..